88 Best Yorkie Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Yorkie haircuts

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier and are looking for a way to make your little friend stand out from the crowd, you’d be delighted to know that there are 88 lovely Yorkie haircut styles. 

From simple haircuts like the standard puppy cut to more elaborate styles like the show dog cut, there is something for everyone in this collection of the best Yorkie haircut ideas.

So if you’re ready to give your pooch a brand-new look, continue scrolling. This guide will not only discuss the different Yorkie haircuts but also provide you with helpful haircut tips, before and after photos, and more!

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88 Best Haircut Styles for Yorkies

For starters, Yorkshire Terriers are known for their long, flowing, silky coats — almost resembling human hair. Hence, you can expect that grooming your Yorkie is a bit more tricky than with other breeds.

Nevertheless, there are so many impressive hairstyles out there that you can try on your dog. What’s more, many of them are easy to maintain and will make sure that your Yorkie looks great all the time!

Without further ado, the following are the 88 best Yorkshire Terrier haircut ideas:

1. Westie Cut

Yorkie Westie cut

If you have a Yorkie with medium to long hair and want to keep it that way, then the Westie cut is ideal. The top is trimmed in this style, while the sides remain flowy.

Moreover, the facial hair in the Westie cut is stacked, giving your dog a keen but low-maintenance look.

2. Classic Yorkie Haircut

Classic Yorkie haircut

The classic Yorkie haircut is an excellent choice if you want to keep your four-legged friend looking sharp.

While you can expect it to be a bit shorter than the Westie cut, it’s not as short as some other Yorkie haircut ideas that will be discussed later. This is the typical haircut for most pet Yorkies.

Having dealt with many Yorkies, I find that most of this small breed’s fur parents still prefer this standard and traditional look for their pets. Many of them mentioned that this particular haircut is easy to maintain yet conserves the best features of the Yorkie.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Yorkie teddy bear cut
Image credit: simplypurrfectgrooming / Instagram

As the name of this Yorkie haircut style implies, the teddy bear cut is characterized by a round face shape — making your pet look like a cuddly teddy bear!

Yorkshire Terriers with this haircut often have their ears bobbed as well to give them a more rounded appearance.

4. Puppy Cut

Yorkie puppy cut
Image credit: thedoghousegroomingsalons / Instagram

Considered the most popular Yorkie haircut, the puppy cut is perfect for Yorkshire Terrier owners with busy lifestyles. This short hairdo is easy to maintain and requires minimal styling.

But this doesn’t mean that the puppy cut is boring or plain. With its clean lines and sleek finish, your Yorkie will always look dapper in this traditional look.

5. Show Dog Cut

Yorkie show dog cut

The Yorkie show cut, also known as the show dog cut, is what you should go for if you are fond of show dogs. The classic long, silky coat of Yorkies will be left uncut and unaltered in this style.

Just remember to braid, tie up, or clip your Yorkie’s hair, as this will make them look more stylish and manageable.

6. Summer Cut

Yorkie summer cut
Image credit: topdogs_bg / Instagram

A bit longer than the puppy cut, the summer cut is an excellent option for those who want to keep their Yorkie feel comfortable in the summer season.

For this hairstyle, the pet’s body hair is cropped to achieve a length of approximately one to two inches. Meanwhile, the head hair is usually left longer at two to three inches long.

7. Shaggy Cut

Yorkie shaggy cut

For fur parents searching for a trendy style, the shaggy Yorkie haircut, also referred to as the Chewbacca look, is recommended.

However, this fun way of styling Yorkie coats can be time-consuming to maintain. That said, this Yorkshire Terrier haircut style will definitely make your pooch stand out in the crowd!

8. Short Beard Cut

Yorkie short beard cut

A short beard cut makes a Yorkie’s face look even more adorable. This cut also helps draw attention to their pointed ears. Yorkies with a short beard cut are usually accessorized with a forehead ribbon.

9. Long Beard Cut

Yorkie long beard cut

In contrast with the short beard cut, the long beard cut is designed to make your Yorkshire Terrier appear more elegant and imposing.

Lengthy, shiny body fur is usually present along with this Yorkie haircut style, so regular brushing is necessary.

10. Kennel Cut

Yorkie kennel cut

Given its name, you can expect to see the kennel cut in almost all Yorkshire Terrier breeders, kennels, and rescue organizations that house these lovely little canines.

It is a simple trim around the dog’s body and ears, leaving the hair on top of the head long enough to comb or brush.

11. Lion Cut

Yorkie lion cut

The lion cut is a must-try if you want an unusual hairdo for your Yorkie. It’s a type of cut that is usually given to Yorkies with long coats, and it features a fringe that almost covers their eyes.

Looking like a lion, a dog with this style will surely turn heads wherever they go.

12. Schnauzer Cut

Yorkie Schnauzer cut

Unlike other Yorkie haircuts on this list, the Schnauzer cut is meant to give your Yorkie a fluffy look. It is a distinguished style to try if you want to add volume to your pooch’s hair.

But be sure to have a professional groomer do this cut if you can’t do it yourself. If done incorrectly, the Schnauzer cut could result in uneven patches of fur, which will look odd on your dog.

13. Three-Layered Stack

Yorkie three layered stack

The three-layered stack is a kind of Yorkie hairstyle with three distinct layers.

Specifically, there’s a layer of medium-length hair at the top of the head, another layer of short hair underneath it, and then an extended layer of hair that goes all the way to the floor.

14. Medium Cut

Yorkie medium cut

For dog owners who want to keep things simple, the medium cut for their Yorkshire Terriers may be a good choice.

In this style, the Yorkie’s coat is left long enough to cover its back and belly but not as long as a full-length cut.

15. Designer Cut

Yorkie designer cut

If you are looking for a way to set your Yorkie apart from other dogs, there’s no better way than going for a designer cut.

This haircut features a more edgy look than other Yorkie haircut ideas but can be a little high maintenance. The usual designs of this style include shaved patterns, spikes, heavy bangs, and more!

16. Long Haircut

Yorkie long haircut

The long haircut is the same length as the Yorkie’s body and will reach its hind legs. For this reason, its naturally long and silky coat can be styled in various ways, depending on your preference and styling skills.

This cut is comparable to the show dog cut but a lot shorter. If you want your dog to sport the show dog cut, the long haircut is a more manageable hairstyle to consider.

17. Patchy Cut

Yorkie patchy cut
Image credit: majatheyorkiee / Instagram

The patchy cut is another type of Yorkie haircut style that canine owners can try out.

Interestingly, this cut involves cutting off random parts of your dog’s fur, which makes it look like they have patches of hair in different lengths.

18. Mohawk Cut

Yorkie mohawk cut
Image credit: rumiyperro / Instagram

Whether your Yorkie sports a black, chocolate, or parti-colored coat, a mohawk cut is sure to make them look like the most stylish dog in town.

The basic procedure for this haircut involves clipping your pup’s hair on the sides of its head shorter than it is at the top, creating a triangle-like shape.

19. Lamb Cut

Yorkie lamb haircut
Image credit: pawznstyle / Instagram

The lamb haircut is ideal for your Yorkie if you want something shorter than a teddy bear cut but longer than a puppy cut.

This consists of thinning the top and sides of your pet’s long hair to create a rounded, woolly look.

20. Messy Tot Hairstyle

Yorkie messy tot hairstyle

For parents of Yorkshire Terrier puppies, the messy tot hairstyle is a great way to show off their pups’ cuteness. This is relatively low maintenance and requires no styling products.

21. A-Line Bob Cut

Yorkie A line bob cut
Image credit: maggieyorkshire_ / Instagram

Are you looking for a haircut that’s cute and easy to maintain? The A-line bob cut is the way to go. It combines a boxy-shaped bob with an asymmetric fringe for a look that’s simultaneously feminine and keen.

22. Shaved Cut

Yorkie shaved cut

While some people think that shaving a Yorkie’s fur is cruel, it actually provides them with relief from the heat and makes them look edgy.

However, one should note that consulting an experienced Yorkie groomer or vet before shaving a dog’s fur is highly recommended.

23. Short Haircut

Yorkie short haircut style

With the short haircut style, you can expect that all the hair of your Yorkie will be cut short to about one to two inches in length.

Since Yorkies possess a single coat, this is an ideal style because it doesn’t require much work from the groomer. Likewise, this Yorkie hairstyle idea is also relatively low maintenance. 

24. Santa Yorkie Style

Santa Yorkie style

The Santa Yorkie haircut is an excellent option if you’re looking to give your pooch a style that’s fun, festive, and totally unique.

In fact, there’s no need to buy a Santa beard accessory, as Yorkies already have their own fluffy facial fur!

25. Fluffy Yorkie Trim

Fluffy Yorkie trim

The fluffy Yorkie trim is a type of bear cut characterized by its fluffiness and softness. It’s the perfect haircut for Yorkies who love to be cuddled by their favorite family members.

With the fluffy Yorkie trim, your dog’s ear will look slightly rounded, and its legs will have a rounded, fluffy look as well. Meanwhile, the belly area of a dog with this cut will often be short or shaved.

26. Top Knot

Yorkie top knot

The top knot hairstyle emphasizes the head and face of your Yorkie. This hairdo includes a high ponytail, with the hair on the sides of the forehead being cut short.

However, you should be prepared to spend money on ribbons, clips, bows, and other accessories to complete this look.

I also used to own a female Yorkie named Yuriko, and it has become a habit of mine to tie a top knot on her using her wide collection of ribbons and bows. Aside from its looking, I always wanted to make sure that Yuriko’s hair did not touch her eyes to avoid any irritation.

27. Poodle-Like Hairdo

Yorkie Poodle like hairdo

Although many different styles are possible for a Yorkie, the Poodle haircut is among the classic ones. With this cut, a dog’s facial hair is cut in a stacked manner while its body fur is kept at a fuzzy length.

While this cut is rare in purebred Yorkshire Terriers, it can be seen in some Yorkie mixes, especially in Yorkie Poodle mixes as well as in Shorkie Poos.

28. Neat Yorkie Hairstyle

Neat Yorkie hairstyle
Image credit: mashysti / Instagram

Next on our list of Yorkie haircuts is the neatly trimmed hairstyle, also known as the neat Yorkie cut.

This haircut is perfect for Yorkshire Terriers with long or medium-length hair. It gives them a clean look that will make you want to keep them in your arms all day long.

29. Squared Puppy Cut

Yorkie squared puppy cut

Aside from a rounded style, Yorkies can also have squared or rectangular puppy cuts. These hairdos can be accomplished by snipping their hair straight back with no layers or bangs.

The final look is pristine and polished, but it’s not too high maintenance. This is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching Yorkshire Terrier haircut styles out there.

30. Flared Haircut

Yorkie flared haircut

With the flared haircut, your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat will be trimmed to a length that is shorter on top and gradually gets longer as it reaches the bottom.

Additionally, this style helps prevent matting. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your dog from having to visit the groomer frequently, consider this cut.

31. Sanitary Trim

Yorkie sanitary trim
Image credit: petspagroomers / Instagram

The sanitary trim is a great way to keep your Yorkie looking sharp without having to worry about them getting their hair cut too short.

From their pointy ears to their perky tail, this haircut shows off the best features of your furry friend!

32. Explosive Haircut

Yorkie explosive haircut
Image credit: the_messy_chewy / Instagram

When it comes to haircuts for Yorkies, you will never run out of options. However, if you’re looking for something fun and eye-catching, then the explosive haircut might be your best bet.

Dogs with this hairstyle have their coats clipped at different lengths. This allows them to have a unique look that catches everyone’s attention.

33. Contrasting Yorkie Haircut

Contrasting Yorkie haircut

The contrasting Yorkie haircut, commonly known as the asymmetrical haircut, is one of the best ways to bring out your pooch’s distinctive personality.

The most common method to achieve this style is by cutting one side of your dog’s hair short and leaving the other side long.

Meanwhile, some fur parents opt for a more dramatic look by shaving one side entirely down to the skin.

34. Round Cut

Yorkie round cut
Image credit: merdam.grooming / Instagram

As its name suggests, this haircut is a classic round-shaped cut that leaves your Yorkie’s head looking like a ball.

But if you are planning on keeping this type of hairdo for a long time, monthly visits to the groomer are required to keep your Yorkshire Terrier looking fresh and chic.

35. Wild Cut

Yorkie wild cut

For male and female Yorkies alike, the wild cut is a terrific way to give your pup a fresh new look without compromising its unique charm.

The wild cut involves trimming your Yorkie’s fur into a tousled, messy look — just enough to show off their adorable face and make them look like they just rolled out of bed.

36. Trimmed Face

Yorkie trimmed face

If you want your Yorkie to maintain a long body coat but have a short, trimmed face, then this is the haircut style you should go for!

Further, it’s an easy cut to do and will leave your dog looking stylish and tidy at the same time.

37. Ascetic Cut

Yorkie ascetic cut

The ascetic cut is a simple, low-maintenance Yorkie hairstyle that requires little to no styling. This means it’s a good option if you want a hairdo that will stay in place without much fuss.

38. Princess Cut

Yorkie princess cut

For Yorkies with a royal soul, the princess cut is sure to be a hit!

The princess cut is a style that features long bangs and long layers that fall over the face and body. It is layered enough to give a pup’s hair some movement and texture but not so much that it looks like a lion’s mane.

Complete this look by buying princess crown-like hair pins and clips for your Yorkie.

39. Special Cut

Yorkie special cut
Image credit: jemappellegala / Instagram

Similar to the designer cut, the special cut is a fancy version of a Yorkie haircut idea that includes a do with elaborate styling. You can go as extravagant or conservative as you want with this hairstyle.

40. Simple and Clean Cut

Yorkie simple and clean cut
Image credit: puplike.nyc / Instagram

If simplicity is your thing, then this will be the perfect haircut style for your Yorkshire Terrier. In fact, it is a splendid way to let your Yorkie’s natural beauty shine through.

Moreover, this particular hairstyle will keep the fur short yet manageable, making it easy for you to keep up with grooming and maintenance.

41. Blunt Cut

Yorkie blunt cut
Image credit: zlobivy.pes / Instagram

Another very simple Yorkie haircut for you to consider is the blunt cut. It is basically a hairstyle that involves cutting your Yorkie’s coat in the same length all over their body.

This cut emphasizes your Yorkie’s ear shape as well as its muzzle and feet. A blunt cut is an excellent choice if you’re having trouble maintaining your dog’s coat.

42. Pixie Cut

Yorkie pixie cut
Image credit: jaffarmalac / Instagram

The Pixie cut is the perfect combination of adorable and edgy, and it is great for any occasion.

However, there are some important considerations to make when choosing this style. For instance, you want to keep in mind that it’s a shorter cut that requires frequent maintenance.

Additionally, with this cut, you will need to visit your dog groomer regularly so they can trim your puppy’s hair and retain the pixie cut look.

43. Mane Cut

Yorkie mane cut

Nothing beats the mane cut when it comes to Yorkie haircut styles and ideas.

To start, it’s a hairdo well-suited for dogs with medium-length coats that only need a little trimming. You should also opt for this type of haircut if you’re looking to keep your pooch tangle-free and comfortable at all times.

44. Modified Schnauzer Trim

Yorkie modified Schnauzer trim

Here’s another variation of the Schnauzer cut, the modified Schnauzer trim!

Compared to the standard version of this hairstyle, expect that this one is slightly longer, with a bit more strand on the face and around the limbs.

45. Messy Stains

Yorkie messy stains

If your Yorkie bears black markings on its head, similar to the one in the picture, a messy, stained-like hairstyle is perfect for it.

This haircut style gives your dog a unique appearance as if it just came out of the mud needing immediate bath time. The messy stain cut is a unique hairstyle that is sure to make your dog look cuter.

46. Chic Yorkie Cut

Chic Yorkie cut

The chic Yorkie haircut style is an absolute must for fashion-forward dog parents. This cut features wispy bangs and a side part — a look that is both sweet and sassy.

If you decide to get your Yorkie’s hair cut in this style, your groomer may recommend pinning the bangs back into a topknot or braiding them into pigtails to achieve a more dramatic look.

Some might even suggest using pet-friendly hair dyes to add a bit of flair and color to your pup’s new hairdo.

47. Faux Legs Yorkie Trim

Faux legs Yorkie trim

As with the chic Yorkie haircut, the faux legs Yorkie trim is a new take on a classic look. Instead of removing the hair from your dog’s limbs, the professional groomer leaves it long and stylish.

Interestingly, this hairstyle makes your Yorkie appear to have boots on. If you decide to go with this cut, you should pay close attention to your dog’s leg fur, as it will be more prone to tangles.

48. Butterfly Haircut

Yorkie butterfly haircut

Butterflies are a beautiful example of the wonders of nature, so why not bring that beauty to your Yorkie’s hairstyle?

In this cut, the hair on your canine’s ears is clipped to resemble butterfly wings. It makes for a very striking look that will definitely turn heads as you walk down the street with your pup.

As far as maintenance goes, this haircut requires daily brushing.

49. Geeky Puppy Cut

Yorkie geeky puppy cut

Make way for the geeky puppy cut — a charming, fun hairstyle that will make your Yorkie look like the most adorable little nerd you’ve ever seen!

As the photo above shows, this haircut features a short, layered fringe combined with asymmetrical side-swept bangs.

50. Fuzzy Trim

Yorkie fuzzy trim
Image credit: allen_yorkshireterrier / Instagram

If your Yorkie’s coat needs only a small amount of trimming, you should consider giving it a fuzzy trim. This style involves shortening the fur on a dog’s head without thinning it too much.

Moreover, the body hair should be left as is or slightly trimmed to create that snuggly, feathery look.

51. Neat Pony Haircut

Yorkie neat pony haircut
Image credit: petspagroomers / Instagram

To those who want to accentuate the big ears of their Yorkies, the neat pony haircut is one of the best choices.

With this haircut style, you don’t need to buy any clips or elastic bands, as the fur on their ears will naturally be shaped into a ponytail.

52. Overgrown Hairstyle

Yorkie overgrown hairstyle

If you are the type of fur parent who likes to keep your Yorkie’s hair long and flowy, then look no further than the overgrown hairstyle.

However, be ready to set aside funds for grooming tools and other expenses required to maintain this hairdo.

53. Stylish Cut

Yorkie stylish cut

One of the most desired Yorkie haircut ideas is the stylish cut. This haircut is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the park or a formal event. 

The stylish cut is often characterized by long fur on the muzzle, medium-length body fur, and short-length belly fur. This cut also accentuates the Yorkie’s ear shape.

54. Clip-Off Trim

Yorkie clip off trim
Image credit: mugimaru_kun / Instagram

The clip-off trim is a type of Yorkie haircut style that features a short-length coat on the head. This haircut idea is ideal for pet owners who intend to spend less money on hair accessories like hair clips, barrettes, and bows.

55. Bell-Bottom Cut

Yorkie bell bottom cut

While a lot of people think that the obvious choice for Yorkie haircuts is the traditional puppy cut, you can actually go a little bit more creative and choose something different — the bell-bottom cut.

This style, albeit unconventional, does not make your Yorkie look like it has been subjected to a botched experiment by an amateur hair groomer. Instead, it gives the dog a distinct look that is trendy and sophisticated.

56. Chinese Crested-Inspired Cut

Yorkie Chinese Crested inspired cut

It may come as a surprise, but many pooch parents love to style their Yorkie’s coat in a Chinese Crested-inspired haircut.

The style starts with clipping your Yorkie’s facial hair very short while leaving the fur around its tail and ears long. Then, the rest of its body will be shaved down to about 1/4 inch in length.

57. Pekingese Style

Yorkie Pekingese style

Due to their fluffy coats, Yorkies can easily pull off a Pekingese-like hairstyle. To be specific, this cut is all about the bangs, which will make your puppy look as adorable as ever!

58. Spanish Water Dog-Like Cut

Yorkie Spanish Water Dog like cut
Image credit: bahcesehirpetshopp / Instagram

Here is another type of Yorkie hairstyle inspired by a different dog breed, the Spanish Water Dog (SWD).

But instead of the curly hair of the SWD, a Spanish Water Dog-like cut makes use of the Yorkshire Terrier’s wavy-hair texture to achieve a similar look.

59. Vintage Yorkie Haircut

Vintage Yorkie haircut

If you want your pet to have a simple, classic look that also reflects its inner beauty, the vintage Yorkie style is one of the most flattering cuts around.

Despite being considered high-maintenance, this hairdo can be styled in an array of ways. From a sleek ponytail to a messy bun, your Yorkie will look adorable no matter what.

60. Bald Patch Body Style

Yorkie bald patch body style

In the bald patch body style, anticipate your Yorkie to have a shaved tummy and back. The hair on the head should also be trimmed into a short bob, while the legs are usually left long and fluffy.

61. Symmetrical Partition

Yorkie symmetrical partition

The goal of the symmetrical partition haircut is to give your Yorkshire Terrier a balanced and well-proportioned look. 

From the top of its head to the tip of its toes, you can expect that everything about this cut is split down the middle. This is a common haircut seen in Yorkies that appear in magazines, commercials, or movies. 

62. Fashionable Yorkie Lady Cut

Fashionable Yorkie lady cut

Notably, the fashionable Yorkie lady cut is among the most sought-after haircuts for the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed.

It features a layered look that gives your dog a feminine touch. You will also see that this haircut can be accompanied by many other styles, such as bangs, side sweeps, and even bell-bottom-inspired limbs.

63. Grimy Puppy Cut

Yorkie grimy puppy cut

The grimy puppy cut is a fun way to keep your Yorkie looking cute and snuggly. So, if you’re looking for a haircut that’s more than just a standard trim, try out this style on your pup!

64. Disheveled Yorkie Haircut

Disheveled Yorkie haircut

Based on the picture of this Yorkie dog, you can tell that the owner is a fan of a disheveled look.

This style is achieved by letting your Yorkie’s hair grow into an uneven length and trimming it as you like. Remember that brushing is necessary, as this cut is prone to matting.

65. Clear-Cut Nose Style

Yorkie clear cut nose style

To highlight the beauty of your Yorkie’s face, you need to choose a haircut that will not cover its snout. Luckily, the clear-cut nose style is right up your alley!

It lets you see your dog’s precious little nose and still maintain a neat appearance.

66. Yorkie Cabinet Haircut

Yorkie cabinet haircut

The Yorkie cabinet haircut is where you crop the hair of your four-legged friend in different lengths and layers. Some dog owners also add highlights to the cabinet cut to make the cut appear more modern.

This cut is often characterized by a long, well-managed fur on top of the Yorkie’s head. Meanwhile, its body coat can either be of the same length or shorter. 

67. Tiny Tot Haircut

Yorkie tiny tot haircut

The tiny tot haircut is easier to maintain than the messy tot mentioned earlier. It is also more versatile and can be styled with ponytails, ribbons, hair clips, and pins.

You can even make your canine look like a princess by adding a crown of flowers or a tiara atop its head.

68. V Lines Style

Yorkie V lines style
Image credit: cheezburgerpins / Pinterest 

If you want your Yorkie to be the talk of the town, consider giving them a hairstyle that draws attention and makes them stand out.

Going with this trendy haircut idea, the dog will have a V-shaped pattern on its back. This is quite a bold look that works well with any fur color and gender.

69. Dapper Haircut

Yorkie dapper haircut
Image credit: thedoghousegroomingsalons / Instagram

Look at this photo of a Yorkie with a dapper haircut. This is the hairstyle to go for if you want your furry companion to look like a gentleman.

It’s classy and stylish but not too fussy or unkept — the perfect balance of cool and casual.

70. Homebody Yorkie Cut

Homebody Yorkie cut

The homebody cut is all about clipping the Yorkie hair in a way that makes your little dog look like it has just woken up from a nap.

This hairstyle can be achieved by trimming the hair on your pup’s face, leaving just enough length to cover its eyes. On the other hand, the fur on its body, legs, tail, and neck should appear shaggy and messy.

71. Parallel Style

Yorkie parallel style

The parallel style is a classic look for Yorkies. This haircut is characterized by a set of parallel lines that start from the canine’s back and end at its tail base.

72. Regal Yorkie Hairstyle

Regal Yorkie hairstyle

As Yorkies are known for being classy dogs, you can anticipate that the regal Yorkie hairstyle will work for them.

For this cut, you need to ensure that your dog’s hair is long enough to be styled into a top knot. This will allow you to easily put in a crown or other embellishments on top of its head.

In addition, its floor-length, luxurious fur will make for a stunning royal cape.

73. Gandalf-Like Yorkie Cut

Gandalf like Yorkie cut

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, then you will love this Gandalf-inspired Yorkie cut.

In this haircut style, the Yorkshire Terrier’s facial hair is bobbed in such a way that it looks like Gandalf’s beard and mustache. Their already black, blanket-like body hair is also snipped to resemble his long robe.

74. Patterned Haircut

Yorkie patterned haircut
Image credit: dogicat0729 / Pinterest 

The patterned hairstyle, without a doubt, can make a Yorkshire Terrier look gorgeous. All you need is to pick one of the many intricate designs that suit your Yorkie’s hair color and personality.

It should be noted, though, that this particular style can require more maintenance than other hairdos.

75. Dyed Yorkie Hairdo

Dyed Yorkie hairdo

You won’t believe how much a Yorkie’s appearance can change with a little non-toxic dye. Whether it be purple, yellow, blue, or any other color you can think of, it’s easy to make your pooch look like a rock star!

76. Teddy Cut with a Ponytail

Yorkie teddy cut with a ponytail
Image credit: merdam.grooming / Instagram

Since the teddy bear cut is so popular, why not give your Yorkie a version of the look that’s more on-trend? Just by leaving a small amount of hair at the top of your Yorkie’s head, you can easily create this adorable style.

77. Breed Trim

Yorkie breed trim

If you are planning to follow the standard set for the Yorkie breed, then the breed trim style is highly recommended. This haircut shows off the long, flowing coat of your pet. 

Take note, however, that the breed trim can be tough to manage. Fortunately, the elegant look it gives off is well worth it.

78. Messy Teddy Bear Cut

Yorkie messy teddy bear cut

Because no limitations exist for styling Yorkshire Terriers, fur parents can also opt for a messy teddy bear cut. Unlike the classic version of this hairdo, this one is less round and more free-flowing.

The result of this cut is a bear-like appearance that is not only cuddlesome but also brings out a playful side in your Yorkie.

79. Mix and Match Hairdo

Yorkie mix and match hairdo

Are you having trouble deciding which haircut style to give your Yorkie? If so, why not try mixing and matching some of the hairstyles on this list?

You can try pairing that parallel style with the faux legs Yorkie trim. Further, you can add a few bangs to the look you want to create. Just make sure to consult a professional before trying anything too extreme.

80. Yorkie Adorable Hairstyle

Yorkie adorable hairstyle

Looking like a tiny ball of fluff, this type of hairstyle makes the Yorkshire Terrier breed even cuter.

In this haircut, layers of fur are shortened, following the curve of a Yorkie’s body. Also, the hair on the head is left longer to give the canine a more voluminous appearance. 

Meanwhile, the fur on the ears is kept shorter, giving off a more balanced appearance.

81. Colorful Yorkie Hairstyle

Colorful Yorkie hairstyle
Image credit: rita_szabo_doggroomer_artist / Instagram

Instead of sticking to the usual color schemes of Yorkies, try something unconventional. This can be done by simply using a combination of vibrant dog-friendly hair dyes.

For example, if you want to try out the pink and violet shade combination for your Yorkie, feel free to do so. You can add some blue or green colors in there, too!

82. Fan-like Ears Haircut

Yorkie fan like ears haircut
Image credit: megan_the_groomer / Instagram

Have you ever seen a Yorkshire Terrier with a fan-like ear?

This kind of Yorkie haircut requires medium-length fur that covers the canine’s ears completely. This will enable the dog stylist to transform them into two small fan-looking ears.

83. Short but Elegant Yorkie Hairdo

Short but elegant Yorkie hairdo
Image credit: karlas_grooming / Instagram

With this short but elegant hairdo, your Yorkie will look like a movie star.

The dog’s facial hair is cropped short but still has a lot of volume and movement. It’s cut in layers at the sides to add shape, and the top is left long enough to be tied in a ponytail or braid.

84. Yorkie Long Fringe Cut

Yorkie long fringe cut
Image credit: aphrodite_pet_stylist / Instagram

If your Yorkie already has an overgrown coat, you might want to try this long fringe cut. The longer hair on the sides can provide a lovely contrast to their short-haired back and chest.

However, the fun part about this haircut is that you can style it in a number of ways: put it in pigtails or leave it loose over the shoulders.

85. Braided Yorkie Hairstyle

Braided Yorkie hairstyle
Image credit: princesscookiewookiee / Instagram

For those of you who want your Yorkie to look like an absolute doll, a braided hairstyle is an excellent way to achieve this. However, one should note that a dog with a floor-length coat is ideal for achieving this type of look.

Long, straight-across bangs running over the eyes and down to the shoulders make up this haircut. These bangs are then braided and tied off with a ribbon or elastic band as desired.

Meanwhile, the length of your Yorkie’s body fur can be left long or clipped short, depending on your preferences.

86. Rugged Yorkie Haircut

Rugged Yorkie haircut
Image credit: megsgrooming / Instagram

To match the energetic personality of your beautiful Yorkshire Terrier, try this rugged cut that is perfect for all seasons.

It is short and textured to keep the hair out of their eyes; however, it is also long enough to provide a nice frame around their face.

87. Oval Haircut

Yorkie oval haircut
Image credit: strizhkasobakvbelgorode_ / Instagram

Rather than simply trimming your Yorkie’s hair to a uniform length, you can also give them an oval cut. This hairstyle is similar to the traditional round cut but has more flair and form.

With an oval cut, a Yorkie will have a more elongated look while retaining a very neat appearance. Its ears will be well-defined, as well as its muzzles and legs.

88. Yorkie With Long-Haired Ears

Yorkie with long haired ears
Image credit: la_lunita011 / Instagram

Finally, if you want your Yorkie to look even more stylish and elegant, you should definitely try this haircut. 

But, in order to create this style, you should first let your pet’s fur grow out longer so it can be styled accordingly. After that, the hair on its ears will be cut in layers to give it a dainty appearance.

As for the rest of its coat, you can leave it long enough for some extra volume or simply trim it down.

Different Coat Lengths for the Yorkshire Terrier

After familiarizing yourself with the many Yorkie haircut styles and ideas, you’re probably wondering what coat length is best suited for your furry friend.

The following are five different types of coat lengths that Yorkies can have:


Shaved Yorkie

Depending on their human companion’s preferences, some Yorkshire Terriers have their fur shaved down to the skin.

While this may seem like a dramatic change, it is actually quite common among owners who prefer not to deal with daily brushing and grooming.

The problem with shaving your Yorkie, however, is that it can make them more prone to sunburns and other skin ailments.

Short or Puppy Cut

Yorkie short or puppy cut

Yorkies, in general, are small, energetic dogs with a penchant for mischief. Therefore, the puppy cut becomes a reasonable hair length for them.

I recall how a cousin of mine got Yuriko’s sibling as a pet and named her Pepper. Given her busy lifestyle at work, I suggested that she go for a short coat breed instead. However, she insisted on getting a Yorkie together with me.

Since she was not able to keep the same grooming routine that I had for Yuriko, she ended up maintaining just a puppy cut for Pepper eventually.


Yorkie medium coat

If you want to achieve a hairdo that’s not too high maintenance but still want to keep your Yorkie’s coat looking pristine, the medium coat length is what you should be aiming for.

A handful of Yorkie haircut ideas that work well with this length include bob cuts, pixie cuts, fluffy cuts, and designer cuts, to name a few.


Yorkie long coat length

With the long coat length, fur grows down to the Yorkie’s feet and sometimes even longer. Hence, it is necessary to keep up with daily grooming if you wish to maintain this type of hair.

Note that longer coats can also get tangled and matted easily, so be prepared to visit a dog stylist more often than usual.


Yorkie floor length coat

According to the AKC, this is the longest coat length Yorkshire Terriers can exhibit. It reaches all the way to the floor and covers this dog breed’s entire body.

One should note, though, that even if Yorkies with floor-length coats are ideal for canine show competitions, they’re not necessarily easy to maintain.

But, regardless of the coat length you choose for your Yorkie, always try to keep them clean and brushed out.

Yorkshire Terrier Haircut Before and After Pictures

When you’re planning to give your Yorkshire Terrier a haircut, you may be nervous about how it will turn out. Fortunately, there are plenty of before and after pictures out there that can help ease your mind.

Here are some before-and-after pictures of Yorkies that have undergone haircut transformations:

Ascetic Cut

Yorkie ascetic cut before and after
Image credit: schnittfein.heilbronn / Instagram

The before photo shows a Yorkie with a frizzy and messy coat. After having the ascetic haircut, however, the canine looks much more sleek and comfortable.

Short Yorkie Hairstyle

Short Yorkie hairstyle before and after
Image credit: dog.arthouse / Instagram

From being long and shaggy to looking like a Yorkie puppy, the short hairstyle makes this pooch look younger and more playful.

The hair has also been styled in a way that accentuates the facial features of this breed.

Stylish Yorkie Haircut

Stylish Yorkie haircut before and after
Image credit: rita_szabo_doggroomer_artist / Instagram

In the first photo, you will notice how overgrown this Yorkshire Terrier’s hair is. The owner has clearly tried to keep it clean by brushing it regularly, but the fur is just too fuzzy.

However, in the second picture, the Yorkie looks like a different dog with its new haircut! There are no longer any clumps of hair covering its eyes.

The added pink ribbon makes it look even cuter than before as well.

V Lines

Yorkie V lines before and after
Image credit: grooming_vlg_ / Instagram

As you can see in the before picture, this Yorkie’s coat is a little bit long and disheveled. But after the V-design haircut, the Yorkie now boasts a unique, trendy appearance!

Watch how a Yorkie goes from scruffy to spiffy in this video below:

Grooming Guide - Full Grooming Yorkshire Terier #44

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Yorkie

Whether you are a new dog owner or have had your Yorkie for years, keeping your dog’s wavy, textured hair tip-top shape is important. Fortunately for you, this section will provide helpful haircut tips for your Yorkie.

Follow these tips to make sure your Yorkie gets the best haircut:

  • Do your research. Before getting a haircut for your Yorkie, you should read up on different fur-cutting styles and methods to find one that works best with your dog’s personality, color, etc.
  • Choose a professional groomer. Once you have decided on a Yorkie haircut style, ensure to get it done by a skilled stylist who has experience working with Yorkies. However, if you are confident in your own abilities, feel free to do this task yourself.
  • Provide references to the groomer. If you opt to bring your Yorkie to the grooming salon, it is best to provide pictures of the haircut you want your dog to have. This way, the groomer can ensure that the cut is what you want, or at least close enough to make it work.
  • Ask the stylist for after-care tips. After the session, ask the groomer for some tips on how to keep your Yorkie’s new hairdo looking great. Inquire about which leave-in conditioner and shampoo are most suitable for your pup’s fur. For a Yorkie with a particular type of haircut, it is also important to know which brush or comb is best for its hair.

By taking note of all these Yorkie haircut tips, you can guarantee that your pup will look fresh and spiffy after every grooming session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cute Yorkie getting a haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Yorkie?

According to professional dog groomers, the most popular haircut for a Yorkie, especially a highly energetic one, is the puppy cut.

This style involves clipping the Yorkie hair short all over the body and leaving only a fluffy fringe around the face and ears.

The idea is that this cut gives dogs more freedom of movement while still retaining their adorable appearances.

How Often Does a Yorkie Need a Haircut?

Since Yorkies are known for their long, luxurious, and silky hair, their coats should be snipped every 4 to 8 weeks. Luckily, you can learn how to trim your dog’s hair at home with a pair of shears and some practice.

However, it is important to note that most Yorkie haircut styles are still best performed by experienced groomers.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut a Yorkshire Terrier’s Hair?

While it can be tempting to skip routine grooming sessions, you need to know that there are serious consequences for not having your Yorkshire Terrier’s hair trimmed.

The following are some of the problems you could encounter if you neglect your Yorkie’s coat:

So, to keep your fur baby’s coat healthy, it’s worthwhile to invest in a high-quality grooming kit or take them to a skilled groomer regularly.

What Length Should I Cut My Yorkie’s Hair?

On average, the right length to cut your Yorkie’s hair depends on the style you want to achieve. You can choose from many different looks, including a short, medium, long, or floor-length cut.

For instance, if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires minimal brushing, either the teddy bear cut or puppy Yorkie cut would be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you have the time and patience to brush out your pooch’s hair every day, a long haircut may be more suitable.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, there are many different hairstyles you can choose from when grooming your Yorkshire Terrier.

Whether it be a lion cut, puppy cut, Schnauzer trim, or a Poodle cut, their long hair can be styled in any way imaginable.

However, keeping the Yorkie’s hair fashionable and well-groomed can be challenging for many fur parents.

It is worth noting, though, that by choosing the right haircut style and learning how to maintain it, you’ll be able to keep your Yorkshire Terrier looking fresh and stylish every day.

Just remember to choose a reputable groomer with experience in cutting Yorkie hair and ask them which styles are best suited for your canine’s specific needs.

So, have you chosen your favorite Yorkie hairdo? Comment below your top picks among the 88 best Yorkie haircut styles!

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