24 Best Goldendoodle Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Goldendoodle haircuts

The Goldendoodle is known for its gold curly coat, which makes styling this pooch very entertaining for owners, but what Goldendoodle haircut ideas are there?

If you have a Goldendoodle and you have been religiously going for the same cut for your dog, it’s probably time for a change. 

In this list, you’ll find 24 fun and unique Goldendoodle hairstyles. Pick a few of your favorites and try them out on your Goldendoodle to make it stand out even more. You’ll also learn helpful haircut tips as you read on.

24 Best Haircut Styles for Goldendoodles 

When it comes to Goldendoodle haircut styles, owners must consider what suits their dogs’ appearance the most, and what matches their gender, color, or age. There’s no one-size-fits-all look, especially since the Goldendoodles can have straight, wavy, or curly coats. 

The best haircut for this Doodle shouldn’t just make it look more appealing like its Poodle parent. It also has to keep the dog’s hair away from its eyes or put more emphasis on the coat types.

Regardless if your Goldendoodle has a parti, merle, tan, white, or apricot coat, here are the 24 types of Goldendoodle haircuts that can give it a unique look:

1. Kennel Cut

Goldendoodle kennel cut
Image credit: rosiechan_doodle / Instagram

The Goldendoodle kennel cut is the perfect choice of hairstyle for the hot summer months. This is otherwise known as the summer cut. It’s done by going for a short hair clip of about an inch. 

Since the kennel cut is the simplest cut for your Goldendoodle, you can conveniently do this at home. Likewise, you can also hand this task to a groomer who confidently knows how to perfect this kennel cut look. 

2. Teddy Bear Cut

Goldendoodle teddy bear cut
Image credit: lucaminidoodle / Instagram

The Goldendoodle is naturally charming, so it’s easy to make it look like a real-life stuffed toy. The dog’s head, ears, and face are trimmed, mostly an inch or two, to look round and to show its black buttony eyes and nose. 

The Goldendoodle teddy bear cut shows a more youthful puppy-like appearance. Owners and groomers agree this is the most popular cut for a Goldendoodle puppy. 

3. Lion Cut

Goldendoodle lion cut
Image credit: taylermade.petgrooming / Instagram

The lion cut aims to make your Goldendoodle look like a lion. With its twelve possible coat colors, such as brown, red, tan, and cream, the Goldendoodle can easily be mistaken as a real wild feline. 

The lion cut is done by shaving the body down to an inch or shorter but leaving it long on the neck, chest, tail, and feet. The Goldendoodle lion cut is the look that’s requested when the kennel cut doesn’t appeal to owners. 

4. Poodle Cut 

Goldendoodle Poodle cut
Image credit: kobethatdood / Instagram

The Poodle cut suits Goldendoodles that resemble the Miniature, Standard, or Moyen Poodle parent. Sporting the Goldendoodle Poodle cut can make them appear mature as opposed to the Goldendoodle teddy bear cut. 

A groomer friend of mine mentioned that the Poodle cut works much better for Goldendoodles that take after the Poodle more, as it clearly accentuates the Poodle’s rich curls. However, with his experience, he can easily execute it with any Goldendoodle type.

He typically trims their coats extremely short on the belly and face. Afterward, he cuts the long fur on the head, ears, tail, and feet to about 2 to 4 inches. 

5. Lamb Cut

Goldendoodle lamb cut
Image credit: finn.dutch.goldendoodle / Instagram

Make your Doodle take after a young sheep. The lamb cut is a variation of the teddy bear cut, except that the hair on the feet is kept at around four inches long. 

Generally, the Goldendoodle lamb cut features a clipped body coat, trimmed ears, and a clean face, with long leg hair. If it has a white Goldendoodle coat, it makes more sense to grant it a lamb cut. 

6. Mohawk Cut

Goldendoodle mohawk cut
Image credit: ohso.grooming / Instagram

Get your Goldendoodle looking edgy with the mohawk haircut. It’s easy to maintain and makes your dog stand out. Its coat is trimmed to about an inch like the Goldendoodle lamb cut while leaving extra hair on its head. 

Ideally, groomers leave it for about 2 to 4 inches long. This is then brushed upwards to let the hair stick out. You can also request a dyed Goldendoodle mohawk cut to highlight the style even more. 

7. Full Shave Cut

Goldendoodle full shave cut
Image credit: mr.finneganstravels / Instagram

The full shave cut is the shorter version of the kennel cut. This is a quick fix for straight, wavy, or curly dogs that are matted. The appearance of a full shave cut isn’t entirely appealing, but it sure is the easiest to maintain. 

Not only does it take a while for your Goldendoodle’s coat to grow back, but this also enables them to have a brand new coat. This is also an ideal style for a summer cut. 

8. Puppy Cut

Goldendoodle puppy cut
Image credit: minimaggiedoodle / Instagram

If you want to retain the youthful appearance of your Goldendoodle, you should give it a puppy cut. The puppy cut is similar to the teddy bear cut, only that you trim out the edges for a puffy look. 

The puppy cut is done to make the entire coat even, except the fur around the muzzle, which is left a few inches longer. This gives it a fun, playful look and a contrasting effect compared to the rest of its face. 

9. Flag Tail Style

Goldendoodle flag tail style
Image credit: lifeisgolden_withreese / Instagram

Another character to add to any of the Goldendoodle cuts you want your dog to sport is the flag tail style. This cut is characterized by the fancy-looking tail, which is trimmed shorter near the base.

The rest of the coat length in the dog’s tail is kept long but nicely groomed to taper on the tip. This then resembles a flag, especially when your Goldendoodle wags its tail.

10. Bell Bottom Cut

Goldendoodle bell bottom cut
Image credit: goldendoodlecopper / Instagram

The bell bottom cut is accentuated better by any short Goldendoodle haircut. This would appear like your Goldendoodle is wearing bell bottoms since the dog’s legs have long hair flared out to the base. 

Although this is a dapper style, any owner would only find this easy to maintain if the Goldendoodle stays away from playing in the mud. 

11. Clean Face Cut

Goldendoodle clean face cut
Image credit: modernavepetparlor / Instagram

The Goldendoodle has naturally thick facial hair. When left to grow for a period, its eyes can be covered by its thick curls, and the muzzle would appear bearded. Hence, a clean face cut is sometimes necessary. 

The same groomer friend of mine highly recommends the clean face cut for those who wish to maintain the neatness of their Goldendoodle’s facial features. He does this by trimming every area of the face to an inch, keeping the dog’s face clean. This would highlight its dark, round eyes.

12. Pom Tail Style

Goldendoodle pom tail style

The pom tail style complements the Goldendoodle Poodle cut or any other short to medium-length coat Doodle cut. The groomer takes advantage of the Goldendoodle’s fluffy coat on the tail and shapes it into a ball. 

This adds to the stylish look of your dog and can be combined with other haircut ideas on this list. You may want to opt for the pom tail style if you want a unique cut for your Goldendoodle.

13. Round Face Cut

Goldendoodle round face cut
Image credit: minifreddiedood / Instagram

With the Goldendoodle’s abundance in coat, it’s easy to shape it in any way you like, including making its face appear prominently round. 

Its whole body coat can be trimmed up to an inch or two, just like you would with a teddy bear cut or summer cut. However, keep it longer on the head, face, and ears, and shape them until your Goldendoodle’s face looks round. 

14. Clipped Ears Style

Goldendoodle clipped ears style
Image credit: whiskey.thedoodle / Instagram

The clipped ears style allows your Goldendoodle to showcase its beautiful, floppy ears. Groomers usually use a clipper until the desired hair length on the ears is achieved. 

The goal is to make your dog’s ear shape more prominent. This is a nice option if you don’t like your Doodle’s ears covered in long hair. To even out the look, the summer cut would be the perfect hairstyle for your dog’s body.

15. Clean Feet Style

Goldendoodle clean feet style
Image credit: maverickandmila / Instagram

Goldendoodles are playful, energetic, and up for adventures. And although they’re great outdoor companions, bringing them to open areas would also expose them to muddy ponds and other dirty surfaces. 

Hence, a clean feet style is ideal for outdoorsy dog breeds or mixes, such as the Goldendoodle. You trim down their feet’s hair as short as possible to prevent a matted coat or from collecting stubborn dirt underneath their fur. 

16. Medium-Length Cut

Goldendoodle medium length cut
Image credit: h.a.z.e.l.___ / Instagram

Are you undecided if you should keep your Goldendoodle’s coat or trim it down? 

If that’s the case, then the medium-length cut might be the one. This cut allows room for various styling options should you want to style your dog’s coat later on. 

On the other hand, since the Goldendoodle is hypoallergenic, you won’t worry much about its shedding. The only downside is that your dog’s coat will grow sooner, and this would require another visit to your local groomer. 

17. Fluff Cut

Goldendoodle fluff cut
Image credit: the_dood1es / Instagram

Make your Goldendoodle look bigger than it is by giving it a fluffy appearance. For this look, your dog needs at least 2 to 3 inches of coat length on the body and an extra inch for its coat on its face and ears.

With this haircut, your dog’s head will be styled to look round, and the whole face will be brushed out to look fuzzy and fluffy. When done right, your Goldendoodle will look wooly but neat and clean.

18. Full Ears Style

Goldendoodle full ears style
Image credit: ms.kelly.marie.grooms / Instagram

Whether you find it difficult to work on your Goldendoodle’s ears or want to keep its natural beauty, the full ears style is the haircut to go for. Keep them long or slightly trimmed, depending on what suits your dog. 

This style would stand out even more if the rest of the body is trimmed or shaved for about an inch or two. In a way, the ears would look like your Goldendoodle is sporting pigtails. 

19. Plume Tail Cut

Goldendoodle plume tail cut
Image credit: lucaminidoodle / Instagram

The plume tail style is a variation of the flag tail cut. You won’t have to extensively groom the tail to come up with this. Let your Goldendoodle’s tail coat grow naturally at its maximum length, and it will puff out beautifully. 

Unlike the flag tail cut, there’s no need to trim the base or the tip to make it taper. This style can be paired with any haircut you choose for your Goldendoodle. 

20. Round Feet Style

Goldendoodle round feet

The round feet style aims to make your Goldendoodle look like it’s wearing a pair of boots. The feet’s fur can be sheared or clipped, leaving at least two inches of its length. Scissor the feet as well until they look round.

To complete the round feet style, your dog’s nails have to be trimmed. Ensure they don’t show through the feet’s coats. The round feet style can also look great with the Goldendoodle puppy cut.

21. Beveled Feet Style

Goldendoodle beveled feet style

The beveled feet style makes your Goldendoodle’s feet look like individual solid columns. Leave at least two inches of fur on its legs and level this down to its feet.

Like the round feet style, the nails should never show, so keep them trimmed and covered. The beveled feet style best complements Doodle haircuts with medium-length coats. 

22. Dino Cut

Goldendoodle dino cut
Image credit: Doodledoods / Pinterest

The dino cut is a Doodle hairstyle that would need the skills of a professional groomer. It’s a fun style for owners who like their Goldendoodles to sport a unique look. 

The end results should feature a Goldendoodle resembling a dinosaur, just like the one in the photo above. This would be a great look, especially during Halloween. 

23. Top Knot Cut

Goldendoodle top knot cut
Image credit: aussiegroodle / Instagram

The top knot cut focuses mainly on how the Goldendoodle’s top would appear; it has to stay fluffy, so you may have to go for the round face style with a Goldendoodle mohawk cut. 

Its coat can also bear the same coat length for a balanced look. To do this, gather all the fur on the top of your dog’s coat and tie it using a hair tie. Finally, add some colorful clips to finish it off. 

24. Pom Pom Leg Style

Goldendoodle pom pom leg style
Image credit: champpup / Instagram

Adding pom poms to your Goldendoodle will make it look like a purebred French Poodle. To get this look, you must ensure that most of your dog’s hair is kept at a short, uniform length except around the ankles. 

The pom poms can look like rounded balls or lengthy compared to the rest of the body. This matches well with the Goldendoodle lion haircut if it’s the general look you’re going for your Goldendoodle. 

Different Coat Lengths for the Goldendoodle 

Knowing what haircut to give your Goldendoodle starts by determining the length of the dog’s coat. 

Allowing it to be long would give way to various Goldendoodle hairstyles. That is unless your Goldendoodle would benefit more if it’s shaved, especially if the dematting of the coat is impossible.

Below lists the different coat lengths on which you can base your Goldendoodle’s haircut:

1. Shaved

Shaved Goldendoodle haircuts would mean clipping your Goldendoodle’s coat close to the body. Some owners prefer to shave only a portion and leave other areas long.

However, if the dog is experiencing severe matting and fur tangling, the best option would be the shaved cut. 

You have to leave at least an inch of its coat so it’s protected from sunburn and, at the same time, has enough warmth during the chilly nights. 

2. Short

The short coat length is a desirable choice as it’s low maintenance. Goldendoodle grooming won’t take much time, and you won’t have to deal with matting and tangling.

It’s typically two inches long and could accommodate any Goldendoodle hairstyle, such as the most popular teddy bear cut. 

Moreover, having a short coat would mean brushing your Goldendoodle only 2 to 3 times weekly. Your Goldendoodle can play in the yard without picking up soil compared to those with long coats.

3. Medium

A medium-length coat allows your Goldendoodle to have fluffy haircuts. Though it will have more hair, grooming can be manageable. 

This is a go-to coat level for Goldendoodles during the cold season. They will have enough fur to keep them warm while keeping their looks clean and tidy.

The medium-length coat is usually three inches long. Owners can get creative by giving their dogs various grooming styles or by using colorful accessories and clips for their dog’s hair. 

4. Long

If you leave your Goldendoodle’s coat untrimmed, this can grow up to eight inches. Proper upkeep and regular grooming can be maintained without undesirable fur matting and tangling.

This isn’t for everyone, however. If you decide to keep your Goldendoodle’s natural coat, you may have to allocate more time to brush its coat daily. 

A top knot would be needed, too. Too much facial hair can make it difficult for a Goldendoodle to see properly. 

Goldendoodle Haircut Before and After Pictures

Giving Goldendoodle haircuts makes a big difference in its appearance and lifestyle. They will make Goldendoodles look more presentable and prevent serious coat conditions, which can eventually be painful if not given any attention. 

Here are a few adorable before and after photos of Goldendoodles having their Doodle haircuts. See the big differences!

Goldendoodle medium coat cut before and after
Image credit: goldendoodlemaple2021 / Instagram

Here is an F2B Goldendoodle who transforms from being shaggy to looking neat and tidy. It was given a medium-length coat cut, the round feet style, and trimmed ears.

The makeover enabled it to have white markings that stand out even better. Of course, it’s not completely done without putting on a stylish neckerchief. Goldendoodles with wavy coats can find inspiration from this look.

Goldendoodle puppy cut before and after
Image credit: cajundood / Instagram

Meanwhile, here’s another F1B mini Goldendoodle with wavy hair that just got its puppy haircut. The grooming made it show its adorable assets, such as its eyes, graceful ears, and robust physique. 

This Goldendoodle looks much more youthful, and its facial features are better defined. 

Goldendoodle trim before and after
Image credit: raffa.doodle / Instagram

Showing off its new cut is a mini Goldendoodle. Its ears are clipped, and the whole body is trimmed down to about an inch. Its whole facial expression shows how much it rocks this whole appearance. 

From how it looks in its before and after photos, its coat length is slightly trimmed to get rid of the ruffled coat texture.

Goldendoodle bell bottom cut before and after
Image credit: gatewaypetgrooming / Instagram

Looking stylish on its bell bottom cut is a tan Goldendoodle. It looks neater as its coat is clipped from the chest and all over its body, leaving this dog’s leg hair long and flaring. 

The ears and beard are also trimmed, but its top head is left as is and fuzzed out. 

Goldendoodle kennel cut before and after
Image credit: pennyrosedog / Instagram

This mini Goldendoodle is acing the kennel cut look. Its whole body is shaved down to an inch, except for the tail. It’s also given a clean face cut, which displays its striking eyes and flat top head. 

All of these before and after photos show how drastic the change in their appearance is, which tells you that it’s worth having your Goldendoodle groomed professionally. 

This is also why it’s important to understand that maintenance is part of any Goldendoodle’s basic needs due to its coat type.

Below is a video you can watch to see a mini Goldendoodle getting its haircut to avoid mats and tangles:

Mini Golden Doddle Haircut - Dog Grooming

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Goldendoodle 

Styling your Goldendoodle puppy can be overwhelming, whether you’re the one to groom it or you’re taking it to the pet salon. Although this dog can be high in maintenance, its upkeep doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. 

Below lists a few helpful tips when it comes to Goldendoodle haircuts:

  1. Go for professional dog groomers to style your young Goldendoodle if you’re not yet confident about doing it yourself. And when choosing a groomer, do this based on recommendations and reviews. 
  2. It’s best to show the groomer a photo of what exactly you expect your Goldendoodle to look like after its haircut. This includes the length and the haircut style you’re going after.
  3. For DIY grooming, keep your Goldendoodle calm before starting the haircut session. When it’s relaxed, this prevents accidents and injuries, such as the scissors accidentally nipping the dog’s skin or cutting beyond the desired coat length. 
  4. Make sure you use the right tools and equipment, such as scissors and slicker brushes, if you’re giving your Goldendoodle a haircut. Quality clippers and sharp scissors while using slicker brushes keep your Goldendoodle’s haircut from looking botched. 
  5. Request your groomer to give your Goldendoodle a quick doggie blowout after the haircut. This is done by puffing the coat with a blow dryer. This is to see if the skin is healthy and check for deep-seated mats and tangles. 

Getting your Goldendoodle groomed keeps it away from undesirable skin and coat conditions. It is also one way to bond and show love to your Doodle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goldendoodle with a new haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Goldendoodle?

The most popular Goldendoodle haircuts are the puppy cut and the teddy bear haircut. These are the go-to styles for owners who love to see their Goldendoodles exhibit puppy-like features.

The cut includes trimming the dog’s feet, face, and ears and going for a non-feathered tail cut. 

How Often Does a Goldendoodle Need a Haircut? 

A Goldendoodle usually needs a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks. It must visit the pet grooming salon more frequently if it has longer hair. In contrast, those with a short coat can schedule a visit every 8 to 10 weeks.

Some Goldendoodle owners find short coats more convenient and efficient. A dog with a short haircut will have easier-to-brush coats and will be less prone to tangles. 

What Happens If You Don’t Cut a Goldendoodle’s Hair?

If you don’t cut the Goldendoodle’s hair, it will eventually develop a serious case of matting. This would lead your dog to experience scabs, spots, cuts, reduced blood circulation on the skin, infections, bacteria, and more.

During winter, Goldendoodles are highly prone to coat issues. The dry air and wet snow combination can easily make their coats tangle and form clumps. 

What Length Should I Cut My Goldendoodle’s Hair?

When it comes to coat length, the ideal range for a Goldendoodle is anywhere between 1 and 4 inches. However, you should also assess which coat length you can thoroughly maintain. 

If you want to avoid visiting the grooming salon often, going for a short hair clip is preferable. On the other hand, go for medium-length coat cuts if you can keep up with their grooming requirements.

Final Thoughts

Let out your Goldendoodle’s personality by giving it the best haircut. You can even come up with a unique style not included on the list to make your dog a total head-turner.

Aside from improving the aesthetics of your adorable Goldendoodle, a good haircut must also benefit your dog in terms of comfort. Likewise, you must be able to keep up with the maintenance needs of the cut you chose. 

For instance, the Poodle cut may look stylish, but keeping up with it requires more effort than a simple puppy cut. On the other hand, a puppy cut may not be the best choice if it’s winter.

So, do you have a Goldendoodle? Let us know your favorite among this list of Goldendoodle haircut styles by leaving a comment below!

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