43 Best Poodle Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Poodle haircuts

Poodle haircut styles are popular not only because they look great but also because they come in a wide range of varieties. There’s a haircut idea for every Poodle, depending on its needs and personality.

Are you looking for an elaborate hairstyle or simply a neat, tidy, and fresh look? Do you prefer it to be short or long? With a lot of ideas surfacing, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a Poodle haircut. 

Fortunately, this guide on the 43 best Poodle haircut styles is here to help you out. Read along to find out which one suits your Poodle the best.

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43 Best Haircut Styles for Poodles

Poodles have dense, curly hair that can showcase almost any kind of haircut. Some of these hairstyles have a purpose, while others are often used for aesthetics. Meanwhile, some cuts are a combination of both.

Whether you are on the hunt for the old-fashioned, modern, or crazy hairstyle to try on your beloved Poodle, here is a list of 43 different Poodle haircuts that accentuate their regal looks and affectionate character.

1. Continental Cut / Lion Cut

Poodle continental cut or lion cut

The Continental Cut or lion cut is widely popular for a reason. Poodles used to be water retrievers, and having dense coats could weigh them down in the water. 

To keep this from happening, hunters trim down their coats in a way that they are buoyant and their vital organs are still insulated. With this cut, the joints are also protected from cold weather, rheumatism, and injuries.

This clip displays a shaved rear to help with floating. The face is also shaved for better vision. Meanwhile, pompoms on the hips and legs aid in keeping Poodles warm.

A friend of mine who breeds and shows Poodles maintains this type of haircut with many of her Toy and Miniature Poodles.

She wants her dogs to get used to and be comfortable with this type of cut since this is one of the two Poodle haircuts accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) during conformation shows.

The continental cut takes experience to get right. For this reason, this Poodle haircut is best done by a professional groomer.

2. . Teddy Bear Cut

Poodle teddy bear cut
Image credit: marleypoodleway / Instagram

As the name suggests, the teddy bear cut is designed to make a Poodle look like a teddy bear. It is a popular haircut not only in Poodles but in many breeds with long hair as well. 

With this hairstyle, the hair is kept at a medium length, defining the Poodle’s curls. This hairstyle has a uniform length of hair throughout a Poodle’s body, leaving it around 1 to 2 inches long. 

Notably, the hair around the face is longer than the Poodle’s body hair. The paws are left fluffy to have the appearance of bear paws. Just like the teddy bear, the look is topped off with a soft, rounded finish.

Unlike the previous haircut, the teddy bear cut is a less complicated and easier Poodle cut. However, unless you have the right tools, it is still recommended that a professional groomer does this clip. 

3. Puppy Cut

Poodle puppy cut
Image credit: t_toypoodle_shiloh / Instagram

The puppy cut tries to replicate what its name suggests — a Poodle puppy. Perhaps this is why the style is often seen sported by Miniature Poodles, Toy Poodles, and other small and fluffy breeds

It can be easily distinguished as the teddy bear clip with slight differences. The cut features a more natural look, rather than the rounded and softer features of the teddy bear cut.

While the teddy bear clip leaves a longer coat on the face, a puppy cut has the same length of hair from the Poodle’s head throughout its body, which is around 1 to 2 inches long.

For Standard Poodles, the American Kennel Club recognizes the puppy cut, provided that a Poodle is below one year old and has a pompom on its tail.

4. Sporting Cut

Poodle sporting cut
Image credit: poodletoto / Instagram

The sporting cut is also one of the most popular Poodle haircuts, especially in dog shows. It is one of the accepted haircut styles by the United Kingdom’s The Kennel Club.

It is easily recognizable as it features a uniform hair length all over the Poodle’s body and limbs. The head is left with a longer, rounded top knot and shorter sides, creating a mohawk illusion.

With this hairstyle, a little pompom is left at the end of the Poodle’s tail. The Poodle’s face and paws are usually shaved, although it is optional. 

This look can be modified for easier maintenance.

Whether your pup is a Standard, Toy, or Miniature Poodle, it will look good in this hairstyle. Since the sporting cut is on the longer side, this hairstyle is recommended for Poodles living in colder climates.

5. Summer Cut / Kennel Cut

Poodle summer cut or kennel cut
Image credit: poppi. the.standardpoodle / Instagram

True to its name, the summer cut is well-suited for the hotter weather to keep Poodles comfortable. Since the breed has a warm, dense coat, this hairstyle aims to cool them up in the summer season. 

Also known as utility or kennel clip, this Poodle cut has lower upkeep than others. Like some of the previous styles, the kennel cut has the same length of coat all over the Poodle’s body. 

However, this cut features large pompoms on the Poodle’s legs. There is also a small tuft left on the Poodle’s tail. Further, the hair on the ears is left at a long length to keep cool air flowing around the Poodle’s head.

While the summer cut is more prevalent in the Standard Poodle, it can also be seen from time to time in the Miniature and the Toy Poodle. It’s worth noting, though, that this cut is not suitable for all dog breeds.

6. Short Cut

Poodle short cut
Image credit: pico.ruby_thepoodle / Instagram

Whereas the summer clip keeps the short hair only on certain parts of a pooch, the short cut straightforwardly leaves all parts in uniform length, from the Poodle’s face down to its paws. 

Although this Poodle haircut is not commonly seen, this is a very practical cut as it requires low maintenance. It helps prevent tangles and knots in the Poodle’s hair.

The short cut is also well-suited for Poodles living in warmer places. It can be worn by all types of Poodle as well. However, while it may be low-maintenance, this clip won’t provide warmth in the winter.

With my experience handling pets with skin conditions, which oftentimes come with matting and tangling due to a poor grooming routine, I highly recommend this type of cut to allow hair to grow back evenly and in a healthier manner, especially in Poodles and other fluffy coated dogs.

This also makes it easier for me to feel or assess the dog’s body whenever I need to provide a healthy diet regimen for the dog.

7. Modern Cut

Poodle modern cut
Image credit: museumofnellie / Instagram

If you want to keep your Poodle’s natural features highlighted and look elegant at the same time, the modern cut would be an excellent option. Additionally, the modern cut is easy to maintain.

The cut is meant to accentuate the Poodle’s body shape as well as its athleticism. Hence, the dog’s body coat is kept short. Meanwhile, the ears, head, and tail hair remain longer, displaying a fluffy look.

Furthermore, longer sections allow a more volumized hair appearance. Due to its functionality and stylishness, the modern clip is a favorite among the many Poodle haircuts. 

Due to the complicated nature of this cut, it is recommended to have a professional groomer give your dog a modern cut.

8. Corded Coat

Poodle corded coat

Corded coats are similar to dreadlocks in humans. These are not overly seen in Poodles, unlike other water dog breeds. However, it is still a well-known Poodle hairstyle.

The Poodle’s curly coat may cord naturally; however, most Poodle coats will mat. For this reason, it is suggested that you do not attempt to cord your Poodle’s coat without enough experience.

The process of cording the Poodle’s hair makes its coat even more water-resistant. Not only that, but cords can also protect Poodles from cold waters and cold weather by providing added insulation.

A friend of mine who owns a few Poodles has tried this type of hairstyle on one of his pets and found soon enough the amount of work that is needed for its upkeep. He also noticed the tendency of his Poodle with a corded coat to retain a foul smell compared to the others.

Not to worry, though, even with the corded coat of the Poodle, it still retains all its wonderful features, including its hypoallergenic trait.

Meanwhile, watch this video to see how a corded Poodle is groomed:

Corded Dog Maintenance - Working On A Puli - Gina's Grooming

9. English Saddle Trim

Poodle English saddle trim
Image credit: poodle.inca / Instagram

The English saddle trim is one of the more intricate yet famous Poodle haircuts on this list. Besides the lion cut, this hairstyle is another Poodle haircut permitted by the AKC for pups over one-year-old.

It is somewhat similar to the lion cut; however, it leaves more hair on the Poodle’s back. Rather than shaving, it allows one more pompom to sit on the hind legs. It has a notably longer top knot as well.

In effect, the clip provides more warmth for the pooch without having to compromise mobility. One downside to this cut is matting. Due to this, more frequent bathing and brushing are required.

10. Bikini Cut / Miami Cut

Poodle bikini cut or Miami cut
Image credit: groomingstyles101 / Instagram

Otherwise known as the Miami cut, the bikini cut is easy maintenance combined with the French Poodle flair. With this haircut, the Poodle’s body and face are shaved short. 

Meanwhile, the coat on the ears is left longer. The paws and tail have pompoms as well. The bikini cut is essentially a short haircut; that’s why sometimes it can be confused with the summer cut.

Because it is perfect for Poodles living in warmer areas, it goes by the name Miami cut as well. However, the shaved body part can be modified according to the owner’s desired length. 

The clip is also well-suited for Poodles with skin issues since it provides easier access to the skin for medicinal purposes.

11. German Trim

Poodle German trim
Image credit: kings.in.the.north / Instagram

Much like the bikini cut, the German trim is stylish yet easy to maintain. This clip is also a unique take on the summer cut. It shows off the features of a Poodle by creating sharp angles.

The process of giving a German trim hairstyle to a Poodle makes use of hand scissors to achieve such sharp angles. In contrast with many haircuts on this list, this cut does not have a pompom around the Poodle’s tail.

While the coat on the legs is left long, the coat on the body and ears is shaved short. As such, the German cut is popular among Poodles with ear infections or those prone to having mats near the ears.

12. Lamb Cut

Poodle lamb cut

Popular not just among Poodles but other breeds as well, the lamb cut is a modern, simple haircut. It may be easily described as boring, but its versatility is gaining fame among Poodle owners.

The hairstyle is characterized by a smooth-trimmed coat with no harsh lines. As the name suggests, it gives a Poodle a lamb-like appearance. 

This trim’s highlight is the long, hand-scissored coat on the legs. The base of the tail is shaved along with the face, whereas the top knot can be long or short, depending on the owner’s preference. 

Lastly, the body coat is left shorter than the legs. The lamb cut is a crowd favorite because it is an easier trim to pull off, simple, and low maintenance. 

13. Town and Country Cut

Poodle town and country cut
Image credit: finnstaoninsta / Instagram

Similar to the lamb cut, the town and country cut is a modern and relatively easy-to-execute clip. There is no set coat length as well, so owners can decide according to their liking. 

The most striking feature of the town and country cut is the cylindrical coat covering the legs. This particular cut also features rounded ears and rounded hair on the head. Meanwhile, the coat on the body is also cut short.

Pompoms are also kept to a minimum. These qualities should give the trim an overall natural look. It is often seen worn by Standard and Miniature Poodles and is a popular choice among Poodle owners.

14. Scandinavian Cut

Poodle Scandinavian cut

The Scandinavian cut is widely hailed as grand and regal. It may not be as famous as other cuts, but it is recently rising in popularity in the United States, with many groomers offering this trendy hairstyle. 

On the other hand, it is well-known in Europe. This cut, which is otherwise known as the t-clip, can be easily spotted even from a distance due to its unique style.

It is distinguished by the shortly shaved tail base, face, and feet, whereas the rest of the Poodle’s body is left fluffy. The Scandinavian cut is a long type of haircut and is hence suitable for colder climates.

Although it is quite over the top and can be rarely seen, your Poodle will certainly make heads turn with the Scandinavian cut. 

15. Winter Cut

Poodle winter cut
Image credit: r_and_r_grooming / Instagram

Quite the opposite of the summer cut, the winter cut allows longer hair on a Poodle. It helps in providing insulation during colder seasons. 

It is also a good training ground if you want to learn how to cut your Poodle’s hair on your own. Needless to say, this clip is a practical and easily achievable haircut. 

All the winter cut needs is a uniform length of coat all over the body, including the face. This cut is ideal for providing warmth for your Poodle during its winter walks. 

16. Dutch Cut

Poodle Dutch cut
Image credit: alisonenewell / Instagram

The Dutch cut is sometimes confused with the sporting cut. However, there are a few differences between the two Poodle clips. The cut features closely shaved feet, faces, and the base of the tail.

In contrast, the Dutch clip features a narrow belly band as well as narrow lines between the withers and between the hips along the spine. 

These said parts are all closely shaved, as with the face, neck area, base of the tail, and feet. The rest of the body, such as the top knot, legs, and tail, are kept fluffy based on your desired length.

The Dutch Poodle cut is longer than its other variations, namely the Chicago Dutch, pajama Dutch, Pittsburgh Dutch, and criss-cross Dutch clips. 

17. Urban Cut

Poodle urban cut
Image credit: sum_poodles / Instagram

Similar to the modern cut, the urban cut highlights the body shape of the Poodle. The only difference is that the urban cut keeps the coat closer to the body, meaning this hairstyle is shorter than the modern trim.

In this Poodle haircut, the top knot, tail, and feet are also brushed for a fluffier-looking coat to further accentuate the said areas. This creates an overall stylish and professionally done appearance.

The urban Poodle hairstyle is standard and more commonly seen in dog styling competitions rather than dog conformation shows. This Poodle haircut showcases an elegant yet achievable style.

18. Jacket and Pants Cut

Poodle jacket and pants cut
Image credit: orlando_thestandardpoodle / Instagram

The jacket and pants cut is another unique Poodle clip that is easy to spot. Exactly as its name suggests, this hairstyle makes a Poodle look like it is wearing a jacket and a pair of pants. 

With the jacket and pants cut, the face, an area of the neck, the base of the tail, the feet, and the body are all closely shaved. The coat of the Poodle’s top knot, legs, and tail’s end is left long.

Since it requires shaving a significant amount of coat to achieve this haircut, it is rarely seen displayed by Poodles. But for the same reasons, your Poodle is likely to catch some attention with this haircut.

19. Fifth Avenue Cut

Poodle fifth avenue cut
Image credit: best in coat / Instagram

The Fifth Avenue clip is quite similar to the town and country cut. However, the Fifth Avenue cut has noticeable pompoms on the front legs. A narrow shaving separates the chest coat and front leg poofs.

The front leg pompoms usually start above the wrist joint and end above the feet. A belly band is present as well. It is closely shaved along with the face, neck area, base of the tail, and feet.

The Fifth Avenue haircut is not often seen and is unique in Poodles. Even so, it is still well-suited for the breed as it defines the Poodle’s best physical features.

20. Bolero Cut

Poodle bolero cut
Image credit: toelettatura_patriziasilvestri / Instagram

True to its name, the bolero cut resembles a bolero worn by the Poodle. It is similar to the Fifth Avenue cut with a slight modification.

The most distinct difference is that the bolero clip has pompoms on both front legs and hind legs. The pompoms are usually separated from the rest of the leg coat by a 1-inch band.

A band is also evident in the belly area. This band, including the feet, the base of the tail, the face, and the neck area, are all closely shaved. 

As for the remaining unshaven coat, they are left fluffy and hand-scissored. 

21. Asian Fusion Trim

Poodle Asian fusion cut
Image credit: infinitepetsalon / Instagram

Breaking away from traditional haircut styles, the Asian fusion clip, as the name suggests, is a grooming technique with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean origins. 

It is also referred to as Japanese grooming or Asian freestyle. There are no rules in the Asian fusion cut. However, this trim aims to make dogs of any breed, size, and age look like younger puppies.

Many groomers choose the Asian fusion hairstyle to let loose their creative and artistic skills. From 3D and sleek to anime looks, this clip showcases an array of styles with imagination as the only limitation. 

Because of this, the haircut is popular not only in Poodles but in many small breeds such as Yorkies, Bichons, Maltese, and Shih Tzus as well.

22. San Diego Saddle Trim

Poodle San Diego saddle trim
Image credit: hidden.flame.poodles / Instagram

Try imagining a Poodle wearing short shorts and you might just see a pooch in a San Diego saddle trim. The most striking features of the San Diego saddle trim are the three narrow bands around the body.

These closely-shaved bands can be seen on the belly and thigh areas. The face, neck area, and feet are also shaved. The leg coat is commonly cut at an angle just above the feet to create structure.

Depending on your personal preference, the Poodle’s coat length could vary with the San Diego saddle trim. This clip is relatively new, but its popularity is on the rise among professional dog groomers. 

23. Mouton Clip

Poodle mouton clip
Image credit: kodabear_poodle / Instagram

The mouton clip is a good choice for owners that want to keep their Poodles’ hair long but still stylish. In this clip, only the feet, the base of the tail, and the face are shaved short.

Areas such as the rest of the body, tail, and top knot are all left long. The body coat is trimmed in a uniform length in a way that follows the classic Poodle’s body shape.

As with other long Poodle hairstyles, this is more suitable for colder climates. However, the mouton clip might also be challenging to maintain since it would need more frequent brushing and bathing.

24. New Yorker Clip

Poodle New Yorker clip
Image credit: spoowhisperer/ Instagram

When it comes to coat length, the New Yorker clip is one of the Poodle cuts that is versatile. You can easily have your Poodle’s body hair trimmed according to your liking to make it adaptable to any season.

The New Yorker trim features a hand-scissored, fluffy body coat. A wide, closely shaved band is present around the belly. The base of the tail, feet, face, and an area on the neck is shaved as well.

The coat of the ears and top knot are left fluffy and scissored into shape. Unlike other fancier Poodle cuts, the New Yorker does not sport a shaved line along the spine. 

25. Bell Bottom Clip

Poodle bell bottom clip
Image credit: pupscale_pet_salon / Instagram

This particular clip makes it seem like the Poodle is wearing four-legged bell-bottom pants. To achieve the bell bottom trim, groomers cut the coat on the legs into a fluffy shape. 

This should create a bell-like flair at the bottom, just above the feet. The tail has a pompom as well. On the other hand, the base of the tail, feet, neck area, and face are all shaved clean. 

The belly area is also shaved into a wide band to put emphasis on the fluffy bell-bottom pants.

26. Swirl Clip

Poodle swirl clip
Image credit: sam__hum / Instagram

The swirl clip may look simple, but it takes the hands of a professional groomer to achieve this kind of Poodle haircut. In this trim, the Poodle’s tail base, face, and feet are all shaved short.

The tricky part comes in shaping the “Y” along the Poodle’s spine between the pack and the hips, which is closely shaved as well. The swirls of the “Y” extend on the sides, ending on the flank area. 

As for the hair on the body, tail, and top knot, they are left fluffy. You can also choose the hair length you want for your Poodle in the swirl clip.

27. Spiral Trim

Poodle spiral trim
Image credit: four_paw / Instagram

If you thought you had seen a Poodle with a twisted body, there’s a good chance it is just wearing a spiral haircut. With the spiral trim, the hair on the face is usually shaved short.

Meanwhile, the top knot, ears, and tail are kept at a longer length. The body hair is shaped into a 3D spiral, creating a twist-like appearance. Some are also trimmed in this pattern all the way through their legs.

While it works best on longer coats, this cut may also be achieved even if a Poodle has shorter hair. The spiral would just have a different effect, like a continuous band across the body.

28. Fox Clip

Poodle fox clip
Image credit: life_of_wonder_mum / Instagram

The fox clip is among the few Poodle cuts without a pompom on the tail. It is also a Poodle hairstyle that aims to make your pooch look like another animal, which in this case is a fox. 

Although the fox-like feature mainly focuses on the face, the fox trim has details exclusive to its style as well. Aside from having zero pompoms, the coat on the legs is left longer than the body hair.

It usually also has noticeable lines that outline the shape of the legs, making them look like stitches on a plush toy. The face and feet are typically shaved as well as the entire tail. 

29. Pony Clip

Poodle pony clip
Image credit: xoloodle / Instagram

This hairstyle is the groomers’ take on making Poodles look like ponies. With the pony trim, the face, ears, body, tail base, and feet are usually shaved.

However, you can modify the coat length in these areas depending on your preference. Ideally, the top knot is left longer and shaped in a mohawk fashion.

But while the mohawk ends at the back of the head, the pony trim extends along the Poodle’s spine, creating a line of coat on the area. The coat on the tail and lower legs are also left long.

The pony clip may not be as common, but it is undeniably creative. For instance, there are groomers that like to pair this trim with colorful, dog-friendly dyes to make the Poodle look like a unicorn.

30. Cupcake Cut

Poodle cupcake cut
Image credit: Amazon.com / Pinterest

The cupcake cut is rarer in the United States but is quite popular in Asia. The goal of this haircut is to make the pup’s face appear like a muffin. In the cupcake trim, the coat has a uniform length on the entire body.

Since the goal is to have a cupcake-like face, the muzzle is also kept long and scissored into a rounded shape. The same goes for the ears and top knot.

In Japan, the cupcake clip is known to have a top knot with a pointed tip, resembling that of a cupcake frosting. Although this haircut is less common, it is one of the easily achievable cuts on this list.

31. Royal Tail Cut

Poodle royal tail cut

Contrary to its name, the royal tail trim keeps the rest of the body and face short except for the tail. The tail is the main highlight of the clip; hence its coat is kept long. 

Although it is better combined with shortly trimmed hair, this Poodle hairstyle can be paired with any haircut of your choice as long as the tail stands out. 

Poodle owners can even choose to dye their dogs’ tails in bold colors to make them more pronounced. Your Poodle can certainly make heads turn with the creative and unique style of the royal tail cut.

32. Full Ears

Poodle full ears trim
Image credit: topdogsgrooming / Instagram

This Poodle hairstyle focuses on the ears. As such, in the full ears trim, the entire body is shaved on your preferred length and style.

However, the ears remain untouched or trimmed to complement the look. In other words, the main goal is to make the ears stand out from the rest of the body.

Similar to the royal tail cut, you can also style the coat on the ears to highlight them further, such as dyeing them in bold colors. You may braid and accessorize them as well.

33. Lion’s Mane

Poodle lions mane trim
Image credit: spoowhisperer / Instagram

One of the more dramatic looks in this list is the lion’s mane. Some even have to double-take as they mistake a Poodle for a real but smaller lion. 

As you might have guessed, the lion’s mane trim mimics that of a lion’s head. The face, neck area, and body are usually shaved short, including the tail. 

Meanwhile, the top knot, ears, and chest are kept long to resemble the lion’s head. However, you can also customize and pair the lion’s mane with your preferred styles, such as pompoms on the legs and tail. 

It is important to note that the lion’s mane is different from the lion cut, which is also known as the continental clip. The lion’s mane is heavily centered on the Poodle’s head and chest area.

34. Princess Cut

Poodle princess cut
Image credit: fendilu_standardpoodle / Instagram

The princess cut’s goal may be based on the human-like hairstyle appearance, but it aims to highlight the face as well. Given this, the ears are left long to enhance the look.

Pompoms are also added to the Poodle’s feet and tail, creating a softer hairstyle. Alternatively, a cut similar to the Dutch or continental clips is paired with the Princess cut.

Often, an accessory is put on the Poodle’s top knot for added effect. 

35. Bob Cut

Poodle bob cut
Image credit: fendi_thetoy / Instagram

Imagine a short, curly bob haircut and put it on a Poodle’s head. That is exactly what a Poodle bob cut looks like. If you are unfamiliar with a bob cut, its equivalent in human hairstyle is a cut no longer than shoulder-length. 

In the Poodle, the top knot and ears are used to achieve a bob cut. To make this possible, you have to let your Poodle’s hair grow to a point where the coat on the head and ears are at the same length.

Only then will you be able to style it, where the coat on the ears is cut at an angle, and the top knot is trimmed to resemble the human bob cut. The body can be of any length of your choice.

36. Mohawk Trim

Poodle mohawk trim

Owners can experiment with any cut or style to pair with the mohawk trim. You can play with colors and accessories that will define your Poodle’s mohawk. The ideas are endless with this hairstyle. 

The mohawk trim leaves a notably longer length of hair in the middle of the head. For a better view of your Poodle’s mohawk, it is recommended that the dog’s ears are shaved short.

Also, leave some hair between the eyes to fully imitate the human mohawk. You can form a fluffy collar using the coat at the base of the neck and leave pompoms on the paws and tail. 

37. Clean Face

Poodle clean face clip
Image credit: bellaandbowsgrooming / Instagram

Almost every haircut in this list is paired with a clean face clip. With this trim, the face area is shortly shaved. Often, the face is shortly shaved to showcase the elegance of the Poodle’s head.

Moreover, a clean face is beneficial to a Poodle as a long coat on the face often results in matting. In effect, this also makes maintenance easier and helps prevent issues involving the eyes. 

It is suggested to use a 10, 15, 30, or 40-blade clipper in the clean face trim. 

Meanwhile, unless your Poodle undergoes surgery, a 50-blade clipper is not recommended as it may cause severe burns on the skin.

38. Teddy Bear Face

Poodle teddy bear face
Image credit: nvs_saintjohngroomer / Instagram

The teddy bear face haircut may be often used in the teddy bear clip, but it could also be paired with another Poodle hairstyle of your choice. With the teddy bear face, the eye area is shortly trimmed.

On the other hand, the muzzle, top knot, and ears are left long and cut into shape, creating softer, rounded edges to resemble the face of a teddy bear.

Although the coat on the face is kept longer, the teddy bear face is still relatively easy to maintain. In addition, it helps keep the face from cold temperatures.

39. Doughnut Mustache

Poodle doughnut mustache
Image credit: theloyalgroomer / Instagram

While the teddy bear face displays longer hair on the face, the doughnut mustache highlights the hair around the muzzle. The hair on the face is shaved short, ending at the corners of the mouth. 

The remaining hair on the muzzle is then shaped into a circle, hence the name doughnut mustache. To further accentuate the facial trim, the top knot and ears are left long. 

The doughnut mustache works better with the neck area closely shaved. Even so, you can pair the doughnut mustache clip with any Poodle cut and any length depending on your personal preference. 

40. French Mustache

Poodle French mustache
Image credit: dhalepga / Instagram

The French mustache would be familiar to people, especially since it very much looks like a human mustache. In this type of Poodle hairstyle, the face is shaved short up to the corners of the mouth.

The hair on the bottom jaw area is also closely shaved. As for the rest of the hair on the corners of the upper mouth area, it is trimmed along the jaw in a straight line and shaped to lay flat. 

41. Rainbow Coat

Poodle rainbow coat
Image credit: coastalpoodles / Instagram

Some Poodle owners go beyond hair-cutting. From bright to pastel colors, rainbow coats can come in one or multiple hues. These are achieved through hair dyeing using organic, dog-friendly products.

Rainbow-coated Poodles also come in varying haircuts that can be modified according to the desired style. Occasionally, colors are combined with patterns and prints. 

It is worth noting, though, that human hair dyes are toxic and should not be used for coat dyeing. 

That said, besides all-natural dyes, you may also use food coloring, fur chalk, pet-friendly hair spray, and blow pens.

42. Animal Print / Pattern

Poodle animal print or pattern
Image credit: joeypoodleandco / Instagram

Along with rainbow coats, animal prints and patterns are also becoming a trend. As a customized trim, colors, prints, and patterns are usually combined to pull off a stand-out look.

Whereas teddy bear Poodles are quite common, you can also see leopard and zebra-printed ones from time to time. You might even see a panda-looking Poodle casually strolling in the dog park.

You may also observe Poodle hairstyles resembling that of a horse. Patterns are not limited to animal prints as well. These can be floral, polka dots, or cartoon character-themed.

If you thought you saw a unicorn crossing the street, there is a good chance it is a Poodle with an animal-patterned hairstyle.

43. Ponytails / Pigtails / Braids

Poodle ponytails pigtails braids

If you are not a fan of dyeing, you can still style your Poodle’s hair without having to do so. You can simply add ponytails and pigtails or braid your dog’s hair.

This practice is done mainly to keep too much hair away from the Poodle’s eyes for better vision and to prevent it from acquiring eye issues.

In addition, you can easily undo and redo these styles to fit your taste. These hairstyles use elastic hair ties, scrunchies, bows, ribbons, and anything that could level up a Poodle’s appearance. 

Be careful not to pull your pup’s hair tightly, though, as it might cause discomfort and skin irritation. Also, never leave a Poodle’s ears tied for too long, as it is highly susceptible to ear infections.

Different Coat Lengths for Poodles

It is necessary to decide on the coat length you want for your Poodle before anything else. Whether it is personal taste or other factors such as lifestyle or environment, you can experiment on any of the following lengths.


Shaved Poodle

Owners with active Poodles, especially ones that love having fun in the dirt, usually decide to have their pups shaved. In this photo, the Poodle’s coat is shaved short from the head at the same length as the rest of the body.

Although this is the case for this particular pooch, Poodle parents may opt to modify their pups’ shaved coats. While this Poodle has shaved ears, other dogs could have their fluffy ears untouched or just trimmed.

There may be a downside to a shaved coat, though. Dog coats are natural insulators. Given this, shaving may cause discomfort to your dog as its skin could easily get exposed to the sun, which may result in skin issues. 


Poodle short coat
Image credit: aragon_the_standardpoodle / Instagram

A short coat sports a clean and neat look that is easy to maintain. Given this, short Poodle haircuts are well-suited for active dogs. Some of these haircuts are the short cut and summer cut. 

These Poodle grooming styles are also designed to give comfort to your pooch during warmer seasons. The short Poodle coat is an alternative option for owners who don’t want their pooches shaved. 

In the image shown above, a white Poodle looks neat and comfortable in his summer cut. It is perfect for an adventurous, outdoor-loving pooch. 


Poodle medium coat

The medium-length coat is another great choice if you want to keep your pup’s fluffy look without overwhelming maintenance. In medium hair length styles, you can also play with accessories to add character to your pup’s look.

Compared to the short coat, this length leaves enough hair to keep a dog warm in colder climates. Like the other Poodle coat lengths, this can be modified depending on your personal preference.


Poodle long coat

Out of all the Poodle hair lengths, the long coat has the most difficult upkeep. Long haircuts call for more experienced owners for this reason. Still, long hairstyles are a trend since they make a Poodle stand out.

It will take a lot of work to achieve long styles such as corded coats. Long coats require extra care to prevent matting. Given this, it is not recommended for Poodles to have long hair; hence, they are a rare sight. 

When it comes to choosing the appropriate Poodle haircut, it shows that the extremes are not always recommended. Shaved and long Poodle hair often comes with cons that mostly only experienced owners can handle.

Deciding on the more versatile Poodle haircuts like short and medium lengths is the safer route to ensure not only easier maintenance for owners but maximum comfort for Poodles as well.

Poodle Haircut Before and After Pictures

Just like in humans, a haircut significantly changes a Poodle’s appearance. At times, a dog’s hairstyle greatly affects its confidence as well. 

Witness how different Poodle colors and sizes transform in the following before and after images.

Poodle shaggy to clean before and after

See this apricot Poodle’s makeover from shaggy to a clean and neat-looking puppy haircut. Its ears and top knot were left fluffy, whereas its face and the rest of its body were cut short. The clip also shows its eyes in full view.

Poodle Dutch hairstyle before and after

Similar to the previous pooch, the Poodle’s hair in the photo almost covered its eyes. After a much-needed trim in the Dutch hairstyle, its eyes are visible again because of its shaved face. 

While the apricot Poodle in the first image had its hair cut short, the Poodle in the current photo kept a medium-length coat. It has a fluffier top knot and ears as well.

Poodle summer haircut before and after

This white Poodle looks refreshed and happy after a summer haircut. It can be observed that except for the coat of its ears, the rest of the body is cut at the same length.

Also, the curls of this particular Poodle’s hair after grooming are quite unnoticeable compared to the other before and after photos in this list.

Poodle summer cut hairstyle before and after
Image credit: sparksy.spa / Instagram

Perhaps spa days are relatively frequent for this pooch as its before and after photos don’t have much of a difference. This kind of grooming is recommended for owners that like to keep their pups neat. 

The white Poodle displays a short-length coat in the summer cut hairstyle that is notably shorter around the paws. Its ears, tail, and top knot are trimmed but kept longer than the face and the rest of the body.

Poodle continental cut before and after
Image credit: shearly unique / Instagram

After a continental cut, this Poodle looked like a different pooch. You may observe it previously had the same haircut. To clean up the cut, the dog had its face shaved, and its top knot was trimmed and brushed to show its eyes. 

These photos show how much change regular grooming sessions can make. Needless to say, the importance of dog hair-cutting is not only centered on style but on the wellness of the Poodle as well. 

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Poodle

Grooming a Poodle takes a lot of time and practice. If you are a first-timer, you might not know where to start.

Fortunately, we have some helpful tips you can follow to achieve the haircut you want for your Poodle. 

  • Understand that Poodles have hair, not fur. The main difference is that fur grows at a certain length and then falls out, while the hair does not stop growing. Before anything else, an owner should learn that a Poodle and a dog that grows fur have different grooming requirements, especially since dogs with hair like the Poodle are more prone to matting.
  • Choose a haircut wisely. Consider some factors before deciding on which haircut is appropriate for your Poodle. More than aesthetics, look into your pup’s lifestyle, living conditions, and even gender. Another thing to consider is the price of the haircut you have chosen for your pooch. Since an elaborate clip would require a lot of work and expertise, it would be more costly.
  • Leave hair-cutting and styling to professionals. If you are not comfortable grooming your Poodle on your own, it is best to take them to professional groomers. Start taking your pooch as early as three months old to get it used to regular grooming. Let a professional handle your Poodle as well if you want a more complicated haircut style for your pooch.
  • Know the right tools. In contrast with the previous tip, if you want to cut your Poodle’s hair at home, you have to be properly equipped. First, you must have a sturdy, elevated, and non-slip work surface. The next important thing is the tools you will use for grooming, such as stainless steel comb, slicker brush, clippers, and grooming shear, to name a few.
  • Maintenance makes a great impact. It’s not enough that your pet’s hair is regularly trimmed. The after-groom requires at least every other day of hair brushing to prevent it from matting. Additionally, it may be given omega fatty acid supplements on top of high-quality food to keep its coat healthy and shiny.

With the type of coat Poodles have, grooming them can be somewhat challenging. Even if you choose to leave most of the grooming to professionals, these tips will still come in handy at some point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cute Poodle being shaved

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Poodle?

The teddy bear cut is the most famous Poodle haircut. Since this Poodle cut resembles a huggable teddy bear, many dog owners choose it whether they have a Standard, Toy, or Miniature Poodle. 

It is an adorable style that is also famous among some Poodle mixes and other curly and long-haired breeds. As much as the puppy cut, the teddy bear clip is sometimes mistaken for the rare cupcake cut as well.

However, whereas a teddy bear clip keeps a fluffy head in a roundish fashion, a cupcake cut has a signature cupcake frosting-like peak on the top of the dog’s head.

How Often Does a Poodle Need a Haircut?

A Standard Poodle may need a trim as often as baths, which is every 4 to 8 weeks. It is recommended for a Poodle puppy to get its first haircut at around three months old.

Poodle hair will continuously grow up to an inch a month, and if you want it to always look neat and fresh, you would need a grooming session every four weeks. 

On the other hand, if you fail to regularly trim your dog’s coat, continuous hair growth may result in matting. 

What Happens If You Don’t Cut the Poodle’s Hair?

Matting is the major issue you are going to face if you fail to cut your Poodle’s coat. Poodles are more prone to matting than other breeds. Moreover, the Poodle’s hair grows around 1/2 to 1 inch monthly.

Cases of matting can be mild to severe. However, no matter the level, it can still be painful. As matting persists, it may eventually lead to serious medical issues. Given this, regularly grooming a Poodle is a must. 

If you are confident you can maintain the hair of your pooch, you can keep its coat as long as you desire. Regular brushing with the right tools and methods will help to keep your Poodle away from matted hair. 

What Length Should I Cut My Poodle’s Hair?

Like many breeds, the ideal length of a Poodle’s coat is half to a quarter of an inch. This length provides easier maintenance. However, groomers may suggest cutting it shorter for less frequent grooming sessions. 

Most owners decide against keeping their pups’ hair length longer. Unless you have the dedication to commit to frequent baths and daily brushing, it is best to leave your dog’s hair at a length that does not get matted easily.

If you can groom your pooch yourself, you can leave 1 to 2 inches of its hair length. Still, it is important to consider the lifestyle, living conditions, and other factors that greatly affect the upkeep of your pup’s hair. 

Final Thoughts

Not all Poodle haircuts work on every Poodle. Factors such as hair length, coat health, environment, and more will affect a Poodle’s haircut. Fortunately, there are a lot of different hairstyles owners can experiment on.

Whether you choose a short, medium, long, or elaborate haircut, always remember to have your pup’s best interest at heart. Because ultimately, your pooch will be the one to wear the Poodle haircut of your choice. 

Which of these haircut styles tickled your fancy? Have you seen one that you want to try on your Poodle? Let us know your thoughts about Poodle haircuts in the comments below.

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