29 Best Pomeranian Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Pomeranian haircut styles

Choosing a Pomeranian haircut suited for your dog is very important. Everyone will agree that Poms are among the cutest dog breeds, and getting them the right cut will make them even more attractive.

There are a lot of haircut styles that can be found on the internet nowadays. Though it may be tempting for Pom owners to try out these hairstyles, you should always choose what is best for your dog.

This guide will walk you through the different haircut styles that can be done on your adorable Pomeranians. So read along if you want to know and get more ideas!

29 Best Haircut Styles for Pomeranians

Like humans, dogs feel much better when they are comfortable with their hair and style. The good news is that Pom owners can easily make their dogs even cuter with a little effort and creativity, regardless of their type, gender, age, or color.

Here are some Pomeranian haircut styles suitable for both male and female Pomeranians.

1. Traditional Cut

Pomeranian traditional cut

The Pomeranian traditional cut is the most common and basic haircut for Poms. The coat is usually cut in a way that it falls to about an inch or so above the dog’s fur, and the dog’s face, paws, and feet are shaved short.

This haircut is recommended for dog owners who do not want to do anything extra for their dogs besides keeping them neat and clean.

However, the downside of this haircut is that your Pom’s coat may grow out quickly with this type of cut. Hence, you may need to schedule daily brushing to prevent it from becoming unkempt.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

Pomeranian teddy bear cut
Image credit: lordmaximusthepom / Instagram

From the name itself, it can be very easy to tell that the teddy bear cut is meant to make your Pomeranian resemble a plush animal. Poms with this haircut appear to have a more rounded head and ears.

Pomeranians with teddy bear haircuts have longer fur on their head, neck, and chest. Meanwhile, the coat around its body and legs is kept short for easier maintenance.

This type of hairstyle gives a Pomeranian a more compact and petite look.

3. Lion Cut

Pomeranian lion cut

The lion hairstyle mimics the appearance of a lion. Pomeranians with the lion cut will have enough hair on their chest and neck that resembles a mane and fur on their tails.

In this haircut, the dog’s body fur is shaved as close to the skin as possible.

I used to own a Pomeranian before, Molet, and as one of my first few pets, I got very excited to try the cute lion cut on her. While this haircut is very popular among Pomeranians, I realized that there are downsides that must be considered before getting this cut.

When the inner layer of Molet’s fur was cut, the fur did not grow back to the way it was. It also took a while for the fur on the legs to grow out. The new growth also tended to have an uneven ratio between the body and face, which gave her a funny look.

To remedy this, when Molet grew enough hair all over, I switched her to the teddy bear cut.

4. Puppy Cut

Pomeranian puppy cut
Image credit: bannmha / Instagram

The puppy cut is very similar to a teddy bear cut. However, unlike the teddy bear cut, in a puppy cut, the length of your Pomeranian’s entire coat will be consistent.

Touch-ups and maintenance can be relatively simple for dogs with the puppy cut. Dog owners can easily trim their Pomeranian’s dog hair without the need for a grooming appointment.

Getting the puppy cut for your Pomeranian is the best option during the summer, as it will leave your dog feeling cool and refreshed all day.

5. Kennel Cut

Pomeranian kennel cut
Image credit: americankennelclub / Pinterest

The kennel cut, also known as the “boo cut” or the “buzz cut,” is the perfect cut for Pomeranians whose owners want their pets to look natural. This cut is characterized by body fur that is shorter than its face and tail.

If you do not want to spend too much time grooming and brushing your Pomeranian’s hair every day, then you must consider the kennel cut. Since your dog’s hair is short, weekly brushing will suffice.

6. Lamb Cut

Pomeranian lamb cut

The lamb cut is a very popular dog haircut that is commonly done on fluffy or curly dog breeds such as Poodles, Schnauzers, and Bichons.

However, because this haircut is low-maintenance, many Pom owners choose it for their dogs as well.

While the traditional way of doing the lamb cut is to keep the dog’s hair at an equal length all over its body, groomers nowadays tend to cut the Pomeranian hair shorter than the length of the hair on its legs.

This cut results in a Pomeranian looking like a little lamb with a plushy coat and wool-like body hair texture.

7. Show Cut

Pomeranian show cut
Image credit: poms.instyle / Instagram

As the name suggests, this haircut is usually famous with Pomeranian breeders and owners who compete in dog shows. This is because the show cut is a breed standard that is customized to the Pomeranian’s size.

When getting a show cut for your Pomeranian, expect the fur on its face to be longer than the rest of its body. Your dog’s legs will appear shorter, and its coat will likely be thicker.

One of my colleagues who breeds and shows Pomeranians mentioned that he really hires a professional groomer to achieve the perfect show cut. Though he is used to grooming his dogs on his own, this cut requires precise trimming for your Pom to look close to the dog breed standard.

8. Fox Cut

Pomeranian fox cut
Image credit: prydligapalsar / Instagram

This haircut will give your dog a foxy Pomeranian look. When getting this cut for your Pomeranian, expect your dog to have a more pointed face and ears.

As opposed to the teddy bear cut that gives your Pomeranian a rounder look, the fox cut will give your Pom an edgy appearance. The fur all over your dog’s body will be kept long, and its tail fur might even be longer.

If you want to keep your dog’s fur neat without needing to cut it short, you should definitely ask your groomer for this cut.

9. Mohawk Cut

Pomeranian mohawk cut
Image credit: thestylingpoochllc_rachel / Instagram

You can be creative in styling dogs, and the Mohawk cut is the perfect example. If you want your dog to be a head-turner with its unique haircut, you should definitely get this!

To achieve this cut, groomers will need to trim both sides of your dog’s fur on the head, leaving a tuft of long fur from its head to its tails. Likewise, the fur on both the front legs and hind legs will be cut slightly shorter.

This cut may look funky, but many Pomeranian owners are opting for this cut because it is low maintenance and allows dogs to feel cooler, especially during hot weather.

10. Puff Ball

Pomeranian puff ball cut
Image credit: congzi___ / Instagram

Well, who wouldn’t want a Pomeranian with a fluffy coat? The puffball cut is a Pomeranian haircut style that enhances the fluffy look of this adorable dog.

The fluffy fur is clipped pretty short and close to the body. Groomers may have a different take on this cut with regard to the length of the hair on its head. However, most of them leave the face and ear hair longer.

The best thing about this haircut is that not only does it make your Pomeranian adorable, but it is also very easy to maintain. Since your dog’s fur is clipped short, your Pom is at a lesser risk of developing knots.

11. Long Trim

Pomeranian long trim
Image credit: lexi_puppy / Instagram

If you want to keep your Pomeranian’s hair growing naturally, you can opt for the trim cut. Nonetheless, Poms with long coats are just as adorable as short-haired ones!

In this type of haircut, nothing too drastic is done to your Pomeranian’s hair. Groomers will do little trims all over their bodies to keep their coats neat and clean-looking. Your dog’s little feet will also be given some trimming.

12. Shaved

Shaved Pomeranian cut
Image credit: mr_bingleys_life / Instagram

Shaving is among the most popular Pomeranian haircut styles these days. This is because this hairstyle is very easy to maintain, and Pom owners will save tons of money on grooming products.

However, many dog enthusiasts disagree with this idea and highly discourage shaving Pomeranians. Since Pomeranians are double-coated dogs, shaving them may damage their hair follicles.

Your Pomeranian may also suffer from permanent hair loss due to shaving its coat. Likewise, shaving these dogs can severely impair their ability to regulate their body temperature.

13. Pixie Cut

Pomeranian pixie cut
Image credit: hairstylecamp / Pinterest

If you are eyeing a Pomeranian haircut that is simple yet charming, then consider getting your pooch a pixie cut.

To achieve the pixie cut, the fur on the head is shaped into a pixie appearance while the rest of the coat’s entire body is cut short. While this may be easy to do, it is best to have it done by a professional groomer.

Do note, however, that you need to make sure to brush your Pomeranian’s coat every day and every time after bathing them, as this type of hairstyle can be prone to matting.

14. Reverse Lion Cut

Pomeranian reverse lion cut
Image credit: hairstylecamp / Pinterest

From the name itself, you can immediately tell and imagine what a Pomeranian would look like with this type of haircut. The reverse lion cut is the exact opposite of the popular lion cut.

The groomer will keep your dog’s head hair short and chest fur long to achieve the reverse lion-cut look.

The reverse lion cut may be a better alternative to the original lion cut since this does not involve shaving or cutting your dog’s hair very short.

15. Princess Cut

Pomeranian princess cut
Image credit: spaw.pets / Instagram

Want to give your adorable Pomeranian a princess-like appearance? Then, consider getting the princess cut. This haircut is guaranteed to make your Pomeranian a total head-turner!

This Pomeranian haircut requires keeping your dog’s head hair short at around an inch or two to emphasize the face. Meanwhile, its chest and back hair are brushed straight and long.

While it isn’t the most popular Pomeranian haircut, the princess cut is one of the easiest to maintain. Despite it being simple, it will surely give your cute Pomeranian a more chic vibe!

16. Frizzy Tail Cut

Pomeranian frizzy tail cut

The frizzy tail is the easiest and least time-consuming hairstyle for your Pomeranian. This style is best suited for Pomeranian owners who are not big fans of the long, fluffy tail of Pomeranians.

To achieve this look, you just have to wait until the tail hair grows longer. The frizzy tail will naturally come out the way you want it to. To match the frizzy tail, you can trim the rest of the dog’s coat short.

17. Rounded Cut

Pomeranian rounded cut
Image credit: pawsinlove_ / Instagram

As opposed to the fox cut that gives your Pomeranian an edgy look, the rounded cut is focused on giving your Pomeranian a rounded look to enhance its cuteness.

The rounded cut may look easy but requires precise and gentle cutting techniques. You can start by trimming the fur in the belly, chest, bum, and ear areas into a rounded shape.

You will need to have your Pomeranian’s tail trimmed into a bushy appearance.

18. Semi-Puppy Cut

Pomeranian semi puppy cut
Image credit: sunbather.grooming / Instagram

As the name implies, the semi-puppy cut is very similar to the popular puppy cut — short and refreshing. The only difference is that the tail hair of the puppies is kept an inch longer than the rest.

This haircut is best for Pomeranian dogs in the summer when the temperature is high. Needless to say, this will keep your dog cool, fresh, and adorable.

19. Spiky Cut

Pomeranian spiky cut
Image credit: shionstagram312 / Instagram

A spiky cut is a great option for dog parents who want to maintain the Pomeranian’s natural spiky hair but want to keep it short and not look very messy.

To achieve this spiky style, your groomer will need to trim your pet’s back short enough to stick up.

Note, however, that you may need to maintain this cut with daily brushing to avoid matting, especially in the tail area.

20. Half and Half Cut

Pomeranian half and half cut
Image credit: hairstylecamp / Pinterest

Can’t decide between keeping your dog’s long hair or cutting it short? Then, you should definitely try the half-and-half cut to get the best of both worlds!

To create this look, you can simply cut the back hair short and leave the chest, paws, and facial hair as they are.

21. Undercut

Pomeranian undercut
Image credit: hairstylecamp / Pinterest

The undercut is a popular haircut done on humans. But did you know that Pomeranians can rock this haircut too?

This type of haircut can be achieved by cutting the lower half of the muzzle short while keeping the top long. Aside from this type of cut being stylish, it is also fairly easy to maintain.

The downside, however, is that you may need to wait quite a while for the hair in the lower half of the muzzle to grow back.

22. Paw Cut

Pomeranian paw cut
Image credit: pichupompom / Instagram

The paw cut is not necessarily a Pomeranian haircut that follows strict cutting techniques. This cut simply exposes the paws by cutting the hair around these areas short.

In short, there is really no rule as to how you should do this cut. Likewise, you do not need an expert groomer to achieve the paw cut. If on a budget, Pomeranian owners can do it themselves using the right tools.

If your Pomeranian is an outdoorsy dog, it is best to have this cut as an add-on to other grooming styles you want to try for your dog. This is to prevent muddy paws and keep your cute Pomeranian neat and clean.

23. Long Chest

Pomeranian long chest
Image credit: steel_thepom / Instagram

Do you want to highlight your Pomeranian’s chest but don’t want your dog to sport a little lion look? Then, the long chest cut is the perfect style for your preference.

The long chest cut is one of the most popular Pomeranian haircuts that will accentuate your Pomeranian’s fluffy chest coat. To achieve this, you will need to trim the body hair to at least an inch.

After that, you will need to trim the hair around your dog’s face. When doing this, be sure not to cut it very short, as it will give your Pomeranian a lion-cut look instead.

Likewise, you will need to keep the chest hair long and fluffy but give it enough definition so that it resembles an extension of the face.

24. Ungroomed

Ungroomed Pomeranian
Image credit: hi_baechu / Instagram

The ungroomed look is more of a Pomeranian hairstyle rather than a haircut. This gives your Pomeranian dogs a natural look by keeping the breed’s thick and long coat.

Note that the ungroomed look is among the most high-maintenance styles of all the Pomeranian hairstyles. That said, pet parents must commit to regular brushing to avoid matting.

25. Long Layered

Long layered Pomeranian
Image credit: popcorn_t / Instagram

The long layered cut is another popular Pomeranian haircut style for pet parents who do not want their pet to flaunt short fur. Of course, this isn’t an option for show dogs since this haircut does not adhere to their standards.

This haircut is very similar to the ungroomed look, except groomers will cut your Pomeranian’s hair into layers to achieve this adorable style.

While this style can be achieved by non-professional groomers, it’s always best to take your dog for a quick trip to a professional one, as this may require expert cutting techniques.

Likewise, like other Pomeranian haircut styles that leave your dog’s hair long, this cut is also quite high maintenance. You may need to commit to daily brushing if you decide to get this haircut for your Pomeranian.

26. Slightly Scruffy

Pomeranian slightly scruffy
Image credit: cheeko_pomeranian / Instagram

This next hairstyle looks best on Pomeranian dogs with long, thick coats. As you can tell from the name itself, this Pomeranian hairstyle will leave your dog with an uncombed look without looking unkempt or untidy.

Although the slightly scruffy hairstyle will not require pet owners to commit to daily brushing, this type of hairstyle will require a bit of extra grooming and maintenance that owners should be prepared for.

27. Fox with Tail

Pomeranian fox with tail
Image credit: baltothepomeranian / Instagram

The fox with a tail cut is very similar to the fox cut that was previously mentioned. This cut will give your Pomeranian an edgy look that resembles a miniature fox but with a bushy tail.

Unlike the fox cut, in which the body hair is long, the fox with a tail cut will leave your dog’s hair shorter, no longer than a few inches.

To complete the look, the groomer will leave your dog’s tail long and bushy. This will give your Pomeranian a stylish yet low-maintenance cut.

28. Dyed Tail

Pomeranian dyed tail
Image credit: ladylucksdolly / Instagram

If you want your Pomeranian to be a head-turner without being too flashy and showy, you should definitely try getting your dog a dyed or rainbow tail.

While there are pet-safe dyes that are specifically made for pets and are generally safe for dog use, it is still highly recommended to consult this with your veterinarian first.

This ensures that your dog will not experience any allergic reactions that could be detrimental to its overall health.

29. Rainbow Pupper

Pomeranian rainbow pupper
Image credit: rovandogs / Instagram

Now, if you want your Pomeranian to stand out from the crowd and not just be a head-turner, you can also try going all out with vibrant and playful colors all over its body.

As with the rainbow tail style, it is important to check with your veterinarian first to see if it is safe to use a pet dye on your dog.

The best thing about these rainbow pupper styles is that you can use them on your Pomeranians regardless of their haircut and length.

Likewise, there is no right or wrong way of doing this style; hence, you can be as creative as you can!

One of the Pomeranian haircuts above will surely look great on your Pomeranian dog, regardless if it is a white Pomeranian, a teddy bear Pomeranian, a teacup Pomeranian, or even a mixed-breed Pom.

Different Coat Lengths for the Pomeranian

Before deciding which of the Pomeranian haircuts you should get for your dog, it is important to first determine the length of your Pomeranian’s coat.

​​Doing so lets you know which haircuts and hairstyles your Pomeranian can try. Here are the four main coat lengths a Pomeranian can have:


Shaved Pomeranian
Image credit: ezraandwinniethepooh / Instagram

Although many experts advise against shaving your Pomeranian’s coat, it is very appealing for dog owners to have this haircut done for their dogs because it is very low maintenance.

However, as mentioned, Pomeranians have a dense and long double coat. Shaving can seriously damage your dog’s skin and impair its ability to regulate body temperature.

While the majority of Pomeranian coats will begin to grow again, the shaved Pomeranian fur might take a very long time or might not grow back at all.

Another downside of shaving your Pomeranian is that there aren’t many hairstyles that you can do. If you want to experiment with many fun styles, avoid shaving your dog.


Pomeranian short coat
Image credit: bannmha / Instagram

This length is very popular among Pomeranian puppies since their coats are still soft and short. This is also a great option for pet parents who want to keep their adult dogs looking nice and tidy.

Keeping your dog’s fur short will make maintenance easier. Although brushing two to three times a week is still advisable, you need not worry about fur matting.

Likewise, if you choose to get your Pomeranian a short trim, there are many Pomeranian haircuts that you can choose from, giving you a chance to experiment and play around.


Pomeranian medium length coat
Image credit: ujbunda_kutyakozmetika / Instagram

Getting a medium-length haircut will keep your Pomeranian’s fur long enough to be styled according to your preference but short enough to make grooming and upkeep easy.

Dog lovers eyeing this coat length for their Pomeranians should make sure that they devote time to daily brushing. This is to keep their dog’s coat healthy, untangled, and debris-free.


Pomeranian long coat
Image credit: yourdogandmedorset / Instagram

Needless to say, Pomeranians look great when their fur is kept long and well-maintained. Giving Pomeranians this hair length will also give their pet owner plenty of room for hair styling options.

Aside from the Pomeranian haircut styles from the list above, owners can also experiment with using bow ties, clips, and bandanas if their Poms have lengthy fur coats.

The downside, however, is that long hairstyles require high maintenance. Make sure to commit to daily brushing using a comb and detangler, as coats of this length are prone to tangling, which may result in matting later.

Likewise, dog owners may need to invest in a high-quality blow dryer. This will be a very helpful tool in making sure your Pomeranian’s long coat dries more thoroughly.

Now that you know the different haircut lengths you can try for your Pomeranian dog, it is up to you to decide which is best suited for your pup according to your preference and your dog’s lifestyle.

Pomeranian Haircut Before and After Pictures

A good haircut can significantly change how your Pomeranian dog looks. That said, you must choose something appropriate and well-suited for this breed.

Take a look at some Pomeranian before and after haircut photos to get some inspiration:

Show Cut

Pomeranian show cut before and after
Image credit: lakebrookgrooming / Instagram

This adorable Pomeranian looked fresh after getting a show cut. The dog’s hair was trimmed and cleaned up to give the Pomeranian a polished look without cutting its fur very short.

Puppy Cut

Pomeranian puppy cut before and after
Image credit: groomer_min.p / Instagram

The photo on the left features a Pomeranian with ungroomed hair and a bushy tail. After a minor makeover and a puppy cut, the Pomeranian looked a whole lot younger, as shown in the right photo.

Rounded Cut

Pomeranian rounded cut before and after
Image credit: groomersevdeozer / Instagram

The Pomeranian on the right is sporting a rounded cut after having long, ungroomed hair. As shown in the photo, the dog’s coat was trimmed to remove the edginess from the previous haircut.

You can watch this video to get an idea of what a full grooming session looks like:

Pomeranian Before and after Grooming | My cute Pomeranian TRANSFORMATION

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Pomeranian

Now that you are aware of the various Pomeranian haircuts that you can try on your adorable dog, here are some haircut tips that will be extremely useful as you prepare for your dog’s grooming appointment.

Follow these tips to make sure your Pomeranian gets the best haircut:

  • Find a reliable dog groomer. While you may be able to save tons of money if you opt to cut your dog’s hair on your own, it is highly recommended to have a professional dog groomer do it instead. This will give you the assurance that your desired hairstyle will be achieved.
  • Pick a hairstyle that fits your lifestyle and budget. If you are on a tight budget, you should avoid getting high-maintenance haircuts that will require you to return to the groomer often. Additionally, you should also consider how much time and patience you have for your dog’s coat maintenance. Long hairstyles require daily brushing, so if you don’t have time to do it every day, avoid these hairstyles. 
  • Invest in high-quality grooming products. Grooming does not end the moment your Pomeranian gets a haircut. That said, investing in high-quality grooming products will be very helpful and cost-efficient. These include brushes and combs that you will need on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your dog’s hair length.

By taking note of all these Pomeranian haircut tips, you can guarantee that your pup will look fresh and spiffy after every grooming session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pomeranian about to get a haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Pomeranian?

While there is no definite way to prove that the traditional cut is the most popular Pomeranian haircut, this haircut style is what you will often see in Pomeranian dogs.

The traditional cut is one of the most attractive Pomeranian haircuts available, which explains why many owners prefer it.

This cut gives your Pomeranian a makeover without going overboard while still maintaining a neat and clean appearance without cutting its fur very short.

How Often Does a Pomeranian Need a Hair Cut?

On average, Pomeranians need a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks. However, this will highly depend on your dog’s haircut and the preferred length for your Pomeranian’s coat.

If you opt for a short haircut or if your dog was shaved, expect your dog’s next grooming appointment to be much later than if your dog has a medium or long hairstyle.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Pomeranian’s Hair?

While you may be able to successfully let your Pomeranian’s hair grow without encountering problems, coats that are left long are very prone to tangles.

This means that if you don’t cut your Pomeranian’s fur for too long and it is not taken care of properly with daily brushing and detangling, its fur will become matted.

Remember that mats cut the airflow in your puppy’s hair and can trap moisture, which will then result in irritation and sores. In severe cases, this can cause hematomas and severely deteriorate your dog’s health.

What Length Should I Cut My Pomeranian’s Hair?

The decision on how long to cut Pomeranians’ hair is entirely up to you. If you prefer to keep the dog’s hair short, you might end up going to the groomer regularly.

However, if they want to keep it longer, you can wait until the hair grows to the length you prefer.

While there is no rule regarding the maximum hair length of Pomeranians, owners should ensure that the coat is kept clean and healthy, free from ticks and fleas, and not matted.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, Pomeranians are among the most adorable dogs in the canine world. Their double coat, which can grow long continuously, makes it easier for them to be styled with different haircuts.

Regardless of what haircut or hairstyle you choose for your Pomeranian, it all boils down to ensuring that they are clean, healthy, and well-groomed.

Remember that it is your responsibility as owners to ensure your dogs are well taken care of and comfortable.

Have you decided which Pomeranian haircut you should try for your dog? Let us know in the comments!

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