21 Beautiful Brittany Spaniel Mixes to Discover (With Pictures)

Brittany Spaniel mixes

It is no surprise to find many Brittany Spaniel mixes, given the extraordinary attributes that the Brittany Spaniel breed displays. Undeniably, this breed has won many hearts, and the same can be said about its mixes.

The Brittany Spaniel breed is renowned for its intelligence, agility, and affectionate nature. Crossing this dog with other breeds brings together the finest characteristics and creates truly distinct and endearing companions.

Join us as we explore the charm and appeal of Brittany Spaniel mixes, delving into the reasons behind their popularity, the breed combinations available, and the unique characteristics and temperaments they possess.

21 Brittany Spaniel Mixes

Known to have originated from France as hunting dogs in the 17th century, Brittany Spaniels have garnered attention for their vibrant shades of orange or liver intertwined with white and their delightfully charming disposition.

Owing to their hybrid nature, these dogs may not be eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Nonetheless, they are accepted in hybrid dog registries, such as the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC).

The 21 unique crossbreeds mentioned below are the result of carefully blending the Brittany Spaniel with other breeds. These exceptional mixes embody a captivating mix of personalities, appearances, and talents.

Before anything else, here is a video summarizing some facts about the Brittany Spaniel:

Brittany - Top 10 Facts

1. Border Collie Britt 

Border Collie Britt Border Collie Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: dog_bordercollie_brittany / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Brittany Spaniel

The Border Collie Britt, regarded as a workaholic dog, is a medium-sized dog resulting from the combination of two highly energetic and athletic dogs — the Border Collie and Brittany Spaniel. 

This hybrid exhibits characteristics that bear a resemblance to both the Border Collie and the Brittany in distinct ways. 

For example, they sport a dense, medium coat available in brown, black, or red with white accents, and it is water-resistant.

This canine also boasts oval eyes with an array of captivating colors, ranging from mesmerizing blue to deep brown. Additionally, this mix’s ears may either stand upright or hang down gently.

The Border Collie Britt is consistently eager to please, delighting in human companionship and naturally gravitating towards the spotlight, all while radiating an affectionate, friendly demeanor.

Considering its high-energy nature, it needs at least 80 minutes of exercise daily to ensure its overall health and well-being.

2. Brittnepoo 

Brittnepoo Poodle Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: finneasthespoodle / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Brittany Spaniel 

The Brittnepoo, a designer mix of medium height, exhibits the poised, confident posture of the Poodle, coupled with the amiable disposition of the Brittany.

The Poodle Brittany mix presents a balanced, athletic physique with long straight front legs. They also feature a long muzzle and a rounded skull. Their ears, set wide apart, usually droop, reflecting a relaxed nature.

When it comes to its coat, this mix often inherits that of the Poodle parent — medium-long in length, dense, and somewhat wavy. The dog’s coat can range from black, brown, and silver to white, among other hues.

As a descendant of highly active parent breeds, the Brittnepoo naturally embodies their energetic traits.

I have had the chance to handle a Brittnepoo before named Betty. She was very affectionate and clever, and I admired her for her quick learning abilities. I used to provide her with daily mental stimulation or games to keep her engaged.

It was also very relaxing to go on a stroll around the neighborhood with Betty, as she makes an excellent companion for long walks. She was quite friendly with strangers and even with other dogs.

3. Golden Brittany 

Golden Brittany Golden Retriever Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: goldenluna.blueiris / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Brittany Spaniel 

A hybrid that has been increasing in popularity and is known to be one of the most affectionate and lovable Brittany mixes is that between a Golden Retriever and a Brittany Spaniel — the Golden Brittany. 

Golden Brittanys are recognized for their cute faces, characterized by long, droopy ears. Their legs are notably elongated, and their body shape can vary depending on the parent breed they predominantly take after.

They might inherit the slender physique of a Brittany or exhibit the sturdy, muscular build of a Golden Retriever.

Predicting the size of this mix can be a bit tricky, considering the significant size difference between both parents. If they lean towards the larger end of the scale, it’s vital to watch for any signs of hip dysplasia.

This hybrid demonstrates traits that make it an excellent companion for families and kids, showing a remarkable ability to adapt seamlessly to both indoor and outdoor environments.

4. German Brittany 

German Brittany German Shepherd Dog Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: harper_jae_21 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Brittany Spaniel 

The German Brittany, a blend of the German Shepherd Dog and the Brittany Spaniel, is a crossbreed that combines the strength, intelligence, and loyalty of the German Shepherd with the endearing character of the Brittany.

In terms of appearance, this mixed breed may exhibit the robust, muscular build of the Shepherd, paired with the distinctive coat patterns and colors of the Brittany.

The result is typically a medium- to large-sized dog possessing a strong, agile body that radiates grace and athleticism.

Renowned for its loyalty, intelligence, and profound family bond, the German Brittany exhibits a friendly and affectionate demeanor coupled with an eager-to-please attitude. 

This makes this hybrid dog an exceptional choice for those who want a loyal companion that thrives in both domestic and work settings.

Whether it’s participating in outdoor activities, engaging in obedience training, or simply being a loving presence at home, German Shepherd Brittany Spaniel mixes thrive on mental and physical stimulation.

5. Brittany Husky 

Brittany Husky Siberian Husky Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: thedogthatprogs / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky & Brittany Spaniel 

The Siberian Husky, with its striking looks, has made it a sought-after breed for mixed breeds. Its combination with the Brittany creates a uniquely appealing hybrid known as the Brittany Husky.

This mix might exhibit features like the mesmerizing blue or multicolored eyes of the Husky and a medium-length, double coat requiring regular grooming to maintain its optimal condition.

Typically, this mixed breed is medium to large in size, showcasing a muscular and athletic physique reflective of its inherent agility and energy.

Brittany Huskies, known for their friendly and outgoing nature, are often sociable, affectionate, and eager to please, making them ideal companions for families or individuals seeking an active and engaging pet.

Due to the high energy levels and independent nature inherited from both parent breeds, early socialization and consistent training are crucial for the Brittany Husky. 

Such efforts can help redirect their energy in positive ways and establish a strong bond with their owners.

6. Aussie Brittany 

Aussie Brittany Australian Shepherd Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: porterknox / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Brittany Spaniel

A blend of Australian Shepherd and Brittany Spaniel gives rise to the highly intelligent, energetic, medium-sized designer breed known as the Aussie Brittany.

This mixed-breed dog typically has a well-muscled body and graceful bearing. Its coat can vary in texture and length but is usually medium-length, dense, and comes in a unique mix of colors and patterns.

Furthermore, as a result of inheriting the double-coat characteristic from both the parent breeds, significant shedding is expected, especially during the spring and fall seasons.

Therefore, having knowledge of proper grooming techniques becomes essential.

While the Aussie Brittany is an energetic breed, they also possess a gentle and affectionate side. They often form deep bonds with their owners and relish being integral members of the family.

This mixed breed is usually highly trainable and responsive. Daily walks, play sessions, and activities that stimulate their intelligence are essential to fulfilling their exercise needs.

7. Brittany Beagle

Brittany Beagle Beagle Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: goodboymilot / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Beagle, also known as the Beagle Brittany Spaniel mix, is a delightful crossbreed known for its friendly nature, intelligence, and energetic disposition, making it a popular choice for individuals.

They are generally medium-sized dogs with well-proportioned bodies, inheriting medium to long snouts and long, drooping ears characteristic of the Beagle.

They typically have a short to medium-length coat that may come in a variety of colors often reminiscent of the Brittany breed, featuring combinations of brown and white, white and orange, or roan with subtle ticking.

The Brittany Beagle is an expressive breed, adept at conveying its emotions. Additionally, it displays a slight tendency towards stubbornness, a trait that is to be expected considering its lineage.

This characteristic contributes to its intelligence and lends a measure of independence to its personality. 

Other notable traits of the Beagle Brittany Spaniel mix is their friendly, affectionate, and sociable nature. These traits are demonstrated not only towards their human family but also towards strangers.

8. Labany 

Labany Labrador Retriever Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: haslihund / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Brittany Spaniel

The Labany, a medium-sized hybrid bred from the Labrador Retriever and the Brittany Spaniel, is considered a good fit for family households. 

Sporting a lean and muscular body, the Labrador Brittany Spaniel mix is built for endurance, showcasing an ability to work for extended periods. The breed sports a relatively short coat that requires minimal grooming.

The Labany features a distinctive facial structure characterized by a well-defined broad head. Also, the breed’s medium-sized muzzle is complemented by ears that are slightly higher on the head and droop downwards.

The Lab Brittany mix is known for its sociable and amiable temperament, displaying no signs of aggression towards individuals and being dedicated and faithful companions to their humans.

I recall being greeted by our neighbor’s adult Labrador Retriever Brittany Spaniel mix daily as I get home from my usual afternoon walks. He would always approach with speed and a wagging tail, excited to be given a belly rub despite its large size.

These dogs would require a minimum of 65 minutes or more of physical activity every day to satisfy their energy needs. 

9. Irish Brittany

Irish Brittany Irish Setter Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: jeanpillsbury / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Irish Setter & Brittany Spaniel

A quite uncommon mixed breed to see is the Irish Brittany, an elegant mix between two charming breeds, the Irish Setter and a Brittany Spaniel. 

Their vibrant coat colors and striking appearance make Irish Brittanys truly captivating.

This hybrid often takes after the Setter’s lovely feathered coat, which can appear in solid or bi-color variants of red, chestnut, or mahogany, offset by the Brittany’s unique markings.

Their medium-sized, well-proportioned bodies are built for agility and endurance, allowing them to excel in various activities.

Irish Brittanys are intelligent and eager to please, making them quick learners. They respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. 

This mixed-breed dog also has an inclination towards hunting and retrieving, which can be attributed to its parent breeds. 

Due to their active nature, Irish Brittanys require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. These dogs enjoy long walks, jogging, and interactive play sessions.

10. Brittany Springer 

Brittany Springer English Springer Spaniel Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: themarvellousmarleybeans / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Springer Spaniel & Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Springer, born from the cross of the Brittany Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel, showcases the charm of both its parent breeds. 

The hybrid dog’s coat, which often features a double layer, can vary in texture and length, with beautiful markings common to both parents.

Coat colors may range from liver and white to black and white, with potential roan pattern combinations.

Temperament-wise, Brittany Springers are known to be friendly, loving, and obedient — a trait shared with other Springer mixes.

Moreover, Brittany Springers are intelligent and easily trainable, displaying wits and eagerness to learn. These dogs also perform well in obedience training and can participate in various dog sports and activities.

Thanks to their energetic nature, the Springer Brittany Spaniel mix requires regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness. Activities such as brisk walks, jogging, and playing fetch are among their favorites.

11. Brittany Setter 

Brittany Setter English Setter Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: axon.neuronal / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Setter & Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Setter, a crossbreed of the English Setter and the Brittany Spaniel, is a captivating blend of two popular sporting breeds. 

This designer dog’s striking appearance is a testament to the exceptional aesthetics inherited from both parents. 

Adding to their allure is the potential for them to inherit the captivating ‘Belton’ or speckled coat patterns reminiscent of the English Setter, complemented by the distinctive ticked or spotted patterns.

The Brittany Setter thrives on physical activity and mental stimulation. They have a natural instinct for hunting and retrieving, making them well-suited for various outdoor activities.

They are generally intelligent and quick learners, responding well to positive reinforcement methods, and are known to excel in obedience training and other canine sports.

12. Brittany Cocker Spaniel Mix

Cocker Spaniel Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: milotherealhero / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Brittany Spaniel

Another undeniably cute and irresistible mix is the Brittany Cocker Spaniel mix, which results from breeding a Cocker Spaniel and a Brittany Spaniel. 

This charming hybrid typically boasts a medium-sized frame, expressive eyes, and floppy ears. Coat textures and colors can vary, ranging from silky, wavy, or feathered, appearing in a broad palette of shades.

These may include two-toned variations such as liver and white, orange and white, black and tan, black and white, and red and white. 

Interestingly, tri-colored patterns such as black, white, and tan, along with brown, white, and tan, are also observed.

Owing to the double coat they take after from both parent breeds, the Brittany Cocker Spaniel mix may require moderate grooming to control shedding.

Moreover, these dogs are known for their affectionate and sociable nature. With a gentle disposition, they serve as excellent companions for individuals, families, and seniors alike.

13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brittany Spaniel Mix

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: linusandbailey / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Brittany Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brittany Spaniel mix, a delightful cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS) and a Brittany Spaniel, is an enticing hybrid breed.

Most Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Brittany Spaniel mixes bear a likeness to the recognizable white and orange coat pattern of the Brittany Spaniel or the Blenheim variety of the Cavalier.

However, it is also possible for them to inherit a variety of other colors found in both parent breeds.

The grooming needs of this breed differ according to their coat type. If they inherit the longer coat of the CKCS, they will require consistent brushing to avoid matting.

On the other hand, if their coat resembles the Brittany Spaniel’s shorter one, grooming might be easier to manage.

Overall, the CKCS Brittany Spaniel mix is loved for its sweet and affable nature. Their affectionate and gentle temperament makes them ideal family pets and companions.

14. Basset Hound Brittany Spaniel Mix

Basset Hound Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: rmarobin / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Basset Hound & Brittany Spaniel 

The Basset Hound Brittany Spaniel is yet another mix that is undeniably adorable and impossible to resist. This is the lovable combination between a Basset Hound and a Brittany Spaniel. 

This cross typically results in medium-sized dogs with robust builds, compact, muscular bodies, and slightly elongated torsos reminiscent of the Basset parent. Their tails are often long and feathered.

They often inherit the long, droopy ears which hang low and give them an endearing look. These are traits commonly seen in many Basset Hound mixes. 

Their coat can range from short and dense to medium-length, wavy ones similar to that of the Brittany Spaniel.

Despite the appeal of this mix, a potential drawback is their susceptibility to various health issues inherited from the Basset Hound parent, which might lead to a relatively shorter lifespan of around eight years.

15. American Bulldog Brittany Spaniel Mix

American Bulldog Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: moomoospires / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Bulldog & Brittany Spaniel

The American Bulldog Brittany Spaniel mix is a captivating combination of two visually distinct breeds – the American Bulldog and Brittany Spaniel. Given the diverse nature of their parents, this mix’s attributes can vary.

They might sport the sturdy, muscular build of the American Bulldog, marked by a broad chest and a commanding stance. Alternatively, they may inherit the medium-sized, agile frame characteristic of the Brittany Spaniel.

This mixed breed tends to be a dedicated, loyal, and affectionate companion. This unique dog is also good with children when properly socialized from an early age. 

Training the American Bulldog Brittany Spaniel mix can be a rewarding experience, given their general intelligence and eagerness to please.

On the other hand, if the Bulldog Spaniel mix inherits the brachycephalic trait from the American Bulldog, it could potentially pose a challenge for this dog’s high inclination towards physical activities.

16. Pitbull Brittany Spaniel Mix

Pitbull Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: cfast_rn / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier & Brittany Spaniel

An unlikely and rare combination of two breeds with differing temperaments is the Pitbull Brittany Spaniel mix. As with any hybrid dog, their size and build can fluctuate, depending on the individual dog.

They may have a strong, muscular body like their Pitbull parent, complete with a broad chest and a sturdy frame. Alternatively, they could display a more medium-sized, athletic build similar to the Brittany Spaniel.

In the event that the Pitbull Brittany Spaniel mix inherits the Pitbull’s short and smooth coat, it’s best not to leave them outdoors in extreme temperatures, as they may struggle to withstand such conditions.

Contrary to the common misconception that Pitbulls are aggressive, the Pitbull Brittany mix is known to be extremely affectionate and protective of their families. 

That said, however, it is important to establish consistent rules and boundaries from a young age to promote good behavior and prevent any potential dominance or stubbornness issues.

17. Basenji Brittany Spaniel Mix

Basenji Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: tigerlily886 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Basenji & Brittany Spaniel 

The Basenji–Brittany Spaniel mix, potentially small to medium in size with a strong and graceful demeanor, is a fascinating crossbreed that combines the traits of the Basenji and the Brittany Spaniel.

Due to the rarity of this mix, it is reasonable to anticipate a significant price tag from breeders for this unique hybrid. This holds equally true for the purebred Basenji, known for its exclusivity in the dog world.

The coat of the Basenji Brittany Spaniel mix can vary, displaying features from both parent breeds. They may have a short, dense coat like the Basenji or a medium-length, wavy coat like the Brittany. 

The Basenji Brittany mix can exhibit a combination of these traits, including intelligence, independence, energy, and a desire to please their owners.

18. Great Pyrenees Brittany Spaniel Mix

Great Pyrenees Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: jordanmae91 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Great Pyrenees and Brittany Spaniel 

The Great Pyrenees Brittany Spaniel mix is a captivating blend of two distinct breeds, combining the majestic giant Great Pyrenees with the lively medium-sized Brittany Spaniel.

Given the significant size difference between the parent breeds, accurately predicting the full-grown size of this hybrid can be challenging.

Their temperament can be an intriguing combination of traits from both parent breeds. 

For starters, Great Pyrenees dogs are known for their serene, gentle, and protective nature, while Brittany Spaniels are typically energetic, friendly, and eager to please.

Exercise needs can vary depending on the individual dog, but regular walks, playtime, and activities in a securely fenced area are generally recommended.

Additionally, owners of this hybrid breed may have a tendency to overfeed their pups, given their dog’s large appetite. That said, it’s important to regulate their diet to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

19. Australian Cattle Dog Brittany Spaniel Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: luna_thebritheel / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog and Brittany Spaniel

The Australian Cattle Dog Brittany Spaniel mix is an engaging blend resulting from the combination of two distinct and well-loved breeds — the Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) and the Brittany Spaniel.

With their unique appearance and charming personality, the Australian Cattle Dog Brittany Spaniel mix is sure to draw attention and win hearts wherever they go.

The stunning speckled or mottled pattern of the Australian Cattle Dog Brittany Spaniel mix can be attributed to either the Blue or Red Heeler variations of the Cattle Dog, renowned for their distinct coat colors. 

This captivating pattern may also be enhanced by the ticking pattern inherited from the Brittany Spaniel, resulting in a visually striking and unique coat for this mix.

One notable trait of this pup is their tendency to gather children and other pets within the home. This is often the result of the herding instinct they inherit from their ACD parent.

20. Greyhound Brittany Spaniel Mix

Greyhound Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: diego_unchained / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Greyhound & Brittany Spaniel

The Greyhound Brittany Spaniel mix, an unlikely yet intriguing crossbreed, combines the elegance and speed of the Greyhound with the energy and warm nature of the Brittany Spaniel.

These dogs may possess a lean and athletic body, similar to the Greyhound, with long, slender legs. Due to the contrasting sizes of its parents, predicting the full-grown size of the Greyhound Brittany Spaniel mix is tricky.

Depending on which parent’s genes are more dominant, this dog can range in weight from 30 to 70 pounds and stand approximately 17 to 30 inches tall.

In terms of behavior, this mix can possess a calm demeanor, friendliness, affection, intelligence, and a desire to please their owners, making them ideal for most families. 

While Greyhounds are renowned for their sprinting abilities, they are often content with moderate amounts of exercise. Regular walks and play sessions can help meet their physical needs, and the same is true with this mix.

21. Collie Brittany Spaniel Mix 

Collie Brittany Spaniel mix
Image credit: expired.cocoapuff / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Collie & Brittany Spaniel 

When you combine the well-loved and admired Collie with the striking and visually appealing Brittany Spaniel, you are presented with yet another stunning addition to the list — the Collie Brittany Spaniel mix.

Like any other crossbreed, the resulting offspring of this unique hybrid can vary in size, ranging from medium to large, depending on the dominance of the larger parent breed’s traits.

They are generally medium-sized dogs with a graceful gait. Meanwhile, their coats can vary in length and texture, often being medium to long and dense. 

Since both parent breeds possess a double coat, it’s highly likely that the mix will inherit the same.

In terms of temperament, the Collie Brittany Spaniel mix is typically intelligent, loyal, and friendly. They are also known for being affectionate and responsive to their family members. 

These dogs often exhibit a gentle and calm nature, although they can have bursts of energy and enthusiasm, especially when engaged in activities they enjoy.

Final Thoughts

The world of dog breeding has produced a fascinating array of Brittany Spaniel mixes, each boasting its own unique traits. These unique hybrids showcase the versatility and adaptability of the Brittany Spaniel breed.

From the energetic and intelligent Britnepoo to the gentle and protective Great Pyrenees Brittany Spaniel mix, these dogs provide a broad spectrum of temperaments, appearances, and skill sets.

Whether you’re looking for a hunting companion, a loyal family pet, or a versatile working dog, there’s a Brittany Spaniel mix out there that’s bound to suit your preferences.

Do you have a specific Brittany mix that has caught your interest? Share with us your thoughts about the different Brittany Spaniel mixes by leaving a comment below!

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