Male vs. Female English Springer Spaniel: Which Is Better?

Male and female English Springer Spaniel near a lake

So you’ve reached the point when you must decide which one is the best for you: male or female English Springer Spaniels. Truly, there are some differences, but there’s one certain thing: both could make wonderful family pets!

Male English Springer Spaniels are known to be clingier than females. They are also larger and take longer to mature. On the other hand, female English Springer Spaniels are less affectionate. Size-wise, females are often smaller than males. Meanwhile, both males and females share the same lifespan.

If you want to go deeper than the abovementioned, continue reading as you are about to learn the most important differences between the male and female English Springer Spaniel! 

Physical Differences

Male and female English Springer Spaniel outside the house

Male English Springer Spaniels

Except for their reproductive organs, it’s difficult to tell other physical differences between a male and a female English Springer Spaniel at a younger age. 

But once they reach adulthood — usually after one year — more physical differences can be seen, particularly in size. 

On average, fully grown male English Springer Spaniels are one inch taller and around ten pounds heavier than females. Male English Springer Spaniels stand at least 20 inches tall from paw to shoulder and weigh around 50 pounds

They also have bigger frames and stronger muscular mass than females, making them more energetic and lively. This means that they will require more food to give them everyday fuel.

Female English Springer Spaniels

As a counterpart to the size of a male English Springer Spaniel, the average height of a female is 19 inches, which is shorter than a male. In addition, they are lighter than males, weighing around 40 pounds on average.

Moreover, female English Springer Spaniels have a slimmer build with less muscle mass. Other than that, there is no stark difference between the male and female.

Temperamental Differences

Male English Springer Spaniels

Actually, the English Springer Spaniel’s temperament is determined by how it is nurtured and educated as a puppy. However, some natural traits are unique to this breed, and these may also vary per gender.

Male English Springer Spaniels, unlike females, are incredibly more affectionate and devoted toward all members of the household. They don’t necessarily choose favorites; instead, they give equal love to all.

Moreover, they accept any amount of affection because they thrive on constant human attention. But once you give them your attention, they are less likely to withdraw from that spotlight. 

My friend’s male English Springer Spaniel easily fits this description. In fact, it is the darling of the entire family, greeting everyone with circular movements and a wagging tail. It is also very particularly playful with the children in their family.

Although English Springer Spaniels are noted for being friendly, males can be a little more territorial and aggressive than females. This usually happens when they sense some danger and want to protect their family.

Further, when they are in hunting fields, male English Springer Spaniels get easily distracted, unlike females. Despite having more energy than females, this energy is not consumed on hunting but rather on running and bouncing. 

Female English Springer Spaniels

Female English Springer Spaniels are less affectionate than males. Although they are friendly in the same way, the female dog tends to bond only with one member of the family. 

Unlike male English Springer Spaniels, females are not so demanding of attention. They tend to be somewhat independent and have slightly less desire to please their owner.

Although they love to receive big cuddles just as much as male dogs, they tend to take themselves away when they need some alone time.

Since they have different sex organs, the female suffers from a heat cycle twice a year. Their hormonal changes at this point make them more aloof.

Further, the female English Springer Spaniel is more vigilant when hunting. They also don’t waste energy running around; instead, they focus on completing whatever task they have at hand, making them better hunters than males.

Behavior and Training 

Male English Springer Spaniel during training

Male English Springer Spaniels

Puppy training is essential for the English Springer Spaniel to develop into a well-behaved companion. Since this dog breed is an energetic and forward explorer of its environment, the owner must always maintain control. 

During training, male English Springer Spaniels tend to be more childlike than females, taking a bit longer to mature. That said, you should expect it to be challenging to hold their attention during training sessions. 

However, if you can figure out what your male English Springer Spaniel enjoys, training will be much easier. The good news is that determining what motivates a male English Springer Spaniel is much easier than for females. 

When they want something or do something, they are often straightforward. For instance, if they like to have some treats, they will gaze at them; if they want your cuddles, they will go around your legs.

Despite being known for their intelligence, male English Springer Spaniel requires consistency in every training due to them being a bit more stubborn. Since they prefer to run around, there is a high possibility that they will forget what they have learned.

Female English Springer Spaniels

Compared to the male English Springer Spaniel, their female counterpart matures faster, making them trainable as early as you bring them home. 

Having early training would avoid behavioral problems before it gets frustrating.

Although female English Springer Spaniels can also be childlike, they tend to be more responsive to training. However, training should not be lengthy because they can also be distracted and more likely to wander off like males.

Female English Springer Spaniels are also fantastic hunting companions, which means they may be taught more than simple house commands. Just like males, female breeds respond well to rewards such as treats and cuddles.

Health Differences 

Male English Springer Spaniels

Both male and female English Springer Spaniels are generally healthy and could live their lives for up to 12 to 14 years. Unfortunately, in English Springer Spaniels, both males and females are subject to the same health problems. 

While there is no significant difference in the health of both genders, research shows that sterilized dogs live longer than intact dogs. 

The method used in sterilizing male English Springer Spaniel is neutering. This process is less expensive and complex than spaying (for females). After being neutered, males may have a greater chance of not developing some diseases.

Although given such protection, it is still important to note that an English Springer Spaniel may still suffer from hormonal diseases such as phosphofructokinase deficiency, which is more common in male breeds.

It is also important to take note of the common health problems that can affect both male and female English Springer Spaniels, such as elbow, hip, and retinal dysplasia, otitis externa, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Female English Springer Spaniels

As mentioned, female English Springer Spaniels are as healthy as the male breed. Besides, females can have all of the same problems as their male counterparts, except for reproductive concerns.

In some situations, female breeds may have problems with whelping or with pregnancy. If they do not deliver properly, the puppies may die, and the mother may develop some severe life-threatening complications.

In reality, this is an uncommon occurrence because most female English Springer Spaniels have been spayed by breeders unless you specifically request that you want to breed them further or mix them with another breed.

If you bring home a female English Springer Spaniel that is not spayed yet, it will be added to your expenses. Spaying will be more expensive than neutering (for males) since it involves a more complicated process.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Female English Springer Spaniel playing with another dog

Male English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels are sociable with humans and other dogs and pets, provided they had early socialization. Otherwise, these dogs can be unruly and may act the way they want.

Due to their territorial nature, both male and female English Springer Spaniels are prone to same-sex aggression. However, males have a stronger sense of territory since they’re always trying to prove their dominance in your home. 

Also, males are known to partake in minor fights, which is usual for high-energy canines. Though it’s just minor, as a pet parent, you should find out the reason behind it because it might result in serious injuries or death.

Although most of the breed are now kept as family pets, they still have hunting instincts which are more prominent in males. Their urge to hunt may cause them to chase small animals such as cats, rabbits, and even birds.

Female English Springer Spaniels

In comparison, the female English Springer Spaniel is less territorial than males, and they get along well with other dogs as well as other pets. This is one of the reasons why owners spay their pets.

Although they are friendly, before forming such a bond, they may have a harder time socializing. Female dogs are more cautious than males, making them hesitant and stubborn with other dogs and animals.

When it comes to fights, females are also slightly smarter than their male counterparts, making it less common to happen. If they do occur, however, they have a higher likelihood of becoming more violent than males. 

With Children

Male English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels are people-oriented and enjoy being with their human family. Just like kids, they fear being alone for a long period. Thus, as guard dogs, they thrive on filling the gap when adults are not around.

Generally, the male English Springer Spaniel bonds well with children, assuming they are properly introduced and raised together. With that setup, they’ll be closer and more protective of each other.

On the other hand, if they aren’t properly introduced and weren’t raised together, never leave your children with a male English Springer Spaniel — they don’t have parental instinct.

During playtime, male English Springer Spaniel sees children more like playmates than children. They can be rougher with them and may even hurt them due to a sudden burst of energy.

Female English Springer Spaniels

Similarly, female English Springer Spaniel bonds well with children. However, unlike males, it is not required that they be introduced appropriately and nurtured together to be gentler. Being gentle comes naturally to females.

Female English Springer Spaniels tend to have a maternal instinct, meaning they treat children with a lot more care compared to the male breed. They may even help you teach your children what is and is not appropriate.

During playtime, they don’t have the same bursts of energy as males. They are even calmer when kids are poking them, which makes them more preferred playmates for little children and cuddling partners for you.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female English Springer Spaniels

Male and female English Springer Spaniel lying on the grass

Male English Springer Spaniels

Both males and females are ideal guard dogs for families with children and other pets because they are capable of working with them. For males, however, their larger build allows them to do more than just be guard dogs. 

The male English Springer Spaniel is very friendly, protective of their family, and loves to be the center of attention. They thrive on constant human attention, so even a little amount is plenty for them.

In contrast, having them can also have some drawbacks. With their tremendous energy level, they may completely drain yours while still seeking something to do with their leftovers.

If they are unable to release their remaining energy because they have been ignored, given no work, or left alone, they may become frustrated and develop separation anxiety.

Also, the combination of their territoriality and powerful jaws might pierce smaller animals and your children if they sense threats. Males must be socialized and trained at an early age to avoid becoming dangerous.

Here is the summary of the discussed pros and cons of a male English Springer Spaniel:

Very activeExtremely hyper
Larger buildHarder bite
More friendlyMore harmful
Protective of familyMore territorial
Appreciates every attentionMore likely to develop separation anxiety

Female English Springer Spaniels

Although male and female English Springer Spaniels can be great guard dogs, females perform personal protection better. Once they form a bond with one member of the family, they become devoted solely to them.

Female English Springer Spaniels are known to have maternal instincts, which is why they are more gentle with their human family. They also mature faster and are less stubborn, allowing them to be trained easily and socialized early.

Female English Springer Spaniels, however, are less active and more likely to have mood swings caused by their hormones. But when it comes to strangers, they may act aggressively around them if they are not properly introduced.

Even with a family member, gaining their trust would be difficult. As mentioned, they tend to bond only with one family member. Though they get along well with others, they don’t show affection to all family members equally.

Here is the summary of the discussed pros and cons of a male English Springer Spaniel:

Gentle with kidsMore aggressive
More loyal companionMore likely to have mood swings
Easier to trainLess active
Less stubbornSelective of family
More likely to get along with other petsDifficult to gain trust

Should You Get a Male or Female English Springer Spaniel?

This guide cannot provide an exact answer to this query as it may vary depending on your preference and lifestyle. Nevertheless, this can give you insights into which one suits you better.

If you want a dog that will care for your children and tolerate their misbehavior, a female English Springer Spaniel is a wiser choice. They are more likely to accept tail pulling and ear poking better than a male.

Meanwhile, if you have an active lifestyle, a male English Springer Spaniel will be a better fit for you. With their bigger build, they may carry more energy and be more playful than the less lively females. 

When buying or adopting an English Springer Spaniel, avoid selecting the gender of your new family pet based on availability. 

You must remember that your decision is important and will last for the lifetime of your new four-legged family member. If you become impulsive, you might be disappointed. 

To assist you further with your decision, check this video that also summarizes the differences between male and female English Springer Spaniels:

Male vs. Female Springers: Which is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female English Springer Spaniel running on the grass

Are Male or Female English Springer Spaniels Calmer?

Females tend to have a calmer disposition. They are less territorial and aggressive, making them ideal for families with young children. Females may also prefer to sit with you rather than wander away.

Are Male or Female English Springer Spaniels More Affectionate?

Male English Springer Spaniel is more affectionate than females. This is evident by the fact that they may spend the whole day interacting with you. All of their energy translates into bigger, bolder displays of adoration for you.

Are Male or Female English Springer Spaniels Easier to Train?

Female English Springer Spaniels are easier to train than males. During training, they tend to be less distracted, allowing them to focus on your commands.

However, training them should not be based on gender. Both require time, patience, and consistency to comprehend what you offer them.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, you might not be able to see the difference between a male and female English Springer Spaniel puppy. But when they reach their time of maturity, the differences between the two may become more visible.

However, such differences do not only depend on gender. Keep in mind that gender is merely one of the factors that may influence the general attributes of your English Springer Spaniel.

Although there are differences between the male and female English Springer Spaniels, in the end, both can be great family dogs. The next thing you should be worried about is how you will make them as such.

We hope this guide has helped you decide which English Springer Spaniel gender to get. Comment down your pick between the male and female English Springer Spaniel! 

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