Male vs. Female Beagle: Which Is Better?

Male and female Beagle running with a stick

Beagles belong to the top list of well-known dog breeds in the world due to their adorable personality and charming appearance. But if you want to have one, should you get a male or a female Beagle? 

Appearance-wise, male Beagles are slightly larger than their female counterparts; however, both share the same coat colors and overall build. Male Beagles love attention more than females, but they tend to be more independent. Meanwhile, female Beagles are usually easier to train and clingier between the two.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail the similarities and differences between male and female Beagles. You will also get additional help should you decide to adopt or buy a male or a female Beagle. Let’s start!

Physical Differences

Male and female Beagle standing on the side of a road

Male Beagles 

Beagles, in general, are compact. However, male Beagles are slightly bigger than their female counterparts. You will see such a difference when they turn one year old.

Male Beagles’ adult height is around 13 to 16 inches, while their average weight ranges between 22 and 26 pounds.

Male Beagles have broader heads and chests, and their faces also have a more elaborate square shape than females.

Many people think that Beagles come in only one size. However, the truth is that Beagles are classified into two types — the standard (regular) and the pocket (miniature).

Standard Beagles are at least 13 to 16 inches tall. On the other hand, pocket or miniature Beagles grow between 9 and 12 inches in height.

Similar to females, you can also find male Beagles in a variety of colors, such as white, tan, brown, and black. Some can even sport a lemon coat or blue tick pattern.

It can be challenging to distinguish between male and female Beagles at first glance.

Apart from their reproductive organs, one way to differentiate between male and female Beagles is to check their weight and size. Male Beagles are typically heavier and taller than females.

Female Beagles 

Female Beagles can grow up to 12 to 15 inches tall and typically weigh between 20 and 24 pounds. They have muscular bodies just like male Beagles.

In terms of physical features, female Beagles have smaller heads and chests compared to male Beagles.

There isn’t a significant difference between female and male Beagles when it comes to their physical appearance. The best way to determine any differences is to wait until they reach at least six weeks old.

Temperamental Differences 

Male Beagles

Male Beagles are generally described as playful and curious by nature. Such stereotypes make their owners think they are no different from females in terms of behavior. 

However, the truth is that male Beagles have a well-balanced disposition and are capable of recognizing when their owners don’t want to play with them. They can occupy themselves by playing on their own or simply sleeping when they feel bored.

Males are also more laid back than their female counterparts. Although they love to have fun, they are surprisingly less playful than females. Because of this, they make a great choice for owners who are not home most of the time. 

Male Beagles enjoy independence and are less likely to develop separation anxiety. You can leave them for a couple of hours without worrying. 

Female Beagles

If you are a clingy type of owner, a female Beagle is perfect for you. They will never make you feel alone because they love attention a lot. 

Female Beagles seek attention from their owners constantly and shower them with kisses. They enjoy playing and require regular interaction, and leaving them alone for long periods may result in unwanted behavior.

If you decide to have a female Beagle, be prepared to devote time and attention to her. However, as she grows older and becomes a mother, her need for constant attention may decrease.

If you are a first-time owner of a female Beagle, it is recommended to consider hiring dog walking or sitting services if you need to leave your her alone for a period of time.

Additionally, providing puzzle toys can keep your female Beagle entertained and stimulated.

Behavior and Training

Male Beagle during training

Male Beagles

Training a Beagle can be daunting if you are not patient and persistent enough to understand how to do it. In general, this dog breed is independent and single-minded. 

Having owned and trained both male and female Beagles myself, I know male Beagles are harder to train because they are more playful and are easily distracted by their environment. They are also more stubborn than their female counterparts.

However, you can always provide treats and other positive reinforcement techniques to make them more engaged. The key is to start socialization and obedience training sessions in the earliest stage of puppyhood.

You should also expect male Beagles to mark their territories by urinating. And while this can be bothersome for owners, this behavior can be reduced by neutering your male dog.

Female Beagles 

When it comes to training, female Beagles have an advantage over males. Since female Beagles always want to please their owners, they can stay more focused on you during the training sessions.

Female Beagles show more eagerness to learn new tricks and commands. Moreover, they also mentally mature faster than their male counterparts.

The problem with training female Beagles comes when they are in heat or just had a litter. They may start losing their focus or get too stubborn.

Although less common, they may also exhibit territory-marking behavior like their male counterparts.

Spaying your female Beagles will likely get rid of these problems. Also, as with males, your female Beagle should be exposed to training and socialization early on.

Health Differences

Male Beagles

Regardless of gender, the Beagle is generally a healthy dog breed. The most common health problem they are prone to can be hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, or intervertebral disc disease.

Aside from the aforementioned conditions, male Beagles can develop testicular cancer and prostatic disease

Prostatic diseases can have different kinds, and one of the most common types is the enlargement of the male Beagle’s prostate gland. This causes discomfort and difficulty in urinating for the affected dog. 

To prevent testicular cancer or prostatic disease, get your male Beagle neutered as soon as possible.

Further, sourcing a Beagle from a reputable breeder, whether male or female, can guarantee you a pup that is DNA-tested and free from most congenital illnesses.

Female Beagles

Female Beagles can have the same health issues as male Beagles. They can get hip dysplasia, cherry eye, dwarfism, intervertebral disc disease, or patellar luxation as well.

One specific health condition that only female Beagles may develop is mammary cancer. Mammary or breast conditions have common symptoms such as redness, swelling, discharge, and the presence of lumps in the nipples. 

Other signs of mammary problems in female Beagles include pus, blood, or unexpected milk from their breasts. As a result, your pet may also suffer from painful mammary glands.

Such problems usually occur in dogs that have not been spayed. So, the best solution to this concern is to get your pet spayed as soon as possible. 

In addition to this health concern in Beagles, they can also be prone to reproductive conditions. 

Other reproductive health problems in female Beagles are infertility, pyometra, vaginal inflammation (vaginitis), mastitis, and vaginal prolapse.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Male Beagle playing with a cat

Male Beagles

As a beginner dog owner, you might be wondering how male or female Beagles interact with other dogs and pets.

Aside from being kid-friendly, this breed likes to interact with other dogs. Male Beagles, in particular, have an even temperament. They are energetic dogs that enjoy others’ company. 

Two male Beagles can live and get along well together. Unlike other canine breeds, male Beagles love to play around and have fun in each other’s company. They do not assert dominance over each other.

As hunting dogs, male Beagles should do well in packs as they would go with hunters to track prey. This could mean that they might not get along well with other family pets, including cats. 

However, their high prey drive can be reduced by early socialization. Male Beagles should be introduced to other household pets as early as puppies.

Female Beagles 

When it comes to interacting with other dogs and pets, do not worry about your female Beagle. Due to their dependent nature, females are also amiable with other dogs and most family pets. 

One thing you should remember, though, is that if your female Beagle puppy is taken away from her mother too early, she may take longer to adjust to being around other dogs.

Since females are highly active and energetic, they also get daily exercise while having fun with their playmates. It is the perfect opportunity to welcome a new family dog. 

However, one should be careful in introducing Beagles to other dog breeds. You can begin by introducing them in neutral territory. When they get comfortable with one another, they can stay indoors at the same time. 

See to it that you will let your pet socialize so it can make friends easily with a new dog. If you get this right, you can now have multiple dogs in your household. 

With Children 

Male Beagles

This dog breed is generally known for being outgoing and amiable. However, some believe that male Beagles are not the best companions for children. 

Male Beagles can be more enthusiastic and rough at the same time. They like being around kids and other people, but they also enjoy their own company. 

The key is to teach your kids how to touch or interact with dogs. Always supervise every interaction. Let the children know that approaching the dogs while sleeping or eating is not a good idea. 

Female Beagles 

Some Beagle owners believe that female dogs are more gentle and more patient with kids. They claim that since females are known for being maternal and affectionate, they suit families with children better. 

Fortunately, this is exactly the case with the Beagles. Female Beagles are known to have a higher tolerance for mischievous children. However, females may try to herd their kids from time to time.

The easiest way to observe if your female Beagle gets along well with your children is to see them together and monitor how they interact. 

Overall, female Beagles love playing with children, so you do not have to worry about socializing with them. However, it is still good practice to supervise them, especially when it’s the first time they meet.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female Beagles

Male and female Beagle on a flower field

Male Beagles

Getting a male Beagle has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the best things about having this gender of Beagle is that it does not go through many bad days. It has an even temperament most of the time. 

Male Beagles tend to be more independent, which can be an advantage if you’re not always at home. They’re content with playing on their own, giving you some private time.

You can leave them alone for a few hours without worrying too much about separation anxiety.

On the other hand, owners of male Beagles tend to experience problems related to territorial marking. They urinate often, and you do not want this in your house.

Another concern with taking care of male Beagles is their behavior during training. 

They are easily distracted, which can make training sessions extra challenging. They are also known to be more forgetful and playful when learning tricks. 

Male Beagles love to bark at anything, particularly noises. They also howl like a Wolfhound, which your neighbors may not like. 

The table below gives you a quick look at the pros and cons of a male Beagle:

More independentLess affectionate
Even-temperedGets distracted easily 
Always merry and friendly More prone to territorial marking  
More alertNoisy and likes to bark all the time 

Female Beagles 

With a female Beagle, you will not have a dull moment. This is thanks to the female’s playfulness and tendency to give lots of kisses and cuddles. 

Female Beagles are easier to train compared to male beagles. They pay more attention during training, although you still have to enforce some methods.

Female Beagles like to have fun and socialize with kids and other pets in the household. You will often see them playing around, which means you should expect a mess inside the house. 

If you like cuddles, female Beagles will never let you down. The downside is that they do not like independence. As a result, they get anxious when left alone for a long period of time. 

For unspayed female Beagles, you might observe that they show odd behaviors or have mood swings. You may notice that they are more aggressive than spayed females. 

Take a look at the table below showing the pros and cons of having a female Beagle:

Loving and playfulWants attention all the time
Easier to train and housebreak Not so vocal 
Likes to give kissesMay not give you privacy 
More attentive More prone to separation anxiety

Should You Get a Male or Female Beagle?

Now that you’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages of owning a male versus a female Beagle, it’s time to consider if you’re ready to adopt one.

There are many factors you need to consider when deciding to get a male or female Beagle. Some of these include your lifestyle, family members, and needs, as well as the individual characteristics of the dog you are considering.

If you are frequently away from home for extended periods, a male Beagle could be a good option, as they tend to be more independent.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a companion that will always stick by your side, a female Beagle may be more suitable.

If you’re looking for a dog that will keep you constantly engaged, a male Beagle’s curious and alert nature might be appealing.

Ultimately, choosing between a male or female Beagle shouldn’t be too difficult once you weigh the pros and cons of each gender.

With a little research, you can easily determine which gender best suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Also, here’s a video that will help you understand male and female Beagles even better:

Male vs Female Beagle : Which Should You Choose?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Female Beagle standing outdoors

Are Male or Female Beagles Calmer?

Overall, male Beagles are calmer than female ones. They have a more stable temperament, unlike female Beagles. 

Male Beagles do not go through mood swings even though they are unneutered. However, both are loving pets and can make their owners happy. 

Are Male or Female Beagles More Affectionate?

Although most dog breeds show that males are more energetic and outgoing than their female counterparts, the case for Beagles is the opposite. 

Female Beagles display their affection more often than male Beagles. They tend to give kisses and stay with you all the time. 

Are Male or Female Beagles Easier to Train? 

Female Beagles are easier to train than males. However, this doesn’t mean that they are smarter than the latter. 

The truth is that they can focus for a long time. Female Beagles also mature faster as compared to their male counterparts. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to having a Beagle, you can never go wrong with either gender. Choosing which gender to get depends on certain factors, such as your lifestyle and personal preferences. 

If you work long hours, it is best to have a male Beagle. They will make you feel happy when you are together while they keep your home protected while you’re away.

However, if you prefer a more clingy and affectionate buddy, you should look for a female Beagle. Females are the perfect choice if you are a beginner in training a dog since they are highly attentive and easy to train.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the differences between male and female Beagles by leaving a comment in the section below.

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