8 Best Bernedoodle Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Bernedoodle haircuts

Getting a Bernedoodle haircut for your furry friend is a must to prevent tangles and matted fur. In addition, a haircut will also keep your dog looking neat and adorable.

For starters, Bernedoodles may have long and thick coats just like that of the Bernese Mountain Dog parent. Likewise, it can also sport a curly coat similar to the Poodle. So what exactly are haircuts that suit Bernedoodles?

In this article, you will learn the Bernedoodle haircuts you may choose from when getting your Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix groomed. This way, you can better communicate with a professional groomer.

8 Best Haircut Styles for Bernedoodles

Understanding the nature of your Bernedoodle hair will help you choose the right Bernedoodle haircut for your pooch. Below are the eight best Bernedoodle haircuts and their features!

1. Kennel Cut

Bernedoodle kennel cut
Image credit: dermer420 / Instagram

The kennel cut is probably the easiest to maintain among all the other Bernedoodle haircuts. Your professional groomer will cut your furry friend’s hair by less than an inch all over the body. 

This Bernedoodle haircut will also prevent your dog’s hair from matting because your groomer will shave your Bernedoodle’s hair. And it should keep your pooch cool and clean. 

The kennel cut is also the first option for female dogs that are expecting a litter. This is to prevent tangles and matted fur on the mother’s hair when nursing.

It is also a great choice if you cannot visit your professional groomer for a few months. However, due to its short length, it will take time before the kennel cut grows back.

Bernedoodle kennel cut is originally for dogs that will be boarding. This haircut will keep the dog neat and safe inside the kennel, hence the word kennel cut.

2. Lamb Cut

Bernedoodle lamb cut
Image credit: maddawgzgrooming / Instagram

This Bernedoodle haircut is probably one of the best choices if your pooch inherited the wavy, curly coat of the Poodle parent. The Bernedoodle lamb cut essentially resembles the Poodle cut.

The lamb cut features a fluffy topknot and long hair all over your dog’s body. The face, tail, and feet are essentially shaved. The lamb cut can be prone to matting. Hence, regular brushing is needed. 

3. Lion Cut

Bernedoodle lion cut
Image credit: phinnstant_noodles / Instagram

The lion cut is a haircut style popular among Pomeranians. However, the lion cut will look good on other breeds, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs and their mixes. 

When getting a lion cut for your pooch, your groomer will shave your dog’s body while leaving some clusters of hair on the tips of your dog’s tail and feet.

The lion’s mane is the highlight of this Bernedoodle haircut. So expect long hair around your dog’s neck, chest, and head.

4. Mohawk Cut

Bernedoodle mohawk cut
Image credit: dogsruleatt / Pinterest

If you want to add fun when you groom a Bernedoodle, the mohawk cut is the right hairstyle. Considering the nature of a Bernedoodle’s coat, your pooch can pull this off!

The mohawk cut is just a Bernedoodle kennel cut. Except for the vertical stripe of head hair that can extend up to your dog’s body if you want. Some even color this with dog-friendly dyes. 

5. Poodle Cut

Bernedoodle Poodle cut
Image credit: fanaticpetz / Instagram

The Poodle cut has different versions when it comes to professional grooming. Your groomer might think of it as the dog show haircut if you simply mention that you want a Poodle cut for your dog.

The standard Poodle cut features shorter hair on the back and lower belly, back legs, tail, and around the toes and feet. Meanwhile, the chest, ankles, and upper back will have longer hair. 

The head will also have long hair while the face is trimmed, especially around the eyes. The hair around your dog’s ears will be left thick and fluffy. 

This hairstyle will make your pooch look good but may require demanding maintenance. This hairstyle is prone to matting and requires regular brushing. 

If you are one of the Bernedoodle owners who do not have the luxury of time to have a grooming session with your pooch, this hairstyle is not for you. 

6. Puppy Cut

Bernedoodle puppy cut
Image credit: cajundood / Instagram

The puppy cut is also known as the Bernedoodle teddy bear cut or simply the teddy bear cut. From the name of it, this haircut will make your pooch look like a teddy bear or a puppy that just came from its breeder.

The puppy cut will look good on any Doodle’s hair and even on adult Bernedoodles! Most dog owners also prefer the puppy cut because of its simplicity and the cuteness it gives their dogs. 

When doing a teddy bear cut, your dog groomer will make your Bernedoodle’s coat look fluffy by cutting it the same length all over the body. 

The hair on the legs and sides of the body is usually cut in layers, while the head hair is cut rounded, making your pooch look like a teddy bear. This haircut works best as well for the mini Bernedoodle.

7. Winter Cut

Bernedoodle winter cut
Image credit: arlo_the_bernadoodle / Instagram

The Bernedoodle winter cut is a generic term used by pet parents if they want their dog’s coat longer. This haircut will keep your dog warm during the winter. 

However, the Bernedoodle winter haircut is prone to tangles and matting. That’s why it is necessary to regularly comb your dog’s coat with a slicker brush or visit your groomer more frequently. 

The winter cut is done by trimming the fur around the chest and face by about an inch. On the other hand, the hair on your dog’s body is trimmed to around three inches. 

The extra hair is also left in the tail and sides of the toes. Meanwhile, hair in the paw pads is trimmed to prevent them from matting, especially when it starts to snow.

Here’s a video of a Bernedoodle getting a winter cut:

Bernedoodle Winter Cut

8. Summer Cut

Bernedoodle summer cut
Image credit: theo.dorabledood / Instagram

The summer cut is almost the same as the winter cut. The only difference is that the summer cut flaunts a shorter haircut than the winter cut. 

Summer cut is the right hairstyle for your pooch, especially during summer. It will keep your dog cool while looking cute! 

Summer cut is also a go-to haircut for pet parents if they will not bring their pooch to the groomer for a few months. This haircut is also one of the Bernedoodle haircuts that is easy to maintain. 

The Bernedoodle summer cut is done by cutting the body hair with ⅞ dog hair clippers while the fur on the legs is cut to less than an inch. However, the tail will still be fluffy but trimmed with dog shears. 

And just like with the winter cut, your dog’s face will be trimmed. But with the summer cut, trimming will be much closer, or it will depend on how short you want it. 

If you think that you can handle a Bernedoodle after learning about its grooming needs, adopting one can be a great option for you.

Different Coat Lengths for the Bernedoodle

Choosing among the Bernedoodle haircuts will be easier if you have already decided how long you want your dog’s hair to be. Below are the different coat lengths for the Bernedoodle.


Shaved Bernedoodle
Image credit: bear_the_bernedoodle_2020 / Instagram

One of the common haircuts that features shaved hair is the kennel cut. This haircut is also helpful for allergy sufferers because it prevents too much dander from falling all over your place.

Short Haircut

Short hair Bernedoodle
Image credit: wally_thebernedoodle / Instagram

One of the most common haircuts under this coat length is the puppy cut or the teddy bear cut. This haircut makes your pooch look cute and tidy. 

Aside from the shaved haircut, the short haircut is also the most manageable coat length for Bernedoodles. Moreover, this coat length makes them less prone to matting and tangling.

Long Haircut

Bernedoodle long haircut
Image credit: r_and_r_grooming / Instagram

The winter cut is the most common grooming style under this category. The groomer will keep the long coat of your pooch as protection from the cold weather. 

Deciding which coat length is best for your Bernedoodle should depend on your dog’s daily activities, health status, and the climate in your location. 

If you are still confused about the different grooming styles and have doubts about how your Bernedoodle shall look after a trim, check the following section for before and after pictures!

Bernedoodle Haircut Before and After Pictures

A Bernedoodle haircut will not only make your pooch look great but will also contribute to your dog’s overall health. Below are before and after pictures of Doodles who just recently got their hair trimmed. 

Summer Cut 

Bernedoodle summer cut before and after
Image credit: adognamedhumphrey / Instagram

This Bernedoodle was given a summer cut making the pooch look tidy and refreshed than in the previous picture. The Bernedoodle’s hair was shaved in the body while leaving the hair around the ears slightly long. 

The fur on the face was also trimmed. This is needed in order to prevent small hairs from getting into the dog’s eyes, which may cause infections. 

Puppy Cut

Bernedoodle puppy cut before and after
Image credit: WeLoveDoodles / Pinterest

The pooch in the picture was given a puppy cut, perfect for the great weather outside. The face was trimmed to clean out the hair covering the eyes. 

The hair around the body was also trimmed, giving the dog a neater appearance.

Kennel Cut

Bernedoodle kennel cut before and after
Image credit: ziggydoodleboy / Instagram

The photos above show a typical kennel cut where the dog’s hair is essentially shaved all over. 

As you can see, this kind of cut gave the Bernedoodle in the photo a cleaner appearance. However, the kennel cut also took away the thick and curly fur of the dog. 

While this is the most manageable kind of hairdo, it is arguably not the best look for the Bernedoodle. 

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Bernedoodle

Giving your pooch some quality Bernedoodle grooming may not be enough to keep your dog’s coat healthy. As a Bernedoodle owner, you must know the ins and outs of maintaining and caring for your dog’s coat.

Below are some tips to keep your Bernedoodle’s coat in tip-top condition:

  • Regularly brush your Bernedoodle’s hair. Brushing your dog’s thick coat 2 to 3 times a week is needed to keep tangles away. Moreover, this can also help stimulate the production of natural oils on your dog’s skin, keeping the outer coat shiny, healthy, and free from knots.
  • Grooming should start with clean and dry hair. Unlike humans, dogs are trimmed with clean and dry hair. This will be easier for the groomer to take out any matted fur and knots. 
  • Use the right equipment. Use professional shears, clippers, and a quality grooming table. Using the right tools will definitely give a good outcome and will keep your dog safe from accidents. 
  • Take your pooch to a professional groomer. Bernedoodle grooming may be done every 3 to 4 months. This way, your groomer may also check for underlying skin or ear infections.
  • Keep your dog calm. Let your dog explore the salon and familiarize them with the equipment in order to keep your Bernedoodle calm. Treats and relaxing music can also do wonders. 

In general, you should make grooming a stress-free moment for your Bernedoodle by following these tips. Aside from those mentioned, it is also important that you know what to do when you find scabs and ticks. 

If you take some time to learn dog grooming, you can groom your dog at home. This is also an ideal time to bond with your furry friend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bernedoodle puppy with new haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Bernedoodle?

The puppy cut or teddy bear cut is the most popular haircut not only for Bernedoodles but for other breeds as well. This will look great whether your dog has straight hair or a loose wave of curls.

How Often Does a Bernedoodle Need a Haircut?

A Bernedoodle may need a haircut every 2 to 3 months. But this may still depend on the kind of haircut your Bernedoodle has. For instance, a shaved Bernedoodle needs to visit the groomer less frequently.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut a Bernedoodle’s Hair?

Tangled and matted fur are just some of the possible consequences if you don’t cut your Bernedoodle’s hair. Matted fur feels painful for your dog. This may also cause different skin infections. 

However, as long as you can maintain your Bernedoodle’s hairstyle, there should be no problem whether you cut it or not.

A colleague of mine who volunteers in a rescue organization recently received a surrendered Bernedoodle whose hair had been matted and looked like it hadn’t received a haircut for a very long time. They were also unable to give a haircut from their end since the hair was so matted that it could hurt the dog.

Hence, they did not have a choice but to bring the rescued Bernedoodle to their trusted groomer, and it took more than an hour to cut the dog’s hair carefully.

What Length Should I Cut My Bernedoodle’s Hair?

This should depend on how comfortable your pooch needs to be. If your pooch is expected to give birth or if summer is fast approaching, a shaved or short hairstyle is the best choice. 

Meanwhile, if it’s starting to snow, a long winter cut can help keep your dog’s body temperature warm. There are also hairstyles that are suited for dog shows or even just for a simple playtime at the dog park. 

Final Thoughts

There are different grooming hairstyles you can choose from for your Bernedoodle or even for a mini Bernedoodle. Whether a straight coat or cute curls, there is a hairstyle that’s just right for your pooch!

Knowing your dog’s hair type is important so you can choose the right haircut. A Poodle cut may look great for your dog’s wavy coat, while a mohawk can be a great choice for your dog’s straight coat.

One must also understand that grooming is not all about having your pooch at the dog stand and having its haircut. But it also involves cleaning the ears and teeth and trimming the nails with nail clippers. 

Do you have a favorite haircut on this list? Share with us your questions and opinions about Bernedoodle haircut styles in the comment section!

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