16 Best Chihuahua Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Chihuahua haircuts

The Chihuahua only grows its hair to a specific length, which makes it more straightforward for dog owners to choose the perfect Chihuahua haircut style for their pets.

But if you’re still looking for more awesome Chihuahua haircut styles, look no further! You are in the right place. In this guide, we’ve gathered the top Chihuahua haircuts perfect for your four-legged best friend.

Any of the Chihuahua haircut ideas on this list will guarantee to make your dog stand out and be a huge hit on the streets. All you have to do is choose wisely. Without further ado, let’s begin!

16 Best Haircut Styles for Chihuahuas

When it comes to taking care of our beloved furry friends, all we want is the best for them. And part of this is giving them a haircut that will make them feel and look their best!

The following are Chihuahua haircuts that may look great on your pup:

1. Summer Cut

Chihuahua summer cut
Image credit: diamonddogssalon / Instagram

If you like to keep your Chihuahua neat and free of extra hair, then the summer cut is for you!

This haircut will make your pup a lot easier to maintain and take care of. Additionally, it’s the perfect option for keeping your pet cool this summer!

To achieve this cut, all you need to do is cut its coat a half inch all over the body.

2. Lion Cut

Chihuahua lion cut
Image credit: oysterchihuahua / Instagram

This cute Chihuahua haircut gives the appearance of a lion’s mane. It involves shaving or considerably trimming the body hair and leaving the fuzzy areas around the face, legs, and tail tip.

3. Show Cut

Chihuahua show cut
Image credit: sushi_mano / Instagram

This Chihuahua show cut is designed for canines that are ready to walk the runways and is a popular choice for breeders and those who compete in the conformation ring. This haircut also showcases both their fierce personalities and the key characteristics of the breed.

The show cut fluffs up the tail and shapes the front and hindquarters to highlight the features of a Chihuahua.

4. Traditional Long Cut

Chihuahua traditional long cut
Image credit: rocco.and.rambo / Instagram

With this cut, your dog can retain the hair on its head, ears, and tail and the ruff on its neck. Simply trim them to create a shape highlighting the Chihuahua’s unique features.

While this cut is not usually seen on show dogs, it can still surely accentuate its cute and fluffy appearance.

5. Simple Trim

Chihuahua simple trim
Image credit: m_ong_mo_ng_ / Instagram

The simple trim’s main goal is to maintain the breed’s distinctive form while keeping the dog well-groomed and tidy.

In addition, a simple trim of the body fur and the paws, ears, and private regions will emphasize the beauty of your Chihuahua.

6. Teddy Bear Cut

Chihuahua teddy bear cut
Image credit: groomika / Instagram

With this adorable cut, you can turn your Chihuahua into a real-life teddy bear! Although Chihuahuas of any coat color can acquire this teddy bear appearance, the brown version has the closest resemblance.

The teddy bear cut will give your pooch a rounded face and ears, making them seem incredibly cuddly, regardless of gender. To complete its teddy bear look, your Chihuahua’s body coat should be at least one inch long, but not too long.

7. Fox Cut

Chihuahua fox cut
Image credit: groomaniacs / Instagram

This stylish cut will make passersby wonder whether you are walking a Chihuahua or a real baby fox.

The purpose of the fox cut is to give your Chi a more pointed face and ears by trimming them triangularly. The tail has the same wild appearance as a fox’s, while the rest of the body’s fur has been cropped shorter.

8. Kiddie Cut

Chihuahua kiddie cut
Image credit: wellness.spa_gram / Instagram

If you take care of your Chihuahua like your child, you should also give it a childlike haircut.

You can create this cut by leaving the long hairs on your dog’s pointy ears. To emphasize this haircut more, the hair all over the body should be short.

9. Bichon Head Cut

Chihuahua Bichon head cut
Image credit: po_fuwa / Instagram

Giving your Chihuahua a thick Bichon Frise cut will make it seem just like a pom-pom.

While the rest of the body will have its hair shaved short, the fur on the face is expertly groomed to make a square or rounded appearance.

10. Undercut

Chihuahua undercut

If you thought that only humans could get an undercut, you were wrong! 

Cut the body coat of your Chihuahua short until you reach the muzzle. Leave the top long and only shorten the lower part. After that, your Chihuahua’s undercut is ready!

11. Mohawk Cut

Chihuahua mohawk cut
Image credit: fourpawspetspa / Instagram

The mohawk cut is great for dog owners who want their Chihuahua to seem fashionable and unique.

In this kind of haircut, the guard hairs and head fur are left longer while the rest of the body is shaved.

12. Long Chest Cut

Chihuahua long chest cut

Another easy, low-maintenance style is the long-chest haircut. Instead of trimming your Chihuahua’s chest hair as you normally would, you can give it an amusing chest scrunch to fully highlight its gorgeous frame.

You simply need to trim the fur on its legs short to emphasize the length of your Chihuahua’s chest.

13. Slicked-back Cut

Chihuahua slicked back cut
Image credit: dog_fugi / Instagram

Here’s an eye-catching and intriguing look. The nicely groomed face of a Chihuahua contrasts nicely with the hair on the rear of its head, giving it a wilder appearance.

With this haircut, your Chihuahua’s ears and the area surrounding the back of its head will get a light trim. Meanwhile, the rest of its hair is kept short and well-groomed, especially on the face.

14. Puffy Cut

Chihuahua puffy cut
Image credit: the_doggos4 / Instagram

This Chihuahua haircut is one of the cutest styles on the list. However, few dogs can pull off this look, mainly because they don’t have natural fluffy coats or hairs that are long enough to do so.

If your Chihuahua has medium-to-long hair, it will almost resemble a miniature Malamute or Husky with how its fur is puffed up with this hairstyle!

15. Whisker Cut

Chihuahua whisker cut
Image credit: chihuahua.world.page7 / Instagram

When sporting this Chihuahua haircut, the length of the head, ears, or other body parts is irrelevant because the focus of this cut is on its whiskers.

These incredibly long whiskers go pretty well with the neat appearance of the short hair!

16. Classic Cut

Chihuahua classic cut
Image credit: petstoriescy / Instagram

This clean, classic-looking, even cut is achieved by cutting the coat to a medium length that is just a little shorter than a natural cut.

Despite the simplicity of this haircut, you must be careful to avoid cutting it too short.

Different Coat Lengths for the Chihuahua

While most of us are accustomed to seeing Chihuahuas with short, silky coats, there are a variety of coat lengths that may surprise you. Some Chihuahuas grow with short coats, while others flaunt lengthy hairs.

Here are the different lengths of the Chihuahua coat:

1. Hairless

Hairless Chihuahua
Image credit: el.chico.cabra / Instagram

Hairless Chis may look different from other Chihuahuas. Despite this, it is still the same little, elegant dog that you have always adored. It only has a rare genetic condition that causes it to lose hair.

With a hairless Chihuahua, you won’t have to pick a haircut any longer because, as the name implies, this dog has no hair.

2. Shaved Hair

Shaved Chihuahua
Image credit: seoyeon_pet / Instagram

In general, keeping your Chihuahua at this length is not a good idea. Shaving your Chihuahua exposes it to the risks of sunburn and increases its chance of getting skin cancer.

But, if you must shave your dog, keep in mind that it needs additional care to stay in peak condition. Consulting a professional groomer is the best way to assess whether your dog needs to have its hair shaved.

According to one of my colleagues who is a volunteer at rescue organizations and animal shelters, one of the first things they do when they see surrendered dogs, including Chihuahuas, with severely matted or tangled hair, is to shave them to this length.

This made it much easier for them to improve the coat condition of the dogs eventually and rehabilitate them properly.

3. Short Hair

Chihuahua short coat
Image credit: likorizpets / Instagram

If you want your pooch to look like typical Chihuahuas, short hair may work well for it.

This length is super easy for anyone to maintain and take care of. Nonetheless, your pup may require more than a quick brush once a week with this haircut.

4. Long Hair

Chihuahua long hair
Image credit: chihuahua_jewel / Instagram

Go for a longer length of fur if you want to give your Chihuahua’s hair many different styling options. However, this length requires extra upkeep and care to keep the hair in good condition.

The coats of long-haired Chihuahuas may even get considerably longer, although not to the point that the hair will touch the floor. You can trim your Chihuahua to maintain your desired length.

Learn how to maintain long hair for your Chihuahua by watching this video:

Chihuahua Haircut Before and After Pictures

Regular grooming keeps your Chihuahua looking good and prevents uncomfortable matting.

It is possible, however, that after grooming your dog, it will appear to be a Chihuahua mix or a whole new dog breed.

Regardless, your dog is sure to become a head-turner because of its new hairstyle!

Here are some before and after haircut pictures of Chihuahuas:

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Chihuahua teddy bear cut before and after
Image credit: furbabiesgroomingbyveronica / Instagram

Get your dog some accessories, like bow ties, to make its fashionable Chihuahua haircut even cuter.

If you settle on a short hairstyle like the one in the picture and live in a cold environment, you might also need to invest in warm clothing.

2. Traditional Long Cut

Chihuahua traditional long cut before and after
Image credit: frigagreen / Instagram

Your Chihuahua’s ears are one of its cutest features, so it only makes sense to let them stand out. You can do this by trimming everything around their body short and giving their ears a butterfly form!

3. Long Chest Cut

Chihuahua long chest cut before and after
Image credit: mack_pals / Instagram

This Chihuahua haircut is a terrific option if you want your dog to look like a princess. The head’s fur is cut short, while the hair on the chest and body is long and brushed straight.

This style requires the expertise of a groomer, so make sure to book an appointment beforehand.

4. Fox Cut

Chihuahua fox cut before and after
Image credit: diamondintheruff_grooms / Instagram

Like the majority of dog owners, you want to make your canine companion as comfortable and cool as possible during the summer.

As a solution, you may trim your Chihuahua’s coat to around half an inch, allowing the ears a bit longer to give it a fox-like appearance.

Although this haircut sounds like a basic trim, your dog will have a completely different look after getting this hairstyle.

5. Lion Cut

Chihuahua lion cut before and after
Image credit: fluffinperfect / Instagram

Your pet will appear really attractive with this unique half-and-half haircut for Chihuahuas.

The dog’s face, paws, and the front portion of the body should remain hairy; only the back portion of the dog’s fur needs to be removed or cut short.

6. Bichon Head Cut

Chihuahua Bichon head before and after
Image credit: grooming.by.brianna / Instagram

If you let their facial hair grow a little more, there are countless haircuts you can give Chihuahuas.

As seen in the picture, you can give them a rounded face.

A round face cut on your Chihuahua will highlight its already endearing, feisty face even more! This look can be accomplished easily, and it works well with a shaved or short haircut.

7. Simple Trim

Chihuahua simple trim before and after
Image credit: trimsalonpuppylook / Instagram

This Chihuahua’s haircut in the picture is perhaps one of the most popular ones. A simple trim will make your pet look clean and fresh.

With less hair on the body and some style around the head, your Chihuahua will keep feeling cool and will surely enjoy romping around in the summer!

8. Puffy Cut

Chihuahua puffy cut before and after
Image credit: trimsalonpuppylook / Instagram

You can choose a coat of moderate length like the one pictured above if you like something between the long show coat and the short puppy cut.

You can achieve this fluffy Chihuahua coat looks by using a hair blower.

9. Classic Cut

Chihuahua classic cut before and after
Image credit: bannmhaa / Instagram

Some Chihuahua owners prefer their dogs to be as natural-looking as possible; if this is your preference, the classic cut shown in the photo might be the best option.

10. Summer Cut

Chihuahua summer cut before and after
Image credit: paracord_handmade_by_mari / Instagram

This haircut is a perfect option for the hot, sticky, muggy summer months. On the contrary, it is obviously not a good option for winter.

If you decide to give your Chihuahua this haircut, be prepared to wrap them up in a fleece jacket in the wintertime.

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Chihuahua

While many dog owners are successful at grooming their pups, it will take some time and work to accustom your dog to regular grooming.

Here are some important haircut tips for Chihuahua owners:

  • Start young. Once a Chihuahua is between 12 and 16 weeks old and has received its final round of vaccines, it is advised that you begin grooming it to give the puppy some time to become used to the process. It’s essential that you don’t delay grooming because doing so could make the puppy anxious later in life.
  • Take a slow, gentle approach. Due to their lack of familiarity, the puppy will initially attempt to resist grooming. Giving them a light massage on their paws will make them relaxed. This will make it simpler for you or the groomer to do the grooming.
  • Put the scissors down unless you are an expert. Despite your desire to give your dog the best haircut possible, a lack of expertise could cause coat damage. Additionally, if your dog’s hair is tangled, cutting it yourself can be both dangerous and frustrating. It is best to let professionals handle your dog because you can accidentally injure it in the process.
  • Bring a picture of a Chihuahua’s haircut that you like. By showing the groomer a picture of the haircut you want for your dog, you can guarantee that your Chihuahua gets the cut you want. Expect that there may be some variations from what you like if the photo you provided isn’t a picture of a dog that looks similar to yours.

You should be aware that puppies recall their first encounters with things fairly well. After their first grooming, they might not want to have it done again, or they might absolutely love it.

In order to make sure that your Chihuahua will continue to look forward to its next grooming session, you must provide it with the best grooming experience possible. With this, you may also want to invest in good-quality grooming tools to make the experience easier for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chihuahua about to get a haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Chihuahua?

The most popular cut for Chihuahuas is a simple trim. These canines already have a natural shape, so a simple trim is a great way to maintain your dog’s beautiful coat.

While it sounds “simple” and doesn’t need much trimming at all, your groomer will add several minor touches to highlight your Chihuahua’s lovely locks.

How Often Does a Chihuahua Need a Hair Cut?

Your preference for their appearance will determine how frequently you should give your Chihuahua a haircut.

You can often trim their hair if you wish to maintain it short. But if you want to showcase their long, shining hair, you may get away with frequent haircuts, but you’ll need to brush them more frequently.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Chihuahua’s Hair?

If you don’t groom your Chihuahua, its coat may become tangled or matted. Although it may not seem dangerous, matting can put your dog in danger by reducing blood flow to its skin, causing hot spots, germs, infections, scabs, cuts, and more.

What Length Should I Cut My Chihuahua’s Hair?

The answer depends on your preference. If you don’t want to deal with so much fur, you should opt for a shortcut. However, if you prefer to groom long lustrous hair, you should have your Chihuahua’s hair trimmed, at least.

Alternatively, if you’re unsure about the perfect length for your dog’s hair, your groomer can provide a recommendation.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas are among the smallest dog breeds in the world. While they are naturally adorable, you can make them even cuter by giving them a haircut.

Selecting the perfect Chihuahua haircut style is a great opportunity to show off your dog’s and your own personality.

While your Chihuahua can sport any style, some haircuts may be better than others.

If you want a more practical hairstyle, you may try to stay away from the lengthy and more exotic cuts and choose a more low-maintenance, active-style look.

Make sure to provide your groomer with a picture of the haircut you prefer because there are several names for different styles of Chihuahua haircuts.

We’d love to know in the comment section which of the Chihuahua haircut ideas you finally decided on!

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