Saint Bernard Mixes: 37 Giant Crossbreeds (With Pictures)

Saint Bernard mixes

The gentle Saint Bernard will surely fill your heart but make sure you leave some space for the Saint Bernard mixes. With these hybrids around, you’ll have various choices when looking for cuddly giant lapdogs. 

These pet companions are surprisingly velcro-natured; they’d always prefer being beside you. Apart from this lovable trait, they also come in various packages, bearing the best features of their other purebred parents. 

Through this article, you’ll get acquainted with all the Saint Bernard mixes that are both old and new. See for yourself their unique appearances and learn their personalities, needs, and more. Read along to find out more.

37 Saint Bernard Mixes

Saint Bernard mixes are big dogs that usually fall to the extreme end of the weight scale. Usually dubbed the “gentle giants” of the dog world, these mixed-breed dogs are some of the most patient pets you can find.

Saint Bernard mixes are undeniably special since they’re products of two different purebred dog breeds. Certainly, their other parent breeds’ contribution improves them further in looks and character.

Are you ready to meet the Saint Bernard crosses? Prepare your checklist and see which dog ticks most of your boxes. Also, ready yourself to welcome your top pick. Let’s begin!

1. Saint Newfoundland

Saint Newfoundland Newfoundland Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: cassieandbaileydogs / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Newfoundland & Saint Bernard

The Saint Newfoundland is a cross developed by breeding the Newfoundland and Saint Bernard together. Since both its parents are massive, this Saint Bernard mix is predisposed to grow to be a large pup.

Its approximate weight is anywhere between 100 and 180 pounds. Appearance-wise, this mix will look like a Newfoundland if its head shape is broad on the forehead and narrow on the muzzle. 

Meanwhile, it will resemble the Saint Bernard more if its snout is on the shorter end.

The ears of the Saint Newfoundland are shaped like large inverted triangles, resting gracefully on the sides of its face.

One of the standout traits of the Saint Newfoundland is its sweet temperament. Despite its intimidating proportions, this dog is the gentlest around kids and small pets. 

Furthermore, it loves to be around its owners and is generally easy to train. On top of that, the Saint Newfoundland is highly protective and loyal.

2. Labernard

Labernard Labrador Saint Bernard mix puppy
Image credit: marla_pooch_labernard / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Saint Bernard

The Labrador Retriever Saint Bernard mix, or Labernard, is one of the most popular Saint Bernard mixes in the United States. People are drawn to this canine due to it being even-tempered and good-looking. 

This dog features a balance of its parent breeds’ notable physical characteristics. Usually, this hybrid dog sports the Labrador Retriever’s face and the Saint Bernard’s physique or vice versa. 

Due to its vast gene pool, the Labernard can sport different coat colors. White markings may also show, particularly on the face and underparts. 

As a dog handler, I’ve had many encounters with Labernards, all of which were common. Labernards are indeed outgoing, active, gentle, and affectionate dogs. They can easily bond with other dogs in the park, especially if socialized at an early age.

Due to its vigor, the Labernard should receive regular exercise daily. This should include physical and mental activities to keep it from being bored. 

3. Saint Berxer

Saint Berxer Boxer Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: saintbernardboxer / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boxer & Saint Bernard

The Saint Berxer is a fearless dog crossed between the Boxer and the Saint Bernard. Depending on which parent breed has the most influence, the Saint Berxer may reach an impressive weight of around 65 to 180 pounds.

Since it’s a mixed-breed dog, its looks will also vary, with some looking more like a Boxer and others resembling the Saint Bernard more. Likewise, this mixed breed may also fall somewhere in between. 

The coat colors of this mix may range from brown, white, and black to brindle, red, and orange. The length of its fur will also depend on whether the Saint Bernard used in breeding was a long-coated or short-coated variety. 

Regarding its personality, the Boxer’s lineage makes this Saint Bernard mix exhibit a combination of bravery and friendliness. 

When trained right, it will be easy-going most of the time. Still, if somebody threatens its loved ones, it will unhesitantly spring into action. 

4. Saintweiler

Saintweiler Rottweiler Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: niniruffruff / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rottweiler & Saint Bernard

The Saintweiler is often mistaken for an English Mastiff. In reality, it is a mixed-breed dog obtained by crossing the Rottweiler with the Saint Bernard. 

Like other Saint Bernard mixes, this dog is massive, weighing between 80 and 180 pounds

Indeed, it’s challenging to spot this Saint Bernard mix due to its being somewhat rare. However, when you see one, you’ll notice that most Saintweilers sport large, blocky heads, floppy ears, and tapered or feathery tails. 

They mostly come in black or brown coats with or without large markings. However, if this mix inherits more from the Rottie, it may bear tan points in certain parts of the coat. 

Such a robust dog can act like a gentle playmate and a bold home protector. Due to its protective instinct, you must ensure to train this mix early on.

Also, even though it’s less active than other Saint Bernard mixes, it still requires daily exercise. This helps release pent-up energy, preventing it from developing destructive behaviors

5. Saint Pyrenees

Saint Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: buck_the_st.pyrenees / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Great Pyrenees & Saint Bernard

The Great Pyrenees and the Saint Bernard are working dogs that spent their early times in the Alps. With their similarities, it makes sense why breeders crossed them together and out came the Saint Pyrenees. 

This 85- to 180-pound dog showcases softness in its features. Generally, its brown eyes are friendly-looking, its folded ears are furry, and its muzzle is medium length. 

Not only do people find its appearance charming, but also its demeanor. This genial giant gets along well with kids, other dogs, pets, and friendly strangers.4

On a different note, since the parent breeds of the Saint Pyrenees were bred to be working dogs, this mix could also take on tasks in fields or farms. It may also be trained as an estate guard dog if it lives in the city.

A cousin of mine who lives in the countryside has decided to go with a couple of Saint Pyrenees as reliable farm dogs. Their huge and intimidating presence on the field made them sturdy guardians and reliable watchdogs.

Meanwhile, get a glimpse of a Saint Pyrenees in action by watching the video below:

6 month old Saint Bernard Great Pyrenees mix pups

6. Saint Shepherd

Saint Shepherd German Shepherd Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: the_strolling_boot / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Saint Bernard

Intelligent, fierce, and highly trainable — these words describe the cross of the German Shepherd and the Saint Bernard. People who love both dog breeds will find contentment in having the Saint Shepherd. 

The German Shepherd’s influence shines through this hybrid dog’s appearance. It will look wolf-like, exhibiting a narrow snout, striking brown eyes, and upright ears. 

Meanwhile, the Saint Bernard’s contribution is seen through the Saint Shepherd’s size. There’s heft to its head and body, enabling it to reach over 100 pounds. 

With its intimidating size and other great qualities, the Saint Shepherd is a great fit for protection roles. It can be placed on a farm, home, or other property. 

Don’t be fooled by its fierce facade, however, as this dog is also capable of showing deep emotions toward its loved ones. This dog also makes the best playmate for older kids since its energy levels are over the roof. 

7. Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle Standard Poodle Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: life.of.little.and.large / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Standard Poodle & Saint Bernard

If you’re torn between the Poodle and the Saint Bernard, getting their hybrid offspring might be a wise choice. The Saint Berdoodle is one of the well-known Saint Bernard mixes distinguished by its intriguing appearance. 

It’s usually the Standard Poodle used in the breeding since its size is the closest to the proportions of the Saint Bernard. 

With the Poodle’s genetic influence, the Saint Berdoodle will have a wavy or curly coat in cream, white, or black. Meanwhile, the eyes of this mix are often round, and its ears could be large and floppy.

Interestingly, despite being a mixed-breed dog, the Saint Berdoodle’s temperament remains predictable. It is known for being affectionate, smart, and kind toward others. 

As for its needs, this large dog needs adequate exercise daily. However, ensure it doesn’t jump from high places to minimize the risk of injuries, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues.

8. Saintkita

Saintkita Akita Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: plushpupspetspa / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Akita & Saint Bernard

The Saintkita is a robust and muscular puppy that results from the cross between the Akita and the Saint Bernard. As it isn’t a purebred dog, it doesn’t receive official recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Nonetheless, the Saintkita remains a highly sought-after mix, especially among individuals who admire brave, large dogs.

As expected, there’s no uniform appearance for Saintkitas, but most dogs of this mix tend to have proportionate bodies.

They may also possess light brown eyes, somewhat elongated muzzles, forward-folded ears, and coats that showcase various colors and markings.

With the right owner, a Saintkita can mature into a loving and well-behaved dog. Although it might display stubborn tendencies and attempt to assert dominance over you, early training can temper these traits.

Furthermore, Saintkitas shouldn’t be left alone for extended periods. Like other dogs, they crave human companionship and are susceptible to separation anxiety

9. Saint Bullnard

Saint Bullnard Pitbull Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: chunka_the_munka / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pitbull & Saint Bernard

The Pitbull reinforces the sweet temperament of the Saint Bernard. When bred together, they produce the fun-loving Saint Bullnard, whose looks can closely resemble one of its parents or display a balanced blend of both.

Typically, the Saint Bullnard takes after the physical features of its Saint Bernard parent. It boasts a large head, and its side profile often exhibits a sudden stop followed by a short muzzle.

On rare occasions, this mix may possess a square-shaped head and a wide, powerful muzzle characteristic of the Pitbull. The body is compact and athletic; the tail might be either smooth and tapered or long-haired and feathery.

The Saint Bullnard’s appealing appearance is mirrored by its personality. It is friendly and endearing, especially around children.

Early socialization is crucial so that your dog learns to coexist peacefully with other dogs. This exposure greatly aids in preventing inter-dog aggression among the canines in your household. 

10. Saint Bernese

Saint Bernese Bernese Mountain Dog Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: whiskeytales2021 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog & Saint Bernard

The Bernese Saint Bernard mix, otherwise called the Saint Bernese, is a dog built for work. Its physique prominently displays well-developed muscles, indicating that it’s athletic and nimble.

The Saint Bernese features a coat of short to medium length, an angled muzzle, expressive eyes, and low-set ears. Its thick tail, typically carried upwards, curls toward the back.

Weighing between 70 and 180 pounds, the Saint Bernese calls for serious dedication from its owner. The aspiring owner of this mix should be ready to invest in high-quality dog food, served in substantial but suitable quantities.

This helps fuel its energy, which is vital, especially if it spends most of the day working on the farm. 

As a house pet, the Saint Bernese makes an excellent guardian for your children. It’s likely to form a special bond with its main caretaker, but it will also show affection to all other family members.

11. Saint Chownard

Saint Chownard Chow Chow Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: thorinthechownard / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chow Chow & Saint Bernard

The Saint Chownard is a rare mix between the Chow Chow and the Saint Bernard. Given its rarity, an encounter with a Saint Chownard is indeed a unique experience.

It resembles a small Saint Bernard sporting a mane or an unusually large Chow Chow featuring Saint Bernard markings. Its tail, which may either fluff up to the back or hang low between the hocks, adds an interesting touch to its looks.

Depending on which parent it takes after more, the Saint Chownard may sport either a wrinkled or smooth face. The muzzle length varies from short to medium, while the ears can be either stiff or floppy.

As a hybrid dog that hails from two protective dogs, the Saint Chownard unsurprisingly has a temperamental nature.

This assertive canine may occasionally test the limits, making the Saint Chownard more suitable for experienced owners due to the challenges it presents.

12. Golden Saint

Golden Saint Golden Retriever Saint Bernard mix puppy
Image credit: murphy_the_saint / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Saint Bernard

For dog lovers who want to own a manageable Saint Bernard mix, the Golden Saint proves to be an excellent choice. The name itself clearly indicates it’s a hybrid between a Golden Retriever and a Saint Bernard.

What’s attractive about this dog is its balanced and well-structured physique, exhibiting the strength of the Saint Bernard matched with the charming looks of the Retriever. 

The Golden Saint is larger than the Retriever but smaller than the Saint Bernard. Its defining features include inquisitive-looking eyes, large, floppy ears, and a long narrow muzzle. 

Golden Saints are among the most eye-catching Saint Bernard mixes in the canine world. However, their appeal isn’t merely skin-deep. Their temperament is also earning the admiration of many.

They know how to deal with kids and can become great playmates who are not overly boisterous. Nonetheless, given the size and strength of a Golden Saint, owners should continue to oversee their interaction with children.

13. Saint Dane

Saint Dane Great Dane Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: gooddoggallery / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Great Dane & Saint Bernard

The Saint Dane, a mix of the Great Dane and Saint Bernard, is a heavy, tall canine that is best suited to spacious homes. Despite its size, it is not necessarily unfriendly or intimidating in appearance.

The Saint Dane stands majestically at around 26 to 32 inches tall and weighs anywhere from 110 to 180 pounds. This dog features long legs and a muscular, well-built body.

A Saint Dane’s ears may sometimes be artificially cropped to make them stand upright and exhibit alertness. Similarly, its tail might also be docked, especially if the dog is utilized in a working capacity.

Having a Saint Dane as a pet can provide great relief for owners. This helpful canine can be trained to accomplish various tasks, such as picking up toys or keeping an eye on children.

One thing to note, however, is that this dog is not as energetic as other Saint Bernard mixes.

14. Saint Bermastiff

Saint Bermastiff Mastiff Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: adventuresofbucee / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Mastiff & Saint Bernard

Looking for a larger version of your Saint Bernard? Crossing it with the Mastiff might be the perfect solution. The result of combining these two giant breeds is a truly colossal canine dubbed the Saint Bermastiff.

This dog breed is typically expected to weigh between 120 and 230 pounds; however, some Saint Bermastiffs can exceed this range. Other Saint Bermastiffs can surpass the set range. 

As for its physical features, it might closely resemble a Saint Bernard or a Mastiff, or strike a balance between the two.

Their coats come in a variety of shades, including fawn, apricot, and brindle, among others. Light-colored Saint Bermastiffs may even have a black mask around the muzzle with matching black ears.

Considering the potential size of this dog, along with the risk of tipping the scales beyond its ideal weight, owners should be mindful of its feeding regimen and exercise routine.

The Saint Bermastiff is susceptible to obesity, making it crucial to adhere to recommended feeding amounts at all times.

15. Saint Berhusky

Saint Berhusky Siberian Husky Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: ophelia_thesaintberhusky / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky & Saint Bernard

The Saint Berhusky is a quirky, lively dog developed by crossing the Siberian Husky and the Saint Bernard. Despite significant differences in the physical appearance and temperament of the parent breeds, this hybrid is truly captivating.

One of the first things noticed in this Saint Bernard mix is its fascinating eyes that could come in brown or blue. In some cases, the Saint Berhusky may exhibit heterochromia, a condition where each eye exhibits a distinct color. 

This hybrid dog often boasts a dense, double coat of generally medium length, showcasing colors common to both its parent breeds.

Personality-wise, the Saint Berhusky is playful, energetic, and often mischievous. It may also have episodes where it prefers lazing on its bed rather than going out and playing. 

Should the Saint Berhusky experience bouts of energy, consider enrolling it in agility training or other sporting activities. This provides an outlet for its energy and also allows it the opportunity to partake in specific AKC events.

16. Border Bernard

Border Bernard Border Collie Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: beatricelee97 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Saint Bernard

The Border Bernard is a delightful product of the intelligent Border Collie and the patient Saint Bernard. As a designer breed, its appearance may vary considerably, even among pups from the same litter. 

Most of the time, the Border Bernard may exhibit the physique of a Collie, coupled with coat colors distinctive to the Saint Bernard. 

This charming mixed-breed dog might also have a slight increase in bulk, display curious eyes, and possess either perky or droopy ears. 

As a family pet, the Border Bernard requires ample physical and mental stimulation due to its natural activity levels similar to those of other active breeds.

Should you observe that it has more of the Collie’s traits, you can subject it to agility, herding, or obedience competitions. Conversely, if it leans more toward the Saint Bernard’s demeanor, it might be well-suited as a guard dog.

17. Mini Saint Bernard

Mini Saint Bernard Cocker Spaniel Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: fourwheelinggraham / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Saint Bernard

If you love the Saint Bernard breed but don’t have the space to accommodate its size, consider the Mini Saint Bernard instead. This compact breed results from crossing the Cocker Spaniel with the Saint Bernard.

As a mixed-breed dog, the Mini Saint Bernard’s appearance can vary widely. Also, due to the stark difference in its parent breeds’ sizes, the Mini Saint Bernard’s weight can fluctuate between 50 and 100 pounds

As an experienced breeder, I would highly suggest that when breeding a hybrid whose parents have a huge size disparity, it is best that the smaller breed, in this case, the Cocker Spaniel is the male, while the female is the larger breed, or the Saint Bernard.

This setup will help ensure that the pregnancy is safe and there is minimal risk of dystocia to happen.

Meanwhile, Mini Saint Bernards are sturdy, athletic dogs that can move with effortless gaits. They can be trained as athletes or service dogs for visually impaired individuals. 

Their eager-to-please disposition simplifies the task of teaching them new commands, especially when using positive reinforcement methods.

At home, they will be great playmates for kids. However, it’s essential to teach kids to treat them gently — refraining from pulling their ears or tails. Moreover, their interactions should always be under adult supervision.

18. Swissy Saint

Swissy Saint Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: eagleveterinary / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog & Saint Bernard

The Swissy Saint, a delightful blend of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Saint Bernard, is a well-balanced pet that finds entertainment in playful activities and cuddle time with its owners.

As a large dog, its growth rate is impressive, with fully grown adult dogs often weighing between 85 and 180 pounds. One of its remarkable features is its coat which usually comes in black, tan, and white. 

This hybrid dog’s fur wonderfully complements its round eyes, slender muzzle, curved forehead, and floppy ears.

Despite its imposing size, which may initially seem intimidating to some, the Swissy Saint mix is neither aggressive nor unpredictable.

When bringing a Swissy Saint puppy into your home, it’s important to spend considerable time with it.

This designer breed matures more rapidly than one might anticipate. The once-small puppy will gradually transform into a large presence that could pose an obstacle once inside your home.

19. Rhodesian Bernard 

Rhodesian Bernard Rhodesian Ridgeback Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: king_julian3rd / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback & Saint Bernard

The Rhodesian Bernard, a unique blend of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Saint Bernard, is highly prized as a family companion.

This rare Saint Bernard hybrid will have refined features, exhibiting alert eyes, powerful jaws, and low-set ears. Its coat, which can be red, black, brown, or white, enhances its striking looks from every angle.

The Rhodesian Bernard, being a fusion of two large breeds, typically weighs between 70 and 180 pounds—ensuring you have ample space in your home becomes essential to accommodate this large canine.

On a different note, this dog breed is known for its moderate activity level. It will generally be high energy during puppyhood, but its energy level will slightly dial down as it ages.

The Rhodesian Bernard is also notably amiable with other household pets, which implies that allowing them free play in a fenced yard could be an excellent idea.

20. Irish Saint Terrier

Irish Saint Terrier Irish Terrier Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: kkinter / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Irish Terrier & Saint Bernard

The Irish Saint Terrier is an intriguing designer dog breed, achieved by breeding the Irish Terrier with the Saint Bernard.

Those well-acquainted with these breeds know the substantial size difference between them. For starters, the Irish Terrier rarely weighs more than 20 pounds, making the breeding process quite challenging.

Nevertheless, breeders have demonstrated commitment and hard work to successfully develop the Irish Saint Terrier.

One way to identify the Irish Terrier Saint Bernard mix is through its curly coat. The coat color of this mixed-breed dog usually falls within hues such as red, wheaten, brown, white, and other tones native to both parent breeds.

The fur is also notably medium-length, the eyes appear friendly, the muzzle long, and the physique exhibits confidence and grace. 

Although the Irish Saint Terrier may seem high-maintenance, given the appearance of its coat, the reality is it necessitates only moderate grooming. Weekly brushing should suffice for this mix.

21. Saint Dalmatian

Saint Dalmatian Dalmatian Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: dippindotdalmatian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian & Saint Bernard

Are you looking for a Saint Bernard mix with a spotted coat? One of your options would be the Dalmatian Saint Bernard mix or the Saint Dalmatian. Typically, most puppies from this mix will sport beautifully patterned coats.

Aside from its gorgeous fur, the Saint Dalmatian might also exhibit deep-set eyes, a broad, padded nose, and a square-shaped muzzle. Moreover, its body structure may appear either lean or robust.

Since this is a mixed breed, variations in its appearance are to be expected. Regardless of which parent breed it most closely resembles, the Saint Dalmatian remains one of the most easily identifiable mixes.

It’s not just its appearance that will help you spot a Saint Dalmatian. You can also take into account how it behaves. Generally, this Saint Bernard mix is considered to be quite reserved and dignified.

The Saint Dalmatian is also watchful and alert and usually acts aloof around strangers. 

22. Saint Staffy 

Saint Staffy Staffordshire Bull Terrier Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: monsignor_meloun / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Saint Bernard

Meet the Saint Staffy, the mix between the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Saint Bernard. This mix is famed for its affectionate disposition, guaranteeing a pet that showers you with cuddles throughout the day.

Undeniably, the Saint Staffy’s appearance is imposing. It boasts a large, robust head, petite, folded ears, almond-shaped eyes, and potent jaws. Its chest is broad and muscular, contributing to an overall impressive physique.

Although its Staffordshire Bull Terrier parent typically weighs under 40 pounds, the influence of the Saint Bernard genetics lends the Saint Staffy a larger appearance. 

However, despite its proportions and serious look, this Saint Bernard mix is sweet and people-oriented. Thanks to its mild manners and playfulness, it will be a perfect furry companion for children. 

Still, due to its substantial size, it’s advisable not to leave the Saint Staffy alone with very young children. This hybrid is heavy and powerful, and its mere weight could potentially knock over a small child.

23. Corgi Saint Bernard Mix

Corgi Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: burrowontheback40 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Corgi & Saint Bernard

The world of designer dogs has no shortage of interesting combinations. One of which is the Corgi crossed with a purebred Saint Bernard, resulting in the unique Corgi Saint Bernard mix.

Anyone familiar with the two breeds used knows how significantly different their physiques are. Generally, the Corgi–Saint Bernard mix exhibits a body that’s longer than it is tall, shrouded in a thick, double coat.

This hybrid dog may also have a naturally docked tail, depending on the type of Corgi used in the mix — either a Cardigan Welsh or a Pembroke.

Regardless of the Corgi Saint Bernard’s appearance, they’re all generally lively, strong, and athletic. They make excellent companions for almost anyone, from seasoned pet owners to novices.

This is because the Corgi Saint Bernard is trainable and people-pleasing. Should they display occasional stubbornness, it’s best to avoid harsh punishment, as this may lead to more harm than good.

24. Pointer Saint Bernard Mix

Pointer Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: k8sk9club / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Pointer & Saint Bernard

The English Pointer Saint Bernard mix catches the interest of many athletic individuals as it is known for its impressive speed. This dog is a product of the crossbreeding between the Pointer and the Saint Bernard.

Due to its diverse appearance, identifying this particular Saint Bernard mix can be quite challenging. It often requires genetic testing to confirm that this mix is indeed the offspring of the aforementioned breeds. 

In general, Pointer–Saint Bernard Mixes are distinguished by their lean physiques, and their colors predominantly take after that of the Saint Bernard. These hues typically include brown and white.

This Saint Bernard mix will be a great fit if you want an exercise buddy. It can match your pace if you lead an active lifestyle, given its lineage from two working dogs.

Just bear caution when you give this dog drills to do. As a large dog, it could easily overheat if exposed outdoors for extended periods engaging in strenuous activities.

25. Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard Mix

Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: hagridthehamburger / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Saint Bernard

The Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix is a designer dog breed developed by crossing the Australian Shepherd with the Saint Bernard. 

This combination is one of the few Saint Bernard mixes that exhibits an array of coat color variations. The color palette may encompass shades of red, black, white, and tan. 

Aside from their striking fur hues, these dogs can have captivating brown or blue eyes, or sometimes, a combination of both. The size of the Aussie Saint Bernard mix can also vary, with some dogs weighing anywhere from 40 to 100 pounds.

Despite being a medium-to-large dog, the Australian Shepherd Saint Bernard mix might occasionally disregard its size, behaving more like a lapdog. This trait reflects its affectionate and somewhat clingy nature. 

Whether sharing the couch with you during a TV binge or enjoying some outdoor playtime, this mix thrives on companionship. That said, this mix also gets along well with other pets when introduced early on.

26. Australia Cattle Dog Saint Bernard Mix

Australia Cattle Dog Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: _pnwbeth_ / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog & Saint Bernard

When you combine the Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Red or Blue Heeler, with the Saint Bernard, you have a highly active, dependable, and smart dog, the Blue Heeler Saint Bernard mix. 

Given that its parent breeds are medium and giant dogs, this mix can weigh anywhere from 35 to 100 pounds. However, predicting the exact characteristics of this Saint Bernard mix can be challenging.

Usually, it will have the Australian Cattle Dog’s body with a few features from the Saint Bernard. It generally has dark eyes and a long and narrow snout, and its ears may either be perky or floppy.

Its distinctive appearance isn’t the only factor that attracts many designer dog enthusiasts. The Blue Heeler-Saint Bernard mix is also admired for its ease of training, industrious nature, and independent spirit.

This hybrid dog is best suited for households that can provide a regular active lifestyle. With consistent training, it can even learn advanced drills or tasks.

27. Shar Pei Saint Bernard Mix

Shar Pei Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: saintsharpei / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chinese Shar-Pei & Saint Bernard

The Chinese Shar-Pei dog breed offers steadfast loyalty to its family, and when mixed with the gentle Saint Bernard, it produces the Shar-Pei Saint Bernard mix.

Puppies from the same litter will have varying looks, considering they’re mixed-breed dogs. Some will exhibit a few facial wrinkles, have compact yet muscular bodies, and have small, folded ears. 

Others may appear with larger heads and physiques, featuring angled muzzles and large, floppy ears. The rest will bear a balance of their parents’ stunning features.

When discussing the Shar-Pei Saint Bernard mix’s personality, it is expected to exhibit calmness most of the time. However, it becomes tenacious and vigorous when it senses any threat.

This regal dog has protective tendencies and would jump into action whenever there needs to be. 

Early socialization and essential training are necessary to ensure that the dog knows when and how to respond appropriately to various situations.

28. Tibetan Mastiff Saint Bernard Mix

Tibetan Mastiff Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: saintsg21 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Tibetan Mastiff & Saint Bernard

Imposing, watchful, and intimidating — these are the characteristics that define the Tibetan Mastiff. Its impressive qualities have further enhanced those of the Saint Bernard, resulting in the Tibetan Mastiff Saint Bernard mix.

This dog can weigh around 70 to 180 pounds. It has a confident stance, too, with a height reaching 24 to 34 inches

In terms of appearance, this Saint Bernard mix has a dense, medium-length, double coat.

The body is bulky, athletic, and powerful, while the muzzle resembles that of its parent breeds — long, angled, and powerful.

Families looking for a reliable watch and guard dog will find great satisfaction in owning this big dog. The Tibetan Mastiff Saint Bernard mix is a supreme guardian that no intruder can handle.

Not only is it menacing, but this dog is also fearless. Fortunately, with proper training, owners of this mixed-breed dog can harness its power and tame this dog effectively.

29. Spanish Mastiff Saint Bernard Mix

Spanish Mastiff Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: saint_rita_thebermastino / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Spanish Mastiff & Saint Bernard

The Spanish Mastiff, another fierce Mastiff-type dog, is crossed with the Saint Bernard, resulting in the Spanish Mastiff Saint Bernard mix, a dog often praised for its impressive physique.

One of its remarkable features is its thick and fibrous neck. This complements well its large head and broad chest. This mixed-breed dog exudes a serious demeanor, always vigilant.

As the offspring of two different breeds, the Spanish Saint Bernard mix will inherit most of the natural colors from its parents. Furthermore, its coat will also be either short or medium-length.

Given the heritage of this Saint Bernard mix, an owner experienced in handling large dogs would be best suited to care for it.

Furthermore, the Spanish Mastiff Saint Bernard mix thrives when given plenty of work to match its vigor. If you have a farm in the countryside, this dog can be relied upon to keep your livestock safe.

30. Leonberger Saint Bernard Mix

Leonberger Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: big_beauregard / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Leonberger & Saint Bernard

Breeding two massive dogs, such as the Leonberger and the Saint Bernard, will result in admirable offspring. The cross of these two breeds is simply called the Leonberger Saint Bernard mix.

Mostly, this hybrid dog will closely resemble the Leonberger. However, it is also possible for some puppies to take after the Saint Bernard. On rare occasions, these mixes may exhibit a balanced combination of both parents.

The appearance of these mixed dogs largely depends on their genetics. Although their looks can be unpredictable, it is a fact that they can come in colors found in both of their parent breeds.

In terms of qualities, the Leonberger Saint Bernard mix combines size, imposing looks, and loyalty, making it an ideal guard dog for many households. This dog is also quite witty and easy to train.

This all-around pet will not back down from any threats without putting up a fight to ensure its family’s safety is secured.

31. Doberman Saint Bernard Mix 

Doberman Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: alleyfally / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Doberman & Saint Bernard

The sleek Doberman crossed with the patient and colossal Saint Bernard results in a fantastic puppy called the Doberman Saint Bernard mix. This mixed-breed dog can weigh between 60 and 180 pounds

The appearance of this designer dog breed is often a subject of awe. Sometimes, it resembles a Mastiff with a fawn coat and a black mask, while other times, it displays a unique combination of its parents’ features.

One striking element of its appearance is its smooth fur, which can vary in length depending on the Saint Bernard variety used.

As a tall, magnificent canine, the Doberman Saint Bernard mix exudes a menacing presence, making it an effective deterrent for burglars. This mixed-breed dog is also capable of subduing intruders with ease.

However, given its strength and size, you must ensure regular training and early socialization for this dog. This way, it will learn when to lower its guard or take action.

32. Cane Corso Saint Bernard Mix

Cane Corso Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: bowiebearpie / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cane Corso & Saint Bernard

Confidence defines the Cane Corso, just like gentle nature defines the Saint Bernard. When these two breeds are combined, you get the Cane Corso Saint Bernard mix.

As the offspring of two giant dogs, this Saint Bernard mix will surely take on a lot of space in your home. Guests would be quick to identify this designer dog breed since its image shows a perfect balance of its parent’s features. 

Noteworthy traits of this hybrid dog include a blocky head, an angled muzzle, and a robust physique. Coat colors commonly seen in this mix include black, white, and brown.

The Cane Corso Saint Bernard mix also inherits the best qualities from both parent breeds, including their protective and territorial nature.

When raised right, this mix will become a devoted companion who will always be beside you. The only challenge of owning this giant canine lies in its strong-willed nature, which can be addressed through consistent training.

33. Old English Sheepdog Saint Bernard Mix 

Old English Sheepdog Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: otis0118 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Old English Sheepdog & Saint Bernard

The Old English Sheepdog’s most noticeable characteristic is its long, shaggy coat. When crossed with the Saint Bernard, it produces a large, furry dog known as the Old English Sheepdog Saint Bernard mix.

Expectedly large, this canine can weigh between 60 and 180 pounds, sporting a massive body well-supported by its thick and powerful legs. Its tail is long and plushy and would sometimes rest over the back.

The coat of this mix commonly comes in black, gray, and brown, with white markings appearing in certain parts of the body.

Right away, you can tell that the Old English Sheepdog Saint Bernard mix requires regular grooming. Daily brushing helps prevent matting and spreads its natural oils throughout its coat.

On another note, this big cuddly bear is great with children. It loves to spend time with them and doesn’t mind sharing toys.

34. Rough Collie Saint Bernard Mix

Rough Collie Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: appathesaintcollie / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rough Collie & Saint Bernard

The Rough Collie Saint Bernard mix needs no introduction regarding its parent breeds. Considered a true charmer, anyone who encounters this Saint Bernard mix will fall in love with its beauty.

Most Rough Collie Saint Bernard mixes have coats in colors and patterns similar to the Saint Bernard. They also tend to have medium-length angular muzzles and floppy Collie-like ears. 

When it comes to their measurements, they could weigh around 50 to 100 pounds or more. While their sizes can be unpredictable, they generally lean towards being large dogs.

Rough Collie Saint Bernard mixes are known for their intelligence. Thanks to their Collie herding ancestors, they can make sound decisions when working in the field.

Moreover, as household companions, they easily pick up on their owner’s emotions. They are born people-pleasers, which can be advantageous during training.

35. Beagle Saint Bernard Mix

Beagle Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: campannabelle / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Saint Bernard

The combination of a Beagle and a Saint Bernard results in an adorable mixed-breed dog known as the Beagle Saint Bernard.

Due to the significant size difference between the parent breeds, the Beagle Saint Bernard can be a medium-to-large designer dog breed. It typically has large, wide, floppy ears, big, soulful eyes, and a long, angled muzzle.

The dog can sport a tri-colored coat in colors natural to its parent breeds. It also features a thick, tapering tail and occasionally a white tip.

What sets this Saint Bernard mix apart is its strong sense of smell. It can detect even the faintest scents and has been known to detect cancer.

This dog often follows its nose more than its owner and is considered one of the most stubborn pets to own. If you allow it to play outdoors, ensure that the yard is secure to prevent it from wandering off.

36. American Bulldog Saint Bernard Mix

American Bulldog Saint Bernard mix
Image credit: brittttzxo / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Bulldog & Saint Bernard

The well-balanced and athletic American Bulldog has also been used in the breeding program of designer dog fanatics. When combined with the Saint Bernard, it produces an American Bulldog Saint Bernard mix.

This crossbreed, weighing between 60 and 180 pounds, features a blocky head, small feathered ears, almond-shaped eyes, and wide cheeks that subtly resemble those of the Saint Bernard.

Due to its diverse genetic pool, the American Bulldog Saint Bernard mix comes in various coat colors, patterns, and markings. Its fur can be either short or a few inches longer.

Though it looks intimidating, the American Bulldog Saint Bernard mix is one of the most fun-loving companions you’ll encounter. It can even be given daily tasks as part of its routine training.

Like other dogs, it can be great around kids, so long as it is socialized and trained at a young age.

37. Great Pyrenees Labrador Saint Bernard Mix

Great Pyrenees Labrador Saint Bernard mix puppy
Image credit: fun.with.mushu / Instagram 

Parent Breeds: Great Pyrenees, Labrador Retriever, & Saint Bernard

Among all the Saint Bernard mixes on the list, the Great Pyrenees Labrador Saint Bernard mix stands out in many ways. For starters, this dog has been developed using three purebred dog breeds.

Due to this fact, the appearance of this dog can resemble that of the Great Pyrenees, Labrador Retriever, Saint Bernard, or exhibit qualities from all three parent breeds.

While predicting its appearance may be challenging, its temperament is generally consistent. The Great Pyrenees Labrador Saint Bernard mix is typically calm, well-mannered, and friendly.

Sometimes, this hybrid dog may seem aloof, particularly around unfamiliar guests. However, with time, this dog will warm up to them and develop a genuine relationship.

A proper introduction and spending quality time together are key to forming a strong bond with this adorable Saint Bernard mix.

Final Thoughts

What’s not to love about Saint Bernard mixes? They offer unique qualities in both appearance and temperament, each capable of transforming your household and providing endless entertainment.

After exploring all 37 Saint Bernard mixes, you may find one or two that perfectly match your preferences for a designer dog.

However, before bringing a new dog home, make sure that your household is fully prepared for the new addition. Keep in mind that owning a large, powerful dog from the Saint Bernard bloodline requires serious commitment.

You must also be ready to invest a considerable amount of time in your Saint Bernard mix to shape its character. This way, its best qualities will shine and continue to improve.

Are you ready to take on this rewarding task? Leave a comment below and let us know which of these Saint Bernard mixes you believe suits you best!

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