14 Best Cockapoo Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Cockapoo haircuts

When it comes to a Cockapoo haircut, your options are limitless. Cockapoos are a popular designer breed, noted for their unique and fluffy coats and sociable and lively personalities.

While some owners would want to preserve the long, free-flowing hair of their Cockapoos, others may prefer giving them a fashionable haircut. The good thing is there are so many cute Cockapoo hairstyles to choose from!

If you want to give your dog a new look but are stuck for a haircut idea, you’ve found the right place. This article will offer a selection of the greatest Cockapoo haircut styles and ideas.

14 Best Haircut Styles for Cockapoo

When selecting a Cockapoo haircut for your pooch, you should first consider the general shape of its body. If your Cockapoo has a more square-shaped figure, a short, tidy trim may help emphasize its muscular frame.

On the other hand, if your Cockapoo puppy has a more slender or elongated frame, a longer and more flowing haircut might offer the illusion of a more balanced and proportionate appearance.

Here are some of the best Cockapoo haircuts and ideas to consider, along with pictures to help you visualize the possibilities.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Cockapoo teddy bear cut
Image credit: rubyroo.amberdoo / Instagram

As the name suggests, the Cockapoo teddy bear cut is intended to make your Cockapoo resemble a real stuffed teddy bear.

The Cockapoo teddy bear haircut is one of the most popular choices among Cockapoo haircuts. Making their faces puffy and their fur a little longer is one technique to make them appear at their cutest and fluffiest.

This cut will shorten the fur on the body by around two inches, leaving it at a reasonable medium length while still showing off its stunning coat. It also highlights their huge, expressive eyes.

While the teddy bear cut is usually low-maintenance, your pooch may still require regular brushing to remove knots, debris, grime, mats, and tangles.

In addition, you may need to take your Cockapoo puppy to a reliable groomer once every few months to maintain this adorable Cockapoo haircut.

You can also attempt to cut this Cockapoo teddy bear with a decent pair of dog clippers, keeping it looking its best.

2. Lamb Cut

Cockapoo lamb cut
Image credit: dani_knight16 / Instagram

The Cockapoo lamb cut is an excellent medium-length hairstyle. It is one of the most elegant options that will leave your pup looking chic.

This cut is done by doing a short shave off about an inch from the neck down, with the leg hair and ear fur left unclipped.

It’s a great option for your Cockapoo puppy if you prefer a low-maintenance haircut while keeping your pet appearing pleasant and adorable.

Although the Cockapoo lamb cut is undoubtedly attractive, doing it at home can be quite challenging. If not done well, the dog’s coat may look awkward and unappealing.

Nevertheless, you can always visit a professional groomer for your Cockapoo to achieve this wonderful lamb haircut.

3. Puppy Cut

Cockapoo puppy cut
Image credit: moana_the_cockapoo / Instagram

The Cockapoo puppy cut is one of the most suggested Cockapoo haircuts for any Poodle mixed breed. It’s a quick and easy haircut that will have your Cockapoo dog looking adorable in no time.

A puppy cut aids in keeping the hair healthy and supple while still leaving your dog with a gorgeous wavy coat.

Moreover, the puppy cut is a low-maintenance style for your Cockapoo dog wherein your dog’s hair is cut to a length of 1.5 to 2 inches all over.

Whatever age your Cockapoo may be, your pooch will always look great in a Cockapoo puppy cut. It’s lovely and also one of the simplest options available.

4. Summer Cut

Cockapoo summer cut
Image credit: woody__thecockapoo__ / Instagram

The Cockapoo summer cut is one of the ideal Cockapoo haircuts for the hot season. It’s a great way to give your Cockapoo dog some relief from the heat and give yourself a break from frequent dog grooming.

With a summer cut, the dog’s coat on the body and leg hair is shaved short, while the ears and tail hair can be left longer, thus, keeping your dog cool during summer.

Shorter hair is less likely to get tangled; therefore, less frequent brushing is required, and less dirt can be trapped in your Cockapoo’s coat. Matted hair can also be avoided.

Furthermore, the Cockapoo summer cut allows your dog’s hair to go longer without having to spend money on Cockapoo haircuts or trims by a professional.

In fact, my friend who owns a male and a female Cockapoo has been so used to doing this type of hairstyle for both her Cockapoos regardless of the season. She has found this cut very easy to do and manage. It also takes less maintenance for her, making subsequent grooming sessions a breeze.

She saves up a lot of grooming costs, plus it is easier for her to check the skin condition of her fur babies through this haircut.

However, as Cockapoo coats have a tendency to shiver and become cold easily, this haircut is not recommended for them during the winter.

5. Shaggy

Cockapoo shaggy cut
Image credit: cockapoomilo_ / Instagram

A shaggy hairstyle for a Cockapoo can be one of your favorite Cockapoo haircuts, as it gives your dog a more comfortable, soft, and fluffy look.

This cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that consists of trimming the legs and body hair to a consistent length while leaving the facial hair and ears longer.

The extra length at the face provides a velvety, shaggy-looking head that everyone will adore.

It results in a carefree, chic, and easy-to-maintain wavy style. As a bonus, this shorter haircut will allow for better airflow, which will assist in keeping your Cockapoo cooler in the summer.

Due to their thick, curly coat, Cockapoos benefit from a shaggy cut that reduces the likelihood of matting and tangles, both of which can cause your pet discomfort.

Overall, a shaggy cut is a fun and fashionable option for Cockapoos hair and can be an excellent way to keep your dog feeling and looking its best.

6. Poodle Cut

Cockapoo Poodle cut
Image credit: yourdogandmedorset / Instagram

Since your Cockapoo descended from a Poodle, it may have a comparable Poodle haircut to resemble its purebred Poodle parent.

A Poodle haircut for a Cockapoo often entails giving the dog a curly and fluffy appearance similar to that of a Poodle.

This style of haircut, often known as a “Poodle cut” or “Poodle clip,” is popular among dog owners who want their Cockapoo to appear extra charming and lovable.

Typically, this style involves clipping the Cockapoo’s fur to a consistent length throughout its entire body, with the exception of the paws, ears, and tail, which are often left with longer fur.

Similar to the summer and shaggy cuts, this one is an ideal haircut for your Cockapoo throughout the warm months of the year.

Furthermore, a Poodle haircut should leave your Cockapoo looking elegant and tidy while also retaining its playful and energetic aura.

7. Cocker Spaniel Cut

Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel cut
Image credit: ladyandthehoundsgrooming / Instagram

In addition to its Poodle genes, the Cockapoo also has Cocker Spaniel ancestry. Therefore, selecting a Cocker Spaniel haircut can be a classic and lovely option.

In a Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel cut, the hair is trimmed shorter around the face and eyes, while the top of the head, the legs, and the ears is left longer.

It’s the best haircut choice for Cockapoos, who inherited the majority of Cocker Spaniel’s features rather than their Poodle parent.

However, before getting this haircut for your pooch, keep in mind that it’s not the same as the other low-maintenance haircuts discussed above.

This haircut leaves the fur long and thick; thus, it will need a lot of maintenance to keep your pooch looking fresh and good.

It will require more constant grooming than the other haircut options, including trimming, combing, and brushing.

Moreover, this is the kind of haircut that needs to be done with care and precision, so make sure you go to a professional groomer for assistance.

8. Short All-Around

Cockapoo short all around cut
Image credit: cockapoowolfie / Instagram

A short all-around cut is one of the easiest Cockapoo haircuts that you can do at home. Hence, it can even be your favorite haircut for your pooch.

However, if you intend to do this at home on your own, it’s critical to use the proper equipment and methods to avoid any discomfort or harm to your Cockapoo.

If you’re uncomfortable or uncertain of your abilities to give your Cockapoo a short all-around haircut, it’s recommended that you take them to a professional groomer to achieve the precise grooming styles you want.

With a short all-around cut, the hair on all body parts is cut to the same length, usually between one and two inches. With that, a uniform and tidy appearance are created.

A short, all-around Cockapoo haircut is ideal for dogs living in hot or humid conditions, as it keeps the dog cool and comfortable.

This Cockapoo Cocker cut is also a good choice for Cockapoos with thick or curly coats because it reduces shedding and tangles.

9. Long Fur with Short Muzzle

Cockapoo long fur with short muzzle
Image credit: buddy_bear_thecockapoo / Instagram

The long fur with short muzzle style for Cockapoos entails cutting the body relatively short and the muzzle even shorter while leaving the fur on the ears longer.

This low-maintenance cut is perfect if you love walking outdoors with your pooch. With their short fur on the body and muzzle, they won’t likely end up a muddy, sandy mess after a trip to the dog park or the beach.

Furthermore, professional groomer advice is beneficial in helping you achieve the best haircut for your Cockapoo, so don’t hesitate to visit your nearby dog groomer.

10. Long Face Fur

Cockapoo long face fur
Image credit: cockapup / Instagram

A long face fur haircut for Cockapoos involves leaving the hair on the face and muzzle longer while trimming the rest of the body hair shorter.

This style is commonly known as a “lion cut,” as it gives the dog the impression of a mane.

Moreover, this style is one of the most adorable Cockapoo haircuts and is popular among dog owners in colder climates since the longer hair and muzzle might help keep the canine warmer.

11. Short Top, Long Ears

Cockapoo short top long ears
Image credit: winniethecockapoooo / Instagram

A short top, long ears haircut for Cockapoos consists of shortening body and head hair while leaving the ear hair longer.

This style offers the dog a distinct and fashionable appearance. Moreover, your Cockapoo can wear this haircut in cooler weather because the long fur on the ears can keep your pooch warm.

In addition, regular grooming is required to maintain the perfect length of this short top, long ears haircut on your Cockapoo. Moreover, frequent grooming also keeps its coat clean and fresh.

12. Short Clipped Head and Ears

Cockapoo short clipped head and ears
Image credit: our_cockapoo_cooper / Instagram

Many Cockapoo owners prefer the short, clipped head and ear haircut because it provides a practical and low-maintenance grooming style that is both functional and fashionable.

This Cockapoo hairstyle is an excellent way to keep your pooch cool and comfortable while still maintaining a chic and stylish appearance.

Thus, the coat around the head and ears is precisely trimmed with dog clippers during this haircut to achieve a short and consistent length.

Finding a groomer who is familiar with Cockapoos and their distinctive coat will improve the odds of a neat and tidy trim.

In addition to regular grooming appointments, it is critical to maintain the short, clipped head and ears haircut at home. To eliminate tangles and mats, a slicker brush or comb may be used.

13. Long and Wavy Cut

Cockapoo long and wavy cut
Image credit: moana_the_cockapoo / Instagram

The long and wavy haircut is a popular choice for many dog owners when it comes to their Cockapoo’s grooming, as it provides the opportunity for a stylish and playful appearance that is both functional and attractive.

Thus, the long and wavy haircut is an excellent choice for highlighting their one-of-a-kind coat and vibrant personalities.

To keep this haircut in good condition, it’s important to groom your Cockapoo on a regular basis. This involves brushing their fur to eliminate any tangles and mats that may have formed.

Moreover, to ensure that your dog is comfortable and warm throughout the winter months, a longer cut such as this one is the best choice.

14. Very Short Face Fur

Cockapoo very short face fur
Image credit: honey.thecockapoo / Instagram

A very short face fur makes grooming easier and more convenient. However, it’s critical to understand that giving a Cockapoo a very short face fur haircut does not imply shaving down to the skin.

Rather, their facial hair is cut to a very short length, while the rest of their coat is left a little longer.

This haircut may be a good choice for Cockapoo owners who don’t have much time to groom or don’t have access to a professional groomer nearby.

Different Coat Lengths for the Cockapoo

Given that Cockapoos are a mixed breed, they will likely inherit characteristics from both their Cocker Spaniel Poodle lineage. Hence, their coats may come in a variety of lengths.

Thus, it’s important to note that all types of Cockapoo are unique, with a coat length determined by a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

Furthermore, your Cockapoo’s coat length will also depend on your preferences. Deciding what length you want for your pooch may not be easy, so this article is here to help you along the way.

Below are some of the common coat lengths for Cockapoos:

Long Coat

Long coat Cockapoo

Long hair is ideal for those who want their pets to appear plump, big, and fluffy.

However, this coat length requires more work on the part of the dog owner. The thick hair on a long coat needs to be combed out regularly, or it may tangle and mat.

Furthermore, keeping it clean and healthy may require frequent bathing and daily brushing.

To prevent extra dirt and moisture from accumulating, this coat style may also need regular grooming around the ears, paws, and anus.

A longer hair will enable Cockapoos to display their gorgeous coat color, which can include but is not limited to brown, apricot, black, and white.

Medium Coat

Medium coat Cockapoo

The length of a medium coat is somewhere between that of a short and long one. Plus, it has a softer, wave-like texture.

This coat type may require more grooming than a short-coated Cockapoo, such as a weekly brushing and a bath every two months.

Thus, the medium-length coat is an excellent balance between the low maintenance requirements of the short coat and the more time-consuming grooming needs of the long coat.

Short Coat

Short coat Cockapoo

A smooth, short, and dense coat that lies close to the body is known as a short coat. This particular length is low-maintenance and requires only a little bit of grooming every now and then.

A short-coated Cockapoo only needs weekly brushing and an occasional bath to maintain its clean, healthy appearance and low-shedding coat.

This coat style is preferable to those who live in warmer areas, as it does not keep in as much heat as the longer coat. Moreover, it’s also ideal for those owners who want to spend minimal time on their pet’s grooming needs.

Straight Coat

Straight coat Cockapoo

The Cockapoo’s straight coat inherits the silky, straight fur of its Cocker Spaniel parent rather than the curls of its Poodle parent. This type of coat is soft and easy to maintain.

Despite the fact that the straight coat of the Cockapoo is often the easiest to take care of, there are still a few things to keep in mind.

Straight-coated Cockapoos are more likely to have a double coat like their Cocker Spaniel parents. Therefore, these canines have the tendency to shed more, like their Cocker Spaniel parents.

Thus, Cockapoos with this coat may require regular grooming to keep their fur in good condition and remove tangles and mats.

In addition, straight coats are more common in first- and second-generation types of Cockapoo puppies due to the greater percentage of Cocker Spaniel in their genetic makeup.

Wavy Coat

Wavy coat Cockapoo

The Cockapoo wavy coat combines the greatest qualities of both its Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents. These wavy coats feature an appealing wave pattern that is neither straight nor curly.

Furthermore, this style of coat can range in length from medium to long and is often very soft and lustrous.

They have an undercoat, and they don’t shed very much. Thus, wavy hair is visually attractive for dogs. However, it may require extra grooming and maintenance to retain their charming looks and avoid matting.

Curly Coat

Curly coat Cockapoo

Curly-haired Cockapoos are more similar to the Poodle than the Cocker Spaniel. Their fur has tight curls that give them a fuzzy appearance.

These Cockapoos don’t shed nearly as much and don’t produce as much dander as other Cockapoo puppies with different coat types. Thus, they are considered to have a low-shedding to non-shedding quality.

Hence, people who suffer from allergies or asthma will find that Cockapoos with curly coats make great companions, as they are allergy-friendly

However, tangles occur more frequently in coats with a rough, almost wiry texture compared to other coat types.

Therefore, those with curly Poodle-like hair will experience tangles more frequently and require frequent brushing.

Cockapoo Haircut Before and After Pictures

If you’re still unsure about what haircut to give your Cockapoo or if you want to see more pictures of Cockapoo hairstyles before jumping into the grooming session, no worries! This section has you covered.

There are seven excellent before and after pictures of Cockapoo haircuts below. Witness their gorgeous transformation and get inspired to give your pooch a stunning new haircut.

Long Fur with Short Muzzle

Cockapoo with long fur and short muzzle before and after
Image credit: ladyandthehoundsgrooming / Instagram

The Cockapoo in the before photo has a coat that is frizzy and untidy. The long fur with a short muzzle cut in the after photo has made it look much more put-together.

In the after photo, you will also see how its eyes appear better and how its fur looks fluffier. Comparing the two images gives you insight into how impactful a haircut could be for your pooch.

Teddy Bear Cut

Cockapoo in teddy bear cut before and after
Image credit: princesspenelope_cockapoo / Instagram

The photo on the left shows an ungroomed Cockapoo coat. Its wavy fur nearly covered its eyes, which is not a good idea as dogs may have trouble seeing things clearly if their hair is in the way.

The right side shows the transformation of the Cockapoo after its first teddy bear haircut. The pup looks fresher and more comfortable in the after photo.

Puppy Cut

Cockapoo in puppy cut before and after
Image credit: ourlittlecockapooted / Instagram

The comparison of the before and after photos clearly shows how the Cockapoo has been freshened up with its new puppy haircut.

Its overall appearance improved with its fur trimmed all over its body while leaving the fur on the ears and head a little longer.

If you want this type of cut for your Cockapoo, you can always show this specific image to your groomer.

Short All-Around

Cockapoo in short all around cut before and after
Image credit: rue.the.poo / Instagram

The short all-around hairstyle transforms this dog’s appearance from being long and shaggy to appearing such a cute Cockapoo puppy. Hence, the after photo of it looks a lot younger than the before photo.

Additionally, this Cockapoo short all-around haircut highlighted its adorable facial features, giving it a fresh-looking aura. Moreover, it saves its eyes from being blocked by its thick hair.

Short Clipped Head and Ears

Cockapoo with short clipped head and ears before and after
Image credit: teddy_bear_stan / Instagram

Cockapoos are a cross between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, and as such, their hair texture could be either curly or wavy.

Hence, the quality they inherited from their parent breeds can be highlighted by cutting their hair short.

As you can see in the after picture, the Cockapoo with a short, clipped head and ears looks better, and it even resembles a stuffed toy.

Moreover, many Cockapoo owners prefer this style to others because of the versatility and charm it offers their pet.

Cocker Spaniel Cut

Cockapoo in Cocker Spaniel cut before and after
Image credit: mrsrachelwelch / Instagram

With the curly and long coat of this Cockapoo, regular grooming is essential.

In the before photo, the Cockapoo has long and thick hair. Meanwhile, in the after photo, its whole body has been trimmed except for its ears, which have been left longer. Hence, it slays the Cocker Spaniel cut.

This cut is also one of the hairstyles every Cockapoo lover fancies. However, doing this haircut on your own may be quite tricky. Remember to go to a professional groomer for this look.

Summer Cut

Cockapoo in summer cut before and after
Image credit: pippa_and_izzy_doggos / Instagram

The long, wavy coats of the Cockapoo have been cut short. The after picture shows a Cockapoo with a “summer cut.”

As the name implies, this type of haircut is perfect for the summer. It will give your Cockapoo a comfortable feeling in the warm weather.

However, think twice before doing this cut in the winter. Cockapoos have the tendency to get cold easily, so opting for this look may not be ideal during the cold season.

Watch this video of a Cockapoo being groomed and witness its wonderful transformation.

Cockapoo GROOMING Transformation #2

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Cockapoo

Cockapoos, like other dogs, benefit from regular trims and haircuts to maintain their neat and tidy coats.

Given that there are many haircut options you can choose from, choosing the best style for your pooch may be overwhelming.

Fret not! In this article, you will see some helpful tips to further assist you in choosing which type of haircut is best suited for your fur baby.

Without further ado, below are some helpful haircut tips for your Cockapoo:

  • Choose a reputable groomer. Look for a professional dog groomer who is familiar with Cockapoos and can give your pet the cut you prefer. You can attempt to do it on your own. However, complicated haircuts, such as the Cocker Spaniel cut and the Poodle cut, are ideal to be done by experts. Otherwise, the result may not be what you expected.
  • Consider your Cockapoo’s coat type. Keep in mind that Cockapoos have a very distinctive coat type. Their coats will vary depending on which of their parent breeds they acquire the dominant features from. Understanding your Cockapoo’s coat will help you decide which haircut will look best on it.
  • Decide on a haircut style. As mentioned above, there are several Cockapoo haircut ideas to choose from. However, when choosing a hairstyle, you must always consider the weather and other circumstances. For instance, a summer cut is not ideal for winter. Thus, your pup’s comfort should always be the top priority when choosing a haircut.
  • Reward your Cockapoo. Grooming or clipping your Cockapoo’s coat for the first time may not go very smoothly. Hence, other pups usually feel uneasy during their first-ever haircut. Therefore, treats and positive reinforcement before, during, and after grooming can help make your Cockapoo experience more enjoyable.

If you choose to groom your pooch on your own, expect that the first time will be hard to handle and can take you more than an hour to perfect the procedure.

As long as you have the right equipment, including scissors or dog shears, combs, nail clippers, and a grooming table, you can give your Cockapoo its first puppy haircut and provide its grooming needs.

Moreover, if you find that grooming or trimming coats isn’t your cup of tea, you can always visit a professional groomer. Thus, you can be assured that you’ll get the right haircut you’ve been eyeing for your Cockapoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cockapoo getting a haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Cockapoo?

The teddy bear cut and puppy cut are the most popular haircuts for Cockapoos. Both are considered low-maintenance but still require grooming every once in a while.

Both of these cuts will surely give your pooch a head-turning look. You can choose between the two, depending on your preferences.

If you need a reminder about what the two haircuts look like, you can always check the details mentioned above in this article.

How Often Does a Cockapoo Need a Haircut?

A Cockapoo’s need for haircuts may vary depending on the length and type of coat, the dog’s level of activity, and the owner’s preferences.

To keep them looking tidy and to avoid matting and tangles, Cockapoos with straight coats may require trimming every 6 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, curly and wavy-coated Cockapoos may require trimming every 4 to 6 weeks or so.

In addition, how often they get haircuts will always depend on how quickly their hair grows and what length you prefer for them to achieve while also considering their comfort.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Cockapoo’s Hair?

If you don’t cut your Cockapoo’s hair, it will be prone to matting, and that will cause discomfort and skin irritation to your pooch.

Moreover, it’s possible for mats to harbor bacteria and other contaminants that may cause skin problems in the long run.

Long hair can also make it more challenging for your Cockapoo to move around and potentially endanger it by becoming trapped in objects like branches or fences.

What Length Should I Cut My Cockapoo’s Hair?

For easier maintenance, a short coat for Cockapoos is ideal. Keeping their coat between one and two inches long will not only make them look clean and fresh, but it will also save time from grooming.

In general, you should regularly cut the hair around your Cockapoo’s face to keep it out of their eyes and from blocking their vision.

The rest of the coat can be cut to a length that suits your own style and requires minimal maintenance.

Final Thoughts

The Cockapoo has a medium-to-long coat that can either be straight, wavy, or curly. Thus, their coats can be easily groomed and styled in a variety of ways.

Each of the above-mentioned styles can be tailored to your preferences and your Cockapoo’s unique needs. In addition, it can help keep your furry companion looking and feeling its best.

Overall, Cockapoos may be styled and groomed in a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable ways like other Doodle breeds.

You can try out a few different approaches until you find the Cockapoo haircut that works best for you and your pet.

Which of the listed haircut options do you think would suit your dog the best? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the Cockapoo haircut and which among them is your favorite!

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