9 Best Maltipoo Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Maltipoo haircuts

Not sure which Maltipoo haircut style will look best on your furry friend? That’s all right. With a long, thick coat, you can experiment with various haircut styles on your dog, from charming and cuddly to bold and fierce.

However, trying out different haircuts may be exhausting for you and your dog. Therefore, before giving your dog a grooming session, you should decide which of the various Maltipoo haircuts will suit your dog.

In this guide, we will provide you with a compilation of Maltipoo grooming styles along with some sample photos so you can visualize your dog sporting each hairstyle.

9 Best Haircut Styles for Maltipoos

Choosing the best hairstyle is similar to choosing the best outfit for your dog. With that being said, have a look at the following Maltipoo hairstyle ideas for Maltipoos.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Maltipoo teddy bear cut
Image credit: groomika / Instagram

The Maltipoo teddy bear cut is one of the most popular Maltipoo haircuts.

With this style, the Maltipoo will have longer hair on its head and in the areas around its face than it does on its body. This will give your pup the iconic teddy bear appearance that everybody adores.

2. Puppy Cut

Maltipoo puppy cut
Image credit: laylathepoo / Instagram

The Maltipoo puppy cut looks fantastic on Maltipoos of any age, not just puppies. The term “puppy cut” refers to how young-looking they appear with this adorable hairstyle, especially on teacup Maltipoos.

This may even be its original look when you first got your precious furbaby from its breeder.

This haircut is also frequently mistaken for the teddy bear cut due to how they resemble each other. The main distinction is that a puppy cut has hair that is cut to the same length from the dog’s head to the dog’s tail.

Watch this video to see how the puppy cut is done by groomers:

Are you a doll? | Maltipoo puppy dog grooming

3. Summer Cut

Maltipoo summer cut
Image credit: doggiesmilesalenandspa / Instagram

A short Maltipoo haircut, also called Maltipoo summer cut, is perfect for pups who hate regular grooming. 

Although this summer cut is quite cute, keep in mind that your Maltipoo can become cold in the winter. 

Before choosing this summer cut, consider the temperature where you live and how much time your dog will be spending outdoors.

4. Shaved Maltipoo

Shaved Maltipoo
Image credit: doggiesmilesalenandspa / Instagram

While shaving may make your dog’s skin visible, this appearance is not entirely shaved. The Maltipoo’s body hair is shaved down, but its facial hairs are squared off, giving it a very clean and tidy appearance. 

The majority of Maltipoo owners choose to leave the tail hair plume in place to add a cute touch to the overall appearance of their pup. 

5. Poodle Cut

Maltipoo Poodle cut
Image credit: clementinecutiepaws / Instagram

This Maltipoo Poodle haircut is known by a variety of names, such as Maltipoo Miami cut, Maltipoo continental cut, Maltipoo town and country cut, Maltipoo lion cut, Maltipoo bikini cut, and more.

Even if there may be some variations among these Maltipoo haircuts, all of these styles are similar to what you may anticipate a toy Poodle to look like. 

6. Maltese Cut

Maltipoo Maltese cut
Image credit: sashaandyuna / Instagram

This Maltipoo Maltese cut is a general request made to groomers to trim their dog’s hair in a manner resembling that of their Maltese parent.

However, the Maltese coats can be styled in many different ways, just like the Maltipoo. Without further details, you risk getting a puppy cut, a Miami haircut, a town and country cut, or the long, floor-length hairstyle.

That said, you should always bring a reference photo of the hairstyle you want for your dog whenever you bring your Maltipoo to the breeder.

7. Shih Tzu Cut

Maltipoo Shih Tzu cut
Image credit: bitter.cuts / Instagram

This Shih Tzu cut is one of those Maltipoo haircut ideas that is designed to make your dog look like a whole different breed — the Shih Tzu.

Similar to Maltese and Poodle haircuts, this puppy haircut is more of a personal request to the groomer rather than a specific hairstyle.

This style is characterized by bobbed ears, a rounded head, and closely trimmed facial hair. The dog’s leg hair, body hair, and tail hair are usually even, but the length is entirely up to you. 

8. Mohawk

Maltipoo mohawk cut
Image credit: babyjaxthemaltipoo / Instagram

A Maltipoo mohawk can be the perfect hairstyle to show off your dog’s wild side. 

With this cut, your Maltipoo puppy will have a long strip of hair on the top of its head. On occasion, it can even be dyed in vibrant colors like pink, blue, or purple. 

9. Lamb Cut

Maltipoo lamb cut
Image credit: spagroomtopia / Instagram

The Maltipoo lamb haircut is a hairstyle that strives to resemble the appearance of a baby sheep. While the Maltipoo lamb cut is attractive, special grooming tools are needed to come up with this hairstyle.

Additionally, the Maltipoo lamb haircut works well at any temperature. In hot weather, it helps keep your friend cool, and in the chilly winter, it can keep their paws and legs warm.

Different Coat Lengths for the Maltipoo 

If you’re considering getting a Maltipoo haircut but don’t know where to start, it’s best to start by deciding what length you want your dog’s coat to be.

In this section, you’ll learn all about the different coat lengths for the Maltipoo. This will make choosing the right Maltipoo haircut style a lot easier for you.


This hair length is almost exclusively reserved for matted Maltipoos. Matting not only makes your dog uncomfortable, but it can also result in bruises and other skin problems.

However, if your dog gets shaved, you should be aware that this will increase their exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as the cold. But don’t worry; Maltipoo’s hair often grows enough in two to three weeks.


Many dogs with long hair, including Maltipoos, usually have hair of this length. You might also choose this type of hairstyle for your Maltipoo if you don’t want to deal with a lot of furs.

Short-haired Maltipoos are relatively simple to keep. Their coats only need to be brushed two to three times a week, and this length works incredibly well with a leave-in product to repel dirt and debris.


If you own a Maltipoo with a curly coat, the breed’s soft curls will be visible with a medium-length haircut. 

Despite the length of this cut, your Maltipoo coat requires little upkeep and brushing. Giving it a daily brush will give the Maltipoo hair a softer and fluffier appearance that everyone loves.


Having longer hair allows Maltipoo puppies to show off their stunning coat color, such as white and brown. This length also enables a dog owner to have more flexibility in styling their Maltipoo’s coat.

The only challenging part of having this coat length is that these dogs will require more frequent brushing, especially if you want them to look fluffier.

Very long

If you want a Maltipoo with really long hair, you should be prepared for a high-maintenance grooming routine. Likewise, you should also be mindful that Maltipoos with very long hair may be very prone to tangles and mats.

Although many people find this coat length admirable, it is not for everyone. It takes a lot of effort; you’ll need to brush its long straight coat every day to check for tangles, and this hairstyle often requires a top knot.

Maltipoo Haircut Before and After Pictures

In this section are ten fantastic before and after photos of Maltipoo haircuts. Here, you’ll see Maltipoos transform from their old look to their new one. 

Take a look at these photos to find the one that best matches the appearance you want your Maltipoo to have. Afterward, you can use these photos as a reference for your groomer.

Shaved Maltipoo before and after
Image credit: stephaniegrooming / Instagram

If you want your puppy to resemble a cartoon character, think about shaving off all of the furs and leaving just enough hair on the ears and sides to resemble natural ponytails.

Maltipoo short hair cut before and after
Image credit: groomika / Instagram

As one of the Maltese and Poodle mixes, Maltipoos may inherit their parents’ curly or wavy hair. Giving it a short haircut will make this feature more visible. 

Furthermore, the Maltipoo’s soft curls make it look much more like a toy. This look is one of the many cuts many Maltipoo fanciers love.

Maltipoo Maltese cut before and after
Image credit: happyboarders / Instagram

Maltipoo ears are frequently used in creating various Maltipoo haircuts. Giving this part the appropriate style can greatly enhance the elegance of its haircut. 

However, the dog’s ears are delicate and prone to injury, so special care must be taken if you want them to be carefully groomed.

Maltipoo top knot before and after
Image credit: lunatrufa21 / Instagram

Given the fact that Maltipoo puppies resemble teddy bears, many owners like experimenting with their dogs’ hairstyles. 

If you decide to let your dog’s hair grow long enough, make sure you tie or put a hair clip on them every day. Otherwise, the hair will bother your pet and irritate its eyes.

Maltipoo round face cut before and after
Image credit: tonippoochgrooming / Instagram

If you want your pet’s face to be cute and round, ask a professional groomer to trim your Maltipoo’s hair in a round style. No matter the dog’s body fur length, the round-face haircut always looks great.

Maltipoo short hair before and after
Image credit: mudsweatshears / Instagram

It’s time to trim your dog’s fur short if you live in a warm region or summer is soon to arrive. Try to avoid taking your dog to a dog show when it’s hot outside because a dog with long hair will find it uncomfortable.

Maltipoo professional cut before and after
Image credit: nema_hundefrisor / Instagram

A professional cut is required if you intend to enter your pet in a dog show. 

To give the groomer the best chance of creating something awesome, ideally one of the top Maltipoo haircuts, you must let the fur, especially on the head hair, grow as long as possible.

Maltipoo fluffy cut before and after
Image credit: tatianadoggroomer / Instagram

Who doesn’t adore a fluffy-coated Maltipoo with puppy dog eyes? 

To achieve this cute haircut, make sure you groom it at home or periodically take it to a professional groomer. Don’t forget to shorten the facial hair as well.

Maltipoo summer cut before and after
Image credit: chubbsbars / Instagram

For the summer, your Maltipoo dog might look best with shorter hair. With such a haircut, your pet won’t require as much combing, making it the happiest dog in your neighborhood.

Maltipoo fuzzy cut before and after
Image credit: jinnie.the.maltipoo / Instagram

If your dog has fuzzy, fluffy fur like the one in the photo, you must pay close attention to any knots. Its hair will tangle more easily; thus, a medium trim is occasionally required. 

If you want to keep your dog’s fur in excellent condition, use a good quality dog shampoo and a special dog brush. These items will help you to get rid of your dog’s dead hair and skin, leaving it clean and tangle-free.

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Maltipoo

Whether this will be your first time getting your Maltipoo groomed or not, here are some helpful Maltipoo grooming tips that will help you achieve your desired Maltipoo haircut:

  • Talk to a groomer. Before you try a new hairstyle on your Maltipoo, make sure to talk to your dog’s groomer first. Bring reference photos that show what haircut you want for your dog. Keep in mind that dog groomers may have different names for dog hairstyles.
  • Get your dog comfortable. Many dogs, including Maltipoos, feel anxious and scared during the grooming process. That said, it helps to familiarize your dog with the groomer and the different grooming tools they use. Getting your Maltipoo groomed at an early age also helps it get accustomed to the process.
  • Pick a haircut that is suitable to your pet’s environment. When choosing a Maltipoo hairstyle, it can be tempting to go with the trendiest cuts. However, you should always consider your pet’s comfort based on the current season. Short-length cuts are better for hot seasons, while longer hairstyles are better for colder months.
  • Use the right kind of tools. If you decide to groom your pet on your own, be sure to use the right kind of tools. This will make the process a lot smoother for you and your dog. Moreover, using proper grooming tools will also lessen the risk of grooming-related injuries.
  • Praise and pet your Maltipoo for a job well done. Maltipoos appreciate the so-called positive reinforcement training. If it behaves well during a haircut, shower your pet with praise and a few treats so that it will eagerly look forward to its next grooming session.

This list is just a few grooming tips that you may use to groom your Maltipoo over its lifetime. Remember that as your puppy grows, you might need to adjust or vary your Maltipoo grooming routine.

A friend of mine who has a 7-month-old Maltipoo has just started to learn to groom his own Maltipoo and has actually done a great job with basic haircuts. His technique was to keep his dog’s previous groomer, who was cooperative enough, on video call after work hours to guide him with this.

So far, he has mastered how to do the summer cut, the puppy cut, and the teddy bear cut. Hence, it is great to ensure to keep a healthy relationship with your dog’s groomer so they can help you eventually as you explore grooming your dog on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Newly groomed Maltipoo

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Maltipoo?

The most popular haircut for this breed is the Maltipoo teddy bear cut. As the name implies, your Maltipoo will resemble your first best buddy, a teddy bear, thanks to this cut.

​​While this Maltipoo hairstyle is adorable, it needs to be constantly trimmed and brushed to keep it appearing presentable.

How Often Does a Maltipoo Need a Haircut? 

Some Maltipoo grooming experts suggest that Maltipoos should have a haircut every two to three weeks. Because their hair grows more quickly, this dog needs more care. 

However, the final decision over how often a Maltipoo should have a haircut rests with the owner. 

What Happens If You Don’t Cut a Maltipoo’s Hair?

If the dog doesn’t get frequent haircuts, it may carry around a lot of matted hair, making the dog and the owner miserable. 

When your Maltipoo hair is matted, it can lead to major problems such as reduced skin circulation, hot spots, scabs, and more.

What Length Should I Cut My Maltipoo’s Hair?

Ideally, the fur of a Maltipoo should be between one and two inches long on its entire body. With this length, your pooch will look neat and tidy. 

However, when giving it a cut, you should also consider measuring the type of your dog’s coat; some may have a wiry & wavy coat, a thick & curly coat, or a long & straight coat.

Final Thoughts

The Maltipoo has a medium-to-long glossy coat, making it one of the most beautiful dog breeds. With its coat, many different hairstyles can be achieved.

However, having so many options could make it more challenging for you to select the finest dog haircut. When choosing a hairstyle for your Maltipoo, keep in mind that none of them is a bad idea.

As long as your pup is comfortable with its haircut and loves it, there should be no cause for concern.

Among the list of Maltipoo haircut ideas, have you found the one that suits your dog the best? Share your favorite among this list of Maltipoo haircut ideas with us in the comment section!

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