11 Unique Irish Setter Mixes You’ll Love (With Pictures)

Irish Setter breed mixes

Irish Setters are pups of sport and are known for their distinct red coats and friendly, outgoing personalities. Puppies from these elegant and smart dogs combined with any other breed are worth all your love, for sure. 

Crossing Irish Setters with other breeds you may love will surely create genuinely unique and charming combinations that could definitely be a wonderful addition to your family. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of 11 Irish Setters mixed breeds you could come across. These mixes’ possible appearances, temperament, and behavior are also tackled. Read on to learn more about these cute Irish Setter mixes!

11 Irish Setter Mixes

The Irish Setter is relatively common in dog competitions with sporting or show events. Many breeders admire their intelligence and elegant red coat, which is why some try to pair them with other breeds. 

From the lovable and well-known Golden Retriever to the small and cute Dachshunds, these Irish Setters could be combined with any breed to make the most wonderful mixes.

You may watch this video of an Irish Setter and her puppies to have a better idea of the dog as a parent breed:

Irish Setter Puppies!

If you’re looking for an Irish Setter mix but aren’t sure which one to choose, keep reading to find the right match for you!

1. Irish Afghan Setter

Irish Afghan Setter Afghan Hound Irish Setter mix
Image credit: brandyirishafghansetter / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Afghan Hound & Irish Setter

The Afghan Hound and Irish Setter mix, also known as an Irish Afghan Setter, is a medium-to-large unique crossbreed that combines the characteristics of both parent breeds. 

Their coat can be long and silky like an Afghan Hound’s and its characteristic facial hair. These mixes could also sport the Setter’s feathered tail. Common coat colors include the Setter’s trademark red or the Afghan’s gold or black. 

These pups may display a combination of the Afghan Hound’s independent and aloof nature with the Irish Setter’s outgoing and sociable personality. 

As with any mixed breed, individual Afghan Setters can vary in appearance, temperament, and needs. It’s important to spend time researching the specific dog you want to better understand its unique traits.

2. Irish Dobe Setter

Irish Dobe Setter Doberman Pinscher Irish Setter mix
Image credit: veloster_turboo / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Doberman Pinscher & Irish Setter

Mixing the sleek Doberman Pinscher with the elegant Irish Setter will get you the Irish Dobe Setter. These pups inherit the best traits of their athletic and smart parent breeds. 

Although its appearance can vary depending on the dominant genes, these dogs are medium-to-large in size with a well-muscled and athletic build. 

Their coats can be short and sleek like a Doberman’s, typically in colors such as black, red, or a combination of both. They may also have the Setter’s distinctive facial features, such as long ears and a gentle expression. 

Dobsetters are likely to have a mix of the Doberman Pinscher’s loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature, along with the Irish Setter’s friendly and outgoing personality. 

They are trainable and can form strong bonds with their families. Proper socialization, however, is still needed from an early age and is crucial to ensure they develop good manners and interact well with people and other animals.

3. Golden Irish

Golden Irish Golden Retriever Irish Setter mix
Image credit: annie_the_irish_setter_mix / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Irish Setter

The Golden Irish is the result of crossbreeding the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter. These dogs are the perfect blend of their parent breed’s friendly, outgoing, and affectionate nature.

They often display the gentle and patient demeanor of both parent breeds, making them great family companions. They are usually intelligent and eager to please, which can make training relatively easier.

They are medium to large-sized dogs. Their coat is usually medium to long in length, and it can range in color from golden shades to reddish hues, depending on the specific genetics.

The mix may also exhibit the Setter’s feathering and the Golden Retriever’s thick, water-repellent coat. With both parent breeds being high-shedders, owners should expect hair and constant routine fur brushing. 

I fondly remember the Golden Irish of my aunt, Brandy, who would always gleefully greet me by jumping at me and licking my cheeks as I bent over to give it a good rub on the back whenever I visited them.

Brandy was full of energy but did not function well as a good guard dog, as she was very welcoming even to strangers.

4. Irish Doodle

Irish Doodle Poodle Irish Setter mix
Image credit: letsboogiedood / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Irish Setter

The Poodle and Irish Setter mix, often called an Irish Doodle or Irish Setterdoodle, is a crossbreed that combines the characteristics of both parent breeds. These pups are as sociable and as intelligent as their parents. 

Irish Doodles usually have a medium to large size with a well-proportioned and athletic build. This is because they are usually bred with standard-sized Poodles. Those bred with Mini or Toy Poodles may be a bit smaller. 

Their coat can be curly or wavy, similar to a Poodle, and may come in a range of colors, including shades of red, apricot, or black. 

They tend to inherit the Poodle’s intelligence and trainability, along with the Irish Setter’s friendly and outgoing nature. They are usually eager to please and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.

Daily walks, playtime, and engaging activities are important to keep Irish Doodles physically and mentally stimulated. Irish Doodles may also enjoy participating in dog sports like agility or obedience training. 

5. Irish Shepherd

Irish Shepherd German Shepherd Irish Setter mix
Image credit: life_is_rusty / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Irish Setter

The Irish Shepherd, sometimes called a German Setter, is a medium-to-large-sized dog that is the result of a mix between a German Shepherd and an Irish Setter. 

German Setter mixes are often known for being loyal, trainable, and devoted to their families. These dogs may exhibit a balance of confidence and gentleness, making them potentially good family companions.

Their coat can vary in length and texture, with possibilities ranging from a dense double coat resembling the German Shepherd’s to a long and silky coat similar to the Irish Setter’s.

Their athletic builds can display the Setter’s distinct, elegant red fur or sport varying shades of both red and black. 

6. Alaskan Irish Setsky

Alaskan Irish Setsky Alaskan Husky Irish Setter mix
Image credit: bigsteve811 / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Alaskan Husky & Irish Setter

Crossing the Alaskan Husky and the Irish Setter will give you the unique Alaskan Irish Setsky. These pups exhibit a combination of the Husky’s independent, adventurous spirit with the Setter’s friendly and outgoing nature.

They are often intelligent, energetic, and have a strong prey drive. These pups, however, may require firm, consistent, and patient training to channel their intelligence and maintain their focus.

Alaskan Irish Setskies thrive in an active and stimulating environment with plenty of exercises, mental challenges, and social interaction. Their early socialization is a must to ensure they grow into well-adjusted dogs.

Irish Huskies can have a varied appearance, but their medium-to-large-sized bodies are commonly found to feature either the dense and thick double coat of the Husky or the medium-length, silky red coat of the Irish Setter. 

7. Lab Setter

Lab Setter Labrador Retriever Irish Setter mix
Image credit: chocolaterainey /Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Irish Setter

What happens when you mix the fan-favorite Labrador Retriever with the sophisticated Irish Setter? You get the best of both worlds, the Lab Setter. 

These medium-to-large-sized dogs can vary in appearance, but they may also exhibit the Setter’s facial features and the Labrador’s otter-like tail. Their coats range from their parent breeds’ colors — black, yellow, chocolate, or red.

They are typically good-natured, patient, and get along well with people, including children and other animals. Lab Setters, just like their parents, are known for their intelligence, trainability, and willingness to please.

This mix typically has high exercise needs due to the active nature of both parent breeds. Regular exercise, including daily walks, runs, or opportunities for swimming and retrieving, is needed to keep them stimulated.

8. Rottie Setter

Rottie Setter Rottweiler Irish Setter mix
Image credit: thesweetheart87 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rottweiler & Irish Setter

The Rottweiler and Irish Setter mix, also known as a Rottie Setter, are intelligent, protective, and loyal furry companions. These pups show their parent breed’s best traits and are ideal family and guard dogs. 

These dogs are medium to large in size, inheriting their parent’s athletic or lean build. Their coat can vary in length and texture, with possibilities ranging from the short, dense, and sleek coat of the Rottweiler to the long and silky coat of the Irish Setter.

They could display the Setter’s key red coat or may vary with other shades of black and tan or a combination of all hues. 

This mix typically requires regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. They are intelligent and benefit from mental challenges, such as puzzle toys or training sessions.

9. Beagle Setter 

Beagle Setter Beagle Irish Setter mix
Image credit: cijy_ / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Irish Setter

The Beagle and Irish Setter mix, often called a Beagle Setter or Irish Beagle, is a crossbreed that combines friendly and merry nature with the Irish Setter’s affectionate and gentle personality.

These pups are known for their playful and curious nature, making them great companions for families and individuals alike. Beagle Setters are generally good with children and other pets, and they enjoy being part of family activities. 

Beagle Setters may have a moderate prey drive inherited from the Beagle, so proper training and socialization are important.

With parents of distinct coat colors, owners could expect the standard Beagle black-white-tan pattern or the Setter’s distinct long and red coat. Their ears can also be floppy, resembling the Beagle’s characteristic long ears.

10. Dalmasetter 

Dalmasetter Dalmatian Irish Setter mix
Image credit: dalmatian_irishsetter_d / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian & Irish Setter

Mixing the popular spotted Dalmatian with the red beauty Irish Setter will give you the Dalmasetter, a pup displaying key features from both its adorable parent breeds. 

Dalmatian Setters usually have a lean and athletic, medium-to-large-sized build. Their coat possibilities vary and range from the short, dense, and smooth coat of the Dalmatian to the long and silky coat of the Irish Setter. 

Coat colors may include a combination of the Dalmatian’s signature black or liver spots on a white background, along with the Setter’s red or chestnut markings.

Dalmatian Setters can be a mix of the Dalmatian’s energetic and playful nature with the Irish Setter’s friendly and outgoing personality. They are typically smart and responsive, but they may also have an independent streak. 

11. Cocksetter

Cocksetter Cocker Spaniel Irish Setter mix
Image credit: doggrooming_bystephanie / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Irish Setter

The Cocker Spaniel and Irish Setter mix, often known as a Cocksetter or Irish Cocker, is a delightful crossbreed that combines the traits of both parent breeds.

These lovable pooches usually have a medium-sized build with a sturdy and well-proportioned body. Their coat is typically medium in length and can be silky like the Irish Setter’s or wavy like the Cocker Spaniel’s. 

Owners can expect coats with shades ranging from red to brown, possibly with some white markings. Cocksetters’ ears can be floppy or semi-floppy, and their eyes tend to have an expressive and warm look.

Like their parent breeds, these dogs thrive on attention, love being part of family activities, and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. They are also known to be great with kids and other household pets. 

Final Thoughts

Any Irish Setter mix will most likely exhibit some of its many elegant traits and qualities. If you want a pup as talented and sociable as a Setter, any dog crossed with this breed is the one for you. 

Irish Setter mixes, like their parent breeds, are typically energetic and require regular exercise and mental stimulation. Be sure that you, as a responsible owner, could be able to provide this routinely. 

These pups thrive on companionship and enjoy being part of the family. Keep in mind, however, that the Irish Setter is a medium-to-large-sized dog and may produce offspring of the same size range. 

As you adopt or buy one, remember that the appearance and personality of a crossbreed will rely heavily on the characteristics it inherits from its parents. Each cross is different, so you must do your research first. 

So, have you found your favorite Irish Setter mix? Share your thoughts about these sophisticated pups in the comments below!

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