Male vs. Female Dachshund: Which Is Better?

Male and female Dachshund resting outdoors

One of the most asked questions of Dachshund lovers is the difference between a male and female Dachshund. Their individual personalities and traits will help you decide which gender is better for you as a future owner.

Male Dachshunds are more likely to be affectionate and amiable than female ones. They are clownish, easygoing, and fun-loving. Meanwhile, female Dachshunds tend to be more subdued, independent, self-assured, and temperamental. Nonetheless, both are stubborn and challenging to train.

This article will discuss the differences and similarities between male and female Dachshunds, which may help you choose which gender best fits you. Let’s get started!

Physical Differences

Male and female Dachshund standing on logs

Male Dachshunds

It is well known that both male and female Dachshunds are small dog breeds with unique physical charms.

These dogs have long bodies with various coat colors and patterns and are often noted for their stubby legs that keep them low to the ground.

Male miniature Dachshunds typically stand between 5 and 6 inches tall and weigh no more than 16 pounds.

On the other hand, the larger variant is the male standard Dachshund which typically stands between 8 and 9 inches tall and weighs around 16 to 32 pounds.

This male dog breed often has a few differences from its female counterpart. There may be minor variations in build, height, and weight. A male Dachshund also tends to have a deeper chest and mellower fur.

Female Dachshunds

The female Dachshund is typically smaller in size compared to the male Dachshund and has shorter legs.

Female miniature Dachshunds normally reach between 5 and 6 inches tall and weigh no more than 16 pounds.

Meanwhile, standard female Dachshunds typically measure 7 to 9 inches tall and weigh 16 to 32 pounds.

The overall female Dachshund’s appearance is remarkably similar to males, especially the short legs. Although they might not be visible at first glance, subtle differences definitely exist.

Temperamental Differences

Male Dachshunds

There are big differences between the two genders in terms of their personalities and temperaments. Male Dachshunds tend to have bigger personalities than their female counterparts.

They are also incredibly energetic, affectionate, happy, and expressive. This puppy-like personality means that they may play all day long and are generally friendly to everyone.

Male Dachshunds are also more engaged with people than females, which makes them more loyal. They will adore their human family with all of their hearts and rarely show bad behavior.

Nonetheless, both genders are exceptionally smart and brave dogs. However, they are also known to have a very loud bark.

Female Dachshunds

The temperament of female Dachshunds is actually quite different from that of males. Female Dachshunds are generally less active and calmer than their male counterparts.

Female Dachshunds are also incredibly tidy, fiercely independent, and occasionally distant. They respect your time and space and expect the same in return.

They are also stubborn and introverted, preferring the company of one person they are bonded with. My brother has a three-year-old red female Dachshund named Steffi, who has been extremely attached to him since the moment we acquired her.

She tends to follow my brother wherever he goes and gets jealous when he pays attention to other pets at home. If you are not too fond of having someone follow you around all the time, you must set your boundaries around female Dachshunds.

On the other hand, while males are less independent and enjoy satisfying their owners, females tend to mature more quickly, making them more independent, less needy, and more focused.

Female Dachshunds are also more intelligent than their male counterparts but can also be temperamental and moody.

All in all, female Dachshunds are great canines if you want a fierce guardian because they are self-assured and won’t back down if something happens.

Behavior and Training

Male Dachshund training outdoors

Male Dachshunds

Both male and female Dachshunds can be trained at home, but most owners attest that male Dachshunds can be fairly challenging to train.

Male Dachshunds tend to mature slowly, which can make training challenging. They are often distracted, and keeping their concentration on a particular job can be tough due to their curiosity.

These sausage dogs are so playful that they won’t take obedience training seriously. You need a lot of patience to properly train them because they are rather unfocused and stubborn.

To hold their attention, you can use positive reinforcement in the form of praise and treats.

Additionally, while both mark their territory, male Dachshunds typically stop urinating anywhere after getting neutered. However, females may continue to do so even after becoming spayed.

Neutering male Doxie dogs is also believed to stop territorial and aggressive behavior. This also makes your Doxie less prone to being attacked by other dogs that might view it as a potential rival.

It is advisable to neuter a male Dachshund before it reaches sexual maturity to prevent the development of the negative gender-specific trait.

Female Dachshunds

Female Dachshunds can also be challenging to train due to their independence. Getting them to listen could be difficult because they aren’t food motivated and are difficult to please.

Furthermore, the female Dachshund personality can be highly possessive and territorial. Thus, this dog will only be submissive if they choose to be.

They are trainable, but it’s hard to keep them under control if they do not feel like being trained.

However, female dogs are less energetic than male dogs. Since they are timid, they are simpler to train to walk on a leash.

Generally, spaying your female Dachshund does not change its personality. It will simply calm the aggressive and hyperactive behaviors during heat cycles.

Lastly, spaying can also help with mood swings because an in-heat female Dachshund can become incredibly cranky and easily irritated, which can result in fights with other pets.

Health Differences

Male Dachshunds

Dachshunds, like most breeds, are prone to several health conditions. There are only a few diseases that affect both sexes equally, like intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), thyroid problems, hip dysplasia, dental issues, and skin problems.

There are some health problems that only male Dachshunds are predisposed to, such as urethral prolapse.

This is a condition where the dog’s penis protrudes outside of its body. It can be quite painful for the dog and needs immediate surgical treatment.

Another one is testicular tumors. If tumors develop in the testicles of male Dachshunds, they will need to be removed as soon as possible.

Lastly is prostate cancer, a very common form of cancer among older male dogs but can also affect younger dogs. Prostate cancer is usually curable if caught early enough.

However, you can help reduce the risk of developing these reproductive health issues by neutering your Doxy.

Since male Dachshunds are generally healthy from birth, they are less likely to become obese. However, they still need continuous exercise even though they might not be at risk of being overweight.

Female Dachshunds

Female Dachshunds are also prone to some health issues that male Dachshunds can encounter in their lifetime.

However, it is found that intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is more common among females than males because they are typically smaller. Their size makes them more vulnerable to this condition.

Moreover, female Dachshunds have smaller jaws than males, which causes teeth crowding. This suggests that they are more likely to develop early dental decay.

They are also more prone to visual problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. That’s why giving them a balanced and healthy diet is necessary.

Spaying is also beneficial for your dog as this helps lower the risk of reproductive health conditions such as mammary cancer, pyometra, and ovarian and uterine tumors, which are very common for female dogs.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Female Dachshund playing with a Chihuahua

Male Dachshunds

As Dachshunds enjoy company, getting another dog can be a terrific option. As long as you get two male Dachshunds, they can generally get along very well.

It is recommended to wait until the older male dog is at least 8 to 12 months old before getting new Dachshund puppies.

Male Dachshunds are great at dog parks because they get along well with other dogs if properly socialized. They typically welcome other animals into their territories because of their innate desire to play.

Also, they often get along well with cats, although cats may find a male Dachshund to be annoying or too energetic.

However, due to their strong devotion to their owners, male Dachshunds may come off as more aggressive toward other animals and dogs than female Dachshunds.

Female Dachshunds

Despite being more temperamental, female Dachshunds are more inclined to accept a new pet into their home. However, they may act a little aggressively toward any animals that approach their owners.

Even though they frequently enjoy authority, they still see you as the pack leader. They simply don’t like it when others act in an aggressive manner toward them.

Female dogs may feel threatened by another female dog in the house since they are dominant and more inclined to fight with other female canines.

Even if two female Dachshunds from the same litter or of the same age get along, it might still cause some issues. That’s why we do not advise having two females, especially those not from the same litter.

Just like male Dachshunds, females can become aggressively territorial and may not get along well with other female dogs. So a male dog is a better option if you already have a female Dachshund.

With Children

Male Dachshunds

Finding the temperament that best fits your family environment is crucial, especially if you have children.

Male Dachshunds love to play and are full of energy, making them great companions for kids. However, if a male Doxie is not in the mood for company, it may become aggressive just like the female.

That’s why your children should still be vigilant when playing with your male Dachshund, even if they are playful and easier to please.

Female Dachshunds

On the other hand, female Dachshunds rarely show affection or adoration toward children.

Additionally, they frequently avoid forming relationships since they can be stubborn and headstrong. Children could not be their cup of tea because they are picky about who they choose to spend time with.

Nonetheless, although female Dachshunds tend to be quiet and reserved most of the time, this doesn’t mean they won’t play. They simply want the freedom to determine when, how, and how long playtime will last.

Since female Dachshunds are often picky, whether it be humans or food, teach your kids to be always careful.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female Dachshunds

Male and female Dachshund front profile

Male Dachshunds

Before making a decision, it is better to be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of adopting either a male or female Dachshund.

One advantage of getting male Dachshunds is that they are more affectionate dogs and cuddlier than females.

Since they are very energetic and playful, Male Dachshunds tend to be more joyful and less moody.

The good thing about having a male Dachshund is that it is loyal to you even though it is friendly and outgoing to everyone.

They are also very friendly and pleasant to many other dogs and pets, which makes them perfect for social activities.

In addition, male Dachshunds will bond quicker with children, making them a better option if you have a large family. Add to that the fact they enjoy the attention and are more friendly and social.

However, male Dachshunds are easily distracted during training. They also mature slower than females, although they can easily be trained if you motivate them with food.

They may also demand more attention from their owners, which can be a problem if you want some alone time.

Below is the summary of the pros and cons of having male Dachshunds:

Affectionate and cuddlyNeeds constant attention
Joyful and less moodyHigh energy and very playful
Good with children and familyMatures slower
Friendly with other pets and with dogs of the same genderHard to train off leash and easily gets distracted
Easy to train with foodsToo dependent

Female Dachshunds

Female Dachshunds are more independent, temperamental, and reserved. They are also introverted, territorial, and wary of strangers.

The advantage of being reserved and introverted is that they won’t get rowdy when meeting new people.

Furthermore, female Dachshunds mature more quickly and are very task-oriented. They appear to be more attentive during training.

However, because of its independence, training may become more challenging occasionally. Most of the time, female Dachshunds prefer to do their own thing rather than follow instructions.

Additionally, female Dachshunds typically do not get along with other females. They are also not pleased with children who don’t respect personal space, and they may nip when they feel threatened.

Another disadvantage of getting a female dog is they are more prone to health problems such as obesity, especially after being spayed. They are also prone to some dental issues that are less prevalent in males.

Let’s look at the table below for an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a female Dachshund:

Independent Moody, hard to impress
Matures fasterProne to same-sex aggression
CalmerNot good with playful kids
Easier to train off-leashProne to health problems

Should You Get a Male or Female Dachshund?

Your final choice between a male and a female Dachshund depends on your lifestyle, environment, and personal preferences.

Male Dachshunds will be wonderful pets if you have children because of their friendliness and playfulness.

Meanwhile, female Dachshunds will suit you if you live alone and go to work daily because they are more relaxed and independent. They won’t need your constant presence.

Consider as well if you already have another pet at home. If you already have a female dog, getting a male Dachshund may be a better option, and vice versa, to prevent same-sex aggression.

Regardless of whether you eventually end up with a male or female Doxie, it is recommended that you always look for a reputable breeder to always end up with a healthy and well-mannered pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female Dachshund tongue out

Are Male or Female Dachshunds Calmer?

Female Dachshunds are calmer and more introverted. They would be happy to live in a quiet area where they have enough space for themselves.

On the other hand, males tend to be more challenged to calm down because of their playfulness and energy.

Are Male or Female Dachshunds More Affectionate?

Male Dachshunds are very affectionate to their families. They might be quite clingier and needier of attention.

Because they are so trusting, male Dachshunds will also accept affection from just about anyone, even total strangers.

Female Dachshunds don’t require a lot of your attention since they like to have their own space.

Are Male or Female Dachshunds Easier to Train?

Male Dachshunds are easier to train than females as they are driven by praise, food, and the need to please their owners.

However, their friendliness makes leash training difficult for them. They can have trouble concentrating since they want to interact with everyone they encounter.

Meanwhile, female Dachshunds are more task-oriented. They appear to be more concentrated during training. They are simpler to train to be off-leash because they are less sociable.

Final Thoughts

There are no best dogs when it comes to choosing between a male and a female Dachshund. These short-legged canines both have their pros and cons.

If you are looking for a fun-loving and loyal companion, then look no further than the Dachshund. They make amazing family pets in their own way, so go ahead and get yourself that new Dachshund puppy you’ve always wanted!

Now that you’ve learned the differences between a male and female Dachshund, which one do you think is more compatible with you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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