35 Dalmatian Mixes That Hit the “Spot” (With Pictures)

Dalmatian mixed breeds

Because of their iconic spotted coats, Dalmatians can be spotted from miles away, but can the same be said about Dalmatian mixes? 

Nowadays, breeding Dalmatians with other dog breeds is more prevalent, so the possibilities of Dalmatian mixes of all kinds, shapes, sizes, coats, and colors are endless. 

Take a look at the list of 35 Dalmatian mixes below — complete with pictures and details. With plenty to choose from, rest assured that you will be able to “spot” the perfect Dalmatian mix for you! 

35 Dalmatian Mixes

From their popularity as working and carriage dogs all the way to their various media appearances — including animated movies dedicated solely to this breed — the popularity of Dalmatians cannot be contested.

However, Dalmatians are more than just movie stars. Throughout history, these spotted breeds boast impressive resumes as coach dogs, firefighters, hunting dogs, guardians, watchdogs, and family companions.

Thus, more and more breeders are crossing the Dalmatian with other dog breeds to create designer dogs that are both dependable and lovable. 

Read along to learn more about the 35 delightful Dalmatian mixes! 

1. Bassamatian

Bassamatian Basset Hound Dalmatian mix
Image credit: petey_dumb_dog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Basset Hound & Dalmatian

The Bassamatian is a cross between a Basset Hound and a Dalmatian that results in a short, stout, and spotted pup. This dog’s markings may not always be black and white, depending on its Basset Hound parent’s colors. 

While Basset Hounds are known for their sad, droopy faces, they have a fun-loving joyous nature that they pass on to the Bassamatian, giving it a charming personality.

The Bassamatian has moderate to high energy levels and will appreciate daily physical activities like hiking, playing fetch, and going around obstacle courses. However, these dogs also like lounging around from time to time.

Another notable characteristic of the Basset Hound Dalmatian mix is the powerful nose it inherits from its Basset Hound parent, whose sense of smell makes it a well-versed hunting dog.

2. Dalmatian Heeler

Dalmatian Heeler Australian Cattle Dog Dalmatian mix
Image credit: obithedalmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog & Dalmatian

When it comes to hardworking and athletic hybrids, the Dalmatian Heeler is on top of the list. As a cross between an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) and a Dalmatian, this mix is guaranteed to be an intelligent and energetic dog.

There are two varieties to this mix, depending if the ACD parent is a Red Heeler or a Blue Heeler. A Red Dalmatian Heeler may inherit brown to red hues, while the Blue Dalmatian Heeler may have blue-gray tones.

As an experienced breeder and having handled a lot of different breeds, I must say that the Dalmatian Heeler has one of the most prolific and beautiful patterns I’ve seen on a hybrid.

The cross of the spots of a Dalmatian and the mottling or speckling patterns of the ACD merge on these dogs, creating a visually appealing pattern that makes bypassers look at these dogs with awe whenever I walk them outside.

Being a cross between two high-activity working breeds, Dalmatian Heelers need enough space and time for stimulating exercise and activity. Without an avenue to expel energy, it may resort to destructive behavior. 

It is also prone to ‘herding’ others by nipping or biting, which is why it is important to properly train and socialize this dog. 

Because of their high-maintenance needs, Dalmatian Heelers are generally more suited for more experienced owners. 

3. Beaglemation

Beaglemation Beagle Dalmatian mix
Image credit: dalmeagle.polly / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Dalmatian

Also known as a Dalmeagle, this mix is a cross between a Beagle and a Dalmatian. While its appearance may differ from one pup to another, Beaglemations typically have muscular bodies, long tails, and floppy ears.

This mix has a smooth, short coat that usually inherits the iconic spots of the Dalmatian in various hues like brown and tan or even rarer colors like lemon and blue tick. 

Beagle Dalmatian mixes are well-loved for their playful, affectionate, and energetic temperaments. They also have excellent senses, thanks to the hunting background of the Beagle.

Therefore, this mix is a superb family companion and watchdog, although it may need some training and socialization to reduce its natural prey drive towards smaller animals. 

However, note that the Dalmeagle can be quite sensitive and stubborn. Owners must be patient and use positive reinforcement when training this pup. 

4. Bodacion

Bodacion Border Collie Dalmatian mix
Image credit: nash_on_track / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Dalmatian

Energy is everything when it comes to the Bodacion mix. A cross between two lines of working dogs, the Border Collie and the Dalmatian, this hybrid dog is guaranteed to have a keen work ethic.

This pup is typically medium-sized unless produced from a miniature Border Collie. It may have a short to medium-length coat featuring the signature Dalmatian spots.

Depending on genetics, it may also inherit some Border Collie colors, like red merle, blue merle, or a tri-color combination.

The notable characteristics of a Bodacion aside from its energy are its loyal nature and protective instinct. It will happily work as a guardian or a watchdog, as it is not afraid to ward off strangers if it senses a threat. 

However, it can be quite standoffish, especially when it goes into working mode. Fortunately, this dog doesn’t hesitate to show its love for its family most times. 

5. Boxmatian

Boxmatian Boxer Dalmatian mix
Image credit: lova.boxmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boxer & Dalmatian

If you are looking for an effective watchdog that still adores affection and cuddles, then the Boxmatian may be the dog for you. This mix is the result of crossing a Boxer and a Dalmatian. 

Most people have the idea that Boxers are mean, but this is a misguided notion. Just like its two parent breeds, the Boxmatian is a loving and loyal dog who enjoys goofing off and having fun. 

I recall my neighbor’s Boxer who had a litter of Boxmatian puppies as it was crossed with another neighbor’s Dalmatian. As the puppies grew, they obviously carried the guardian dog nature of their Boxer mother.

They had distinct territorial instincts to guard their owner and the household against unwanted intruders, to the point of being overprotective. Hence, to prevent them from having unwanted aggression, the owner subjected them to socialization and obedience training.

Appearance-wise, this mix is stout and muscular, with a short coat that may or may not have Dalmatian spots. It may also inherit Boxer colors and markings like black, white, pied, or brindle.

Ear-cropping and tail-docking used to be normal practices for Boxers, but these are usually not done to Boxmatians.

6. Mastiff Dalmatian

Mastiff Dalmatian Bullmastiff Dalmatian mix
Image credit: wreckitremy / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bullmastiff & Dalmatian

If you like big dogs with bigger hearts, the Bullmastiff Dalmatian mix is a great candidate. These dogs are medium to large-sized breeds with athletic frames and energetic natures.

Most Mastiff Dalmatians are spotted like Dalmatians, although they may have Bullmastiff coat colors like brown and tan. Furthermore, they have excellent physiques and stamina, suitable for high-speed running.

Although temperaments may vary, Mastiff Dalmatians are usually friendly, devoted, and curious. Some may also inherit the docile and reserved temperament of the Bullmastiff. 

Either way, they are great companions to humans and other dogs alike, but consistent training is needed to make sure it does not exhibit inappropriate behavior. 

Something to look out for with this mix is its potential health problems. Since large dogs are more vulnerable to some health issues, this hybrid dog may have a shorter lifespan if it inherits the Bullmastiff’s size.

7. Chimation

Chimation Chihuahua Dalmatian mix
Image credit: tinkernoel / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua & Dalmatian

This hybrid of a Chihuahua and a Dalmatian is proof that small does not always mean terrible. Also called Chimations, these spirited mixes are small to medium-sized and can sometimes be classified as toy breeds. 

Nonetheless, the personality of the Chimation is larger than life. It is highly active and intelligent, meaning it requires ample physical and mental stimulation.

It is also quite territorial and bossy — so much so that it may try to establish itself as the alpha in multi-pet households. Thus, a Chimation should be socialized before being introduced to others.

Like its parent breeds, this mix will have a short, glossy coat unless it has a long-haired Chihuahua parent. It usually inherits Dalmatian spots, but it may also have Chihuahua colors and patterns, like brown and merle. 

Due to its energy and small stature, this mix is suited for homes with backyards, families with older children, and experienced owners. 

8. Dalcorgi

Dalcorgi Corgi Dalmatian mix
Image credit: mattssoraven92 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Corgi & Dalmatian

Given the popularity of both the Corgi and the Dalmatian, it comes as no surprise that the hybrid of the two — also known as the Dalcorgi — is an appealing mix.

With my expertise in breeding, I would need also to advise caution, though, when trying to cross two breeds that have a huge size disparity, such as the Dalcorgi.

To avoid any problems with pregnancy when giving birth, the breeder must always consider ensuring that the male is the smaller breed while the female is the larger breed, in this case, the Dalmatian.

Most of the time, the appearance of a Dalcorgi is more predictable. They typically sport the plump build and short legs of the Corgi, which allows it to be able to sploot as well. 

Coat types may vary on whether the Corgi has a standard or a fluffy coat; nonetheless, it typically inherits spotted or piebald markings. 

People will be drawn to the sweet and cheerful personality of the Dalcorgi. It is energetic and affectionate. Moreover, it enjoys quality playtime, walks, and snuggles from its owners.

However, since the Corgi has herding instincts, the Dalcorgi may have issues with nipping or being wary around strangers. This is why it is a must to train this pup early on.

9. Dalkita

Dalkita Akita Dalmatian mix
Image credit: liyun_paw / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Akita & Dalmatian

Also known as the Akitamatian, this mix is produced by crossing an Akita and a Dalmatian. Dog lovers will come for this hybrid’s great size and charming face but will stay for its loyal and good-natured temperament.

The Akita is known for its extreme devotion — a trait that is inherited by the Dalkita. Thus, this mix is a superb guard dog and family companion. 

However, these traits mean that this mix is prone to separation anxiety and aggression toward strangers. Fortunately, these can be remedied through proper training.

The Dalkita is a highly energetic, consistent barker that can get bored quite easily. Therefore, it is suited for owners who can spend ample time at home and engage the Dalkita in enough playtime and exercise sessions.

Appearance-wise, these mixes have puffy coats that shed quite a lot, especially if bred from a long-haired Akita. They also inherit spotted black-and-white coats.

10. Dalmachshund

Dalmachshund Dachshund Dalmatian mix
Image credit: penelopeandparker / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dachshund & Dalmatian

This cross between a Dachshund and a Dalmatian is a feisty pup best known for its charming looks and merits as a watchdog. 

It is a relatively new hybrid whose appearance is not easily predictable. However, they are usually medium-sized pups with elongated bodies, although they may have longer legs.

Since the Dachshund comes in multiple colors and patterns like brown, cream, or dapple, the Dalmachschund’s coat colors can be a wild combination of its parent breeds. 

It is usually short, but it may inherit a longer coat if it is born from a long-haired Dachshund. 

Dalmachshunds require a lot of physical activities; otherwise, they may get moody. Other than that, it actually has an independent temperament perfect for those who cannot commit to a clingy pet. 

Despite this, it may also inherit the jealous nature of the Dachshund, which might be a problem in multi-pet households.

11. Dalmador

Dalmador Labrador Dalmatian mix
Image credit: dalmador_blue / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Dalmatian

The Dalmador might be the quintessential dog next door, being a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Dalmatian — two of the most well-loved breeds in the country.

Like their parents, Dalmadors are bright and industrious, making them excellent working and service dogs. They also have cheerful, outgoing, and trusting personalities that work great for families and children. 

While Dalmatians were originally bred to be watchdogs, Labradors rarely bark at strangers. Hence, Dalmadors may not be the best guardians if they inherit this overly-friendly disposition.

Dalmadors are likely to inherit spotted coats, but this is not always the case. They may also have color and pattern variations depending on their Labrador parent, which can be black, chocolate, yellow, or even red.

These pups also have athletic builds with high energy levels to match. Whether it be running, hiking, or playing fetch, the Dalmador is a wonderful companion for highly active individuals. 

12. Dalmahoula

Dalmahoula Catahoula Dalmatian mix
Image credit: cruzyandthecrew / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Catahoula & Dalmatian

The Dalmahoula is the beautiful union of two spotted dog breeds, the Dalmatian and the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

As its name suggests, Catahoula Leopard Dogs sport leopard-like markings similar to the spotted coat of the Dalmatian. The combination of the two in a Dalmahoula result in an eye-catching coat.

Aside from its stunning appearance, this hybrid is an affectionate and lively pup that requires at least an hour of quality exercise per day. It is a medium to large-sized breed that needs ample space to expel energy.

Both its parent breeds are very headstrong, so expect the same from a Dalmahoula, especially during training. It can be independent yet territorial and might get aggressive if its peace is threatened. 

Thus, this mix is better suited for living in homes with fenced yards and for experienced owners who can handle its high energy and stubborn tendencies.

13. Dalmatian Springer

Dalmatian Springer English Springer Spaniel Dalmatian mix
Image credit: jonwallmonkey / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Springer Spaniel & Dalmatian

This cross between an English Springer Spaniel and a Dalmatian always has a “spring” in its step! Also known as a Dalmatian Springer, this highly energetic mix is suited for active individuals. 

It is a medium- to large-sized dog with a smooth, dense, and waterproof coat that usually inherits the Dalmatian’s spots. It also has long, floppy ears, which adds to its charming appearance.

This mix is suited for owners with active lifestyles due to its hyperactive nature. It is an intelligent yet curious pup who loves exploring the outdoors and spending quality time with its loved ones.

This means that the Dalmatian Springer requires a lot of care and attention in terms of exercise and diet. It also needs training to control unwanted hunting behavior—something it inherits from its Spaniel parent.

Nonetheless, the Dalmatian Springer will be a friendly, cheerful, and affectionate companion and an all-around family pet.

14. Dalmadoodle

Dalmadoodle Poodle Dalmatian mix
Image credit: buffythedalmadoodle/ Instagram

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Dalmatian

As far as iconic coats go, the Dalmatian Poodle mix is a powerhouse of a breed. Commonly known as the Dalmadoodle, this hybrid typically has the elegant, curly coat of the Poodle and the signature spots of the Dalmatian.

Although the classic black-and-white markings are prevalent, this mix can also come in a variety of Poodle colors. Regardless, this medium to large-sized pup is guaranteed to be a stunner.

Dalmadoodles love giving and receiving attention from their owners. They are typically joyful and goofy companions that enjoy playing and exploring, so they are best suited for homes with large backyards.

However, they can be quite sensitive to strangers and will be attached to their owners—a trait coming from the Poodle side.

Still, Dalmadoodles are highly intelligent creatures that come from two of the most trainable breeds. They will do well as pets for both singles and families. 

15. Dalusky

Dalusky Husky Dalmatian mix
Image credit: vivienne_the_dalusky/ Instagram

Parent Breeds: Husky & Dalmatian

The Dalusky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Dalmatian, which often results in a head-turning spotted, wolfish mix.

Daluskies typically have short, dense coats unless their parent is a wooly Husky. Their ears are either erect or floppy, depending on which parent they take after more. Some Daluskies also inherit the Husky’s curly tail. 

They also have almond-shaped eyes that are usually brown, black, blue, or other Husky eye colors.

Temperament-wise, these mixes are intelligent and dominant. They may try to establish themselves as the ‘alpha’ among other dogs. Still, they are very affectionate and playful, even with other pets.

Daluskies are also fond of chewing and digging, so make sure they have the right toys and play space to expel their energy.

All in all, this mix is suited for experienced owners who can handle its energy and for spacious homes where they can run and explore. 

16. Dobermatian

Dobermatian Doberman Dalmatian mix
Image credit: poppy.meets.world / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Doberman & Dalmatian

The Dobermatian is a mix between a Doberman Pinscher and a Dalmatian and is considered uncommon compared to other Dalmatian mixes. Still, the Dobermatian’s commanding presence will be a delight to all dog lovers.

These medium to large-sized pups have long muzzles and athletic builds. Like their parent breeds, they usually have short coats with spots. Aside from black and white, they can also have liver brown or red hues.

These pups are intelligent and very loyal, making them superb watchdogs. As a result, they can get aggressive when provoked. This is why proper obedience training and socialization are necessary for this mix.

Despite this, Dobermatians are sweethearts that enjoy giving and receiving affection—although they may be a little aloof towards other pets and small children. 

Finally, they will thrive best with daily physical activities. Dobermatians are known to love running, playing, and especially swimming!

17. Bullmatian

Bullmatian English Bulldog Dalmatian mix
Image credit: kobebullmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Bulldog & Dalmatian

Although English and American Bulldogs share the same name, the English Bulldog has different physiques and temperaments. These are what differentiates the English Bulldog & Dalmatian mix. 

These mixes are short, stout, and smaller than their American counterparts. They may or may not have the same wrinkled face as their Bulldog parent, but they do inherit the Dalmatian’s iconic spots.

Color-wise, they may inherit Bulldog colors and markings like merle or a tri-color of black, white, and brown. They also have short, smooth coats that only require moderate grooming. 

Compared to the American Bulldog Dalmatian mix, this mix may be a bit more reserved, just like the English Bulldog. It is a couch potato at heart that loves to loaf around; therefore, it does not require much exercise.

Nonetheless, the Bullmatian is a sweet and friendly pup that loves to show affection to its loved ones. 

18. Pointermatian

Pointermatian German Shorthaired Pointer Dalmatian mix
Image credit: hi_im_mulan / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer & Dalmatian

The Pointermatian is a cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Dalmatian, resulting in a dog that can be somewhat very similar to a purebred Dalmatian.

These pups are quite uncommon compared to other Dalmatian mixes; therefore, a general description of this mix is hard to find. 

Typically, these pups are lean, medium-sized dogs with short coats and a scattering of black or brown spots. They have dark eyes and noses, accompanied by floppy, triangular ears.

Because of its Pointer parent’s hunting heritage and its Dalmatian parent’s industriousness, Pointermatians make fantastic working and hunting dogs.

These pups can also be very gentle and calm creatures. Thus, they know the importance of snuggling and loafing around at home.

However, due to their high activity levels, Pointermatians will not be comfortable living in apartments. They are better suited for families that have homes with fenced backyards.

19. Germatian

Germatian German Shepherd Dalmatian mix
Image credit: shino_the_dog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Dalmatian

The Germatian is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and the Dalmatian, which results in an excellent, well-rounded dog.

These mixed pups inherit the most desirable traits from their parents. Protective, intelligent, and highly loyal, Germatians are practical companions that do well as guardians and hunting dogs.

Moreover, they are good-natured and cheerful, with affectionate sides that enjoy quality playtime and attention. These traits are best achieved through early socialization.

Though no two Germatians will look the same, this mix will typically be a medium-sized dog that can be either lean or stocky. This may change if it has a giant or dwarf German Shepherd parent. 

The Germatian’s coat can either be short or long and will not always inherit a Dalmatian’s spots. These pups can come in a variety of colors other than black and white, like liver or sable. 

20. Goldmatian

Goldmatian Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix
Image credit: willowthegoldmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Dalmatian

The Goldmatian is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Dalmatian, resulting in a highly adorable and impressively versatile hybrid!

The appearances of these medium- to large-sized dogs will differ from one another depending on which parent they take after more. They typically have black-and-white coats and long, floppy ears.

Its coat does not typically take on a Golden Retriever’s long hair unless mixed with a long-haired Dalmatian. However, these pups are still big shedders. Thus, regular brushing and proper grooming are needed to maintain this pup’s gorgeous looks. 

Both its parents are known for being hunting and working dogs, so it is likely for the Goldmatian to inherit their intelligence and capabilities. These traits also mean that the Goldmatian prefers more active lifestyles.

Goldmatians are sweet-natured, cheerful, and playful. With proper socialization, they are superb companions to children and other pets. Thus, these mixed pups are an excellent addition to any family. 

21. Great Dalmatian

Great Dalmatian Great Dane Dalmatian mix
Image credit: king_the_greatdal / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Great Dane & Dalmatian

If you’re a fan of gentle giant breeds, look no further than the Great Dane Dalmatian mix. This designer dog, also called Great Dalmatian, is a mix between a Great Dane and a Dalmatian.

Despite their large size and intimidating looks, Great Dane Dalmatian mixes are nothing but sweethearts. They are loyal and affectionate towards the people they love and even towards other animals.

Great Dalmatians are unpredictable when it comes to activity levels since their Great Dane parent is more reserved and calm compared to the Dalmatian. 

However, you can be assured that Great Dalmatians are intelligent, curious, and protective creatures. Thus, they are considered excellent watchdogs and guardians. 

Appearance-wise, these mixes usually take on the large builds of the Great Dane. They have short coats that will not always inherit Dalmatian spots but may have some form of pattern or markings scattered irregularly. 

22. Jackmatian

Jackmatian Jack Russell Terrier Dalmatian mix
Image credit: finn.daljack / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier & Dalmatian

Known as the Jackmatian or sometimes the Dal-Jack, this cross between a Jack Russel and a Dalmatian is guaranteed to be a bundle of pure energy.

Jackmatian appearances are quite unpredictable, so it can either be a small or medium-sized dog. Their short coats shed moderately, but weekly brushing is enough to keep it under control.

Jackmatians have primarily white fur that may have colored markings or spots similar to the Dalmatian. However, these markings may be in other colors besides black and brown, such as red.

Jackmatians are active, curious, and intelligent pups thanks to the hunting backgrounds of their two parent breeds. Combined with their affectionate and protective nature, they are remarkable watchdogs.

However, energy is everything when it comes to the Jackmatian. If it does not receive enough physical and mental stimulation, it may act out. Thus, this mix needs a highly active owner as well.

23. Pitmatian

Pitmatian Pitbull Dalmatian mix
Image credit: eye.spot.squeaky / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pitbull & Dalmatian

One of the most popular Dalmatian mixes is the Pitmatian, a hybrid of the Pitbull and the Dalmatian. Although both of these breeds are stereotyped as aggressive dogs, the Pitmatian definitely proves otherwise.

Combining the personalities of a Pitbull and a Dalmatian creates a very even-tempered dog. Pitmatians are friendly, fun-loving, and goofy pups. If given early socialization training, they can be excellent companions for all.

Furthermore, these are considered high-energy dogs that will thrive in outdoor activities like hiking and running. 

Although appearances may vary, Pitmatians usually take on the Pitbull’s muscular build and muzzle, with floppy triangular ears like the Dalmatian. It is also not common practice to crop this hybrid dog’s ears, unlike Pitbulls.

Like their parents, Pitmatians have short, smooth, and dense coats. Depending on genetics, they may inherit unique Pitbull colors and markings like merle. 

Most Pitmatians will have the Dalmatian’s signature spotted look as well.

24. Pugmatian

Pugmatian Pug Dalmatian mix
Image credit: meow3_bhow / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pug & Dalmatian

Those looking for a spotted pup with an adorable face will love the Pugmatian mix. This cross between a Pug and a Dalmatian is a suitable compact companion for almost anyone.

Pugmatians are small to medium-sized dogs who typically take on the appearance and build of a Pug alongside the signature black-and-white spots of the Dalmatian. It can also inherit the usual Pug colors like fawn. 

The appeal of these dogs comes from their balanced temperaments and energy levels. 

These pups love receiving attention, making friends, and pleasing their owners. They are active enough to go on daily walks or hikes, but they also appreciate lazy cuddling and downtime at home.

Another thing to note is that these pups can get quite noisy. However, this means that they are also effective watchdogs even if they do not have aggressive temperaments. 

25. Rhodesian Dalmatian

Rhodesian Dalmatian Rhodesian Ridgeback Dalmatian mix
Image credit: chestersspots / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback & Dalmatian

The Rhodesian Dalmatian is a designer breed that is a combination of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Dalmatian.

These hybrid pups generally make superior guard dogs due to their wariness around strangers. Around people they are comfortable with, they are loving and friendly companions. 

These dogs have high exercise requirements, so dedicate at least one hour of vigorous activity to keep these pups satisfied.

When it comes to trainability, both parent breeds are intelligent yet stubborn, so training may become a handful for novice owners. Rhodesian Ridgebacks also have a strong prey drive, which this hybrid may inherit.

These medium to large-sized mixes have short coats that may also inherit typical Ridgeback colors such as red and light wheaten. It may also inherit the Dalmatian’s spots.

26. Rottmatian

Rottmatian Rottweiler Dalmatian mix
Image credit: willowtherottmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rottweiler & Dalmatian

The Rottmatian, also fondly called the Spotty Rottie, is a fantastic cross between a Rottweiler and a Dalmatian. This hybrid is best known as a remarkable watchdog and guardian.

With their medium to large builds and broad features, the appearances of Rottmatians are enough to intimidate strangers away. Some may also opt to practice tail-docking to enhance their guard dog looks. 

They are fiercely protective and loyal to their owners and will do anything to defend them. Because of this, Rottmatians can exhibit aggressive behaviors. This must be counteracted with early and constant training.

Other than this, Rottmatians are quite friendly and lovable toward those they trust. They are known to master tricks easily, and their love to please others.

Aside from being guard dogs, Rottmatians will do well as companions to families, children, and other animals as long as they are properly integrated and socialized. 

27. Sharmatian

Sharmatian Shar Pei Dalmatian mix
Image credit: zeca_sharmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shar-Pei & Dalmatian

Another particularly unpredictable Dalmatian mix is the Sharmatian, which is a cross between a Chinese Shar-Pei and a Dalmatian. This hybrid was first documented in 2007 and has been growing in popularity since.

Sharmatian features are largely inconsistent. Some may take on the appearance of one parent more than the other. 

As such, it may not always inherit a spotted coat. Sharmatians typically have short fur that can be solid-colored or patterned. They can also inherit some Shar-Pei colors like fawn.

Another possible quirk these hybrids can inherit is the Shar-Pei’s purple tongue.

When it comes to temperament, Sharmatians are notable for their intelligence and loyalty. Due to the working background of both parent breeds, these hybrid pups will work well as watchdogs. 

At their core, however, Sharmatians are companion dogs that enjoy bonding and socializing with their humans, especially if it involves playing and running outdoors!

28. Saint Dalmatian

Saint Dalmatian Saint Bernard Dalmatian mix
Image credit: nonishaq / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Saint Bernard & Dalmatian

The Saint Dalmatian is a blend of the gigantic Saint Bernard and the agile Dalmatian, resulting in an interesting and unpredictable hybrid.

Because of the large differences between its two parent breeds, a Saint Dalmatian’s features and temperaments will vary from one another. 

This may be a medium to large-sized pup with a dense coat. It may inherit Saint Bernard colors and patterns or the signature spotted look of the Dalmatian. 

Both Dalmatians and Saint Bernards are shedders, so expect a Saint Dalmatian to shed considerably as well. 

Similarly, Saint Dalmatians are likely to inherit the affectionate and lovable temperaments of their parents. They are outstanding family pets that can work as nanny dogs for children.

Compared to the high energy of Dalmatians, Saint Bernards are loafers. A Saint Dalmatian can be either one or a balance of the two. 

29. Tzumatian

Tzumatian Shih Tzu Dalmatian mix
Image credit: gloriatheleapyearpup / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shih Tzu & Dalmatian

The Tzumatian is a crossbreed of the Shih Tzu and the Dalmatian. As with other Shih Tzu mixes, these charming little dogs are among the most adoring and devoted pets. 

Although appearances may vary, Tzumatians are typically small to medium-sized dogs depending on which parent breed it takes after. 

Their coats are longer and shaggier coats compared to that of the Dalmatian. Depending on genetics, they can either be low or moderate shedders. 

Tzumatians are attention-seekers by heart. They enjoy being the life of the party; thus, they may become sensitive to rejection or isolation. This mix works best with owners that can devote ample time and attention to them.

Aside from this, these mixed pups work great as family companions and apartment dwellers. Both the Dalmatian and the Shih Tzu are good with children, so the Tzumatian is guaranteed to be a kid-friendly pup. 

30. Greymatian

Greymatian Greyhound Dalmatian mix
Image credit: luna.dalmation.greyhound / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Greyhound & Dalmatian

Not much is known about the Greymatian online, but this hybrid is guaranteed to be an athletic champion. This mix is produced by crossing a Greyhound and a Dalmatian.

Greymatians are medium to large-sized dogs with robust builds that reflect their abilities as racing, working, and hunting dogs. 

They have short coats that may or may not inherit the Dalmatian’s signature spots. They are moderate shedders, so grooming maintenance for this pup should focus on weekly brushing. 

When it comes to personality, the Greymatian is a crowd-pleaser. They are known to work well with children and other pets and may even be friendly toward strangers.

However, Greyhounds are known to be quite vocal dogs—a trait that a Greymatian can inherit. Thus, it may not be well-suited for small apartments.

All in all, Greymatians are suited as family pets, given their friendly disposition and low tendency towards aggression.

31. Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian Mix 

Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian mix
Image credit: herbert.photography16 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian

No other mixed breed comes close to the celebrity status of the Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian mix when it has two Hollywood icons for parents!

Films like the 101 Dalmatians and The Lady and the Tramp recognized the charm of both Dalmatians and Cocker Spaniels as delightful and affectionate companions. 

Since the Cocker Spaniel Dalmatian mix inherits these traits, this hybrid works well as a family dog.

The appearance of this mix is hard to predict since its parents look very different from one another. Typically, it will be a medium-sized dog with spotted coats and floppy ears.

Its coat may be short to medium in length. If it is the latter, then this mix may require more maintenance regarding coat shedding. 

This gorgeous hybrid is also an intelligent pup who loves pleasing its owners. Even if it may be stubborn at times, this pup will thrive with consistent training.

32. Vizsla Dalmatian Mix

Vizsla Dalmatian mix
Image credit: beaniethebeans / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Vizsla & Dalmatian

This cross between a Vizsla and a Dalmatian is an athletic powerhouse. Both parent breeds have long histories as hunting and working dogs but are now both widely renowned as companion dogs and family pets.

The Vizsla and the Dalmatian have very similar, medium-sized builds consisting of lean bodies and long legs. Thus, the Vizsla Dalmatian mix will inherit this strong, athletic frame. 

It will have a short, smooth coat that may be straight or silky, depending on which parent it takes after. Colors will also depend on genetics – if it does not have spots, its coat may take on golden, red, or rust hues.

The personality of the Vizsla Dalmatian mix is akin to its parents. It is an affectionate and loving pup who enjoys pleasing others and receiving attention. 

They also have abundant energy levels that contribute to their capabilities as working and hunting dogs. 

33. American Bulldog Dalmatian Mix

American Bulldog Dalmatian mix
Image credit: kingthebullmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Bulldog & Dalmatian

The American Bulldog Dalmatian mix is a hybrid between a Dalmatian and an American Bulldog. These dogs are medium-sized dogs that typically inherit the stocky build of their Bulldog parent.

American Bulldog Dalmatian mixes have short, smooth, and spotted coats similar to Dalmatians. However, the markings on their fur are not always black. They may inherit the colors of the Bulldog parent, like brown and tan.

This mix is a delightful combination of its parent breeds’ personalities. It is affectionate and doting to its owners, with a friendly, cheerful nature. This mixed-breed pooch also gets along with children and other pets. 

It is also a very energetic and active dog that needs at least an hour of daily physical and mental activities.

However, the American Bulldog Dalmatian mix can be stubborn at times, so owners must be patient during training. For this reason, this dog is best suited for experienced owners. 

34. Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian mix
Image credit: naughtyspotty / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Dalmatian

This dog is a cross between a Dalmatian and an Australian Shepherd, fondly referred to as a ‘Spotty Aussie.’ Due to the differences in its parent breeds, a general description of this mix is hard to pinpoint.

The Australian Shepherd Dalmatian mix is often a medium-sized dog, but it can also be small if it is born from a toy Australian Shepherd parent. Either way, this mix has an athletic frame and high energy levels.

Its coat is short to medium in length, with varying combinations of speckles and spots. It may inherit colors from its Aussie parent, such as black, red merle, and blue merle.

This mix is a loyal companion whose protective tendencies are strengthened by its herding instincts. As such, it may be prone to acting aggressively towards strangers and bossing around smaller pets.

That said, Australian Shepherd Dalmatians do best as working dogs and guardians. 

35. Whippet Dalmatian Mix

Whippet Dalmatian mix
Image credit: mouthypouncerdog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Whippet & Dalmatian

Last on the list is the Whippet Dalmatian mix or the cross between a Whippet and a Dalmatian — two breeds that have a lot in common.

Whippets were bred to be racing dogs and are famous for their speed and agility, and Dalmatians are high-energy, industrious coach dogs. 

The result of their cross is an athletic and muscular pup that may be smaller, especially if born from a mini Whippet. This mix usually has a short, dirt-repellent coat, which may also inherit the Dalmatian’s spots.

Although this mix may shed moderately, its grooming requirements are generally low-maintenance.

The Whippet Dalmatian mix combines all of the best traits of its two parent breeds. It is an intelligent, sociable, and good-natured dog that loves to play and explore the outdoors.

Thus, these dogs are suited for people with active lifestyles. They also enjoy their owners’ attention and affection, making them ideal family companions. 

Final Thoughts

As you have learned in this article, not all Dalmatian mixes will inherit a spotted coat which is its most popular feature. Still, crossing Dalmatians with other breeds results in a variety of dependable and lovable dogs.

Although each Dalmatian mix may have its own strengths and setbacks, most of these industrious dogs are known to be reliable, affectionate, and loyal. The choice now will depend mostly on your preference and lifestyle.

After reading about each of these mixed-breed dogs, have you spotted one that suits your fancy? Let us know your favorite Dalmatian mix in the comments below!

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