51 Best Maltese Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Maltese haircuts

The Maltese’s pure white coat, which can grow to great lengths, has been one of the favorite canvases of groomers and pet owners alike due to the endless variations of haircut styles and ideas this breed can wear.

However, with tons of available options, it may be an exhausting and even confusing experience trying to arrive at the best possible look for your Maltese.

Worry not, as this guide lists down and describes the different Maltese haircut types and styles, including options for the length and even helpful haircut tips to make your grooming experience easier.

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51 Best Haircut Styles for the Maltese

Maltese owners enjoy experimenting with different cute hairstyles for this small and fluffy breed. Some Maltese haircuts are designed for comfort, while others are for fashion or show.

Before deciding on a particular Maltese haircut or style, you also need to consider gender, climate, environment, purpose, and ease of maintenance of your chosen cut. Ensure that you make a practical choice given the condition of your Maltese dog and not just because it looks cute on it.

Though it is impossible to break down every potential hairstyle there is for your beloved dog, here is a list of the most popular Maltese haircut styles and ideas.

1. Show Cut or Standard Cut

Maltese show cut or standard cut

The show cut, otherwise known as the standard cut, is long and straight. As its name suggests, it is usually sported n in dog shows.

With this haircut style, the Maltese’s curly locks are straightened out by the weight of their long hair. This length of the dog’s coat is long enough to touch the floor while also growing the head hair long.

Additionally, the hair on the top of their head may be tied into a single or double top knot. This show cut, even if used outside of a dog show, requires a lot of time grooming and maintaining.

Many Maltese owners and breeders who compete in conformation shows often go to me for nutrition support for their dogs before their upcoming competition.

Making sure that their dog’s health and coat quality are in top shape, I notice that they do not just bear this cut prior to the competition.

Most of them actually maintain this cut throughout the year. They want to make sure that their Maltese are very comfortable wearing this coat as they enter the show ring. Keeping this kind of coat consistently requires a lot of discipline, too, and may be quite costly.

2. Puppy Cut

Maltese puppy cut
Image credit: coco.beans.lappin / Instagram

The Maltese puppy cut is named as such since this is the type of haircut that is usually found in growing Maltese puppies. This is an even or same-length cut from the head all the way to the tail.

Also known as the puppy clip, most Maltese owners opt for a coat length of about ¼ to 1 inch throughout. Just like with a Maltese pup, this haircut is easy to maintain, even for adults.

Check this video if you want to learn how to do the puppy cut on your Maltese:

How to Groom A Maltese (Puppy Cut) - Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Maltese teddy bear cut
Image credit: grooming_atelier / Instagram

One of the most adorable Maltese haircuts is the teddy bear cut. In this cut, the hair on its sides and back is cut to only about ¼ inch, while the remaining fur around the body is left much longer, preferably around ½ inch.

The dog’s face and forehead are groomed to achieve a rounded shape, similar to that of a teddy bear. Some owners prefer to leave some hair on the head a little longer so they can do a topknot.

The teddy bear cut is easier to maintain than the show cut since it is shorter. However, you may need to trim the face every now and then to keep that cute Maltese teddy bear appeal.

4. Bob Cut

Maltese bob cut
Image credit: puppylove_kikinda / Instagram

If you are familiar with the bob cut in humans, the Maltese bob cut is no different. This is a particular cut where the dog’s head hair is parted down in the middle and grows longer towards the lower end of the ears.

A groomer friend of mine has mastered this type of cut for the Maltese. He reiterated that for the bob cut, it is best that the coat on the rest of the body is clipped short. This will put a lot of emphasis on the head of the Maltese, which is the primary feature of this haircut.

Also, he advised that though this type of elegant yet simple hairstyle is easy to manage, it will still require regular brushing, especially around the ears, to keep it from mats and tangles.

5. Summer Cut

Maltese summer cut
Image credit: ripley_maltese / Instagram

As its name suggests, the summer cut is a short Maltese haircut that is designed so that your pet will not feel uncomfortable during the hot summer months.

Since the Maltese do not have a double coat that gives it insulation, it is necessary not to cut it too short and expose its skin to harsh sunlight. Hence, a one-inch layer of fur is left uniformly on its head and body.

Further, the hair around the paw pads is also trimmed short in a summer cut. Their paw pads contain sweat glands that become active in hot weather, which helps your Maltese dogs to cool down.

This type of cut may also work on other Maltese mixes during the summer season.

6. Ultra-Short Cut or Shaved Cut

Maltese ultra short cut or shaved cut

The ultra-short cut is the shortest possible haircut for the Maltese, much shorter than the puppy cut even. This entails shaving off the Maltese hair completely from the head down to the tail.

Unless done for medical purposes, this cut is not recommended since the Maltese’s coat serves as protection against environmental factors like extreme weather conditions and insect bites.

Some of my Maltese clients go to me for the right nutrition for their pets that have poor coat quality. Many undernourished pets with poor coat quality mostly experience matting and tangling too.

When this happens, along with proper nutrition for the Maltese’s coat, I recommend shaving off the current fur completely and growing a fresh one, which you can style to the desired haircut once it grows to a certain length.

7. Short Cut

Maltese short cut
Image credit: lulu_maltese_ / Instagram

A popular cut in Bichon Frises and Poodles, the Maltese short cut may sound easy, but it actually entails a bit of work and can best be pulled off by a professional groomer.

The torso, back, and sides of the Maltese are trimmed short, up to about ¼ inch. Next, the neck, bottom, chest, and belly hair are shaved even shorter, at 1/16 inch.

On the other hand, the hair on the legs is left a bit longer, at around 1 ½ inches, with a bit of feathering. The head is trimmed like the teddy bear cut — a bit roundish, while the ears resemble that of the Maltese bob.

Lastly, the plume of the tail is left a bit longer, around 2 inches. This results in a cute look for your Maltese that is also good for the warm weather.

8. Long Cut

Maltese long cut

Since Maltese hair is similar to human hair, it can be grown long without having to worry about shedding. Hence, the long cut fits the Maltese dog breed very well.

However, when you decide to keep your dog’s coat long, be prepared for some serious grooming and brushing.

You would also need to use a slicker brush or a pin brush to maintain the silky and flowing coat of your Maltese and give it a smooth, tangle-free look.

9. Ultra-Long Hairstyle

Maltese ultra long hairstyle
Image credit: poochie_doo_grooming / Instagram

The ultra-long hairstyle for the Maltese does not just touch the floor but spreads a few inches across it. This is an elegant and one of the popular hairstyles donned on Malteses in dog shows.

This is usually accompanied by a top knot to make sure that the line of vision of the Maltese is not blocked.

Similar to the long cut, it requires a commitment to maintaining this type of beautiful long fur in your pet. Regular brushing with a pin or slicker brush is necessary to maintain the silkiness and luster of the Maltese hair.

10. Medium Cut

Maltese medium cut

If you are not too fond of a short or a long haircut for your Maltese, then you might prefer a cut that is in the middle of both — the medium cut.

A medium-length cut gives you the advantage of easy grooming found in shorter hairstyles, while it gives you the elegance and the ability to style your Maltese further, especially if the hair on top of the head is kept longer.

11. Fluffy Cut

Maltese fluffy cut

If you want to highlight the wavy curls of your Maltese, you can ask your groomer to give it a fluffy look. However, to achieve this style, your Maltese dog must have medium to semi-long hair to begin with.

Additionally, this type of Maltese style has a tendency to knot and tangle. So, ensure that regular brushing is done and a medium trim is given every now and then to prevent the coat from getting messed up.

You can also consult with the groomer about what shampoo is best to use to maintain the soft texture of your Maltese’s coat, which can also help prevent tangles.

12. Bowl Cut

Maltese bowl cut

The bowl cut is a fun hairstyle that looks like a bowl was put upside down on the top of the head of your Maltese and cut around it perfectly. This hairstyle actually looks better on the Maltese than it does with people.

To achieve this look, you need to first grow the hair around your dog’s head up to about its chin, depending on how long you wish the bowl cut to be. This is one of the face styles that highlight the Maltese’s pretty ears.

13. Spring Trim

Maltese spring trim

This look closely resembles the look of a Maltese pup after it has been given a bath and dried clean with a heavy-duty blower. This usually leaves your dog with a smooth and fluffy coat that looks huggable.

Your groomer will have the expertise to achieve this full-blown hairstyle. It would also be great to get recommendations on what shampoo works best in maintaining this style.

14. Fuzzy Cut

Maltese fuzzy cut

As one of the adorable haircuts for your Maltese, the fuzzy coat haircut resembles the fluffy cut but is more “spikey” in nature rather than wavy. This type of hairstyle also has a lot of frills across its entire body.

Further, this type of look adds more spunk and personality to your Maltese. If you like how your medium-haired Maltese looks after playtime, this might be right up your alley.

15. Torpedo Cut

Maltese torpedo cut
Image credit: sora_lyra_lea / Instagram

The torpedo is one of the best Maltese haircuts if your dog likes to run and play around with other dogs. The cut is sleek and perfectly streamlined, resembling the shape of the torpedo.

This type of Maltese haircut allows your pet to run freely with minimal wind resistance.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain this style for your playful dog, you need to have your groomer maintain the clean cut regularly since this haircut gets messier as the coat grows longer.

16. One-Sided Style

Maltese one sided style

If you have encountered people with hair styled to fall down on one side of their faces, then this is what a one-sided style for a Maltese looks like.

To achieve this look that resembles a one-sided bob cut, the hair on the top of the head of the Maltese needs to grow long enough for it to cover one side of the face or even longer.

This should be easy to style for Maltese dogs, but if you find it challenging, you can seek the help of your groomer to help you with this fabulous look.

17. Curly Toy Cut

Maltese curly toy cut

If you are a fan of curly or wavy hair, trimming the Maltese coat short enough accentuates this natural hair type of your dog as the curls and waves become more visible.

In this type of haircut, not only are the waves and curls highlighted, but the Maltese as a small or toy breed becomes more apparent, similar to the appeal of the puppy cut.

This type of haircut would work best on smaller Maltese, especially on teacups.

18. Korean Face Cut

Maltese Korean face cut
Image credit: tosia_maltesedog / Instagram

The Korean face cut is a designer cut that is starting to gain popularity. However, this is a bit difficult to pull off since it requires a lot of techniques, so it is best to have an experienced groomer do this.

Generally, the hair on the neck, chest, and back of the Maltese is trimmed short, while the long hair on the face, legs, and feet is cut just a bit to have a cleaner look.

Here is a video on how to achieve this cute Maltese haircut:

KOREAN GROOMING: Tweety's Korean Face Korean Cut~How to Trim Maltese Face 말티즈미용 Music by Emma Lee트위티

19. Fluffy Feet Cut

Maltese fluffy feet cut
Image credit: birma_pets / Instagram

The fluffy feet style may also be present in other Maltese haircuts, such as the show cut, the torpedo cut, and the Korean face cut. This highlights the long beautiful tuft of hair surrounding the feet.

This type of Maltese hairstyle involves not just trimming the feet using the right grooming materials like curved shears and thinning shears to achieve a neat look but also brushing with a pin brush to make the hair straighter.

Here is a video from a professional groomer on how to achieve the fluffy feet look for your Maltese:

Maltese haircut tutorial: Fluffy legs and feet

20. Open Book Cut

Maltese open book cut
Image credit: shortbarkandsidestayport / Instagram

To make the Maltese look more intellectual, you can try the open book cut, where the hair on top of the head looks like an open book.

This type of hairstyle on your Maltese’s face somehow resembles the bob cut but does not follow any particular length. This is an effective style to emphasize your pet’s eyes as well.

21. White Cut

Maltese white cut

The white Maltese haircut highlights the color of the Maltese dog by showing its white curls. In this style, the feet are not cut too short, leaving a moderate volume of fur.

On the other hand, the hair around the eyes and at the top of the head is left longer, which can be styled through a top knot or a ponytail. It is best to complement this cut with an effective whitening shampoo for dogs.

22. Long Girly Cut

Maltese long girly cut
Image credit: zuzu_molly / Instagram

Another one of the adorable Maltese haircuts is the long girly cut, which looks like a teddy bear cut but has slight variations that allow female dogs to be styled much further.

In this cut, the dog’s hair on the body is cut to at least one inch. The face is shaped round, but unlike the teddy bear cut, longer strands are left to allow owners to put top knots or ponytails, making their female Maltese prettier.

23. Female Hairstyle

Maltese female hairstyle
Image credit: thequeen.molly / Instagram

The female Maltese hairstyle is another specific cut that gives a lot of styling options for the female Maltese. Unlike the long girly cut that is also specific for females, this style features longer fur across the dog’s body.

Depending on their preference, owners may choose to have the chest and belly hair trimmed shorter than the rest. However, this style has enough facial fur to allow for fashionable top knots, ponytails, and ribbons.

24. Layered Cut

Maltese layered cut

This is probably one of the most complicated cuts for a Maltese that is best left to the skills of professional groomers.

As its name suggests, the layered cut creates multiple layers of long hair from the dog’s face all the way to its tail. This stylish hairstyle shows the Maltese’s cute face and long silky hair.

This may be further accentuated by a nice little top knot or ribbon.

25. Lion’s Tail Cut

Maltese lions tail cut
Image credit: jingle_ire / Instagram

With the lion’s tail cut, the focus is shifted from all other parts of the body to the Maltese’s tail.

This style looks like the puppy cut, with the exception of the tail being left long and neatly trimmed, similar to that of a lion’s. The short fur on the Maltese’s body enhances the appeal of the tail as well.

26. Fluffy Lion Cut

Maltese fluffy lion cut

The fluffy lion haircut is almost similar to the lion’s tail cut, except that the fur on the body is cut at ¼ inch long, while the rest are kept long. This type of look resembles a lion with a full-volume tail, face, and legs.

If you want to achieve the lion look better, the hair on the Maltese’s chin, sides, and top of the head can be grown long, then shaped to look like the mane of a lion.

This haircut is also sometimes referred to as the Poodle cut since this is also a popular cut for Poodles.

27. Blunt Bob Cut

Maltese blunt bob cut

The Maltese’s blunt bob haircut is very similar to the regular bob cut, where the hair is parted down the middle and is grown longer evenly across both sides. The main difference is that the blunt bob cut can be any length.

Additionally, the length of the blunt bob cut may be fitted according to what looks good based on the dominant coat type of the Maltese, whether it is straight, curly, fluffy, or wavy.

Similar to the regular bob cut, most of the Maltese’s fur is cut short as well, with only the hair on the ears and the tail left longer than the rest.

28. Plush Toy Cut

Maltese plush toy cut

The idea of the plush toy haircut is to make your Maltese look like a plush stuffed toy. Hence, there are many ways to achieve this look by playing with the length of its coat.

Usually, the best results are obtained with hair long enough to add volume from its head down to its tail. The minimum coat length should be at least about an inch.

Volumizing and whitening shampoos should also help in getting your desired plush look.

29. Little Pony Cut

Maltese little pony cut
Image credit: k9_shine / Instagram

The focus of the little pony cut is the long straight hair on both ears of the Maltese, making them look like natural ponytails. The rest of the fur on the face and the body are cut short to highlight the ears more.

This cute Maltese hairstyle requires regular brushing of the hair on the ears to prevent tangling due to its length and volume.

30. Furry Face Cut

Maltese furry face cut

The furry face cut is just one of many Maltese haircuts that require special face grooming. If you love to see natural fur growth on the face of your Maltese, then this is the look you have to go for.

The hair on the face is trimmed enough to give it that natural furry face look. This goes best with a short to medium, but thick, coat on the rest of the body.

As with other Maltese hairstyles that require time and accuracy in grooming the face, it is recommended to have professional groomers do this for you since this can be very uncomfortable for your pet.

31. Fluffy Face Cut

Maltese fluffy face cut

Like the furry face cut, the Maltese fluffy face cut is another facial style that requires the skill of an experienced groomer to pull off.

This hairstyle is reminiscent of rock star icons with natural strands and spikes of hair, especially from the top of the head or the muzzle, growing in different directions.

When your pet’s hair grows long enough, ensure to cut it above the eye level so that its line of vision does not get hindered and prevent it from irritating the eyes.

32. Maltese Shih Tzu Cut

Maltese Shih Tzu cut
Image credit: petstyle_by_utkarsh / Instagram

The Shih Tzu is known for its attractive hairstyles that highlight its breathtaking eyes. The same cut can be accomplished with the Maltese once you have grown its facial hair long and fluffy enough.

Once ready to be cut, you can begin by trimming the fur around the face short while leaving enough hair on top of the muzzle and at the top of the head, similar to the usual look of a Shih Tzu.

The rest of the body hair may be left naturally long as well.

33. Maltese Poodle (Maltipoo) Cut

Maltese Poodle Maltipoo cut
Image credit: anigroomroom / Instagram

Copying the look of the Maltipoo, otherwise known as the Maltese Poodle cut, is easy enough to do on a Maltese since it is one of its parent breeds.

As you progress with this cut, remember that the hair on a Maltipoo is soft and thin, so this style should have that feel as well.

To accomplish this, you need to first trim the fur short around the eyes to keep it clear. The rest of the coat on the ears, body, legs, and tail may then be cut to medium length.

34. Mullet Cut

Maltese mullet cut

The Maltese mullet cut tries to recreate the 80’s hair metal look, which is achieved by cutting the hair close to the top of the head, then allowed to stay long all around it in even lengths.

To add to the appeal, a mustache can also be shaped accordingly, giving it more personality.

35. Barbara Eden Cut

Maltese Barbara Eden cut

One of the many celebrity looks that owners try to copy for their Maltese is Barbara Eden’s portrayal of a genie.

This look is achieved by letting your dog’s hair grow long and evenly throughout its entire body, similar to that of a show cut while making sure to keep it out of the eyes for better visibility.

A high ponytail is also set directly on top of the head, which flows beautifully into the sides. The Maltese carry this cut elegantly, especially as it bounces when it walks.

36. Gandalf Cut

Maltese Gandalf cut

Gandalf is a wizard from the Lord of the Rings movie franchise known for his white, very long, yet slightly wavy locks. This is the mysterious, powerful, yet elegant Maltese look that fans of the character are trying to achieve.

This look requires all the hair on the head to be very long and silky — from the top of the head all the way to the sides, the mustache, and the beard.

The entire body all the way to the tail, must be equally very long as well.

37. Ewok Cut

Maltese ewok cut

If you have watched Star Wars, you might’ve already encountered the cute bear-like creatures called Ewoks. With a little creativity, you can actually transform your Maltese into your very own Ewok.

This cut is somewhere between a teddy bear cut and a furry face cut. The face is not completely rounded but shaped like that of a cute bear, while the rest of the body is styled to have a fluffy look.

38. Jamie Lee Curtis Cut

Maltese Jamie Lee Curtis cut
Image credit: outrank / Instagram

Those familiar with Jamie Lee Curtis will associate her with her short, choppy hairstyle with some strands standing on its ends. Your groomer can easily copy this for your Maltese if you fancy this fabulous cut.

Using a set of specialized shears, trim the hair on top of the head just the right length for it to stand without being too short. The rest of the body may be trimmed evenly at the same length as the head.

39. Wilford Brimley Cut

Maltese Wilford Brimley cut

Wilford Brimley is an actor that is known for his bald front head, thin, soft hair towards the back of the head, and well-defined mustache, which is a look that can be styled by a seasoned groomer.

Amongst all these features, the mustache is the actual highlight of this cut. This becomes more visible by cutting the hair short and manageable on the rest of the face.

The coat on its body can be kept at a short to medium length.

40. Christina Ricci Cut

Maltese Christina Ricci cut
Image credit: jeujeupuppy / Instagram

The highlight of the Christina Ricci cut is the big, round, expressive eyes of the Maltese breed, similar to the eyes of the character who inspired this type of cut.

This is a tightly shorn hairstyle that creates a short and smooth finish, making the eyes truly visible and accentuated. This is also a very easy-to-maintain cut and a very comfortable one for your Maltese too.

41. Groomed Ears

Maltese groomed ears
Image credit: rolrol222 / Instagram

One of the fanciest parts of the Maltese’s body that owners and groomers alike love to highlight are its ears.

There is always a way to groom the Maltese’s ears that always matches its overall look, no matter the length of the hair on its face, body, legs, or tail.

You can style it to be curly, straight, short, long, and even accessorize it. It will definitely add a lot of impact on the appearance of the Maltese in general.

However, always practice care and be gentle when handling the ears of a Maltese, especially when using shears or clippers, since they are also very thin and delicate.

42. Messy Hairstyle

Maltese messy hairstyle

A messy hairstyle in your Maltese may be natural or maintained to have this look on purpose. However, it is not recommended to keep your dog ungroomed from a health perspective.

Imagine the appearance of your Maltese that has just come out of the bath without having been blow-dried yet, or combed. If you love this look, then you can do exactly that.

On the other hand, you can ask your groomer to style your Maltese to match this look and get tips as well on how to maintain this look on purpose.

43. The-Finger-in-the-Light Socket

Maltese with the finger in the light socket cut
Image credit: mochismien / Instagram

Some say that the best hairstyle is not having one at all or going for the most natural or basic look of your Maltese without having to worry about any haircut or hairstyle. This is the finger-in-the-light socket look.

In this type of style, the look of your Maltese will depend on its natural hair growth, which will heavily rely on the look of its parents. To keep your Maltese healthy, it would be best to brush its coat at least regularly.

44. Ultra-Long and Fancy Cut

Maltese ultra long and fancy cut
Image credit: rio_maltese_prince / Instagram

The ultra-long and fancy cut is a combination of a haircut type and a hairstyle. This is where the ultra-long cut, with its hair flowing all the way to the floor, is styled further with nicely placed top knots, clips, or ribbons.

This keeps the very long hair neatly in place, which gives more comfort to your Maltese. The overall look becomes even more elegant than it already is.

45. Long and Braided Cut

Maltese long and braided cut
Image credit: sjusmahundar / Instagram

The Maltese long and braided cut is another combination of a cut coupled with a particular style.

As the coats on these dogs grow long enough, the long hair that drops down the sides of their face may be transformed into nice long braids. This adds to their really cute and feminine look.

Ribbons may be placed at the end of the braids, accentuating these further. Additionally, hair bows may be worn at the top of the head that matches the ribbons on the braids, giving it a more delightful look.

46. Top Knot

Maltese top knot
Image credit: maltesegirl_minnie / Instagram

So long as the hair on top of the Maltese’s head is long enough, the top knot matches virtually any type of haircut for this very versatile breed when it comes to hairstyles.

The top knot does not just practically keep the hair on the Maltese’s head neatly styled; it also allows your dog to see better.

You can use elastic bands, ribbons, or bows to tie the long hair directly on top of your dog’s head.

47. Bow Knot

Maltese bow knot

More of grooming than a haircut, this particular look suggests using a clip or band to tie the hair in front of your Maltese’s face upwards towards the top of the head and a bow in its neck area to give it a dapper look.

Alternatively, you can also use a bow tie to hold the facial hair upwards, giving it a double bow look. This hairstyle is more fitted for male Maltese.

48. Ponytails

Maltese ponytails
Image credit: zonin_rie_ / Instagram

Ponytails are a popular way to style long, silky hair that flows beautifully toward the sides of the Maltese’s face. One can use elastics or ribbons to style them appropriately and keep them intact.

Alternatively, if your Maltese has long hair growing around its mouth, these can also be styled into ponytails, giving it a clean and delightful look. This style also helps to keep their facial hair clean and neatly tucked.

49. Pigtails

Maltese pigtails
Image credit: mr.nico.the.maltese / Instagram

Another hairstyle alternative that may work well with long facial hair is the pigtails style.

This is probably one of the simplest and quickest ways to organize your Maltese’s facial hair. It is done by simply tying them into two even pigtails towards the back of the head, near the top of its ears.

This does not just prevent the coat from being a hindrance to the Maltese’s eyesight, but it is also a good way to keep the Maltese’s facial hair from being stained when it touches its food.

50. Bows

Maltese bows

This is a much simpler alternative to the bow knot style for the male Maltese and focuses on wearing a bow on its neck that would give your pet a dashing and adorable look.

The good thing with bows worn on the neck is that it does not matter what length of coat your Maltese is currently wearing; it will match any look accordingly.

Of course, selecting a good color or type of bow should be considered depending on the occasion, event, or trip that your Maltese will be going to.

51. Accessorized

Maltese accessorized
Image credit: jeujeupuppy / Instagram

The advantage of having a white coat with different hair length cuts in the Maltese breed is that you can endlessly experiment with different types of accessories that will match its different hairstyles.

Males can be accessorized with elastics for top knots and different ribbons, clips, and bow ties. Meanwhile, females may wear girly ribbons, colorful elastics, clips, and hair bows.

Different Coat Lengths for the Maltese

One of the best features of a Maltese coat is that it can grow to great lengths while remaining beautiful whether it is maintained short and a bit curly, medium-length and a little wavy, or long and silky straight.

You can actually try all these different hairstyle possibilities within the lifespan of your Maltese. However, you need to consider what length of coat would work best with its present environment.

This section will summarize the different coat lengths of Malteses, which should aid you in choosing what haircut style is best fitted for your pet.

Ultra-Short / Shaved

Maltese shaved coat

The ultra-short or shaved haircut in a Maltese shaves its hair off completely from head to tail, leaving the skin of your Maltese exposed.

This length of the coat is only recommended for dogs with extremely matted or tangled coats or those with skin conditions where medication needs to be applied directly to the skin.

Otherwise, this should not be a part of your grooming choices since the coat will be your dog’s protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, extremely cold weather, and other external factors.


Maltese short coat

Short hair in Maltese can be of different lengths as well but may range around ¼ to an inch. With the exception of a shaved coat, this is the easiest type of hair length to maintain.

On the other hand, even if the short coat of the Maltese is easy to manage, haircut types with this length of hair are not that straightforward and require the expertise of a skilled groomer to pull off successfully.

Some hairstyles that feature the beautiful curls of the Maltese are best worn with short coats as well, such as the curly toy cut and the white cut.

Further, brushing at least 2 to 3 times a week is an effective way to keep the short coat vibrant and healthy by spreading the natural oils generated by the skin that aids in this function.


Maltese medium coat

With a medium-length cut, the Maltese’s soft and wavy hair is more visible. Maintaining this type of hairstyle should give you a good balance between easy grooming and the ability to style your Maltese more.

That being said, more frequent brushing is necessary to ensure that the hair of your Maltese is kept soft, fluffy, and tangle-free.

On the other hand, a medium-length cut on the Maltese’s head and face already gives you the option to do top knots and pigtails, as well as shaping it to a particular style you want.


Maltese long coat

Long hair for the Maltese gives you access to a huge variety of both haircuts and hairstyles. As the hair of the Maltese grows longer, certain cuts may already be done that combine different coat lengths in a single style.

The hair of the Maltese at this length tends to be straight and silky. However, this may not always be the case. Hence, daily brushing is necessary to keep it well-maintained, especially if you plan to grow it longer.

You may also consult with your groomer on the best shampoos and conditioners to use to keep your Maltese’s long hair shiny, silky, and tangle-free.


Maltese ultra long coat

If you have plans of competing in the show ring or conformation events, this is the coat length that you need to target. That being said, maintaining this coat length is not for everyone.

Given that an ultra-long coat length requires a tremendous amount of time for grooming, especially brushing, go for this look only when you can meet the demands of its daily maintenance.

On the other hand, the options to style this type of coat that cascades to the ground are virtually endless and are perfect for those who are fond of trying out different hairstyles and accessories.

Maltese Haircut Before and After Pictures

To better appreciate the grooming process for the Maltese breed, this part of the article will go through before and after photos of Maltese haircuts.

Some of these transformations are incredible and inspiring at the same time, so it is best to study these further. You may also want to use some of these as references for your groomer in case you want to try them out.

Maltese ultra short haircut before and after
Image credit: sara_the_dog_stylist / Instagram

In this photo, the groomer did an excellent job in completely shaving off this Maltese’s matted fur. This is difficult to pull off, especially if the matting is very heavy and risks injury.

However, as you can see, the ultra-short haircut has been executed well and came out nicely trimmed from head to tail without any uneven marks due to the matting.

Maltese short to medium length coat before and after

For this instance, the Maltese has a lot of uneven fluff and frills all over its body before it was groomed. Upon grooming, you can see that the dog was nicely trimmed to a certain length throughout its entire body.

The end result is somehow between a short to medium-length coat without any loose ends. The mustache and the hair on the back of the ears are also evenly cut to a certain length, giving it a clean look.

Maltese puppy cut before and after
Image credit: fellundformhundefriseur / Instagram

The Maltese on the left of this photo has a heavy volume of fluffy hair all over its body and face, almost blocking its eyesight.

The groomer did an amazing job with the puppy cut, where the coat was clipped short across its entire body. You can see the well-defined curves on the face trimmed short enough to remove any hindrance to its eyesight.

It is also worth noting that even with the short haircut, the Maltese continue to display a thick volume of hair that still makes the dog appear huggable.

Maltese ponytail before and after
Image credit: psi.salon / Instagram

Before grooming, you can see this fancy Maltese having unruly hair scattered all over its body. The view of this dog is even blocked by the hair coming from its forehead.

After the grooming, you can see that the Maltese’s body was trimmed short to get rid of the uneven frills, while the coat on the legs was cut in an even and rounded manner.

When it comes to the face, it was cut shorter but with enough room to have it shaped nicely around the edges.

The ears were also groomed to show off the Maltese’s nice curls, and the hair on top of the head was styled accordingly to give this dog a boost of personality.

A flower ribbon was also used to clip its hair on top that matches the color of its curly ears.

Maltese teddy bear cut before and after
Image credit: ntalianigeorgia86 / Instagram

For this one, you can see that the hair of the ungroomed puppy is kept short on its body, but the face is filled with a lot of hair that is already blocking the eyes of the dog.

The head of the Maltese is cut to a rounded shape, similar to that of the teddy bear cut. The rest of the body was also given a nice trim, especially the area around the paws.

Maltese torpedo cut before and after
Image credit: psi.salon / Instagram

This is an excellent execution of a torpedo cut on a frizzy-looking Maltese dog. It can be seen that the hair on the body was shaved off completely, indicating that the coat of the dog must have been matted.

The hair on the ears is groomed to a little pony cut, giving the effect of natural ponytails, which adds a lot of impact to the overall look of the Maltese.

Maltese Poodle cut before and after
Image credit: ennispawsandclaws / Instagram

The badly maintained Maltese on the left was given a makeover and now sports a look similar to the fluffy lion dog cut or the Poodle cut.

You can see the beautifully shaped rounded coat on its lower legs and the slightly longer hair on the face and tail, compared to the very short cut throughout its body.

Maltese puppy trim before and after
Image credit: sjusmahundar / Instagram

Another poorly groomed Maltese in this photo was given a nice, even trim throughout its entire body, resulting in a perfectly executed puppy cut. The hair on both ears was left at the same length but was styled as pigtails.

The overall look was accentuated with a nice girly ribbon on its neck.

Maltese stains removed before and after
Image credit: weovemaltese_daily / Instagram

An important aspect of grooming white dogs like the Maltese is how to remove tear stains effectively. There are a lot of suggested ways to do this, but the groomer in this one did an amazing job of removing all of it.

Maltese well groomed paws before and after
Image credit: iwona_cholewa_groomer_nowyork / Instagram

Lastly, a well-groomed paw gives the Maltese a lot of comfort as they walk and move around. It also prevents them from picking up debris, especially as they step outside the house.

This should be easy to do, so long as your pet is comfortable with anyone touching its feet. Groomers can do this very well with the right tools, including clipping the nails without the risk of injury.

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Maltese

If you are new to grooming your Maltese, it is expected that you might just be as anxious as your dog that is about to be groomed.

Worry not, as here are some practical tips on successfully pulling off the haircut you want with ease.

  • Carefully choose a haircut. As mentioned at the start of the article, a lot of different factors come into play when deciding on the proper haircut, including gender, environment, health conditions, the purpose for the cut, and most importantly, your commitment to maintaining the hairstyle you wish to go for.
  • Coordinate with your groomer. You can never go wrong by talking to your groomer first. Get helpful tips, know the right techniques, and consult on the right tools to use. It is also good to bring reference photos of the style you wish to achieve so that there will be no confusion between you and your groomer.
  • Get your dog comfortable. Most dogs are not comfortable with the grooming process, especially if they are not used to it. If they feel threatened or scared, grooming becomes harder as they will struggle throughout the entire session. Getting them used to the tools and the process and giving them treats are effective ways to calm your Maltese during grooming.
  • Use the right kind of tools. Knowing the purpose of each grooming tool in your kit is the key to getting your desired look for your Maltese. Further, ensuring that you use high-quality shears and brushes should help you do a faster job while lessening the risk of grooming-related injuries.

Always remember to make grooming a very pleasant experience for your pets so they will develop a certain liking for it.

Further, it is best not to attempt complicated haircuts or hairstyles when you are new to grooming. Doing so may increase the risk of injury not just to your pet but also to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maltese after grooming

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Maltese?

There is not just one most popular haircut for Maltese since different situations and purposes make certain cuts popular, like the show cut, puppy cut, teddy bear cut, and the summer cut.

These haircuts are the most recognizable by groomers, but it is still best to show them reference photos of these cuts since they may have a different idea of the haircut you are referring to.

How Often Does a Maltese Need a Haircut?

A haircut is recommended for the Maltese every 6 to 8 weeks, along with full grooming of the ears, nails, teeth, and the anus of your pet.

However, regular brushing must be done 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the health of your dog’s coat, no matter its length.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut a Maltese’s Hair?

Maltese hair that is not cut for a long period of time tends to get tangled, then eventually matted. When this happens, the matted fur restricts proper airflow to your dog’s skin resulting in bacterial and fungal infections.

These kinds of infections can further lead to discomfort for your dog, as well as scabbing, parasite infestation, and hot spots, among others.

Treating these conditions might actually need to involve shaving off the matted fur of your Maltese completely.

What Length Should I Cut My Maltese’s Hair?

The length by which you should cut your Maltese’s hair will depend on what look you want to maintain. If you want to keep a short coat, you can cut your dog’s hair between ¼ and 1 inch long.

On the other hand, if you are preparing your Maltese to join a show, it is best to just let your dog’s fur grow long while keeping it tangle-free, straight, and silky by using dog hair-care products that your groomer may recommend.

Final Thoughts

The Maltese is a dog breed that is very delightful to groom with all the haircut possibilities it can boast. Even as puppies, their distinct white fur is a beautiful canvas for many hairstyles.

In its lifetime, one can indeed experiment with these different hairstyles, but always remember to make the cut suitable to your dog’s current environment to keep it happy and comfortable.

Going through this comprehensive list of different Maltese haircut styles and ideas, have you already chosen one that best fits your preference and lifestyle? Share it with us in the comments below!

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