Greyhound Mixes: 24 Skinny Crossbreeds (With Pictures)

Greyhound mixed breeds

The popularity of Greyhound mixes has skyrocketed in recent years due to their fascinating combination of the distinctive traits of the Greyhound with those of other popular dog breeds.

The added benefits that come with crossing them are certainly alluring, especially when you take into account the Greyhound’s elegance, charm, and agility. They’re so adorable that you can’t help but want one.

Whether you’re a dog lover looking for a unique companion, an avid lover of Greyhounds, or just curious about the exciting world of hybrids, you’re definitely in for a treat. Keep reading to find out!

24 Greyhound Mixes

Every Greyhound mix combines the athleticism and sleekness of the Greyhound with the unique characteristics of its counterpart breed. This creates a compelling combination that celebrates the wonders of diversity.

With this in mind, prepare to encounter an array of incredible dogs, each exhibiting a unique blend of physical characteristics, personality, and abilities that will leave you amazed.

The following is a list of 24 Greyhound mixes that will help you learn more about these beautiful dogs:

1. Greagle

Greagle Beagle Greyhound mix
Image credit: juliecelidonia.petphotos / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Greyhound

The Greagle is a hybrid dog that is a product of crossbreeding between the Italian Greyhound and the Beagle. Historically, both parent breeds served as hunting dogs, which gives this mix a natural hunting instinct.

While this trait might be advantageous if you’re a hunter, it could present challenges in homes with smaller pets.

Beagle Greyhound mixes are known to be quite vocal, making them unsuitable for close-knit living. Fortunately, the Greagle’s high intelligence makes it quite easy to train.

Having handled Greagles myself, I must mention that these dogs are easy to take care of as pets due to their loving, playful, sweet, and affectionate nature. Always on the lookout and inquisitive, I noticed how they hate being left out of any activity. They will always be on top of things.

The Greagle is also an active dog with lots of energy. Thus, long daily strolls are necessary to keep this dog happy and healthy.

Just make sure to keep it on a leash at all times, as this dog has a keen sense of smell and will want to investigate any intriguing scents.

2. Whippig

Whippig Whippet Greyhound mix
Image credit: winterthewiggy / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Whippet & Greyhound

A relatively new designer breed, the Whippig is the result of breeding an Italian Greyhound with a Whippet. 

Whippets, normally medium-sized dogs, are considerably smaller than Greyhounds, thus making the Whippig notably smaller in size as well.

Characterized by their long legs and lean bodies, Whippigs sport broad chests, closely resembling their agile parents in both appearance and athleticism — this makes them excellent sprinters.

In terms of temperament, the Whippet Greyhound mix has all the makings of an ideal house pet. Embodying the outgoing and affectionate traits of its parent breeds, the Whippig naturally gravitates toward interactions.

They are fond of being playful with their owners, yet they also appreciate a good snuggle session.

When it comes to training, they might be stubborn and headstrong; however, they will eventually give in if they see a benefit for themselves. Usually, the easiest way to motivate your Whippig is through positive reinforcement. 

3. Greyador

Greyador Labrador Greyhound mix
Image credit: nova_of_novavida / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Greyhound

The Greyador combines the devoted nature of a Labrador with the athletic build of a Greyhound. It’s a blend of gentle grace and robust strength.

The large ears that sweep down to its jawline are a distinct characteristic inherited from the Greyhound side. Other typical features of this mixed-breed dog include a long neck and a slim yet well-defined torso.

Both parent breeds have a stellar reputation for being loving companions and intelligent, perceptive dogs. As a result, the Greyador emerges as an excellent choice for anyone seeking a smart and emotionally tuned pet.

I once encountered a Greyador at a nearby dog park where I would usually bring my purebred Labrador at. Knowing the combination of its parent breeds, I was not surprised at how active and agile it was compared to my Lab.

Moreover, I also noticed how this Greyador thrived on human companionship and enjoyed being busy not just with its owner but with strangers who wanted to play with it, too.

However, due to their affectionate disposition, Greyadors prefer staying close to their owners. If left alone for too long, these dogs may develop severe separation anxiety.

4. Greyhoula

Greyhoula Catahoula Greyhound mix
Image credit: atlasthegreyhoula / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Catahoula Leopard Dog & Greyhound

The Greyhoula is a unique mix of the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Greyhound.

It usually takes after its Greyhound parent in terms of its long nose, slender legs, and skinny body. However, owing to influences from both parents, the coat patterns and colors can be quite diverse.

It might sport either the distinctive speckled pattern of the Catahoula Leopard Dog, the sleek and short solid coat of the Greyhound, or a mix of both.

In terms of temperament, Greyhoulas tend to blend characteristics from both parent breeds. They can be bright and independent, mirroring the Catahoula Leopard Dog while also inheriting the Greyhound’s calm nature.

Moreover, this cross has the stamina and speed of the Greyhound in its blood, making it an ideal companion for runners.

They are suited to active individuals or households capable of providing ample physical exercise and mental stimulation.

5. Greybull Pit

Greybull Pit Pitbull Greyhound mix
Image credit: patrickthepit / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier & Greyhound

The Greybull Pit, a hybrid of a Greyhound and an American Pit Bull Terrier, is a delightful, agile, and intelligent mixed breed.

This mixed breed has a sturdy, compact physique like the American Pit Bull Terrier but is slightly smaller in size. 

In terms of coat, the short, glossy coat of this mix can come in a variety of colors, from black and white to brown with red highlights.

Known for their sweet nature, loyalty, and affection, Greybull Pits make excellent family pets, fitting comfortably into households with kids and other pets.

Training them is relatively easy, given their intelligence, curiosity, and willingness to work. However, due to their Pitbull heritage, training them will require more patience and time, as well as a caring but firm approach.

Furthermore, these energetic hybrids need ample physical activity. Twice-daily, hour-long sessions of vigorous exercise activities are recommended for Greybull Pits.

6. Greyhuahua

Greyhuahua Chihuahua Greyhound mix
Image credit: maui_the_greyhuahua / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua & Greyhound

The Greyhuahua, a hybrid of the Chihuahua and the Italian Greyhound, is a high-spirited little dog. This tiny pooch has a round, tiny head, a short, compact body, long, slender legs, and oversized feet reminiscent of a rabbit.

Depending on the coat length of the Chihuahua parent, this dog may have either a short or medium-length coat. It usually presents a range of colors and patterns, including white, caramel, black, chocolate, and brindle.

These dogs are normally friendly and outgoing when around their family, but they may become defensive or even hostile if approached by a stranger. 

That said, early socialization is essential to boosting their confidence and curbing potential aggressive tendencies.

Essentially, these canines are energetic versions of Chihuahuas. They overflow with energy, so be sure to keep up with their activity needs. At least an hour of daily exercise is required to meet their energy demands.

As a breeder for more than seven years, another aspect I would like to reiterate when breeding hybrids with a huge size difference, such as the Greyhound and the Chihuahua, is always to select the smaller breed to be the male.

This ensures that pregnancy for the larger breed, or the Greyhound, in this case, is smooth and free from any issues.

7. Grey Boxhound

Grey Boxhound Boxer Greyhound mix
Image credit: chief_ruby_riley / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boxer & Greyhound

Combining the bravery of a Boxer with the strength and speed of a Greyhound, the Grey Boxhound makes a remarkable companion.

Grey Boxhounds are large and robust, with distinct square heads that set them apart. This mixed-breed dog’s short, lightly shedding coat is usually brindle, though some feature a rich, creamy shade.

The Boxer Greyhound mix has the reserved nature of the Greyhound mixed with the energy and courage of the Boxer.

This mixed breed dog often displays a more composed disposition than standard Greyhounds without compromising the breed’s well-loved enthusiastic and social character.

Because of their Boxer ancestry, Grey Boxhounds are naturally territorial and can make formidable guard dogs with proper training. They display fierce loyalty to their families and wouldn’t hesitate to protect them.

8. Grey Houndsky

Grey Houndsky Husky Greyhound mix
Image credit: finleythenoodle / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky & Greyhound

The Grey Houndsky combines the best features of two of the most popular dog breeds, the Greyhound and the Siberian Husky. This hybrid dog stands as one of the most captivating mixed-breed dogs available.

Grey Houndskies are distinguished by their athletic structure, featuring long, lean legs and a sharp muzzle. Their striking eyes range in color from pale to dark blue.

The Grey Houndsky is known for its friendly and affectionate demeanor. When properly socialized as puppies, they serve as wonderful playmates for children due to their playful disposition.

Despite their high levels of activity, they are highly patient and receptive to training. Their eagerness to learn, coupled with their intelligence, makes them outstanding learners.

Moreover, the Grey Houndsky is a versatile pet that adjusts well to various environments, including city apartments.

However, since these dogs thrive in the outdoors, owners should aim to walk them as often as possible.

Take a look at this video of a Greyhound Husky mix taking a dip in the pool:

Greyhound Husky Cries, Borks, Howls And Swims

9. Grey Punghound

Grey Punghound Pug Greyhound mix
Image credit: kristiina.craven / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pug & Greyhound

The Grey Pug-Hound, an appealing hybrid between the long and lean Greyhound and the petite, stout Pug, boasts an interesting mix of characteristics.

These dogs typically have a body type that rests somewhere between both parent breeds. This particular trait gives the dogs greater agility compared to a Pug and less frailty than a Greyhound.

Grey Punghounds often have short, silky coats that don’t require much grooming. However, they may acquire the brachycephalic characteristics of their Pug parents, which calls for special care.

The Pug and the Greyhound are two lighthearted breeds that complement each other well, producing a dog with a gentle disposition that can be both modest and refined but also humorous and goofy.

Consistent and careful training is beneficial for these hybrids. However, it’s important to note that they could become easily disheartened if treated harshly.

On the flip side, spoiling these dogs is also a bad idea because they can develop negative behaviors, including clinginess, over-dependence, and even being domineering.

10. Great Greyhound

Great Greyhound Great Dane Greyhound mix
Image credit: thedanishpoppstry / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Great Dane & Greyhound

The Great Greyhound, a mix of the Great Dane and Greyhound, combines impressive size and speed.

The Great Dane Greyhound mix is massive and swift but definitely not hostile. This big sprinter has an excellent disposition and makes a great family pet.

Both parent breeds are known for being low-maintenance and well-mannered in the house. While this is generally true for Great Greyhound mixes, these dogs can be somewhat clumsy at times.

Additionally, the Greyhound’s influence should restrain the Great Dane’s naturally excitable behavior. Hence, you can expect this hybrid dog to have a pleasant, patient, and tolerant personality.

Great Greyhounds have a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be used, so be sure to take them for long walks and let them play.

While out on a stroll with your Great Greyhound, keep in mind that this dog has a high prey drive and may try to chase after smaller animals.

11. Grey Doberhound

Grey Doberhound Doberman Greyhound mix
Image credit: ncahill80 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Doberman Pinscher & Greyhound

The Grey Doberhound, a large dog breed derived from the Doberman Pinscher and Greyhound, is an excellent companion dog.

It’s a big dog, reaching a maximum height of roughly 30 inches. It resembles a Greyhound, but its body is stockier, and its legs are longer and leaner.

The Grey Doberhound is the perfect dog for anyone who wants a smart, well-mannered companion who won’t disrupt the peace at home. They are great pets that enjoy being at home as much as going for walks.

The hybrid’s personality, combining the Greyhound’s sensitivity and the Doberman’s alert, protective demeanor, is best suited for quieter environments.

Because of this, they are excellent pets for those living in rural areas or for retirees living solo.

Nevertheless, they remain highly intelligent and athletic, capable of shining in dog sports such as obedience and agility competitions.

12. Saluki Greyhound

Saluki Greyhound Saluki Greyhound mix
Image credit: murphy_nozzle / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Saluki & Greyhound

The Saluki Greyhound is a unique and beautiful combination of the Saluki and the Greyhound.

Typically, the Saluki Greyhound is more compact than its Greyhound parent due to the Saluki’s smaller stature. That said, expect that these dogs aren’t demanding in terms of space, thriving even in tight living spaces.

Because of their intelligence and obedience, these dogs make training an effortless task. Their swift wits and agility further make them fit for outdoor work.

They thrive on routine, so make an effort to provide them with tasks as much as possible. These dogs may become destructive if left alone for long periods of time due to boredom and restlessness.

Additionally, the Saluki Greyhound showcases exceptional running abilities inherited from both its parent breeds. After all, the Saluki and Greyhound were selectively bred to be swift and efficient hunters.

All things considered, the Saluki Greyhound could be the best dog for you if you want to go on hunting trips.

13. Border Greyhound

Border Greyhound Border Collie Greyhound mix
Image credit: bilinc_andyoullmiss / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Greyhound

The crossbreed of the Border Collie and the Greyhound is known as the Border Greyhound.

Should it inherit its Border Collie parent’s longevity, this mixed-breed dog can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling lifespan of roughly 10 to 17 years.

Temperament-wise, it could take after the reserved and regal Greyhound or the lively and active Border Collie.

Even though their big personalities could put off some first-time dog owners, the rewards for the work you put into caring for one are well worth it.

These dogs are unreservedly loyal companions, eager to join you in everything you do. They flourish in homes with active children as they enjoy engaging with anyone who can match their energy level.

Moreover, their Border Collie heritage requires that they be given plenty of room to run around and play. This mixed breed will probably thrive in a farm environment with a sizable, fenced-in yard.

14. Mastiff Greyhound

Mastiff Greyhound mix
Image credit: kiriart_nz / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Mastiff & Greyhound

The Mastiff Greyhound mix is a cross between a Mastiff and a Greyhound, which results in a large, powerful dog with impressive speed.

This hybrid could have a short, sleek coat like a Greyhound or a dense, fluffy coat like a Mastiff. Anything in between is also possible. This mix can be seen sporting a variety of colors like black, brown, brindle, fawn, and white.

This mix is a popular choice among families seeking a devoted pet, given its loyalty, friendly demeanor, and gentle temperament.

However, the Mastiff Greyhound mix may display a headstrong and rebellious streak if not socialized and trained early on. This breed reacts positively to praise, treats, and other forms of positive reinforcement.

While these dogs tend to be easygoing, they require regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. A daily hour-long walk should suffice for these dogs’ exercise needs.

15. Golden Greyhound

Golden Greyhound Golden Retriever Greyhound mix
Image credit: ingridkorgemagi / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Greyhound

The Golden Greyhound is an exceptional mix of the Golden Retriever and the Greyhound, two of the most well-known dog breeds globally.

Greyhounds are recognized for their speed, whereas Golden Retrievers are recognized for their companionship and trainability.

When put together, these traits make the Golden Greyhound a fantastic option for families in search of a new pet.

Known for their devotion and affection, Golden Greyhounds are gentle giants. Their renowned gentleness makes them excellent companions for families with young children.

Moreover, you might find that the Golden Retriever Greyhound mix is more active than the purebred Greyhound. Because of this, Golden Greyhounds are best matched with active families that can match their endless enthusiasm.

That said, it’s important to note that these dogs need a great deal of physical activity. They are high-energy creatures that revel in opportunities to romp outdoors, pursuing rabbits and squirrels.

16. Cocker Greyhound

Cocker Greyhound Cocker Spaniel Greyhound mix
Image credit: mochi_monsterrr / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Greyhound

This lovely mix of the beautiful Cocker Spaniel and the exquisite Greyhound is an absolute delight to behold. True to its Greyhound ancestry, this mix boasts a lean yet muscular physique.

In terms of coat, the Cocker Greyhound can mirror the diverse coat colors associated with Cocker Spaniels, ranging from a radiant sable to a vivid tri-color.

Characteristics of both the Cocker Spaniel and the Greyhound are present in this charming crossbreed, with the two breeds complementing each other beautifully.

The Cocker Greyhound has a charming curiosity and interest in everything around it. Moreover, because of their endearing quirks and unwavering devotion, they quickly become indispensable members of any household they are in.

17. Grey Houndmatian

Grey Houndmatian Dalmatian Greyhound mix
Image credit: adaywithpippa / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian & Greyhound

The Greyhoundmatian, a unique blend of the Dalmatian and the Greyhound, is an exceedingly rare hybrid. You can expect to see the characteristic spots of the Dalmatian and the long, lean physique of the Greyhound in this mix.

Inheriting traits from both the Dalmatian and the Greyhound, Greyhoundmatians tend to be energetic and sociable dogs.

This hybrid is a great pet for people who have plenty of time to devote to them. When properly socialized, they get along great with kids of all ages. 

Still, as with any other dog, you should keep an eye on your Grey Houndmatian and your children at all times.

Grey Houndmatians are lively and ready for action most of the time. Provide them with plenty of activities to satisfy their demand for fun.

A combination of toys, games, and constructive activities can serve to channel your dog’s attention and energy away from any potential negative behaviors.

18. German Greyhound

German Greyhound German Shepherd Greyhound mix
Image credit: korra_borealis / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Greyhound

The German Greyhound, a magnificent mix of the brave German Shepherd and the agile Greyhound, brings together the finest traits of both breeds.

Temperament-wise, German Shepherds are well-known for being dedicated and serious. This fits perfectly with the calm nature of a Greyhound. Thus, their mix naturally exhibits qualities of loyalty, affection, devotion, and charisma.

It’s widely recognized that German Shepherds are well-behaved and easy to train, but Greyhounds often appear disinterested. As a result, training German Greyhounds can pose a challenge for newbie owners.

Despite this, both parent breeds are remarkably intelligent and captivating, leading to German Greyhounds being excellent service animals.

Furthermore, the German Greyhound requires at least thirty minutes of daily exercise. Engaging them in quality playtime will ensure this delightful hybrid dog remains active, mentally stimulated, and physically fit.

19. Malinois Greyhound

Malinois Greyhound Belgian Malinois Greyhound mix
Image credit: bonnieandpeaches / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Belgian Malinois & Greyhound

The large, slender, highly powerful, and intelligent Malinois Greyhound is a captivating blend of the devoted Belgian Malinois and the swift Greyhound.

The facial structure of the Malinois Greyhound is distinguished by a narrow skull and a scissor bite. These features, combined with its slim body, deep chest, and long tail, lend the dog a sleek and athletic look.

The Malinois Greyhound’s lineage endows it with a well-rounded character, making it suitable both as a home pet and as a working dog.

This crossbreed gets on superbly with children and other pets, and they also love lounging at home and snuggling with their owners.

With this robust companion at your side, you’re unlikely to face any trouble. Furthermore, it will most probably inherit the protective nature of the Malinois.

While this trait is valued by many, it can be challenging for inexperienced dog owners to handle. That said, this mix is better suited to a strong and confident owner.

20. Irish Wolf Greyhound

Irish Wolf Greyhound Irish Wolfhound Greyhound mix
Image credit: tipp_the_skinnydog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Irish Wolfhound & Greyhound

The Irish Wolf Greyhound is a hybrid dog breed resulting from a cross between a Greyhound and an Irish Wolfhound. It’s a medium-sized dog with the speed, agility, and strength of its parent breeds.

Both of the Irish Wolf Greyhound’s parents are highly athletic dogs with comparable temperaments.

Consequently, the Irish Wolf Greyhound is known for its consistent demeanor, embodying all the kindness of a Greyhound with a sprinkle of playful energy.

This hybrid of two hunting hounds is likely to have a high prey drive. This trait could pose a risk to other pets or small creatures in the vicinity unless they are taught appropriate behavior from an early age.

That said, early socialization and training are essential aspects of owning an Irish Wolf Greyhound.

Moreover, Irish Wolf Greyhounds tend to be more active than an average Greyhound. Owners of this breed need to meet their activity requirements to ensure they stay content and mentally stimulated.

21. Pootalian

Pootalian Poodle Greyhound mix
Image credit: just_a_couple_of_doggos / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Greyhound

The Pootalian is a mix between a Greyhound and a Poodle. This mix is also sometimes referred to as a Greyhoundoodle or Greyhoundpoo.

Generally, Poodle Greyhound mixes are small dogs with weight not exceeding 10 pounds and height no more than 15 inches.

Their body shape closely resembles that of an Italian Greyhound, while their fur closely resembles that of a Poodle’s; however, it’s typically longer and has a wiry, coarse texture.

Pootalians are considered low-maintenance pets. Their hybrid nature often results in minimal shedding, largely due to the hypoallergenic qualities of their parents.

Poodle Greyhound mixes are well-known for their high levels of alertness, intelligence, affection, and sometimes aggressive demeanor.

However, these dogs can sometimes be overprotective, making them less suitable for families with small children or other pets.

In terms of energy levels, the Pootalian often falls somewhere in the middle between the two parent breeds. Poodles tend to be high-energy dogs, whereas Greyhounds are usually more laid back.

22. Australian Greyhound

Australian Greyhound Australian Shepherd Greyhound mix
Image credit: carrot__cate / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Greyhound

The Australian Greyhound is an adaptable companion, seamlessly blending the intelligence and versatility of the Australian Shepherd with the elegant gait and athleticism of the Greyhound.

Cloaked in a shiny coat, the slender body of the Australian Greyhound can come in an array of coat colors and patterns. The possible colors of this dog range from deep blues and blacks to vibrant reds and browns.

Bearing the keen intelligence of the Australian Shepherd, this hybrid pet enjoys constant learning and thrives on fresh mental challenges. The Australian Shepherd Greyhound mix is also a hard-working pooch.

Combined with the Greyhound’s gentle demeanor and compassionate nature, the Australian Greyhound makes for an exceptionally devoted pet.

That said, however, this mixed-breed dog is likely to be an extremely energetic pet at times.

Lack of proper exercise and mental stimulation could lead to destructive behavior in this mix. Hence, before getting one, ensure that you have enough time and energy to provide this dog with ample activities.

23. Corgi Greyhound Mix

Corgi Greyhound mix
Image credit: ck9a / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Greyhound

One of the more fascinating Greyhound mixes around is the Corgi Greyhound mix. 

In terms of appearance, the Greyhound is tall, agile, and sleek, while the Corgi is short, sturdy, and fluffy. Hence, the look of their cross is utterly unpredictable.

While the Corgi Greyhound mix might appear diverse, it undoubtedly inherits the amiable personality and unwavering loyalty of its parent breeds.

This mixed-breed dog has an active curiosity, is eager to please, and enjoys new experiences. Its abundant love and affection contribute to the formation of a strong bond with its human family.

Moreover, these canines are highly adaptable, thriving in a range of settings. This versatility makes this dog an ideal companion for apartment living.

However, despite the Corgi Greyhound mix’s adaptability to city life, it still requires daily exercise. Hence, you must ensure to provide them with plenty of exercise opportunities for this dog.

24. Jack Russell Greyhound Mix

Jack Russell Greyhound mix
Image credit: thebonebrigade_dogs / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier & Greyhound

The Jack Russell Greyhound mix makes an excellent pet for most homes. It combines the friendly disposition of the Greyhound with the boundless energy of its Jack Russell Terrier parent.

In terms of appearance, this hybrid dog is more similar to Jack Russell Terriers than they are to Greyhounds. However, on rare occasions, this mix may take more from its Greyhound parent.

When it comes to coat colors, this mix is likely to display the characteristic Jack Russell colors of white and tan.

Temperament-wise, Jack Russell Greyhound mixes have a tender spot for their loved ones and are quite expressive of their affection for those they hold dear.

Keep in mind, however, that they have a reputation for being rather strong-willed dogs, which may make them somewhat difficult to train. 

To ensure effective training, it’s crucial for owners of this mix to be firm and consistent while also utilizing positive reinforcement methods.

Final Thoughts

The Greyhound mixes in this article are a testament to the rich diversity within the canine world. They illustrate the boundless potential that arises from combining different breeds with each other.

Greyhound mixes are some of the most mellow dog breeds that make exceptional companions. Their adaptability enables them to thrive in various settings, ensuring there’s a perfect mix for any individual or family.

However, these dogs are not without their drawbacks. After all, every dog has their fair share of caveats.

So, which of these lovely dogs is your favorite? Tell us which Greyhound mix you think is best by leaving a comment below.

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