Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix (Malchipoo): Info, Pictures & Facts

Maltipoo Chihuahua mix Malchipoo on a harness
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If you’re looking for a fluffy, affectionate, and tenacious little dog, the Maltipoo Chihuahua mix could be perfect for you. There has been a gradual but continuous growth in the popularity of this hybrid over recent years.

People from all over the country have grown to love mixed breeds just as much as purebred dogs. Their striking appearances and fun personalities make them wonderful and exciting family companions.

If you’re curious to know whether the Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix is the designer dog for you, this article could answer all of your questions and more.

Breed Overview

Height:8 – 14 inches
Weight:6 – 12 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 16 years
Coat Colors:Cream, white, fawn, red, chocolate, merle, black, tricolor, parti-color (white and cream, white and black, tan and black, cream and black)
Temperament:Affectionate, high-spirited, gentle, alert, tenacious, intelligent, loyal, protective
Suitable for:Active families; experienced owners; families with other dogs

What Is a Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix?

Malchipoo Chihuahua Maltipoo mix exploring the forest
Image credit: maltipoo_ayla / Instagram

The Maltipoo Chihuahua mix, also known as the Malchipoo, is a combination of three different breeds — the Maltese, Poodle, and Chihuahua. This mixed breed is the result of crossing a Chihuahua with a Maltipoo hybrid, which is a mix of a Maltese and a Poodle.

The combination of these three adorable yet very different pups typically results in some of the most unpredictable yet endearing Malchipoo puppies.

It can be quite difficult to anticipate the appearance and personality of a Malchipoo. This would usually depend on the physical features, temperaments, and personalities of the parent dogs.

No matter what characteristics and physical traits a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix may inherit from its parents, it will most likely become a great companion and little best friend.

Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Origin and History

The Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix is a relatively new addition to the growing list of designer dogs. To learn more about where this mixed breed came from, we can look into the history of each parent dog instead.

The Maltese is known to be an ancient breed and was one of the small dogs found around the island of Malta. This dog was often bred for companionship and comfort and was especially favored by women.

Similar to the Maltese, the Poodle is one of the oldest purebred dogs that originated from Germany. Despite its modern reputation as a pampered lap dog, it was originally bred to be a hard-working sport animal.

There are several theories as to where the Chihuahua originated. Some believe that this breed is a descendant of the Techichi, an extinct desert canine. Others believe that this tiny dog simply originated from Mexico.

Each parent breed has a very different and unique history. The Maltipoo Chihuahua mix is a very special and unique designer dog with an interesting heritage.

Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Appearance

Chihuahua Maltipoo mix puppy sitting on the grass filled with flowers
Image credit: dylluna / Instagram

The Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix is one of the fluffiest and most adorable designer dogs on the market. Their teddy bear-like appearance and small bodies make them the perfect lap and cuddle companions.

Malchipoos are typically small-sized dogs with medium to long coats. These pups can come in different colors, such as white, cream, black, fawn, chocolate, red, merle, and several more.

The coat of a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix may be wavy, curly, wiry, or even straight. This usually depends on which parent dog the Malchipoo puppy would favor most in terms of genetics.

Predicting the exact outcome of a Maltese Poodle Chihuahua mix could be challenging. A good example of this is the difference in the looks of my neighbor’s Malchipoo with that of my cousin’s.

My neighbor’s Malchipoo has most of the Maltese’s features, except for its curly and apricot hair. Meanwhile, my cousin’s Malchipoo possesses the size of a Chihuahua and the black color of the Poodle. However, its fur is wavy.

To predict how your Malchipoo will look in the future, you may study the physical features and personalities of the parent dogs. This can even give you an idea of the possible appearance of these pups as they physically mature.

Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Size and Weight

A full-grown Malchipoo is typically 8 to 14 inches tall and can weigh around 6 to 12 pounds. Although they are known as small mixed breeds, their size and weight may vary depending on their parent dogs.

Aside from their genetics, several other external factors may affect the size and weight of Maltipoo Chihuahua mixes. These may include diet, lifestyle, exercise frequency, and health conditions.

Since Malchipoos typically have a small and compact build, it is important to maintain an ideal and healthy weight. Observing a well-balanced diet and doing fun, high-energy activities can help keep Malchipoos healthy.

Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Temperament and Personality

Maltipoo Chi sitting on the deck
Image credit: maltipoo_ayla / Instagram

Given the diversity of its parent breeds, a Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix can have several unique characteristics. Aside from their genetics, their personality may also depend on how Malchipoos are socialized.

Generally, Maltipoo Chihuahua mixes are very loyal, affectionate, and intelligent. These mixed breeds can also be vocal unless trained otherwise. Despite their miniature size, this trait makes them keen and alert watchdogs.

Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mixes also get along quite well with other dogs. Although these pups are typically affectionate, training them at an early age is still important to help develop a good and sociable disposition.

Additionally, my cousin’s Malchipoo, Zoey, has also developed a certain attachment to her compared to the other members of the family.

Although this might sound cute, it led to excessive barking whenever my cousin was out of the house for a long period of time.

This clingy behavior is something that may have been inherited from the poodle parent of the Malchipoo mix.

Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Lifespan and Health Issues

The average life expectancy of a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix is around 10 to 16 years. This may also depend on the lifespan of the Maltipoo and Chihuahua parents as well as how they were initially raised.

Like any other animal, Malchipoos may be prone to several health issues. Listed below are some of the common health issues found in Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mixes:

  • Luxating Patellas: A luxating patella is a condition where a Malchipoo’s kneecap pops out or moves out of its normal location. A common symptom of this health problem is when your dog is often seen limping.
  • Hydrocephalus: Hydrocephalus is a serious illness where there is an excess of cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) that has leaked inside the skull of a dog. This could lead to brain swelling and increased pressure within the skull which can lead to permanent brain damage or even death.
  • Shaker Syndrome: Shaker Syndrome is a health condition involving generalized body and head tremors in a Malchipoo. Symptoms of this health problem include repetitive and involuntary muscle movements that look like shaking. This illness usually affects dogs at around 1 to 2 years of age.

Although these health problems sound very alarming, owners must not panic. Having your Malchipoos regularly checked by a veterinarian can help prevent serious illnesses and help monitor your dogs’ overall health.

It is also recommended to check out pet insurance companies. Getting Malchipoos proper pet insurance can be extremely helpful if they develop any sudden and serious illnesses. This can also help you save a lot of money.

How to Take Care of Your Malchipoo

Maltipoo Chihuahua mix on a swing
Image credit: dylluna / Instagram

Taking care of a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix would entail several responsibilities. Owners must first assess whether they are ready to take on the emotional, physical, and financial responsibility of owning Malchipoos.

The following section features topics that will guide you on how to properly care for your Maltese Poodle Chihuahua mixes. These will include feeding, cleaning, grooming, and training needs.

Food and Diet

It is important to feed your Maltipoo Chihuahua mix only high-quality dog food packed with nutrients and vitamins. Owners must also become knowledgeable on the proper amount of food to be given.

How much to feed Malchipoos may depend on their age, size, weight, and health conditions. You may consult a veterinarian for a proper feeding guide as well as some additional supplements that can be added to their meals.

Since Malchipoos may be prone to obesity, providing an ideal feeding schedule is preferred over free feeding. They must not be fed more than 12 hours apart to avoid upsetting their stomachs.

Cleaning and Grooming

Although the Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix typically has a medium to long coat, its level of shedding is only moderate. Regular brushing and grooming are required to keep their coats soft and healthy.

It is best to select organic or chemical-free soaps and shampoos that promote coat and skin health. You may also ask a veterinarian to recommend products most suitable for Malchipoos.

Owners must also regularly inspect their dogs’ coats for any parasites, such as ticks and fleas. Several soaps, shampoos, and medications are available to treat this issue.

Washing your Malchipoo’s paws after a walk outdoors can help keep your pup and your home clean. These can also prevent your dogs from bringing in unwanted bacteria or parasites.

It is also important to regularly clean your dogs’ ears and trim their nails. Maintaining good overall hygiene can help keep Maltese Poodle Chihuahua mixes healthy and happy.

Training and Exercise

Given the intelligence of the Maltipoo Chihuahua mix, training will most likely be quite easy. Early exposure to socialization and obedience training can help develop a good temperament and personality.

Since Malchipoos may be prone to obesity, regular training and exercise are required to maintain an ideal and healthy weight. Walks, hikes, and ball games are some fun bonding activities for you and your dog.

Aside from physical activities, it is also just as important to keep your Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mixes mentally stimulated. Teaching them new tricks every now and then can help keep their minds sharp and active.

How Much Does a Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Generally, the cost of Malchipoo puppies can range from around $400 to $3,000. Their prices may also depend on the pedigree of each parent, along with the reputation and location of the breeder.

However, these pups are usually cheaper than their Maltipoo or Chihuahua parents.

Aside from the price of Malchipoo puppies, several other expenses come with owning Maltipoo Chihuahua mixes.

Listed below are some of the expenses of owning a Malchipoo:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$50 – $80
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Bed$30 – $150
Crate$30 – $200
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $30
Grooming Essentials$30 – $150
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $1,995

Although the list of expenses may seem long and pricey, several of these items are only one-time purchases. These may include food and water bowls, beds, crates, a dog license, and a microchip.

Investing in high-quality items that can last a long time is also highly recommended. Avoid purchasing cheap and low-quality items that can result in several repeated purchases and cost more in the long run.

Places to Find Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Maltipoo Chihuahua mix puppy sitting on the floor
Image credit: dylluna / Instagram

It is important to only purchase from breeders who are ethical, trusted, and responsible. Meeting your selected breeder and learning about their background, values, and breeding methods is highly recommended.

Listed below are a few reputable sources where you may find Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mixes for sale:

  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies has a large number of active classified puppy listings for both purebred and mixed-breed dogs. They are a trusted advertising site that can easily be navigated based on your desired puppy’s age, location, and price range.
  • PuppySpot – PuppySpot is an online community of dog lovers committed to connecting the nation’s top breeders with caring and responsible individuals or families. They have a user-friendly interface that can easily be navigated based on the dog’s age, gender, color, and location.
  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies is an advertising website that features reputable and trusted breeders located throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. They are committed to finding loving homes for purebred and mixed-breed dogs and expect all their featured breeders to guarantee the health of all their puppies.

Although most sites only advertise Maltipoo breeders, you should still contact them as they might also have a Malchipoo for sale.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to adopt at your local shelter or rescue organization, you could change the life of a special dog and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

Below are some reputable sources that may have Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mixes for adoption:

  • Doodle Rock Rescue – Doodle Rock Rescue was founded in 2017 with the mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, neglected, and abandoned Doodles, such as Malchipoos and Maltipoos. Aside from adopting, you can also contribute by fostering one of their dogs while they haven’t been rehomed.
  • Chihuahua Rescue & Transport (CRT) – Chihuahua Rescue & Transport (CRT) is a foster-based rescue group that places purebred Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes in responsible and approved homes. They require an evaluation, vet check, reference check, and home visit for each adopter.
  • PetCurious – PetCurious was created in 2016 to help connect pets in need with individuals or families that could best match their personalities and needs. You can also reach out to them via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Buyers must practice utmost caution and do thorough research on their selected breeder and rescue beforehand. This is to avoid any problems or misunderstandings during a transaction.

Beware of several puppy scams online that may seem too good to be true. You can watch the video below featuring some tips on how to spot a puppy scam for more reference:

10 Tips For Spotting Online Puppy Scams! (Don’t Be Tricked)

Pros and Cons of Owning a Malchipoo

Each dog has its own set of pros and cons. Nonetheless, no matter what the cons may be, every pup has unique and lovable characteristics that could heavily outweigh the negative traits or habits it may have.

Listed below are some of the advantages of owning a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix:

  • Malchipoos are low maintenance. Since the Malchipoo’s parent breeds are known to have low levels of shedding, this mixed breed is most likely to inherit this trait. It would not require extensive grooming, and owners do not have to worry about finding loose hair around the house.
  • They are very loyal. The Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix is affectionate, protective, and loyal. You can expect this pup to follow you wherever you go and defend you whenever you are in a dangerous situation.
  • These dogs are quick learners. Malchipoos are very responsive to training and are always eager to please their owners. Training these hybrids is typically a fun process since they enjoy being taught new tricks as well as other mentally stimulating activities.

Although there are many advantages to owning a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix, there are also a few disadvantages along the way. These may vary for each pup depending on how it was raised, trained, and socialized.

Listed below are some of the common disadvantages of owning a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix:

  • They are prone to health problems. Like many other breeds, the Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix is susceptible to a few health issues. It is important for owners to be emotionally and financially prepared to properly care for this pup if it develops any sudden and serious illnesses.
  • Malchipoos crave constant attention. Since the Malchipoo is a very affectionate mixed breed, it tends to crave constant attention. This hybrid is most suitable for owners who can spend a lot of time with this pup and are able to bring them along when traveling.
  • They can be very protective. Given the loyalty of the Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mix, it can be quite protective of its owner and home. Unless socialized at an early age or properly trained, they can be slightly aggressive toward other animals and strangers.

Although these are the common advantages and disadvantages of owning a Malchipoo, these could still vary for each pup. The general disposition of pups will depend on their genetics and how they were raised, socialized, and trained.

Some of the disadvantages or bad habits found in Maltese Poodle Chihuahua mixes could be lessened or curbed with proper training. Owners must be willing to provide lots of love and patience during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chihuahua Maltipoo mix sitting on the couch
Image credit: maltipoo_ayla / Instagram

Are Maltipoo Chihuahua Mixes Good Dogs?

Generally, the Maltipoo Chihuahua mix is a good and sweet-natured dog. Since they are very affectionate and loving, they are often eager to please their owners and receive praise in return.

Since each person may have a different definition of what a good dog is, this would also depend on how the Malchipoo was raised by its owner. Using positive reinforcement in training your pup can develop a good disposition.

Do Maltipoo Chihuahua Mixes Shed?

Despite their fluffy medium to long coats, the Maltipoo Chihuahua mix only has low to moderate levels of shedding. Nonetheless, they still need regular grooming and daily brushing to keep their coats healthy and tangle-free.

You may also consult a veterinarian for recommended shampoos and soaps that can help lower the shedding levels of Maltese Chihuahua Poodle mixes.

Are Maltipoo Chihuahua Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Although the Maltipoo hybrid is known for being close to hypoallergenic, the Chihuahua is not. This subsequently means that Maltipoo Chihuahua mixes may not be suitable for owners with dog allergies.

If you own a Maltipoo Chihuahua mix, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! All questions regarding the Malchipoo are also welcome!

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