Male vs. Female Border Collie: Which Is Better?

Male and female Border Collie in an open field

Choosing between a male or female Border Collie can be a challenging decision for potential owners, given that each gender has its distinct benefits, making it hard to determine which one would be the best fit.

In general, male Border Collies tend to be more active, affectionate, and playful than females. They are also more inclined to outdoor activities. On the flip side, female Border Collies are more independent, reserved, and calmer. They love giving their owners the right amount of cuddles and know when to stop.

There are several significant differences between the male and the female Border Collie in terms of temperament, appearance, and the like. In this article, we will look through all of these distinctions in detail. Let’s get started!

Physical Differences

Male and female Border Collie smiling

Male Border Collies

Male Border Collies are considered medium-sized dogs according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standards, growing up to 30 to 55 pounds and reaching a height of 19 to 22 inches.

Compared to females, male Border Collies tend to have a more masculine appearance with a bulkier build. You can easily distinguish a male Border Collie by its broader head, robust torso, and leaner limbs.

Male Border Collies also tend to display a slightly more intimidating stance, which can make you perceive them as the leader of the pack.

Even though males are larger in size, it’s hard to tell the difference between male and female Border Collies at first glance because they generally have the same proportions.

Female Border Collies

Female Border Collies typically stand between 18 to 21 inches in height, only an inch shorter than males, making it challenging to distinguish the genders from afar.

However, upon closer observation, you may notice that female Border Collies have a more “feminine” facial structure.

As puppies, female Border Collies are the same size as males, and the slight difference between them is only evident once they reach their full size.

Compared to males, female Border Collies have sleeker and less bulky bodies but can still reach a weight of around 30 to 55 pounds.

In the world of canines, female Border Collies are undoubtedly a beauty, possessing the same adorable features as their male counterparts, such as their long snouts, cute floppy ears, and circular dark eyes.

Temperamental Differences

Male Border Collies

Male Border Collies are welcoming dogs. Even as puppies, they don’t require as much effort to earn their loyalty. They are considered to be the more devoted gender, and they are also more trusting and affectionate.

Male Border Collies love to nudge their human owners for affection and tend to be clingier than females.

Unlike females Border Collies, they maintain their puppy-like personality even as grown adults, which makes them more playful and athletic. Their muscular build allows them to excel in dog sports.

Male Border Collies are generally friendlier too. They bond well with strangers and all their human family members. Their good nature makes them excellent therapy dogs as well.

Female Border Collies

One notable trait of the female Border Collie is its independence. Unlike male Border Collies, who require constant attention, females are fine with spending time alone.

Due to this personality trait, dog owners with a busy schedule may often go for a female Border Collie. Despite their self-sufficiency, females still love showing affection but tend to stop when they have had enough.

Female Border Collies are hard-working dogs and often like to be in control. That being said, females respond more quickly to intense challenges and may even outdo males in outdoor playtime.

Female Border Collies take more time to warm up to their new owners, but once comfortable, their loyalty is unmatched. However, they can be more reserved than males and may take longer to trust strangers.

In a nutshell, the female Border Collie is a more relaxed, mature, and reserved version of the male. They go well with families who are used to solitude and slow-paced environments.

Female Border Collies are still deemed as good family dogs even though they are less active and much more self-contained. In fact, these are viewed as good traits by most pet owners.

Take a look at these adorable Border Collies in action:

Border Collies at Play

Behavior and Training

Male and female Border Collie playing fetch

Male Border Collies

Like most male dogs, male Border Collies love having fun and going around during training. However, they are extremely skilled when they get in the zone, especially in physical activities.

Male Border Collies have a tendency to roam around a lot, but this behavior can be controlled with proper training.

It is highly recommended to train them as puppies so that they can effectively learn and follow instructions in their adult years.

Although a lot of patience and consistency is required when training a male Border Collie, it is worth seeing once they have mastered certain dog tasks. 

Behavior-wise, male Border Collies are typically more territorial. This assertive characteristic can be present in a male Border Collie puppy and adults before they are neutered.

Neutering can cause a male Border Collie’s testosterone levels to decline, which can help to minimize certain territorial behaviors such as aggression, tail pulling, marking territories, and humping.

Female Border Collies

Female Border Collies are brainy dogs that are capable of learning complex commands as early as eight weeks old. Their ability to focus on training comes from their ancestors, who were bred for herding animals.

Training female Border Collies is easier than males because their brains develop faster. They are also less likely to wander off, making them a delight to train. Most reputable breeders subject them to early socialization and obedience training to take advantage of the early development of these pups.

Maintaining physical and mental exercise throughout their lives can have a positive impact on their health. Moreover, they respond better when positive reinforcement is used for training.

However, female Border Collies can get bored easily and have short attention spans. You may find them lounging on the couch for the rest of the day if they get bored.

Female Border Collies undergo more behavioral changes than males. This is usually due to their heat cycles which happen twice a year. During these cycles, they can be incredibly sweet, which is not their usual behavior.

Having them spayed can prevent mood swings and make them calmer overall.

Health Differences

Male Border Collies

Despite being robust dogs that live up to 10 to 17 years, male Borders are still susceptible to health problems affecting their breed and their gender specifically. 

It is important to note that the genders of Border Collies can also affect their overall health. Male dogs are more prone to diseases such as testicular inflammation, penile and preputial inflammation, and prostate disorders.

These common health issues can be addressed with proper diet, sufficient exercise, and regular visits to the vet. Moreover, gender-related diseases may be countered with the help of neutering your male Border Collie.

Neutering does not only prevent gender-related illness, but it can also decrease aggressive behavior. It may also reduce the habit of spraying urine and marking territories.

Female Border Collies

Just like male Border Collies, female Border Collies can also live up to 10 to 17 years and are considered generally healthy breeds. As a sturdy dog, you can expect them to be fit and well during their lifetime. 

Because of their breed’s genetics, female Border Collies may suffer from hip dysplasia, mild or severe seizures, and multidrug resistance mutation (MDR1).

Gender-wise, female Border Collies suffer from pyometra, vaginitis, follicular cysts, etc. Spaying female dogs can prevent all sorts of reproductive diseases and also decreases the chance of acquiring breast cancer.

Spayed dogs do not need to look for a mate, so they stay home and have lower chances of contracting other contagious diseases. It also eliminates their heat cycles which causes messy spotting and unpredictable mood swings.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Male Border Collie playing with a Chihuahua

Male Border Collies

Being friendly with other dogs is not a Border Collie characteristic. Both male and female Border Collies can be quite aloof, especially when meeting other pets for the first time.

However, male Border Collies are more welcoming and tend to initiate playtime more often. A dog park may be perfect for your male Border Collie to socialize. They may be intimidated by bigger dogs, but it’s pretty normal.

Generally, how your male Border Collie reacts with other pets depends on whether or not they are properly socialized. Its age may also play a role in how well they interact.

Female Border Collies

As for females, female Border Collies are much more reserved. In fact, it may be overwhelming for them to interact with other dogs and pets. Females usually take more time to trust other pets around them. 

They are also more likely to fight for dominance and display territorial aggression. This is especially true when they come in contact with dog breeds that have alpha tendencies.

However, getting them comfortable with other pets is not impossible as long as they are properly socialized. You may find female Border Collies bond better with their male counterparts.

Dog owners are suggested to socialize male and female Border Collie puppies as soon as they are able to walk, which usually begins around eight weeks of age.

With Children

Male Border Collies

Properly trained male Border Collies are a delight around children. Since they are naturally playful, kids will definitely love their energy and would like to have them around during playtime.

Just be careful when toddlers are around a male Border. A male Border Collie should not be left unsupervised with kids, as its hyperactiveness can sometimes cause injuries to toddlers.

On the other hand, if your children are still too young to understand that playing roughly can also be distressing for your male Border Collie, it may be best to wait until they are a bit older before allowing them to play together.

A friend of mine who owns a Border Collie has also observed his male adult Border Collie nip at his three-year-old daughter, but never to the point of being aggressive.

This is something that may be expected for both male and female versions of the Border Collie due to the natural herding tendencies of this breed.

Female Border Collies

Female Border Collies are much harder for children to socialize with since they are moodier and, at times, grumpy. Keep in mind that female Border Collies only like affection when they initiate it.

This is ideal for laid-back kids who want a calm companion instead of a hyperactive playmate.

Female Border Collies are also more cautious and protective around little kids because of their maternal instincts. Their partially Scottish heritage heightens these instincts as they were originally bred as shepherd dogs.

Some kids may have a tendency to coddle a female Border Collie, which can be dangerous at times. Female Border Collies may react violently when touched or picked up without consent.

To prevent any unwanted injuries or aggressive reactions, it’s important to educate your children about the temperament of a female Border Collie.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female Border Collies

Male and female Border Collie playing outdoors

Male Border Collies

Having a male Border Collie has its own pros and cons. For starters, one of the pros of having a male Border Collie is its impeccable energy.

Male Border Collies are so lively that they can even be contagious. Owners will surely find themselves actively playing with their Border Collies for hours and not getting tired of them at all.

The loyalty of Border Collies is one of their greatest advantages. They love each family member equally and shower them with an undivided affection. Border Collies are also protective of their fur parents.

As athletic dogs, male Borders are great with outdoor activities. You can take them on nature trips from time to time, and they also love running around the park.

However, the enthusiastic energy of male Border Collies may be overwhelming to some people. Their hyperactiveness may even cause unwanted scratches or bite marks to their owners.

Their friendliness with strangers can be a disadvantage, too. Since they trust people so easily, they are likely to get stolen. You may even find them welcoming strangers to your house instead of driving them away.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of a male Border Collie:

Naturally friendlyMore likely to wander
Easy to trainHigher chance of biting
More playfulProne to reproductive health issues
Happier to share foodCan be too hyperactive
More affectionateEasily distracted

Female Border Collies

Just like their male counterparts, females have pros and cons too. 

One amazing trait that the female Border Collie has is its independence. They have no problem being left alone and can keep themselves entertained. They don’t demand constant attention and would rather give it themselves.

Unlike males, female Border Collies mature faster. Their brains develop at a younger age which makes dog training less difficult. They enjoy being instructed and are skilled in herding sports.

Female Border Collies have a stronger instinct and can be more territorial than males. They are also highly attentive and hyper-aware of their surroundings, which can be useful in detecting potential threats.

When petting your female Border Collie, you should be cautious so as not to coddle them. Females are much more sensitive and moody, and they may find it harder to socialize as well.

Border Collies are healthy dogs, but female Border Collies may suffer from reproductive health issues. Spaying them may help decrease unusual behavior and mood swings brought on by their annual heat cycles.

Below are some pros and cons of the female Border Collie:

Matures earlierCan get moody at times
LoyalTend to be more aggressive
IndependentDifficult to socialize
ProtectiveCan get grumpy
Less needy for attentionSuffer from reproductive health issues

Should You Get a Male or Female Border Collie?

If you want a fun, charming, and bubbly companion that enjoys constant quality time, then the male Border Collie is ideal for your household. Having them can mean more playmates for your family members.

If you also want a dog that is friendly and protective of its family, you should get a male Border Collie. Males are loyal and defensive but, at the same time, friendly and welcoming to strangers and other dogs.

Likewise, if you enjoy cuddling and bonding with your pets, then the male Border is your best choice. They love constant petting and will surely give the same energy back.

However, if you prefer a companion who likes to sit in silence most of the time, the female Border Collie is your perfect match. 

Females are also less likely to be demanding and clingy, which is ideal for pet owners who also love doing their own thing on their own time. Female Border Collies respect personal space and only give affection in the right amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female Border Collie face profile

Are Male or Female Border Collies Calmer?

Female Border Collies are much calmer than male Borders. The female Border is considered to be more mature between the two genders, thus having a more reserved temperament.

However, this flips whenever the female Border Collie is provoked. Females are more likely to be aggressive toward other dogs or people. This is especially true if they sense someone trespassing on their territory. 

Are Male or Female Border Collies More Affectionate?

Male Border Collies are definitely more affectionate than females. Males love attention and demand a lot of it from their pet owners. This trait makes them great family companions.

Are Male or Female Border Collies Easier to Train?

Female Border Collies are easier to train because their brains mature earlier than their male counterparts. 

While both the male and female Borders are highly intelligent and can grasp simple to complicated commands, you may need extra patience when training a male Border Collie because they get distracted easily.

Final Thoughts

Both the male and female Border Collies are good family dogs that are a perfect mix of strength, devotion, passion, and intelligence. Even Queen Victoria herself adores this beloved pet.

At the end of the day, both genders are equally lovable, adorable, and charming. Who knows, you might end up getting one of each.

We hope the article has helped you decide. Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts about male and female Border Collies! 

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