30 Cute Havanese Mixes You’ll Love! (With Pictures)

Havanese mixes

Most dog lovers in the world are familiar with the charming and alluring Havanese breed. But how familiar are you with the different Havanese mixes?

Aside from pairing the Havanese with similar breeds like the Bichon Frise or the Poodle, there is a plethora of different Havanese mixes that combine all the best traits of various breeds into a new, unique designer dog.

So if you are looking to combine the charm of the Havanese breed with the features and characteristics of your favorite dog breed, take a look at the various Havanese mixes below!

30 Havanese Mixes

The Havanese is a small breed of dog that originated in Cuba. It is known for its friendly and outgoing personality as well as its long, silky coat that comes in a variety of colors such as white, cream, black, gold, and silver, not to mention the number of hairstyles it can wear.

That being said, it comes as no surprise that Havanese mixes have become popular recently with dog lovers and breeders. These designer dogs are an avenue to mix the best traits of the Havanese dog with other breeds.

As you will see in the list below, each Havanese mix has unique appearances, skills, temperaments, and capabilities. Keep reading to find out which Havanese mix is the right fit for you!

1. Beaglenese

Beaglenese Beagle Havanese mix
Image credit: monty_the_beaglenese / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Havanese

The Beaglenese, also known as the Hava-Beagle, is a hybrid dog that comes from crossing a Beagle and a Havanese. This mixed dog is small to medium-sized, with a charming personality and a playful disposition.

One of the most appealing traits of the Beaglenese is its friendly, sociable, and people-loving nature. They are known to get along well with children and other animals, making them great family pets.

This Havanese mix inherits its physical traits from both parent breeds. It may have a slightly longer body and shorter legs than a typical Havanese, but they generally have a compact and muscular build.

Furthermore, the coat of a Hava-Beagle is typically medium-length, soft, and silky and can be a range of colors, including white, black, brown, and tan.

Overall, the Beagle Havanese mix is a lovable and affectionate companion that can make a great addition to any family.

2. Border Colvanese

Border Colvanese Border Collie Havanese mix
Image credit: dante__the__dog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Havanese

Also known as Havacollie, the Border Colvanese is a mix between the Border Collie and the Havanese – two distinct breeds with unique characteristics.

Border Collies are known for their intelligence, high energy levels, and trainability. Meanwhile, the Havanese is known for its playful personality and reputation as a “velcro dog” that loves to stick to its owners.

When these two breeds are mixed, the result is a medium-sized dog with a thick, fluffy coat in various colors, including black, white, brown, and gray.

Moreover, these dogs are highly trainable and excel in obedience training and herding. They are also very affectionate and enjoy spending time with their loved ones.

Due to their high energy levels, the Border Collie Havanese mix must receive regular exercise and mental stimulation. Thus, these dogs are best suited for active individuals and homes with large yards.

3. Cavanese

Cavanese Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Havanese mix
Image credit: pawfect_dani / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Havanese

The Havanese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, also known as the Cavanese or Havalier, is one of the most popular mixes that combine the adorable and charming characteristics of both parent breeds.

This petite Havanese mix is a friendly and sociable companion. It loves to play and interact with people and other pets. Furthermore, it is very easy to train due to its high intelligence and eagerness to please its owners.

Despite its small size, the Cavanese has a moderate activity level and enjoys daily walks and quality playtime. They also have a low-shedding coat, which makes them a suitable breed for people with allergies.

The Cavanese is a delightful and charming breed perfect for anyone seeking a loyal and affectionate companion. Not only do they make good family dogs, but they are also well-suited for single individuals and seniors, too.

4. Cairnese

Cairnese Cairn Terrier Havanese mix
Image credit: centrum_dyreklinik_espergaerde / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cairn Terrier & Havanese

The Cairnese is a popular hybrid dog breed known for its cute and fluffy looks, friendly personality, and high energy levels. It is a cross between the Havanese and the Cairn Terrier, also known as the Cairnese or Hava-Cairn.

The Havanese Cairn Terrier mix typically has a compact build with a sturdy frame, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer smaller dogs. Their coats come in various colors, including black, white, brown, and cream.

As with other Havanese mixes, the Cairnese is friendly, outgoing, and highly affectionate. They are also known to be goofy, playful dogs that will love quality playtime such as fetching or chasing balls.

As such, expect the Cairnese mix to have high energy levels that require daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Thus, make sure to include trips to the dog park in your routine.

5. Cheenese

Cheenese Chihuahua Havanese mix
Image credit: mini.mena_ / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua & Havanese

The Chihuahua and the Havanese are two breeds recognizable by their small stature and spunky personalities. Crossing these two dogs will result in the Cheenese mix, an affectionate and lively dog that gets along with everyone.

Depending on which parent they take after, Cheenese mixes have varying appearances. They can have a long, silky Havanese coat or a short, smooth coat similar to their Chihuahua parent.

Regardless of coat type, these pups are known to be low to minimal shedders, which makes them perfect for those sensitive to certain allergens.

When it comes to personality, these small dogs have big hearts. Cheenese mixes are playful, energetic, and loving dogs that can adapt to most lifestyles, making them very versatile companion dogs.

Furthermore, its stature makes it very suitable for small apartment living as long as it receives ample time for outdoor walks and exploration.

6. Crested Havanese

Crested Havanese Chinese Crested Havanese mix
Image credit: themistermoses / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chinese Crested & Havanese

The Crested Havanese mix is a cross between a Havanese and a Chinese Crested. Both breeds are naturally intelligent, energetic, and affectionate, so it is no surprise that the Crested Havanese inherits these traits.

In terms of appearance, a Crested Havanese can have various coat types and colors depending on which parent breed it takes after.

Some may have long, silky, shiny hair like their Havanese parent. On the other hand, some may be hairless or partially hairless similar to the Chinese Crested. There are also times when the coat appears to be a mix of both.

It is important to note that the Crested Havanese mix is highly sociable and enjoys plenty of quality time with its owners. Thus, it is well-suited for families and individuals that can spend ample time with this Havanese mix at home.

7. Dachvanese

Dachvanese Dachshund Havanese mix
Image credit: dream_dog_kutyakozmetika / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dachshund & Havanese

The Dachvanese also goes by other names like Havadach and even Doxanese. This amazing mix combines the charming characteristics of two popular breeds, the Havanese and the Dachshund.

Combining the physical characteristics of its two parents results in a small dog with a compact body and short, stumpy legs. It is also paired with a cute, expressive face that contributes significantly to this mixed dog’s charm.

Unsurprisingly, the Dachvanese is a great companion for most dog owners, including families, single individuals, seniors, and more. It is affectionate, social, and responds well to training.

I can remember the Dachvanese of our neighbor, who was very vocal around strangers. It was indeed an excellent watchdog, despite its small size. However, it was never more aggressive than that. Its noise is enough to wake the entire family at night to warn of intruders.

The Dachvanese requires moderate exercise, so daily walks and playtime in a fenced yard are necessary. They are also adaptable to apartment living and do well with other pets and children, making them excellent family choices.

8. Dualanese

Dualanese Bolognese Havanese mix
Image credit: indie.rylie.teddy.koda / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bolognese & Havanese

The Dualanese mixes two similar breeds, the Havanese and the Bolognese. Both originate in the Mediterranean region and share similarities, including their small size, affectionate nature, and hypoallergenic coat.

The term “Dualanese” comes from the fact that both parent breeds have “nese” in their name. However, this mix can also be called the Hava-nese or the Bolo-vanese.

These small pups typically have long, silky coats that can be considered relatively hypoallergenic. However, these coats also require regular grooming to prevent mats and tangles.

Temperament-wise, the Dualanese is a loyal and affectionate companion. It enjoys receiving attention from its loved ones and playing games, so be prepared to spend ample time with this Havanese mix.

The Dualanese is a perfect choice for those looking for a hypoallergenic, affectionate, and trainable pet that can adapt to most environments and lifestyles.

9. Enganese

Enganese English Toy Spaniel Havanese mix
Image credit: ashleynicole_thatsme / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Toy Spaniel & Havanese

As a mix between a Havanese and an English Toy Spaniel, the Enganese combines the adorable features of both breeds. Thus, these pups are typically friendly, affectionate, and curious creatures.

These Havanese mixes are small in stature, with a soft and silky coat that can be curly or wavy like its English Toy Spaniel parent. Their coat colors come in white, cream, brown, black, tan, or a combination of these hues.

Unsurprisingly, the Enganese mix is a great companion dog. It is friendly and playful and can get along well with most people. However, it is also intelligent and inquisitive, so it will enjoy plenty of puzzles and stimulating activities.

The Enganese is a delightful mix that works well for those looking for a smart and friendly pet. With their charming personalities and easygoing nature, Enganeses make wonderful pets for individuals and families of all ages.

10. Ewokian

Ewokian Pomeranian Havanese mix
Image credit: charlie_bruno_the_ewokian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pomeranian & Havanese

The Ewokian is a popular breed among Havanese mix enthusiasts. A cross between a Havanese and a Pomeranian, this delightful mix gets its name from its physical similarity to Ewoks from the Star Wars franchise.

Aside from its endearing face, the Ewokian is usually small in size with various coat colors and patterns like cream, white, black, and sable. These coats may also require daily brushing as Ewokians may shed moderately.

In terms of personality, Ewokians are typically affectionate, playful, and loyal companions. They also tend to be vocal and may have issues with excessive barking if not trained properly or at an early age.

Fortunately, these feisty pups are also intelligent and highly trainable. These pups are not complete couch potatoes, but they also do not require as much exercise.

11. Frenchnese

Frenchnese French Bulldog Havanese mix
Image credit: ruby.the.french.bulldog.lady / Instagram

Parent Breeds: French Bulldog & Havanese

The Havanese French Bulldog mix, also known as a Frenchnese, is a relatively new mixed breed gaining popularity among dog lovers. This mix is a cross between the Havanese and the French Bulldog.

The appearance of a Frenchnese depends on the traits and characteristics it inherits from its parents. Some may look more like a French Bulldog than a Havanese, and vice-versa.

The first time I saw a Frenchnese, I was amazed at how it looked so much like a French Bulldog than a Havanese and the owner had to show me the Havanese father for me to be satisfied about its lineage.

Its coat was also short and smooth, though I know that some Frenchneses may inherit the longer coats of Havanese dogs.

Frenchnese mixes are popular as therapy dogs because of their gentle, amicable personalities. They are also quite fun-loving and playful, requiring ample amounts of exercise and playtime.

However, it can also have a strong prey drive. With proper training, nonetheless, the Frenchnese is a charming and friendly breed that can be wonderful companions for all walks of life.

12. Hava-Apso

Hava Apso Lhasa Apso Havanese mix
Image credit: tukihavaapso / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Lhasa Apso & Havanese

The Hava-Apso is a cross between the Havanese and Lhasa Apso — two dog breeds similar in stature and appearance yet somewhat differ in personality and temperament.

Also called the Havashu, the Hava-Apso is a small toy breed with a sturdy frame and a long, wavy coat that sheds quite moderately. Thus, daily brushing and habitual grooming are advised for this Havanese mix.

When it comes to personality, it may be hard to predict the movements of a Hava-Apso. Its Havanese side is more sociable and trainable, but its Lhasa Apso side tends to be more independent and stubborn.

Nonetheless, this wonderful mix is still a very playful and intelligent creature that will enjoy walks, playing in the yard, and learning new tricks. As long as it is given positive reinforcement, it can pick up new information quickly.

13. Hava-Boston

Hava Boston Boston Terrier Havanese mix
Image credit: mabel_the_bostonterriermix / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boston Terrier & Havanese

For those who are fans of adorable, big-eared breeds, the Hava-Boston may be for you. This designer dog is a crossbreed of the Havanese and Boston Terrier and is a relatively new hybrid that is fun, loving, and amicable.

As stated earlier, the Hava-Boston typically inherits its Boston Terrier parent’s iconic ear size, so it is easy to confuse this mix as a Frenchnese. However, Hava-Bostons tend to be more petite and slender.

Because most Hava-Bostons have a short, sleek coat, there is not much effort required in grooming this mix. However, they have moderate energy levels that must be burned with daily walks or other physical activities.

It is important to note that the Hava-Boston may be prone to certain health issues like allergies, hip dysplasia, or patellar luxation. Make sure to get regular veterinary checkups to prevent the development of these ailments.

14. Havachon

Havachon Bichon Frise Havanese mix
Image credit: ollies.jolly.follies / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bichon Frise & Havanese

If you’re looking for a fluffy companion, the Havachon may be the Havanese mix for you. Made by crossing a Havanese and a Bichon Frise, this designer pup is a tiny, cloud-like dream of a pet.

Because of the charm and appeal of its two parent breeds, the Havachon is one of the most common and most popular Havanese mixes in this list. Its fluffy, curly coat can be a variety of colors like white, black, brown, and gold.

However, there is more than meets the eye with the Havachon. These loving, affectionate pups are also highly intelligent, loyal, and trainable, making them excellent choices for first-time dog owners.

Due to their small size, the Havachon does not require a lot of space and can do well in apartments or small homes. However, they need regular exercise to maintain their health and prevent boredom.

15. Havachin

Havachin Japanese Chin Havanese mix
Image credit: suloisesti_ / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Japanese Chin & Havanese

The Havanese and Japanese Chin mix, also known as the Havachin, is a crossbreed dog that combines the playful and affectionate nature of the Havanese with the gentle and graceful demeanor of the Japanese Chin.

These pups usually have small frames with thick coats that may be long or short, depending on which parent they take after. Their coat colors vary, ranging from white, cream, brown, or a mix of these shades.

Havachins are known for their outgoing nature. These social dogs thrive on attention and being around their owners as much as possible. However, this means it may develop separation anxiety if left alone for a long.

Furthermore, Havachins are also known for their intelligence and trainability. They are quick learners and respond well to positive reinforcement methods.

16. Havaco

Havaco Cocker Spaniel Havanese mix
Image credit: its.odin / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Havanese

The Havaco is a crossbreed between two popular dog breeds — the Havanese and the Cocker Spaniel. This crossbreed is an excellent choice for families looking for a companion that is affectionate, intelligent, and playful.

The Cocker Spaniel Havanese mix is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful canines on this list. It can have either a straight and long or a short and wavy coat, depending on what it inherits from its parents.

Typically, this mix always has long, flappy, and wavy ears — a signature look from its Cocker Spaniel parent.

The Havaco is a loving, sweet-natured, and lively pup that will love to play with anything and anyone. Moreover, these dogs are natural, sharp-sensed hunters that are highly intelligent and perpetually curious.

All in all, the Havanese Cocker Spaniel mix is an excellent choice for families looking for a charming, affectionate, easy-to-train, active companion dog.

17. Havajack

Havajack Jack Russell Terrier Havanese mix
Image credit: frankothepup / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier & Havanese

The Havajack is a mix between a Havanese and a Jack Russell Terrier, both small dogs with bundles of energy. In other words, the Havajack is the definition of “small yet terrible” when it comes to keeping up with its energy!

Aside from their high activity levels, Havajacks are quite playful and affectionate and can get rowdy and daring during playtime. Since it is a small-sized dog, a Havajack is perfect for playing with children.

However, these pups may also have a strong prey drive due to the Jack Russell Terrier’s hunting background. Therefore, early socialization and training must be implemented to curb unwanted behaviors and destructive habits.

Nonetheless, its skills as a hunting dog can also come in handy regarding practical applications. Whether taking care of pest problems or taking on the responsibility of a watchdog, the Havajack can get it done.

18. Havaklee

Havaklee Alaskan Klee Kai Havanese mix
Image credit: havaklee.chloe / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Alaskan Klee Kai & Havanese

The Havaklee is the result of crossing a Havanese with an Alaskan Klee Kai, a small dog originally bred in Alaska for sled-pulling and hunting. Although a relatively new hybrid, it is quickly capturing the hearts of many.

The breed’s appearance can vary greatly depending on the traits inherited from each parent. Typically, the Havaklee has a thick, fluffy coat that can be curly or straight, depending on the dominant gene.

Similar to the Havanese, Alaskan Klee Kai dogs are known for being loving, affectionate, and clingy. It comes as no surprise that the Havaklee is also a “velcro dog” that loves to stick by its owners’ sides.

These dogs work well with children and other dogs, as they are gentle and playful. As part-Alaskan Klee Kai, however, they may have a high prey drive. Thus, they may not be the best choice for households with smaller animals.

19. Havallon

Havallon Papillon Havanese mix
Image credit: shanti.panti_ / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Papillon & Havanese

The Havanese Papillon mix, also known as a Havillon, is a crossbreed dog that results from breeding a purebred Havanese with a purebred Papillon.

This designer dog is a small to medium-sized breed with an adorable, expressive face. They have large, sweet-looking eyes and long, butterfly ears. Furthermore, their high tails are often curled in a dainty fashion.

Furthermore, its coat is very silky and human-like, so brush it regularly to prevent matting and tangling.

When it comes to personality, this mix is a versatile pup. As with most Havanese mixes, it is friendly, fun-loving, and quite sociable, which makes it well-suited for families with children.

They are intelligent dogs and can be trained easily with positive reinforcement techniques. They also need regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy, but they do not require a lot of space to run around.

20. Havamalt

Havamalt Maltese Havanese mix
Image credit: geoffy.the.dog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Maltese & Havanese

The Havamalt comes from crossing the Havanese and the Maltese — two breeds that are small, affectionate, and feisty. Therefore, the Havamalt is an excellent choice for those looking for a small pup with a big personality.

Appearance-wise, the Havamalt can exhibit traits of both parent breeds. They are small and have a soft, fluffy coat that is typically mostly white, although it may have some splash of color.

The Havamalt is an intelligent dog that is easy to train, making them suited for first-time dog owners. They are also relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming, as their coat only requires daily brushing and occasional bathing.

Temperament-wise, the Havamalt is an affectionate and sociable dog that thrives on attention. They are loyal to their owners and love spending time with them, whether cuddling up on the couch or going for a walk.

21. Havanestie

Havanestie West Highland Terrier Havanese mix
Image credit: snowla_and_fuji / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: West Highland Terrier & Havanese

The Havanestie is a cross between the Havanese and the West Highland Terrier, resulting in an intelligent, eager-to-please, and energetic companion suitable for individuals and families alike.

Aside from these traits, the Havanestie can also be described as fearless and daring pups. Because of their Westie genetics, they are robust and highly determined creatures that may have an independent streak at times.

Nonetheless, these mixed pups are sweethearts at their core. They thrive on affection, cuddling, and attention. These dogs are also known for being easy to train, which makes them an excellent choice for first-time owners.

Despite having thick coats, Havanesties are considered hypoallergenic, so expect low grooming requirements. On the other hand, exercise and playtime must still be a regular habit for these mixed dogs.

22. Havapeke

Havapeke Pekingese Havanese mix
Image credit: havaking_havapeke / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pekingese & Havanese

The Havapeke is a cross between the Havanese and the Pekingese, combining the affectionate and playful personality of the Havanese with the dignified and independent character of the Pekingese.

In other words, Havapekes are typically intelligent, curious, and sociable, yet they may also be stubborn and reserved at times. Nonetheless, these mixed pups are highly affectionate and love to snuggle up to their owners.

They have a cute and fluffy appearance, with long and silky fur that requires regular grooming and daily brushing to prevent matting. They also usually inherit their Pekingese parents’ long ears and flat faces.

However, since the Havanese may inherit brachycephalic features, they may have difficulty breathing. Thus, these pups should only engage in low to moderate exercises and only in brief periods.

23. Havapoo

Havapoo Poodle Havanese mix
Image credit: thehavapookoda / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Havanese

The Poodle Havanese mix, also known as the Havapoo, is a designer dog breed that is a cross between a Havanese and a Poodle. This breed is quite popular due to its adorable appearance and loving personality.

Appearance-wise, the Havapoo usually has long hair that is soft and curly. Furthermore, the Havapoo is considered a hypoallergenic breed, making it well-suited for people with allergies.

Regarding personality, the Havapoo is known for being an affectionate, friendly pup that enjoys being around its family members. They have a happy-go-lucky nature and can be quite comical at times.

The Havapoo can be great for apartment living, as they are small and do not require a lot of space. However, they still need regular exercise and mental stimulation, including walking and playing games.

24. Havashire 

Havashire Yorkie Havanese mix
Image credit: nycloki / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier & Havanese

Referred to as the Havashire, this Havanese mix is a cross between a Havanese and a Yorkshire Terrier that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

These small pups typically sport long, soft coats that come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, white, and cream. They also boast large, expressive eyes that can make anyone melt in an instant.

Personality-wise, the Havashire is known for being highly loyal and clingy, especially with their loved ones. As a result, the Havashire may get nervous if left on its own for a long time, so make sure to spend plenty of time with it.

It is important that Havashires go on walks, play fetch, and participate in other outdoor activities to prevent them from developing destructive habits.

However, this should only be done moderately and in short bursts at a time due to the Havashire’s flat-faced or brachycephalic muzzle shape.

25. Havashu

Havashu Shih Tzu Havanese mix
Image credit: s_havashu / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shih Tzu & Havanese

The Havashu is also called the Shih Tzunese, the Shih Tese, or the Shih Tzu Havanese mix. This mixed pup is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Havanese, two breeds well-known for their petite statures.

Because its parents are physically similar, it is quite easy to predict the appearance of a Shih Tzunese. These pups have medium to long coats that are soft to the touch and come in different colors.

Aside from these, this Shih Tzu mix has round heads with expressive, doe-like eyes and black button noses. Their ears are floppy or erect, and their tails are often curled over their backs.

Havashus have cheerful, lively, and sweet personalities. They also do not require a lot of space or exercise, so short walks and indoor playtime are enough. Thus, they are suited for apartment living and first-time owners.

26. Havaton

Havaton Coton de Tulear Havanese mix
Image credit: havachewie / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Coton de Tulear & Havanese

The Havanese Coton de Tulear mix, also known as the Havaton, is a relatively new designer breed that combines the playful and affectionate Havanese with the loyal and outgoing Coton de Tulear.

This Havanese mix also has a soft, fluffy coat that can be white, cream, tan, black, or brown. Their coat is also hypoallergenic, so it is well suited for people with allergies.

Havatons are affectionate dogs that crave attention and will do well in homes where they receive plenty of love and care. They are also intelligent and easy to train, which is great for families with children.

Furthermore, Havatons are fun-loving, comical dogs. They love to play and run around, and they will benefit from regular walks and trips to the dog park.

Overall, the Havaton is an adorable and loving breed known for its friendly personalities, hypoallergenic coats, and low maintenance requirements.

27. Hava-Wheat

Hava Wheat Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Havanese mix
Image credit: anahitmalkhasyan.realtor / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier & Havanese

Like most mixed Havanese dogs on this list, the Hava-Wheat is one of the most charming-looking designer breeds today. This Havanese mix is a cross between the Havanese and a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

The frame, build, and coat of the Hava-Wheat depend on whether it takes after its Wheaten Terrier or Havanese parent. Typically, they are small pups with lustrous coats that come in different colors, including wheat.

In terms of temperament, it is quite easy to get along with the Hava-Wheat because of this dog’s fun-loving, friendly, and happy-go-lucky personality.

However, these pups can also be quite energetic, so owners should be able to keep up with strenuous exercises or games with the Hava-Wheat. That said, this mix is perfect for active individuals.

Overall, Hava-Wheats are excellent family pets. They are highly adaptable and can thrive in various living situations, including apartments and houses with yards.

28. Schnese

Schnese Miniature Schnauzer Havanese mix
Image credit: hunden_enzo22 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Miniature Schnauzer & Havanese

The Schnese is a designer breed that comes from crossing a Havanese with a Miniature Schnauzer. The resulting mix is a loyal, versatile, and intelligent companion that is suited for both novice and experienced owners.

In terms of appearance, Schneses can vary greatly depending on which parent breed they take after more. This Havanese mix may inherit the signature bushy eyebrow look of its Miniature Schnauzer parent.

Aside from that, they may have a curly Havanese coat or a wiry, salt-and-pepper-like coat of the Miniature Schnauzer. Regardless, moderate grooming is recommended for these pups.

The Schnese is typically friendly, loyal, and devoted to its owners. It is somewhat easy to train, but it may have times of stubbornness or independence.

They make great family pets and are well-suited to various living situations, from small apartments to larger homes with yards.

29. Puganese

Puganese Pug Havanese mix
Image credit: cul_peperanimalhospital / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pug & Havanese

The Puganese is a crossbreed between a Havanese and a Pug, resulting in a small, adorable companion dog with a sweet personality and a charming, one-of-a-kind appearance.

They are small to medium-sized dogs with round, compact bodies. These pups also bear adorably squishy faces, with large, expressive eyes and floppy ears.

Their coat can be long and fine like a Havanese or short and smooth like a Pug. Regular grooming is required to keep their coat healthy and tangle-free, regardless of length.

The Pug Havanese mix is generally known for being affectionate, loyal, and playful. They have a charming and outgoing personality, and they love to be around people.

They are also intelligent and trainable, but they will thrive best with owners who are firm with their commands and instructions. Nonetheless, the uniquely quirky Pug Havanese mix is a delight to be around.

30. Australian Havanese

Australian Havanese Australian Shepherd Havanese mix
Image credit: astrofurever / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Havanese

The Australian Havanese is an interesting mix of the Havanese and the Australian Shepherd. These two breeds are quite different from one another, but the resulting Havanese mix combines the best traits of both.

These pups have a teddy bear-like appearance that makes them irresistible. Furthermore, their Australian Shepherd heritage makes interesting coat patterns and blue eyes possible for this mix.

In terms of personality, they are known to be playful, outgoing, and sociable. They have a gentle nature and a strong desire to please their owners, which makes them easy to work with. Thus, they can be excellent service dogs.

Like their Australian Shepherd parent, the Australian Havanese can be energetic and enjoy physical activity. They are a great choice for families who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or playing fetch in the backyard.

Final Thoughts

In reality, there are plenty of other possible Havanese mixed dogs that were not on this list. There are reports of a Havanese mixed with a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Blue Heeler, or even Welsh Terrier.

In other words, when it comes to Havanese mixes, the possibilities are endless. This comes as no surprise, considering that the Havanese breed is truly a wonderful, captivating canine with admirable traits and capabilities.

For those looking for a Havanese mix to brighten up your life, which of these mixed dogs caught your eye the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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