Male vs. Female Pomeranian: Which Is Better?

White male and female Pomeranian sitting side by side

Choosing between a male or female Pomeranian can be a challenging task due to the lovable characteristics each gender has. However, it is important to consider their differences to know which one fits you better.

There is not much of a difference between male and female Pomeranian appearance-wise. However, from a temperament perspective, male Pomeranians are more active, playful, and outgoing. Meanwhile, female Pomeranians are more independent, reserved, and smarter than their male counterparts. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about the differences between male and female Pomeranians. We can assure you that by the time you finish reading this guide, you can decide which gender you like best.

Physical Differences

Male and female Pomeranian sitting beside two pumpkins

Male Pomeranians

It’s quite hard to distinguish a male from a female Pom since both genders look so much alike. Nevertheless, there are still small distinctions between the male and female Pomeranians, but some are not really visible at first glance.

That said, the fastest way to validate the gender of a Pomeranian physically is through its genitals. 

A male Pomeranian, just like the female, has round eyes, erect ears, and long fluffy coats that usually come in the color cream, tan, or caramel brown. They can also come in the rare colors of lavender and white.

When it comes to size, males weigh 5 to 7 pounds and are 5 to 11 inches tall. They are smaller than they appear, though, due to their long hair. They reach physical maturity earlier than their female counterparts, at around 8 to 10 months old.

If you want an even smaller Pomeranian, you should consider the teacup Pom. It is a special Pomeranian-size variant, which is even smaller than the regular Pom.

Female Pomeranians

Pomeranian females share the same breed standard height and weight as their male counterparts. They, too, range from 5 to 7 pounds in weight and are 5 to 11 inches in height.

They also have the same coat quality as the males; their coats are double-layered and dense and require particular haircuts and regular grooming to keep them clean and well-maintained. Their build is also similar to males as well, with well-proportioned and petite bodies.

Again, the quickest way to differentiate a male from a female is to look at its sex organs.

Furthermore, female dogs also have the same pointy ears, round dark eyes, and small snouts. They also have petite bone structures, which make them excellent lap dogs.

Female Pomeranians can also sport a bear-like look. It can also be fox-faced, baby doll-faced, or teddy bear-faced.

Temperamental Differences 

Male Pomeranians

Male Poms have much more different personalities than their female counterparts. The male ones tend to show more love to their owners and are the more affectionate gender.

They love to spend time playing outdoors, doing zoomies, and clinging to their owner way longer. Unlike female Poms, a male Pomeranian isn’t shy to ask for attention and loves giving back the same energy to their humans.

Their kind, energetic nature will lighten up your home’s mood. The male Pom is also less irritable, and you won’t have to worry about unpredictable mood changes.

Loyalty is also one of the best traits a male Pomeranian dog possesses. Despite their size, male Poms can be aggressive, especially when it comes to protecting their territory and family, making them good yet tiny guard dogs.

Female Pomeranians

Female Pomeranians have cooler personalities and show less affection, unlike the opposite sex. They may be classified as introverted dog breeds. A female Pomeranian is also considered an alpha dog because of its territorial nature.

Many laid-back pet owners prefer a female Pom over a male Pom because they are more reserved and can be easier to take care of. You may find a female Pomeranian just lounging around the house rather than running and playing.

Females have feisty personalities and can even be manipulative at times. A female Pomeranian likes its own peace and shows its love for its owners in its own time. She knows when she’s had enough cuddling for the day.

Despite the female Pomeranian’s moody temperament, they are still good family pets! They are independent and calm and can keep themselves entertained when you can’t give them the playtime they need. 

This goes to show that being introverted is not a bad thing for dogs at all. 

Here is a video to show you the differences between a male and a female Pomeranian: 

Funny Differences Between Male and Female Pomeranians

Behavior and Training

Male Pomeranian during training

Male Pomeranians

Both male and female Pomeranians are highly intelligent breeds. However, there is a significant difference in training both genders of these small dogs. They can be a challenge to train at times, especially males.

Male Poms take longer to train than female Poms because of the slow progression in their mental maturity. 

Male Pomeranians are easily distracted by moving objects, toys, and sounds. They will constantly choose to play rather than train. Male Pomeranians have trouble obeying commands that they don’t find interesting.

Although a lot of patience is required when training them, it’s definitely worth it once you see your little Pom roll over and shake paws.

The hormones of intact Pomeranians also make them more aggressive and cause them to make territorial markings. Neutering can help minimize these behaviors. This also minimizes their urge to hump random objects.

Female Pomeranians

A female Pomeranian dog is much easier to train than a male. They seem to be the smarter, more focused gender between the two. They mature faster than male dogs, making it easier for them to grasp commands.

Since their mentality develops earlier, you may start training them at a young age. They have a high sense of alertness and are eager to learn and participate in obedience training.

Because of their fast-paced learning and combative personalities, female Pomeranians are better guard dogs. Their protective tendencies can be reliable in letting you know when there’s trouble coming your way.

As an example, Molly, my female senior Pomeranian, will bark at all guests entering our home and even those just passing by the vicinity. This is enough to alert everyone in the household that strangers are nearby. Though Molly never bites, her high-pitched yapping is enough to keep our house secured.

Meanwhile, female Poms who are not spayed can display intense mood swings caused by the rising and falling of their hormones. Having them spayed can prevent discomfort and abdominal pain as well.

Health Differences

Male Pomeranians

Generally, toy dogs like the Pomeranian have healthy dispositions and can live up to 12 to 16 years.

However, Pomeranians are prone to some illnesses common to both genders, such as luxating patella, hypoglycemia, severe hair loss, and cataracts. 

Like all male dogs, male Poms may suffer from certain illnesses due to their being intact. One example of this gender-related disease is testicular cancer. Neutering dramatically lowers the risk of male Poms from developing one.

Given these health issues, it is important to have routine vet visits to prevent their onset. This should save you from paying potentially high medical costs for your pet.

Checking the history of the male Pomeranian puppy’s parents should also help identify genetically transmitted diseases that may be passed on to it.

Female Pomeranians

Female Pomeranians are the less active version of the male and therefore are more prone to obesity. Making sure that they get their daily exercise and have a proper diet is one way to counter this condition.

Spaying female Poms can eliminate the risk of gender-related health issues in our pets. It can reduce their risk of acquiring uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and pyometra.

Female Pomeranians also suffer from early tooth loss, so pet owners should be careful when giving them hard food or treats. They are also more likely to develop cataracts than senior dogs.

Keep in mind that male and female Pomeranians are healthy breeds, and these health issues are mostly worst-case scenarios. Regular checkups will help in preventing these illnesses from getting worse.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Female Pomeranian beside a Shiba Inu

Male Pomeranians

Male Pomeranians are sociable dogs that can easily bond with other dog breeds. They are considered one of the friendliest breeds in the canine world.

That being said, male Poms have no problem sharing their territories with a few dogs. They often think the other pets they meet are here to have fun and play. 

However, because Pomeranians are miniature dogs, it’s best to keep an eye on them when playing with bigger dogs.

Pomeranian owners are advised to own the opposite gender since it keeps the balance at home. Keep in mind that there should be at least a two-year gap in their ages so that the older dog can set the benchmark for the younger one.

Female Pomeranians

We’ve discussed how female Poms are the much more serious gender. They are more territorial and, therefore, can be a little feisty when interacting with other animals, especially animals of the same sex.

A female Pom has a tendency to be jealous, especially when its human gives other dogs attention. They are more aloof and have a harder time befriending other breeds because of their reserved nature.

Female Poms do not like it when other dogs show alpha tendencies because they like to keep things balanced. Exposing them to other pets while they are still puppies is best to improve their social skills.

A female Pom is ideal if you decide to own your first dog because they are calmer and will most likely obey you more. 

With Children

Male Pomeranians

Having young kids and a male Pom in your household can be good and bad. Since males tend to be more energetic, they can sometimes harm toddlers when hyperactiveness gets out of hand.

Pomeranians are toy breeds and may not even inflict so much pain when playing rough. However, keeping an eye on your children to avoid injuring your Pom is a must.

Small children are unaware of their actions and can accidentally hurt the dog. The same goes for your dog accidentally hurting your child.

At the end of the day, choosing between male and female Pomeranians depends on your household situation.

Female Pomeranians

Educating your child about the temperaments of a female Pom can help them navigate play time and when to give them personal space.

Unlike the male, who is active and always ready to play, female Poms like to have fun only when they are in the mood. They are less hyperactive, which can be a good thing for toddlers.

More often than not, female Poms hate socializing with kids; they just like doing things their own way. Forcing them to cuddle or picking them up without warning can make them a bit aggressive.

Regardless of your Pom’s gender, they are very small and prone to be stepped on. Make sure your children know how to handle toy dogs properly to avoid accidents and injuries.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female Pomeranians

Male and female Pomeranian running around

Male Pomeranians

Male Pomeranians are perfect for families who like to go on trips and adventures. The male Pom’s energetic personality makes them the perfect companion for hiking or walking.

Playful children will definitely enjoy bonding with male Poms since they love to play and may even match the child’s energy. Male Poms also love to snuggle and show affection to their owners. 

They love every member of their human family equally. One interesting quirk that male Poms have is their friendliness with other dogs and strangers. Their personalities are very inviting.

Male Poms love activities and are trainable pets. They are food motivated, which means that they will most likely obey you if they see that you have dog food or treats in your hand.

Because of their hyperactiveness, males can get carried away and may end up hurting themselves or their humans. Moreover, their attachment can cause them to suffer separation anxiety when left alone for a long time.

Although their friendliness is a good trait, it can be confusing for many Pom owners considering canines are territorial creatures.

Male Poms are charming but are also harder to train. They are often stubborn and will choose to play rather than train.

Here is a table of the male Pomeranian’s pros and cons:

More affectionateCan be too clingy 
Less moodyProne to separation anxiety
Bonds well with other dogs and animalsTends to be a bit messy
Good with very young childrenGets easily distracted
Enjoys physical activitiesCan get too hyperactive

Female Pomeranians

Female Poms are the less hyper version of the male. Hence, if you prefer pets who are calmer like to lounge around, and just sit with you in solitude, then the female Pom is the right fit for you.

Keeping a female Pomeranian can be a good motivation to maintain the cleanliness of your home since they are sensitive to their surroundings and do not like messy spaces.

One of the good traits that they possess is their fierce personalities. They are more protective of their owners and do not trust strangers immediately. They will protect you with all their heart when they sense danger.

Moreover, female Poms mature earlier, making them easier to train. They are eager to learn commands and listen even without instant gratification or treats.

They really value their safe space and love to show affection when they want to, which can be convenient for pet owners who value personal space too.

However, since they are more territorial than males, they can be quite aggressive when meeting strangers and other animals, so make sure to keep an eye on your pet when around others.

Be careful not to smother a female Pom because one wrong move may cause them to bite or scratch.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of a female Pomeranian:

Easier to trainCan come across as cold
Do not seek too much attentionMore moody
Respects personal spaceCan be quite aggressive 
ProtectiveIndifferent with strangers
More obedientDislikes unwanted attention

Should You Get a Male or Female Pomeranian?

Choosing between male and female Pomeranians can be very difficult, but it all boils down to your personal needs and preference. 

Both genders are equally lovable; you just have to choose the one that matches your personality. Considering your home situation is a good way of determining which gender is best for you.

If you are looking for a furry friend who enthusiastically greets you as soon as you reach your door, then the male Pom is the right match for you. Having a male Pomeranian ensures fun and activity inside your humble household. 

Males require more time and attention from their humans. Their affectionate nature fits really well with big families.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a relaxed, low-maintenance companion who can be left alone, then the female Pomeranian is a better choice. Their independence makes it easier for you to enjoy your personal space.

The female Pomeranian’s level of awareness allows them to know when to ask for attention and when to stop. This personality trait of theirs blends well with people who have busy schedules.

Regardless of whether a male or a female Pomeranian best suits you, it is highly recommended to deal only with reputable breeders. This ensures that you get a pom puppy that is healthy and is raised in the best environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female Pomeranian sitting on the grass field

Are Male or Female Pomeranians Calmer?

Female Pomeranians are calmer than males. Moreover, females are considered to be more mature and are often found observing rather than reacting.

Male Pomeranians, on the other hand, are more playful and adapt the personality of a puppy even as grown adults.

Are Male or Female Pomeranians More Affectionate?

Male Poms show their affection more often than female ones. This is because of their friendly nature. Not only are they affectionate with their human owners, but they are welcoming to strangers too.

Because of their reserved temperament, females tend to have their guard up at all times and like to show affection only when they are in the mood.

Are Male or Female Pomeranians Easier to Train?

Brought about by their rapid mental development, a female dog matures earlier and therefore is easier to train. They are also less likely to get distracted while training.

A lot of patience is required when training a male Pomeranian. Though flawlessly executing commands is not impossible, grasping them takes a little more time and a lot of treats.

Final Thoughts

Whether to get a male or female Pomeranian is quite an interesting debate. Generally, the Pomeranian dog breed, regardless of gender, is easy to love and care for. 

Weighing the pros and cons of male and female Pomeranians can be the first step in making your decision. Once you get proper canine education, you will realize that the decision will become easier. 

Remember that there is no better gender than the other, and it all depends on what fits your situation best. Coming up with a pair may even be an option for you!

Are you getting a male or female Pom? Let us know what you think of the male and female Pomeranians by dropping us a comment below!

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