22 Best Schnauzer Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Schnauzer haircuts

Schnauzers have a beautiful outer coat that tends to grow very long, so it’s important for owners of this breed to think of the best Schnauzer haircut styles that suit their preferences.

From classic Schnauzer haircuts like the traditional Schnauzer cut to outrageous ones like the mullet and pigtails, a Schnauzer can have a wide range of haircut styles.

This article lists the 22 best Schnauzer haircut ideas you can choose from. Read until the end to learn more about the various hairstyles, the different coat lengths of a Schnauzer, and some helpful haircut tips!

22 Best Haircut Styles for Schnauzers

A Schnauzer’s coat is thick, hard, and wiry, so it’s challenging to maintain as it’s prone to matting despite its hypoallergenic nature. Like other dogs, the breed also has compound hair follicles, wherein one strand is composed of guard hairs that give its thick fur a distinct color and texture.

With this, it’s also important to choose the best Schnauzer haircuts to protect their coat. However, picking a haircut for your Schnauzer dog breed can be challenging as there are lots to choose from, but you can start from these 22 best hairstyles in this guide.

1. Traditional Schnauzer Cut

Traditional Schnauzer cut

The traditional Schnauzer cut is the most popular haircut style for the Schnauzer, more commonly for the Standard Schnauzer.

To achieve this, the hair on the dog’s head, neck, and body is clipped shorter, whereas the remaining hair on the dog’s muzzle and eyebrows and the legs and belly coat are kept longer and cut with a layered style.

A colleague of mine who specializes in breeding, raising, and showing both Miniature and Standard Schnauzers maintains this type of haircut for all her dogs. In fact, she wants them to be familiar with this type of cut so they can have a natural gait while wearing it.

For reference, check out this wonderful and informative video of a sweet Schnauzer receiving a traditional haircut:

step by step on how to groom a schnauzer tutorial

2. Natural Haircut / Au Natural Schnauzer Haircut

Natural Schnauzer haircut
Image credit: jskelton52 / Pinterest

The natural haircut involves letting your Schnauzer’s fur grow naturally while only trimming the hair on the dog’s face to keep it clean. This hairstyle is best for the winter season to give warmth to your pet.

However, this hairstyle can be a handful when it comes to grooming as it’s prone to matting. Thus, it’s recommended to give your Schnauzer a regular brushing for overall coat care.

3. Schnauzer Puppy Cut

Schnauzer puppy cut
Image credit: sylwialeszczuk / Pinterest

The puppy cut is another popular hairstyle for a Schnauzer, particularly for male and female Miniature Schnauzers.

This puppy haircut makes your pet look younger and tidier. It also gives the pup a wavy and fluffy appearance with a smooth coat to the touch.

To achieve the puppy cut, the hair all over the body is clipped with the same length of one to two inches. You can choose to keep the beard’s length or trim it to accentuate the innocent look of your Schnauzer.

4. Teddy Bear Cut

Schnauzer teddy bear cut
Image credit: liz78530620 / Pinterest

The teddy bear Schnauzer haircut is one of the favorite hairstyles of Miniature Schnauzer owners. As its name implies, the teddy bear cut makes your small and fluffy pooch resemble an adorable teddy bear!

To achieve this teddy bear haircut, the dog’s fur is clipped to a half inch in length throughout its body. Its facial fur is also trimmed and groomed to a rounded shape, giving the teddy bear look to your Miniature Schnauzer.

5. Summer Cut / Kennel Clip

Schnauzer summer cut or kennel clip
Image credit: amziel01 / Pinterest

Due to their double coat, the Schnauzer dog is prone to overheat during warm days. Hence, the pup is better off without excessive hair when the summertime comes.

Sometimes called kennel clip or shaved Schnauzer cut, the summer cut provides several benefits for both the dog and its owner. For one, it gives the Schnauzer a fresh feeling during a warm climate.

Additionally, shaving the dog’s fur at the start of the summer will allow a fresh coat to grow in time for the winter season. Plus, this is low maintenance, as you only need to brush the pup’s coat once a week.

6. Winter Cut / Fluffy Schnauzer Cut

Schnauzer winter cut or fluffy cut

As opposed to the summer cut, the winter cut is best for Schnauzers during the winter season. This hairstyle involves letting the hair grow longer for extra protection for your Schnauzer pup on cold days.

Keep in mind that Schnauzers with longer hair are prone to matting, so brushing their coat daily to prevent tangles and remove dead hairs is important.

7. Schnauzer Poodle Haircut

Schnauzer Poodle haircut
Image credit: barksandtales / Instagram

The classic Poodle haircut does not only look good for Poodles or even Schnoodles. It also looks just as adorable on other breeds like the Schnauzer, making the pup resemble a Poodle breed.

An example is the classic Poodle haircut, wherein the dog’s entire body is shaved except for a part of its legs, tail, ears, and head.

Another one is where the dog’s fur is clipped at one length throughout its body, including the face. Then, the hair is groomed to make it more rounded, fluffier, and softer.

8. Asian Fusion

Schnauzer Asian fusion
Image credit: skinnygirl130 / Pinterest

The Asian fusion is a creative and fun way of styling your Schnauzer. It’s a freestyle grooming technique where you can opt to make your Schnauzer look unique and striking, such as making the pup look like a pony or a lamb.

Apart from these looks, you can also choose to simply dye your pet’s hair any color of your choosing.

9. Japanese Haircut Style

Schnauzer Japanese haircut style
Image credit: schnauzersmile / Pinterest

The Japanese haircut style aims to enhance the Schnauzer’s facial features by clipping your dog’s hair around its face short and trimming the eyebrows and mustache to a rounded shape while keeping the eyelashes long.

10. Fuzzy Schnauzer Haircut

Fuzzy Schnauzer haircut
Image credit: nanpowers66 / Pinterest

A fuzzy Schnauzer cut involves letting your dog’s soft coat flow and grow at a long or medium length and shaving the head and neck. This hairstyle makes your dog look extremely adorable and fuzzy.

11. Long Pants Schnauzer Haircut

Long pants Schnauzer haircut
Image credit: schnauzersmile / Pinterest

The long pants haircut is one of the most popular cuts among Schnauzers. To achieve this “furry legs” look, the dog’s body hair is shaved except for its legs, which makes the pup look like it’s wearing long pants.

This would look good on all Schnauzer sizes, whether it’s a Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, or even Giant Schnauzer.

12. Schnauzer Mohawk

Schnauzer mohawk
Image credit: psbuck64 / Pinterest

The mohawk is not only for humans; Schnauzers can get it too! This cut involves clipping the Schnauzer’s hair short around its head and back except for the inch-wide fur on the top of its head up to the nape.

13. Schnauzer Mullet

Schnauzer mullet
Image credit: michellegroomsdogs / Instagram

Another human hairstyle that looks good on the Schnauzer, the mullet cut, is somewhat similar to the mohawk. The only difference is that the mullet leaves a wider long hair on the top of the Schnauzer’s head to the nape.

14. Top Knot

Schnauzer top knot
Image credit: manuela916 / Pinterest

There are also grooming styles that are best for a certain Schnauzer gender. For instance, the top knot is a hairstyle more suitable for female Schnauzers.

This haircut makes them look cute with a small bundle of hair on the top of their heads, making them look like they have a hair bun. You can also put a tie or ribbon around the hair for a more girly and adorable look.

15. Pigtails

Schnauzer with pigtails
Image credit: camilletrinkett / Pinterest

Another hairstyle that is best for female Schnauzers, the pigtails, involves keeping the hair on the top of their head long. This is separated in the middle, flowing along both sides of their face to resemble a girl’s pigtails.

16. Schnauzer Fringe

Schnauzer fringe

Aside from body haircuts, there are also Schnauzer facial hairstyle ideas, such as the fringe or bangs. The Schnauzer dog looks adorable with a bunch of hair above its eyebrows that is cut on eye level to make a fringe.

17. Long Bangs

Schnauzer long bangs

The long bangs hairstyle makes your Schnauzer look cooler than it already is. To achieve this, the hair between its eyes is kept longer than any other hair on its face, making it look like the Schnauzer has bangs.

This look is more commonly seen on the Standard Schnauzer or the Giant Schnauzer, often partnered with a long mustache.

18. Traditional Schnauzer Facial Hairstyle

Traditional Schnauzer facial hairstyle
Image credit: emmadonalds9 / Pinterest

The Schnauzer’s eyebrows are this breed’s trademark, along with its mustache. Many dog owners like to trim it short, while others aim for a more traditional look.

This involves shaping the Schnauzer’s eyebrows to resemble an inverted letter V between its eyes. Generally, this eyebrow style is partnered with a long beard and mustache.

If your dog has this facial hairstyle, always keep its facial fur brushed to promote healthy hair.

19. Trimmed Facial Hair

Schnauzer trimmed facial hair
Image credit: schnauzersmile / Pinterest

Aside from the classic look of the Schnauzer dog, which involves having a long mustache and eyebrows, this breed can also look great with its facial fur trimmed.

For the facial haircut, the Schnauzer’s hair on the face is trimmed shorter for a cleaner and tidier appearance.

20. Clean Face

Schnauzer clean face
Image credit: sarahbradley75 / Pinterest

The clean face hairstyle is best partnered with the summer cut and is ideal for warm days.

However, you can also play around with styles and partner this clean face cut with any other Schnauzer haircuts on this list.

21. Natural Curly Tail

Schnauzer natural curly tail
Image credit: raelenesteffens / Pinterest

Apart from the Schnauzer hairstyles involving the head and body, there are also some style options for the tail. You can give your Schnauzer dog a natural curly tail that allows the curly fur on its tail to grow longer.

22. Shaved or Trimmed Tail

Schnauzer shaved or trimmed tail

The shaved tail is the more popular tail style compared to the natural curly tail. As its name implies, the shaved tail involves shaving the hair on the Schnauzer’s tail for a cleaner appearance.

Different Coat Lengths for the Schnauzer

Before choosing a haircut style, Schnauzer owners must decide on the coat length they prefer for their pup.

Schnauzers have four different coat lengths, ranging from shaved hair to long coats. All these look great for Schnauzers, but what you choose depends on several factors, like your grooming preferences and the season.

Shaved Hair

Shaved Schnauzer
Image credit: cathykozicki31 / Pinterest

A shaved hair for the Schnauzer dog involves clipping the hair close to the body while keeping the facial hair long and shaped or trimmed.

This particular Schnauzer coat length is best for the summer or if you live in a place with a warm climate to protect your dog from the heat.

Of all Schnauzer’s coat lengths, this is the most low-maintenance as the matting is minimized, and you only need to brush it once a week to keep the coat healthy.

However, the Schnauzer’s hair grows fast, so you still need to visit a professional dog groomer every 4 to 6 weeks if you want to retain the shaved hair on your pup.

Short Hair

Schnauzer short hair
Image credit: huxess / Pinterest

Another low-maintenance coat length for the Schnauzer is short hair, which is around one inch in length. You can opt to retain the eyebrows and beard, but you can also trim them for a clean and tidy appearance.

This Schnauzer’s coat length is best for an active dog that likes to play in the mud or somewhere dirty. This is also ideal during warm and humid days to keep your pet fresh in the warm season.

Moreover, if your Schnauzer has short hair, brushing the coat two to three times a week is recommended to avoid matting.

Medium-Length Hair

Schnauzer medium length hair

The medium-length hair for Schnauzers involves maintaining the dog’s hair at a certain length that is not too short and not too long, about two to three inches.

The good thing about this length is that it’s ideal for every climate and weather, whether warm or cold days. Plus, it’s not too overwhelming to groom since it only needs brushing a few times a week to remove dead hair.

The medium-length coats for the Schnauzer dog make the pup look fluffy and clean at the same time.

Long Hair

Schnauzer with long hair

The most popular coat length for the Schnauzer during the winter season is long hair. This involves letting the dog’s hair grow longer and is kept at the same length throughout its body for added heat on cold days.

However, you can also choose this length regardless of the season. In fact, Schnauzer’s coat lengths can be combined in one hairstyle.

For instance, you can maintain the long hair on the dog’s legs and abdomen while only shaving the top part of its body, creating a traditional Schnauzer hairstyle.

Nevertheless, if your Schnauzer possesses long fur, keep in mind to brush its hair regularly to avoid matting and promote the dog’s coat health.

Schnauzer Haircut Before and After Pictures

Schnauzer cuts can make your dog look totally different. To illustrate, the Schnauzer can go from one that looks like a wise old man due to its beard and mustache to one that looks like a really endearing and innocent puppy.

For your reference, the following section includes some before and after pictures of Schnauzer haircuts.

Traditional Schnauzer Cut

Traditional Schnauzer cut before and after
Image credit: jjgroomingmiami / Instagram

This cute Schnauzer got its hair clipped from a medium-length coat to a traditional Schnauzer haircut. The hair around its face is trimmed, but the eyebrows and mustache are kept to keep the signature Schnauzer look.

Summer Cut

Schnauzer summer cut before and after
Image credit: andi.petstylist / Instagram

This used-to-be scruffy Schnauzer with a medium-length coat is shaved to achieve a summer look or a kennel clip. 

The eyebrows and mustache in this haircut are shorter. The pup in the photo totally looks like two different dogs.

Asian Fusion

Schnauzer Asian fusion before and after
Image credit: cain9design / Instagram

This sweet Schnauzer received an Asian fusion grooming style. The pup’s facial hair was trimmed from a traditional look with a long beard for a more rounded and innocent look.

Schnauzer Mohawk

Schnauzer mohawk before and after
Image credit: guatosomingos / Pinterest

From a shabby appearance to a cleaner look, this adorable Schnauzer got its hair clipped and shaped. Its trimmed facial fur makes the dog look younger. The neatened mohawk also makes it appear cooler and cuter!

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Schnauzer

Giving your Schnauzer its first haircut can be quite risky, especially if you’re inexperienced. There are lots of things that could happen, such as accidentally cutting the dog’s skin or ending up mishandling the hair.

Unless you have a lot of experience in grooming dogs and follow grooming tips and proper techniques, it’s best to leave your dog’s hairstyle to a professional groomer. Though it may add to your usual maintenance costs for your Schnauzer, this will leave you worry-free in the end.

The list below shows some helpful haircut tips for your Schnauzer:

  • Find a trustworthy pet groomer. It’s important to find a reliable groomer who can professionally handle your dog’s hair and is experienced in different Schnauzer haircuts. You can ask your neighbors, other pet owners, or even your veterinarian for their recommendations about the best pet groomer in your area.
  • Stick to your regular groomer. If you already have a regular groomer with whom your Schnauzer is familiar, coordinate your visit schedule so you can ensure that they are on duty. Stick to your regular groomer to ensure that your preferred Schnauzer haircuts are followed during the grooming process.
  • Choose the best hairstyle for your Schnauzer. Choosing the best hairstyle for your sweet Schnauzer doesn’t only mean choosing what looks good on your pup. There are other factors you need to consider, such as the season, the time you have for grooming, and what haircut you can maintain.

By following these helpful tips, you can ensure that your Schnauzer receives the best hairstyle to make it look adorable and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schnauzer getting a new haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Schnauzer?

The most popular haircut for a Schnauzer is the traditional Schnauzer cut, wherein only the hair on the legs and face is kept long, while the hair on the other part of the body is shorter.

This haircut is the most popular since it’s approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Hence, Schnauzers participating in dog shows are mostly seen with this wonderful hairstyle.

How Often Does a Schnauzer Need a Haircut?

For overall coat health, the Schnauzer needs a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks. This is more often compared to other dog breeds since the Schnauzer has a really wiry and thick double coat that tends to mat.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Schnauzer’s Hair?

If you don’t cut a Schnauzer’s hair, your pet can develop a condition called Schnauzer bumps or comedone.

This can look like black spots on your dog’s skin, which are ingrown hairs that can be really itchy and irritating for the pup. Hence, practicing good grooming methods is important when owning a Schnauzer.

What Length Should I Cut My Schnauzer’s Hair?

The length you choose for your Schnauzer’s hair should be based on a number of factors, such as the season, your grooming preferences, and the comfortability of your pup.

For instance, consider going for a shaved or short coat length during the hot weather. If it’s winter, a medium to long haircut is preferred for extra protection during cold days.

If you can’t afford to maintain a long coat for your Schnauzer, then keep the coat short. Nevertheless, whatever length you choose, always make sure that your dog is comfortable with it.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re getting ready to own a Schnauzer or already own one, one of the most important things you should know is what Schnauzer hairstyles or haircut ideas are best for your pooch.

The Schnauzer’s thick coats are fun to style as owners can play around the coat lengths on different areas of the dog’s body. Each hairstyle idea suits the Schnauzer, which makes it difficult to pick a favorite!

What you choose will depend on which is comfortable for your dog, what you can afford to maintain, and what the current season and climate are in your location.

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two in this Schnauzer haircut guide. Did you list down your favorites? Let us know what you think is the best Schnauzer haircut in the comment section below!

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