16 Best Cavapoo Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Cavapoo haircuts

Several unique and attractive Cavapoo haircut styles have emerged in recent years. Since Cavapoo hair grows quickly, dog owners found creative ways to style the various coat types of this dog.

The Cavapoo, also known as the Cavoodle, is a designer dog distinct for its luxurious coat of various colors. Its non-shedding coat appeals to many dog owners, despite needing regular grooming.

Many dog owners constantly search for the best Cavapoo haircut for their pup, whether it’s a clean, wacky, or elegant cut. Keep reading to see a list of 16 Cavapoo haircut ideas that you can try on your pet.

16 Best Haircut Styles for Cavapoos

The varied natural coat types of the Cavapoo can be styled in many ways. It can have a silky, wavy coat like a Cavalier or the curly hair of a Poodle. This allows you to try some popular Cavapoo haircuts for your dog.

1. Kennel Cut

Cavapoo kennel cut
Image credit: sushi_the_cockapoo / Instagram

The kennel cut is a clean and short Cavapoo haircut. The coat length is kept the same along the body and helps keep the tidy look of your puppy. Hence, this haircut reduces the number of visits to the salon.

Kennel Cavapoo haircuts can be done for all types of Cavapoo coats. This is shorter than both the popular teddy bear and the puppy cut.

With some dog shears and knowledge of basic grooming skills, you can do some DIY grooming sessions at home.

2. Summer Cut

Cavapoo summer cut

From its name, the Cavapoo summer cut is perfect for summer months to help your dog feel cooler when outdoors. Summer cuts have evenly short hair around the body, while the face is slightly trimmed.

You can also keep their tail and feet hair short for the Cavapoo summer cut. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to shave their coat since it may cause skin issues and sunburn if they spend long hours under the sun.

This Cavapoo haircut is easy to maintain. Since your dog’s hair is short, there is less chance of getting matted fur, so your visit to the groomer will be lessened. If you’re a busy Cavapoo owner, this is a good option.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Cavapoo teddy bear cut

The Cavapoo teddy bear cut is an adorable style that looks great on this mix. This style gives an adorable teddy bear appearance to Cavapoos that is charming to anyone.

In terms of length, the teddy bear cut is between the shorter summer cut and the bit longer puppy cut. The hairs on the head and face are trimmed and maintain the standard round shape of the Cavapoo’s face.

Aside from the face, the leg and feet hair are also trimmed to blend in with the whole body. Like the summer cut, this Cavapoo teddy bear cut is also easy to maintain.

4. Puppy Cut

Cavapoo puppy cut

The puppy cut is an adorable haircut for a Cavapoo puppy. It is very similar to the teddy bear cut, except this one is longer to resemble the natural look of a weeks-old Cavapoo puppy before its first haircut.

Despite the hairstyle’s name, Cavapoos of any age can sport a puppy cut. It is a classic and sweet look for this hybrid.

While it looks great on any Cavapoo puppy coat, this hairstyle is best for wavy or straight coats for easier maintenance.

Nevertheless, a Cavapoo puppy trim is still considered a low-maintenance haircut despite being longer than other styles. Matting can be reduced with regular brushing.

5. Lamb Haircut

Cavapoo lamb cut
Image credit: fibi_furia_the_cavapoos / Instagram

The Cavapoo lamb cut is one of the best Cavapoo haircuts. The length of body hair is generally short, but the hair around the legs is longer with rounded feet. The facial hair is also trimmed, but the ear hair is longer.

The lamb cut looks great with either a Cavapoo straight coat, wavy coat, or curly coat. Having a fuller coat around the legs is also more appealing to hide their thin bony legs.

This charming look is even better when your Cavapoo appears very similar to a purebred Poodle. It is only slightly longer than the Cavapoo puppy cut, so it is still considered a medium haircut that is easy to maintain.

6. Lion Haircut

Cavapoo lion haircut
Image credit: marlee_the_cavoodle / Instagram

Lion Cavapoo haircut ideas have been around for quite a while. Some Cavapoo owners put a mane headband on their dog’s head, while some Cavapoos actually have a mane around the face and short body hair.

The lion cut is not one of the regular haircuts for any dog breed. This haircut involves cutting short or even shaving the right amount of body hair while keeping the hair around the face, tail, and legs.

However, just one word of caution for those who wish to try this cut, as with what happened with my Pomeranian, my friend who owns a Cavapoo has tried this cut for his dog, Panther, as well. As the fur grew longer, it had quite an uneven and funny look.

Hence, if you wish to do this cut for your Cavapoo, you might need to maintain it frequently to avoid this phase.

7. Top Knot Hairstyle

Cavapoo top knot hairstyle
Image credit: toby_j_cavapoo / Instagram

This dog hairstyle is famous among posh pooches like the Poodle. Together with the lion cut, these types of Cavapoo haircuts need long hair on the head. The top knot forms a ponytail at the top of a dog’s head.

The top knot Cavapoo haircut keeps their long hair from blocking their eyes. The rest of the body hair depends on your preferences or your dog’s activities. In general, shorter body hair is easier to maintain.

8. Top Buns Haircut

Cavapoo top buns haircut
Image credit: teddyboythebear / Instagram

A variation of the top knot for Cavapoos with a curly coat is the top bun Cavapoo haircut. The long curly hair around the head is shaped to form a round bun at the top of your furry friend’s head.

This hairstyle is a lovely look with a touch of sophistication. Trimming the edges of the top bun gives your pooch a clean and head-turning look.

9. All-Natural Curly Style

Cavapoo all natural curly style

This Cavapoo haircut is a good choice for coats similar to the Poodle. The coat is maintained at medium length to make the grandeur curls more prominent.

A medium-length curly hair looks neat and elegant. It also adds protection against sunlight and insulation during cold weather. Since this look is only for curly Cavapoos, it is less common than other Cavapoo haircut styles.

This curly style is very similar to the teddy bear and lamb cut; however, it is slightly longer with an emphasis on the curls.

10. Cavalier Cut 

Cavapoo cavalier cut

The Cavalier Cavapoo haircut is a good style for Cavapoos who have the looks of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This hairstyle gives your pooch the iconic long ears while keeping the head and facial hair clean and short.

This Cavapoo haircut is distinct for a low feathering on the belly, chest, and legs, like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in dog shows. However, they are cut thinner and trimmed to appear neat.

Maintaining this long hair requires high maintenance. On top of daily brushing, it needs grooming every 2 to 3 weeks. Also, this haircut may be uncomfortable for your pooch during hot summers.

11. Poodle Cut

Cavapoo Poodle cut
Image credit: the_brutal_poodle / Instagram

The posh-looking Cavapoo Poodle cut looks great for Doodle breeds. With this cut, the dog’s facial hair is trimmed while the head and body fur are kept at medium length to maintain a fluffy coat.

Your Cavapoo can pull off this look if they have longer muzzles like a purebred Poodle. 

12. Shih Tzu Cut

Cavapoo Shih Tzu cut
Instagram: cloverthecavoodle / Instagram

The Shih Tzu cut is also an adorable look for Doodle breeds, like the Cavapoo. This haircut features trimmed hair on the muzzle while keeping the head and ear hair long and rounded.

As for the rest of the body, the hair length is kept short to medium, depending on the preference of the Cavapoo owner. With this cut, prepare to do some extra brushing to avoid matted fur.

13. Clean Muzzle Cut

Cavapoo clean muzzle cut

The clean muzzle Cavapoo haircut puts a spotlight on your dog’s pretty face by trimming the facial hairs between the eyes and nose while keeping long hair on the head.

Clean Cavapoo haircuts are suitable for a furry friend that loves to sniff around. It prevents dirt from getting trapped in between a dog’s hair. A clean face also makes sure that their line of sight is not blocked.

14. Pigtails 

Cavapoo pigtails
Image credit: m_ong_mo_ng_ / Instagram

This is a low-maintenance Cavapoo haircut characterized by short and trimmed fur on the head with long fur on the ears. Keeping the Cavapoo’s fur on the ears long adds volume and makes it resembles a pigtail.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the body, the length of the hair is cut to the same length as the head fur. Your Cavapoo can sport this hairstyle year-round without any trouble.

15. Long and Wavy Cut

Cavapoo long and wavy cut
Image credit: reggie.the.cavoodle / Instagram

This lovely Cavapoo haircut is suitable for mixes that have the wavy or straight coats of the Cavalier breed. Maintaining long hair in your Cavapoo shows off their bouncy hair.

If you want to help your Cavapoo pull off this hairstyle, make sure to trim the hair around the eyes so as not to affect their sight. Long hair is also ideal for keeping your pet warm during cold seasons.

16. Shaggy Cut

Cavapoo shaggy cut

The shaggy Cavapoo haircut features long hair all around the body except for the muzzle. This extra volume of hair creates a charmingly scruffy look for your pooch.

While this haircut requires a bit more maintenance and grooming, having this cute walking companion in the house is worth it.

Different Coat Lengths for the Cavapoo

With several Cavapoo haircut styles, it may take some time to choose which is your favorite. An easy way to start is by deciding the appropriate hair length for your pooch.

In this section, you’ll learn about the different coat lengths for the Cavapoo. Some information about the pros and cons of each type can further help you choose the right Cavapoo haircut style.


Shaved Cavapoo
Image credit: teddy_our_cavapoo / Instagram

A shaved Cavapoo is not common in this mix. This is because shaving the dog’s coat is only done in special cases, such as extreme matting of the Cavapoo coat or during a medical procedure but only on affected areas.

If your pooch is healthy, shaving is not recommended. It removes their protection from harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer. Fortunately, the low-shedding Cavapoo hair grows quickly.

Short Hair

Cavapoo short hair

Having short hair in any dog is always a good choice since it keeps the pup neat. Some short-length styles include the teddy bear cut, summer cut, and puppy cut.

Commonly, short hair is preferable during humid and hot summer days to keep your dog cool. This coat length also requires low maintenance of brushing about two to three times a week.

Medium-Length Hair

Cavapoo with medium length hair
Image credit: mango_the_cavapoo / Instagram

The medium-length coat is extra appealing if you have a Cavapoo with curly hair since it highlights the natural curls of your dog.

If you have a Cavapoo with medium wavy hair, you need to brush more frequently to prevent matting. A daily brush is sufficient to give the Cavapoo hair a soft and healthy look.

Long Hair

Cavapoo with long hair

Long hair lets Cavapoo puppies show off their coat colors like red, ruby, chestnut, or other stunning Poodle coat colors. This length allows a dog owner to be more creative in styling their Cavapoo’s coat.

However, maintaining this coat length is challenging. This means more frequent brushing and bathing to keep it tidy, especially if your dog loves to be outdoors.

Floor-Length Hair

Cavapoo floor length hair
Image credit: piper_the_destroyer / Instagram

If you want a Cavapoo with really long hair, prepare for a demanding hair care routine since this coat length is prone to tangles and mats.

A very long coat takes after the luxurious look of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel show dog. While it is attractive, it is not suitable for dogs at all times, especially if you have a limited schedule to maintain this length.

Cavapoo Haircut Before and After Pictures

Trying new Cavapoo haircuts makes any dog owner excited and nervous at the same time. Before going to the groomer, take a look at some of the most incredible transformation photos.

You will find seven before and after photos below to see some of the cutest haircuts for your Cavapoo.

Teddy Bear Cut

Cavapoo teddy bear cut before and after
Image credit: devine.grooming / Instagram

From a shaggy-looking coat, keeping short hair on the head and trimming the facial hair reveal the cute face of your pooch. Leaving long ear fur and evenly short hair on the body also gives a clean and adorable look.

Teddy Bear Cut with Pigtails

Cavapoo teddy bear cut with pigtails before and after
Image credit: halleandkobethecavoodles / Instagram

This dog is sporting a unique Cavapoo haircut. It features a short teddy bear cut but with long and shaggy ears. Combined with rounded paws and a clean muzzle cut, your pooch will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Kennel Cut

Cavapoo kennel cut before and after
Image credit: myfavouritedogsalon / Instagram

If your pooch has been sporting a long coat, give them the all-around short kennel cut to achieve a fresh look! Add a pink bow on the chest, too, for more charm.

Lamb Cut

Cavapoo lamb cut before and after
Image credit: fraser_and_pooch / Instagram

Grooming your pooch with a short haircut always works with a lamb cut. A fuller look at the legs makes your Cavapoo more adorable. A subtle top bun also shapes their face round, looking like a teddy bear.

Lamb Cut with Pigtails

Cavapoo lamb cut with pigtails before and after
Image credit: thedogspabyanna / Instagram

This look is another lamb cut with an added twist. Some Cavapoo dog owners enjoy mixing Cavapoo haircut styles. This pooch is sporting a classic lamb cut with short body hair, full-looking fur around the legs, rounded paws, and pigtails.

Summer Cut with Pigtails

Cavapoo summer cut with pigtails before and after
Image credit: muttkutts / Instagram

A tidy and short body hair combined with long ears is a popular look for the Cavapoo. With low-hanging muzzle hair, this highlights the iconic straight hair of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that not all Doodle breeds have.

Summer Cut with Clean Muzzle

Cavapoo summer cut with clean muzzle before and after
Image credit: itsgroomsbyjenn / Instagram

Long wavy hair looks good on your pooch but is difficult to maintain. A trimmed and fresh summer cut is comfortable for your pooch and low maintenance. This hairdo is an easy pick for Cavapoo owners.

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Cavapoo

Grooming is part of raising a healthy dog. Proper hygiene does not only involve trying the cutest haircuts. It is also about providing basic dog care to your pooch, like nail trimming and brushing.

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced Cavapoo owner, here are some useful grooming tips to help you achieve the best Cavapoo haircuts and hair care for your pooch:

  • Talk to a professional groomer. Choosing from the various Cavapoo haircuts will be easy if you ask professional groomers. Bring sample photos showing some of the Cavapoo haircuts that you want. Since some Cavapoo haircuts have different names, even an experienced groomer may not be familiar with a certain cut.
  • Calm your anxious dog. Most dogs feel anxious while being groomed. One way to solve this is by doing some grooming yourself, such as nail clipping or brushing. This prevents long claws or thick mats from forming, which could be uncomfortable for your dog when they are removed during the grooming session.
  • Pick a haircut according to your dog’s lifestyle. When browsing Cavapoo haircuts, it can be tempting to try the most popular ones. However, the best factor to consider is your dog’s daily activities and environment. Choose a hairstyle that will keep your pup comfortable.
  • Have the right tools and products. If you want to groom your Cavapoo yourself, have the right grooming tools and products. For example, use the same kind of nail clippers or ear-cleaning tools that most groomers use. For bathing, use a gentle dog shampoo to avoid skin irritation.
  • Learn basic grooming techniques. Bathing, hair trimming, nail clipping, and ear cleaning are all basic grooming skills that Cavapoo owners should learn. Knowing how to do basic grooming saves you money by reducing the number of visits to the groomer.

This list contains just a few Cavapoo grooming tips that you may use to groom your pooch. Just be mindful that as your puppy grows, its activities also change, so you might need to tweak your grooming routine.

Here’s a video of a Cavapoo puppy during its first grooming:

Puppy’s first groom! Sage the cavapoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Cavapoo with new haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Cavapoo?

The most popular Cavapoo haircut is the teddy bear cut. Many Cavapoo owners seem to desire a walking teddy bear as a pet.

If you want to maintain a teddy bear cut, make sure to brush constantly to prevent tangling. You must also trim the facial hair to keep the cute teddy bear look.

How Often Does a Cavapoo Need a Haircut?

Most Cavapoo groomers suggest intensive grooming of your pooch every 4 to 6 weeks. Since this hybrid has a low-shedding coat, its hair grows fast and needs more hair care.

In addition to grooming, brushing their hair about 2 to 3 times a week is also required to prevent matting. However, if your pooch has long Cavapoo hairstyles, you might need to brush daily.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Cavapoo’s Hair?

Sometimes, missing a grooming session cannot be avoided if you are a busy fur parent. However, this negatively affects your furry friend, especially if you’ve skipped grooming several times.

Their low-shedding hair easily forms layers that can lead to matting and tangling. Furthermore, other serious consequences may develop, such as skin infections, fleas and tick infestation, and hot spots or crusty scabs.

To prevent these from happening, it’s important to hire a professional groomer to keep your Cavapoo’s coat healthy.

What Length Should I Cut My Cavapoo’s Hair?

In general, you can choose any hair length for your pooch that matches the Cavapoo hairstyle that you want.

This means you can choose between a short and medium-length coat if you want a summer or puppy cut. On the other hand, long hair is best if you adore a shaggy or long and wavy look for your pup.

However, short hair would be a good choice if you think a low-maintenance hairstyle is more compatible with your dog’s lifestyle. 

Nevertheless, long hair is always an option if you don’t mind intensive hair care.

Final Thoughts

The Cavapoo has a low-shedding luxurious coat with various textures. This gives Cavapoo owners a lot of room to be creative and mix different hairstyles to give their puppy a unique and adorable look.

You can choose among the short to medium Cavapoo hairstyles like the kennel, summer, teddy bear, or lamb cut. If you’re interested in a long hairstyle, you have the shaggy, wavy, and Cavalier cuts as options.

You can also get creative with a lion cut, pigtails, or the top knot. Regardless of what you choose, all these hairstyles are adorable. The only thing you need to consider is the comfort of your pup.

Did this list help you in deciding your favorite Cavapoo haircut? Share below your top choices among the 16 best Cavapoo haircut styles!

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