10 Best Morkie Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Morkie haircuts

Exploring various Morkie haircut styles is an exciting and enjoyable experience for many Morkie owners. As a hybrid of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, Morkies bear a dense coat that can be styled in many ways.

Yet, choosing the right haircut for your Morkie also requires planning and guidance from professional pet groomers. Without considering these, you might pick a haircut that could be bad for your dog’s skin and coat health. 

But how can you determine if a particular haircut is suitable and healthy for your dog? Continue reading this guide until the end to discover the ten best Morkie haircut ideas and more.

10 Best Haircut Styles for Morkies

Morkies are among the Maltese Terrier mixes that have a low-shedding, dense double coat. This double coat can be styled in many ways. Some pet groomers even use their creativity to craft unique hairstyles for Morkies.

Unfortunately, some of these haircut ideas may not work for all Morkies due to some factors, including the age of the dog, its skin and coat quality, orthopedic or joint problems, and the time of year. To help you make the right decision, check out these 10 best haircut styles for Morkies.

1. Kennel Cut

Morkie kennel cut
Image credit: rumiyperro / Instagram

The kennel cut is among the most popular haircut styles, not only in Morkies but for other dog breeds as well.

In Morkies, the kennel cut results in fur with uniform length, ranging between 0.5 and 1 inch long. This shorter hair length prevents your Morkie from having matted fur and significantly facilitates coat grooming.

Note that in this cut, the body fur of a Morkie is shorter than the fur on its ears and snout, giving the impression that it has a neat-looking mustache. 

The kennel cut is ideal for Morkie owners who are too busy to groom their Morkies’ coats daily. Other high-maintenance breeds, like most Havanese and Sheltie mixes, can also have this cut.

2. Puppy Cut

Morkie puppy cut
Image credit: tastytoshi / Instagram

Despite its name, the puppy cut is a haircut style that suits all dog ages — not just puppies. 

Like the kennel cut, the puppy cut involves trimming the Morkie’s body coat in uniform length. However, puppy cut leaves fur with a length typically ranging around 1 to 1.5 inches.

Morkies with this haircut style have slightly longer fur on their heads than on their bodies. A variation of this style known as the “squared puppy cut” involves clipping the hair around the Morkie’s head to appear squared off.

As a short haircut style, the puppy cut is ideal if you want a style that is relatively easy to maintain and groom. It is also appropriate when the ambient temperature is not unbearably hot or cold for your Morkie.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Morkie teddy bear cut
Image credit: spagroomtopia / Instagram

If you want your Morkie to look more adorable in its haircut style, the teddy bear cut is among the best options. 

Similar to the first two haircuts, the teddy bear cut gives a Morkie an evenly short coat all over its body. But typically, in this cut, professional pet groomers leave at least one to two inches of fur on Morkies.

Additionally, the hair on a Morkie’s head is trimmed slightly longer and rounded with this haircut style. As a result, Morkies with a teddy bear cut appear to have slightly bigger heads and a more cuddly appearance.

4. Summer Cut

Morkie summer cut
Image credit: yuppiepuppyop / Instagram

Another haircut style that leaves a shorter fur on Morkies is the summer cut. As its name implies, this type of cut is more suitable during the summer.

Typically, summer cut uniformly leaves one inch of fur in the Morkie’s body and head. This reduces the time needed to wash, dry, and groom your dog. This also helps your pooch cool off more easily.

Pet groomers also trim the hair around the Morkie’s paw pads when giving it a summer cut. Paw pads contain the dog’s sweat glands, which activate in hot weather, helping your Morkie cool down during the summer.

Dog breeds with thick fur, like the mixes of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, can also benefit from this haircut style.

5. Shaved Haircut

Morkie with shaved haircut
Image credit: sadie_thecutie / Instagram

Among all the haircut options on this list, the shaved haircut is the shortest style that your Morkie can have. Shaved haircut leaves less than an inch of fur on your Morkie.

Like in Australian Shepherds, many vets do not recommend shaving the coat of your Morkie. Fully shaved Morkies are more vulnerable to sunburn, insect bites like that of the black fly’s, skin infections, and scabs.

Lion and bell-bottom cuts are modified forms of shaved haircuts. Morkies with a lion cut have unshaved head fur resembling a lion’s mane. Morkies with a bell-bottom cut have longer leg fur, resembling bell-bottom pants.

There are times when volunteers from rescue groups come to me for the nutritional rehabilitation of dogs surrendered to them, including Morkies. I noticed that by the time they brought the dog to me, most were already shaved.

This was an indication that they either had skin conditions that needed to be treated or their coats were matted or tangled when they were surrendered to the group. Indeed, their healing would be faster if they were given this type of cut.

Watch the video below to see how a professional pet groomer shaves a Morkie with severely matted fur:

Grooming - Shaving a Matted Yorkie Mix - Morkie- Yorkie Maltese Mix

6. Medium Haircut

Morkie medium haircut
Image credit: kyra_morkie / Instagram

The medium haircut is also one of the popular and simplest haircut options for Morkie. This style is longer than the five previous haircuts and leaves at least two to three inches of fur in Morkies.

As a versatile style, the medium haircut is suitable for Morkies at any age and throughout the year. It keeps Morkies cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Like the kennel and shaved haircut, the medium haircut may prevent fur matting in Morkies. Yet, dogs with a medium haircut are less likely to get sunburn and scratches as their coats are thick enough to protect them.

7. Long Haircut

Morkie long haircut
Image credit: rumiyperro / Instagram

Some Morkies may have long, straight hair which looks stunning and elegant. So, it’s not surprising why some owners of long-haired Morkies choose a long haircut for their dogs.

The long haircut is only applicable for Morkies with long hair. In Maltese and Yorkies, the long haircut is also called a show or standard cut. This haircut style leaves at least three inches of fur in Morkies.

Typically, the body fur of a Morkie with a long haircut reaches the floor. However, this haircut is more prone to matting and is not ideal during summer.

Long haircuts also require more frequent grooming sessions. This keeps the Morkie’s fur tidy and free of unwanted parasites, like dead ticks. Other Maltese and Yorkie mixes can also sport this haircut style.

8. Top Knot

Morkie top knot
Image credit: nala.themorkie / Instagram

The top knot is a haircut style in Morkies that involves making a ponytail at the top of a dog’s head. This ponytail is often secured in place with a bow or a fashionable hair clip.

In a top knot, the haircut style in the body fur of a Morkie varies depending on the owner’s preference. Some Morkies with a top knot sport a kennel cut hairdo on the body, while others have a long haircut on the body.

The top knot is ideal if you don’t want your Morkie’s head hair to block its eyes. This makes cleaning your Morkie’s eyes a lot easier. But be careful not to overdo the top knot since it could damage your Morkie’s hair.

Other long-haired dog breeds with straight or wavy coats, like the Shih Tzu mixes, can also have a top knot.

9. Long Ears Haircut

Morkie long ears haircut
Image credit: ula_doggroomer / Instagram

Another popular cut in Morkies is the long ears haircut. Here, pet groomers trim or style the body fur differently based on the owner’s preferences. Like the top knot, the long ears haircut focuses on the Morkie’s head fur.

However, in a long ears haircut, the hair around the Morkie’s ears is trimmed straight and long, while the rest of its head hair is clipped shorter. This gives the Morkie the appearance of having a dog version of bob cut.

Aside from being aesthetic, long ears haircut may benefit the Morkie as the long hair on its ear may keep dirt and debris from entering its ear canal.

Sadly, this haircut style prevents the proper airflow and traps the earwax in the dog’s ears, increasing the risk of ear infections in Morkies. This is also the case for floppy-eared dog breeds, like Basset Hound and Beagle mixes.

10. Exotic Haircut and Hairstyle

Morkie exotic haircut and hairstyle
Image credit: snickers_hope / Instagram

The nine previous haircut styles are considered conventional in Morkies. However, if you want to go against the mainstream and be creative with your Morkie’s haircut, the exotic haircut can be a fantastic alternative.

The exotic haircut or hairstyle involves styling your Morkie’s fur with unique shapes or patterns. For instance, you could create a mohawk effect by trimming your Morkie’s crown in a brush-like pattern.

Additionally, you can dye your Morkie’s fur in vibrant colors not typically found in dogs, like violet, green, and pink. Some Morkie owners trim their dogs’ fur in certain places to create designs like stars and lightning.

However, before choosing any exotic style for your Morkie, always seek advice from a reputable veterinarian or licensed pet groomer. After all, your dog’s welfare must come first when selecting a haircut or hairstyle.

Different Coat Lengths for the Morkie

Morkies typically have fine silky hair and varying coat types. Some pups have wavy hair, while others have straight hair. But aside from this, Morkies also differ in coat lengths.

Check out the five main coat lengths for Morkies below:

1. Shaved length

Shaved length is the shortest coat length possible for Morkies. Dogs with shaved coats have less than one inch of fur.

Although some pet parents claim that shaving does not harm their dogs, many veterinarians still do not advise Morkies to have this coat length. 

Shaved coat length is only ideal for Morkies with serious orthopedic issues, extremely matted fur, or severe skin or coat infections and infestations.

2. Short length

The short length is the most summer-friendly coat length in Morkies. Short-coated Morkies have one to two inches of fur in most parts of their body.

Kennel, puppy, teddy bear, and summer cuts are the haircut styles that can give Morkies this short-length fur.

The short coat length is highly suitable for active Morkies who always play outdoors. It is simple to maintain and gives Morkies a clean and fresh appearance.

3. Medium length

The medium length might be the best choice if you want a coat length for your Morkie that works all year round.

Morkies can have a medium coat length through a medium haircut style. In Morkies, medium-length fur is between 2 and 3 inches long. This coat length can sufficiently insulate Morkies during summer and winter.

4. Long length

Measuring beyond three inches, the long coat length in Morkies is perfect for the colder months of the year.

It is also ideal for Morkies living in states with consistently low temperatures, like Alaska, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Healthy long fur is typically flowy and excellently displays the coat colors of a Morkie. However, without daily coat brushing, long fur can easily entangle and form mats.

5. Floor length

The longest coat length possible for Morkies is the floor length. This coat length gives Morkies flowy and more elegant fur that reaches the floor.

Unlike the long fur, floor-length fur resembles a long, straight wig covering a Morkie’s body.

Floor length is ideal for showcasing your Morkie’s coat color and pattern. However, floor-length fur needs extra grooming and care as it gets easily tangled and dirty.

Morkie Haircut Before and After Pictures

To give you a clear idea of how your Morkie might look with various haircut styles, check out the following before and after pictures below. Hopefully, this will help you decide which hairdo fits your Morkie the best.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Morkie teddy bear cut before and after
Image credit: our_morkie_coconut (left photo & right photo) / Instagram

Look at how adorable and neat a Morkie would look after giving it a teddy bear cut. In the before picture, you’ll see a cute Morkie with untrimmed fur. While it may look cuddly, this untrimmed fur is more prone to matting.

However, after receiving a teddy bear cut, the Morkie above preserved its cuddliness while also looking tidier.

Morkies are naturally small, fluffy, and cuddly dogs. Because of this, they are considered one of the “teddy bear” breeds in the canine world. But the teddy bear cut makes their inherent cuteness even more obvious!

2. Summer Cut

Morkie summer cut before and after
Image credit: petkuaformaltepe / Instagram

In the pictures above, you’ll see a Morkie before and after it received a summer cut. Before, its coat looked shaggy and untidy. Additionally, the Morkie in the before picture seems to have a larger head and body.

But after a summer cut, the Morkie looks fresher and cleaner. Now that its face is less covered in fur, its dark, round, and innocent-looking eyes are more visible. It also seems to have a smaller head and body than before. 

3. Medium Haircut

Morkie medium cut before and after
Image credit: kyra_morkie (left photo & right photo) / Instagram

The Morkie in the before picture has naturally long and flowy hair, which may look stunning but can easily entangle.

After giving it a medium haircut, the Morkie still retained its flowy coat. However, unlike before, its fur is now less prone to matting. Additionally, the fur on its feet no longer reaches the floor, making it more hygienic.

4. Exotic Hairstyle

Morkie exotic hairstyle before and after
Image credit: snickers_hope (left photo & right photo) / Instagram

As you can see, the Morkie in the before picture has side-brushed fur around its ears, partially resembling the curtain haircut in humans. Such a haircut style is already distinctive and charming on its own.

However, in the after picture, you can see how this unique hairstyle is further upgraded to be more eye-catching by having it dyed pink.

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Morkie

Choosing the right haircut for your Morkie is a bit challenging. To pick the right haircut style for your Morkie, you must consider the haircut’s purpose as well as the coat quality, lifestyle, and health of your dog.

In line with this, check out the four practical haircut advice for Morkies below:

1. Always consult your trusted licensed veterinarian or professional pet groomer

Veterinarians and professional pet groomers are the most valid and legitimate sources of information about different haircut styles. These professionals know which haircut style is healthy or bad for your dog.

Likewise, vets and pet groomers know the right products to use in keeping your Morkie’s skin and coat healthy. Hence, they can assist you in your Morkie’s maintenance after giving it a particular haircut.

2. Consider your Morkie’s age, health, and activity

No matter how stunning a haircut style is, some Morkie owners do not select it due to their dogs’ age, health, and activity. Specifically, these elements are critical in choosing the right coat length for your Morkie.

Haircut styles which leave shorter coats are ideal for senior Morkies with severe orthopedic issues in their legs. These may also be true for Morkies with severe skin or coat issues and those who always play outdoors.

3. Identify the purpose of a haircut and its appropriateness to a particular season

As established earlier, each haircut style has pros and cons. If the benefits of your chosen dog haircut outweigh its downsides, it may be the right haircut style for your Morkie.

In addition, you have to consider the season or your local climate before choosing the right haircut style for your Morkie. Shorter Morkie haircuts are ideal during summer or if your area is hot throughout the year.

4. If you decide to dye your Morkie’s hair, be sure to use a pet-safe hair dye

Many commercially available hair dyes for dog fur have ingredients that are checked and approved by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA)

Despite this, some ingredients in fur dye may cause allergies in some Morkies. Hence, it is best advised to speak with your trusted vet beforehand about the dye you intend to use for your dog.

It is also not advisable to use human hair dye in coloring your Morkie’s fur. Human hair dyes typically contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which are toxic to dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Morkie with new haircut held by owner

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Morkie?

The most popular haircut for Morkies is the puppy cut. It is very simple to do, and it makes the Morkie’s fur easier to clean and groom. Additionally, the puppy cut further highlights the innate cuteness of Morkies.

The short coat length in puppy cut is enough to keep Morkies feeling cool during summer while also shielding them from sunburn, scratches, and insect bites. 

How Often Does a Morkie Need a Haircut? 

Morkies need a haircut at least once a month. Some Morkie owners take their dogs to professional pet groomers for a haircut every six to eight weeks, and that’s totally acceptable.

Alternatively, you can clip your Morkie’s hair yourself rather than taking it to a pet groomer. However, be sure to fully learn the entire process first before trimming your dog’s fur on your own.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut a Morkie’s Hair?

If you don’t cut your Morkie’s hair, it will entangle and develop matted fur. Matted fur restricts proper airflow to the skin, making it more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections.

Matted fur is discomforting for Morkies, especially when they move or lie down. It is also a perfect habitat for parasites, like fleas, ticks, and mites, to hide and reproduce. 

What Length Should I Cut My Morkie’s Hair?

Consider shaving down your Morkie’s fur if it has a severe skin infection or extremely matted fur. Meanwhile, Morkie owners who want to make grooming easier can choose short coat length as a wonderful alternative.

If you want a Morkie coat length that works all year round, medium length is a good option. Lastly, long and floor lengths are ideal for showcasing your Morkie’s fur colors and patterns, especially at dog show events.

Final Thoughts

Each Morkie haircut style has its own purpose and is not always applicable to all Morkies. For example, shorter haircut styles are better during summer and require less maintenance.

Meanwhile, longer haircut styles are ideal during winter and better suited for showcasing your Morkie’s elegant coat. If you’re an artsy Morkie owner, you may also explore some exotic haircut styles for aesthetic purposes.

Lastly, considering your Morkie’s health and skin condition is vital in identifying the appropriate haircut style for your dog. After all, your dog’s welfare must come first in choosing its haircut.

So, out of all the options covered in this guide, which haircut style would you want your Morkie to sport? Comment below your favorite Morkie haircut!

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