Male vs. Female Miniature American Shepherd: Which Is Better?

Male and female Miniature American Shepherd on a field of flowers

It is quite difficult to choose between a male and female Miniature American Shepherd because both sexes have their own quirks. If you need help deciding which suits you better, I’ve got you covered.

In a nutshell, male Miniature American Shepherds are more fun-loving and affectionate. They like attention and will work hard to please their families. Meanwhile, females are gentler and more independent. They are affectionate as well, but they love their alone time, too.

With that said, let this guide walk you through the similarities and differences between male and female Miniature American Shepherds. Here, we will compare them under several different categories. Let’s get started.

Physical Differences

Male and female Miniature American Shepherd on a leash

Male Miniature American Shepherds

In terms of physical attributes, you can expect that male Miniature American Shepherds are not much different from female ones. In general, Miniature American Shepherds will be small- to medium-sized. 

Particularly, male Miniature American Shepherds will stand anywhere between 14 and 18 inches and weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. They may outgrow their female counterparts, but only for one to two inches.

In terms of their build, you will notice that males look slightly larger. They are also much more muscular than the females.

Furthermore, male Miniature American Shepherds are double-coated with medium-length hair. They are moderate shedders, so expect that you need to clean after them often.

Males typically have merle coats. Their eyes can be any color, and they can have dual-colored eyes as well!

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Female Miniature American Shepherds are smaller than their male counterparts. However, the size difference between the two is usually very slight.

They can grow from 13 to 17 inches and are almost the same weight as the males. If you’re particular about your dog’s height, don’t worry; the height difference isn’t noticeable.

For reference, female Mini American Shepherds are as tall as a Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terrier, and Basenji.

In terms of its body type, the female Miniature American Shepherd is a tiny bit smaller. This dog is less muscular and buff. Instead, they have bodies that lean on the petite or slimmer side.

But as we said, the differences in their body types are so subtle that they become invisible to the untrained eye.

In terms of coat colors and texture, female Miniature American Shepherds resemble the traits of their male counterparts. You can find them as well in merle coats with pairs of eyes that differ in color.

Temperamental Differences

Male Miniature American Shepherds

Both male and female Miniature American Shepherds are known for their fantastic personalities. These dogs are intelligent, lovable, loyal, affectionate, and family-oriented. 

Just like most shepherd breeds, male Miniature American Shepherds are also protective and are great watchdogs. 

But to differentiate the male from the female, males are more playful and fun-loving. These extroverts are outgoing, carefree, and extra friendly! 

While both male and females are known for their athleticism, the males are more active and playful. Thus, expect that they need lots of physical and mental stimulation.

Male Miniature American Shepherds are clingy and want attention at all times. They are intense dogs who will take any chance to cuddle and follow you everywhere! 

They will act like puppies until their old age, so make sure you’re ready for this before getting one.

Males are also more in tune with their family’s emotions than females. You are never alone with a male Mini American Shepherd!

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Female Miniature American Shepherds are the toned-down versions of male Mini American Shepherds. These dogs are a bit reserved, introverted, and serious.

The female Miniature American Shepherd is independent and loves setting boundaries. Unlike the males, expect them to be more self-contained until old age.

This doesn’t make them cold-hearted, though. In fact, female Miniature American Shepherds are sweet and loving. But don’t expect them to be as clingy as their male counterparts.

They can get moody at times. But this will be more prevalent if your female Miniature American Shepherd is not spayed.

Female Miniature American Shepherds are just as athletic as the males. They also need as much stimulation. Thus, whether you’re raising a male or a female Mini American Shepherd, get ready for intense physical and mental workouts!

Behavior and Training

Male and female Miniature American Shepherd waiting for owners command

Male Miniature American Shepherds

Their intelligence is the pride of both the male and the female Miniature American Shepherd. But does this automatically mean that they are easy to train?

In the case of male Miniature American Shepherds, it’s not quite true. Though they are generally more obedient than the females, male Mini American Shepherds are still a bit harder to train.

This is because they have short attention spans, making them easily distracted. To be successful in training a male Miniature American Shepherd, incorporate creativity and positive reinforcement during training.

Don’t worry, as these dogs are quite the people pleasers. They are eager to please their owners, so they can be persistent in learning to see you happy.

As herding dogs with a high prey drive, male Miniature American Shepherds need early socialization training. This prevents them from herding and chasing around small animals, other dogs, and even children.

You should also keep in mind that male American Shepherds may tend to mark their territory. This is normal for all canines and can be outgrown when your dog is trained properly.

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Thanks to their more serious and mature personalities, training female Miniature American Shepherds is relatively easier. They are not as easily distracted as the males, so they can absorb training a bit easier.

However, you will have to put up with more headstrongness from female Miniature American Shepherds. These dogs like to get their way during training. Also, once they lose interest, it will be hard to get them to come back.

Creativity, consistency, and positive reinforcement will help make training a female Miniature American Shepherd easier. 

The trainer of my dogs has extensive experience in training shepherding dogs. He has always shared with me that female American Shepherds have streaks of independence and stubbornness where he has to assert his leadership more.

He has also mentioned that adult females who have established behaviors are quite harder to train than puppies. However, so long as their focus is intact, female American Shepherds adapt very well and learn faster than most males.

If you’re interested in seeing a female Mini American Shepherd in action, click on this video:

Dog Tricks by Zola - 1 year old Miniature American Shepherd

You will notice that female Miniature American Shepherds excel over males when it comes to training. If you want easier training sessions, you will enjoy the company of a female Miniature American Shepherd.

Health Differences 

Male Miniature American Shepherds

Luckily, your male Miniature American Shepherd’s health won’t be much of a problem for you. These canines are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years.

However, male Mini American Shepherds are prone to certain health issues. This includes multidrug resistance mutation, which is common among herding dogs. They are also prone to dysplasia, bloat, progressive retinal atrophy, etc.

It is important for male Miniature American Shepherds to undergo neutering. This will help reduce hormonal mood swings and unpleasant behaviors in your male Mini American Shepherds, like spraying, marking, and fighting.

Additionally, neutering will be beneficial to your male dog’s health. In fact, it is proven to reduce the risk of testicular cancer for male dogs.

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Like their male counterparts, female Miniature American Shepherds are also healthy dogs. 

Females may suffer from the same set of diseases as the males. However, females are more likely to have urinary tract infections (UTI).

If you want to decrease the chances of your female Mini American Shepherd catching a UTI, you should consider spaying it. This surgery will lower the risks of pyometra, breast cancer, and uterine infections. 

Not to mention, spaying a female Mini American Shepherd will free them from going into heat cycles. This will make them well-behaved and happier dogs.

However, keep in mind that spaying will cause hormonal and physiological changes in your female Mini American Shepherd. Essentially, this can make them prone to weight gain, so watch out for that.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Female Miniature American Shepherd with another breed

Male Miniature American Shepherds

Considering its outgoing and extroverted nature, the male Miniature American Shepherd will surely get along with other people and pets. They don’t have aggressive tendencies or high prey drive, so others are safe with them.

But remember that these dogs have powerful herding instincts. They will feel the need to huddle your dogs, but they won’t be harmful or harsh towards them. However, other dogs or pets may not be comfortable with this behavior.

Though these dogs have great personalities, to begin with, it’s still important to socialize male Miniature American Shepherds early. Expose and introduce them to your other dogs or pets as early as eight weeks for best results.

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Likewise, female Miniature American Shepherds are safe to have around your other dogs and pets. However, as we mentioned earlier, females are more reserved than outgoing.

That said, it will take more time for your female Miniature American Shepherd to come out of its shell and be friendly with other dogs. But once comfortable, the female Mini American Shepherd is playful and friendly.

Like their male counterparts, females will exhibit herding instincts towards other dogs and pets. Thus, you should also put them in early socialization training.

With Children

Male Miniature American Shepherds

Male Miniature American Shepherds love children, and children love them, too! These canines are playful and fun-loving, so keeping the company of kids is something they will enjoy.

Their energetic nature makes male Miniature American Shepherds great playmates for older kids. But take note of the importance of teaching children how to handle and treat dogs.

They generally won’t bite or hurt a child, but they should still be treated with gentleness and care.

When mingling male Miniature American Shepherds with small kids, close supervision is crucial. These dogs are high-energy and, sometimes, careless. They might trip a child over and cause injury.

Your children are not safe from the herding instincts of the male Mini American Shepherd. To Minimize this, socialize them early and train them not to herd children.

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Female Miniature American Shepherds are nurturing guardians for children. You can count on these dogs to look after your children. This is thanks to their calmer and less active personality.

Yes, female Mini American Shepherds will want to herd your children, so training and socialization are also required with them. Unlike the males, females have less energy for play. 

As we said, they are more independent and like their alone time. With that said, your female Mini American Shepherd will want some boundaries, so it’s important to teach your children how to handle, touch, and mingle with them.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female Miniature American Shepherds

Male and female Miniature American Shepherd playing outdoors

Male Miniature American Shepherds

There are many advantages to owning a male Miniature American Shepherd. 

Firstly, they are well-loved for their loyal, friendly, and affectionate personalities. Add these to the fact that they are great to have around children and other pets!

You don’t have to worry about your male Mini American Shepherd fighting with other dogs at the dog park. They don’t have aggressive tendencies and can get along with any other dog, given that they had socialization training early.

Males are also intelligent and fast learners. Training won’t be difficult with these dogs once you get past their short attention span.

However, you will notice some disadvantages when raising male Miniature American Shepherds. 

This includes their powerful herding instincts and high prey drive. You will find that they tend to huddle small kids and other animals. Thankfully, you can work on this through training.

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of male Miniature American Shepherds:

Good temperamentRequires lots of exercises
Smart and highly trainableNot for apartment dwellers
Safe around kids and other petsStrong herding instincts
Less stubbornHigh prey drive

Female Miniature American Shepherds

Female Miniature American Shepherds are delightful home companions, and raising one of these dogs has many advantages.

Expect your female Miniature American Shepherd to be a wonderful pet to you, your kids, and other dogs. These pooches aren’t much different from the male Mini American Shepherd in terms of temperament.

The main difference between the two is that females are much calmer. They like to set boundaries and maintain their independence as well.

You will find that female Miniature American Shepherds are often easier to train than males. Once you’re over their stubborn streak, then teaching them new tricks should be easy.

Speaking of stubbornness, this is one of the disadvantages of raising a female Miniature American Shepherd. Others include their high prey drive and strong herding instincts.

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of female Miniature American Shepherds:

Sound personalityCan be stubborn 
Intelligent and highly trainableRequires lots of space at home
Independent Less affectionate 
Calm and gentleHigh prey drive and herding instincts

Should You Get a Male or Female Miniature American Shepherd? 

Are you still having a hard time deciding whether to get a male or female Miniature American Shepherd? That’s not surprising, seeing as how both sexes of this breed make great home pets.

But to know which one best suits you, it’s time to look not at these dogs but at you!

If you’re someone who is highly active and loves engaging in outdoor activities, male Miniature American Shepherds will be your best pals! Both males and females are athletic, but the males are more outgoing and fun.

Meanwhile, female Miniature American Shepherds are great dogs for you if you value your own space.

Do you have small children at home? Then, consider raising a female Miniature American Shepherd. While both sexes are generally safe around children, the females are gentler.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a dog that can match your older kids’ need for play, then your best bet is a male Miniature American Shepherd. They can keep your children entertained non-stop!

In choosing the right Mini American Shepherd for you and your family, always consider your needs, their needs, and your lifestyle. This should be easy as they aren’t much different from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female Miniature American Shepherd outside owners house

Are Male or Female Miniature American Shepherds Calmer?

In general, female Miniature American Shepherds are calmer than their male counterparts. They are described as serious, mature, and reserved. These females are less hyper and outgoing than male Mini American Shepherds.

Thus, they make the perfect dogs for families that seek gentle companions at home.

Are Male or Female Miniature American Shepherds More Affectionate?

Both male and female Miniature American Shepherds are affectionate home pets. But expect the males to be more intense than the females. They are insanely clingy and constantly stick beside you to ask for affection.

Male Miniature American Shepherds may not be for you if you’re someone who values your alone time and space. In this case, consider raising a female instead.

Are Male or Female Miniature American Shepherds Easier to Train?

Female Miniature American Shepherds are easier to train than males. Thanks to their intelligence and focus, training females is a breeze. 

However, do watch out for their stubborn streaks. They are strong-willed and will be hard to manage when they lose interest in the training.

After reading this guide, have you decided which sex to get? Let us know your take on the male and the female Miniature American Shepherd!

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