31 Best Havanese Haircuts With Pictures! (2024 Updated)

Best Havanese haircuts

With tons of Havanese haircut styles and ideas to choose from, it can be hard to know which is best suited for your furry friend. They all look great on the Havanese breed, but each style has its own purpose and benefit.

For starters, the teddy bear cut, bob cut, kennel cut, and puppy cut provide a sleek look that allows for easy maintenance. Meanwhile, chic Havanese haircuts such as the show trim and layered hairstyle require more upkeep.

But to give you an idea of what’s trending in the grooming world right now, this guide will explore the 31 best Havanese hairstyles for you to try out on your dog. In addition, a few before and after photos will be shown below!

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31 Best Haircut Styles for Havanese Dogs

Known as the national dog of Cuba, the Havanese is a small-sized breed with a long, fluffy double coat that comes in various shades. Thus, one can anticipate finding many different types of Havanese haircuts.

Many owners opt for a simple puppy cut or teddy bear trim, while others choose to shave their Havanese dog’s fur on the body and leave the head and tail hair untouched.

However, these hairdos are just the tip of the iceberg. In order to give pet parents a few ideas, the following are the 31 best Havanese haircut styles to consider:

1. Havanese Puppy Cut

Havanese puppy cut

The first on our list of adorable Havanese hairstyle options is a simple yet dapper cut that has become increasingly popular over the years: the Havanese puppy cut.

This haircut involves trimming your Havanese dog’s thick coat into a neat puppy-like style that will look great on any gender.

It is a great option for those who want to keep their Havanese dogs looking fresh and vibrant without committing to an elaborate style.

2. Kennel Cut

Havanese kennel cut

If you are aiming for a low-maintenance haircut for your Havanese, then a kennel cut is ideal. In fact, Havanese rescues, kennels, and breeders usually make this the default haircut for these little dogs.

The kennel cut is a clean, no-frills hairstyle that is perfect for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of brushing their canine’s silky hair all day long.

It consists of trimming the coat down to one inch all over with no fringe or bangs.

3. Shaved Haircut

Shaved Havanese
Image credit: pennyandroxie / Instagram

Despite being frowned upon by some pet owners, the shaved haircut is an eccentric choice for people who want their Havanese dog to stand out from the crowd.

In keeping with its name, this controversial haircut involves shaving away all or most of your pooch’s fur.

With my experience nursing dogs with skin conditions back to health, including the cute and fluffy Havanese, I prefer that and recommend that their owners get them completely shaved. This allows me to completely monitor the skin condition and assess their true health status easily.

With the right nourishment, most Havanese I’ve seen have grown their hair back more evenly and with a much finer quality of coat than how it was previously.

4. Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

Havanese teddy bear cut

The teddy bear cut is among Havanese owners’ favorite haircuts for the breed, as it turns a naturally long-haired, fluffy dog into a huggable teddy bear!

This hairdo is characterized by a round shape combined with curls around the ears, forehead, and cheeks. In addition, you’ll notice that it is similar to the Havanese kennel cut but a bit longer and has more volume.

5. Asian-Inspired Hairstyle

Havanese Asian inspired hairstyle
Image credit: animalmadgrooming / Instagram

Havanese dogs with Asian-inspired hairstyles have the fur on their ears left long and flowing, while the rest of their facial hair is trimmed short.

Though this type of Havanese haircut requires regular brushing, it’s worth it for such a stunning look!

6. Shaggy Cut

Havanese shaggy cut

While the shaggy cut is not widely popular, it is one of the most versatile Havanese haircut ideas out there.

It offers a lot of versatility in terms of styling, and you can easily change it up depending on your mood or the occasion.

However, this type of haircut requires medium-length fur that falls between 2 and 3 inches long. This allows the groomer to create the desired layered look.

7. Natural Havanese Haircut

Natural Havanese haircut

If you want to highlight your Havanese dog’s natural coat, the natural haircut is what you should go for!

This style features a little bit of snipping around the chest and neck area, but other than that, it is all about letting your puppy’s hair naturally flow down.

Adding an accessory, such as a ribbon or pin, will also help make the hairdo look even more adorable.

8. Topknot Trim

Havanese topknot trim
Image credit: zorrowonderdog / Instagram

The topknot trim is highly recommended if you want your Havanese to have a more modern appearance.

This cut, which can easily be done at home with a quality pair of clippers, involves cutting the fur on the dog’s forehead into a triangular shape. Meanwhile, the rest of its hair can be cropped at any length you prefer.

Just don’t forget to purchase an elastic band or ponytail holder to complete this adorable style!

9. Havanese Buzzcut

Havanese buzz cut
Image credit: enzo.the.havanese / Instagram

For Havanese owners with a minimalist style who want to keep their dogs’ coats short and tangle-free, a buzz cut is an excellent option.

The Havanese buzz cut shows off the breed’s charming face and diminutive size while also eliminating the need for daily brushing or combing.

Plus, this hairdo helps you save money on upkeep bills and other grooming-related expenses.

10. Full Show Coat

Havanese with full show coat
Image credit: naoko.hachi109 / Instagram

If you wish to enter your Havanese in the show ring, you should consider the full show coat. This is the best hairstyle for this purpose, as it allows maximum versatility and styling options for your canine’s fur.

Also known as the show dog cut, this style consists of letting your pup’s hair grow until it reaches a length of about 6 to 8 inches.

According to the Havanese dog’s breed standard, the same length should be maintained all over the body. But trimming some areas may be necessary to create a more polished look.

11. Layered Hairdo

Havanese layered haircut

The layered haircut allows the Havanese dog breed to showcase its thick, fluffy hair — almost resembling a lion’s mane.

This fun hairstyle can be achieved just by using a pair of clippers and cutting layers in different directions. However, it is vital to note that this haircut is best achieved in dogs with medium to floor-length fur.

12. Round-Shaped Havanese Beard

Havanese round shaped beard
Image credit: pippathehavanese2 / Instagram

For an edgy, dapper look, why not give your Havanese a round-shaped beard? This style is ideal for owners who want to make their pooches appear more mature and refined.

Specifically, this trim is a simple cut featuring short hair all around the body and legs. But your Havanese dog can also have long bangs that fall over its eyes for added cuteness!

13. Summer Havanese Fur Cut

Summer Havanese fur cut
Image credit: lp_sheehy / Instagram

For individuals and households residing in very warm climate areas, giving your Havanese a summer haircut may be a great idea.

In this Havanese hairstyle, the ears are left natural and uncut, while the dog’s face and body are shortened to about half an inch long.

Further, tangling, matting, and excessive shedding will significantly decrease with this type of cut.

14. Havanese Dreadlocks

Havanese dreadlocks
Image credit: kathylmor / Pinterest

Compared to the other Havanese styles listed in this guide, the Havanese dreadlocks or corded hairstyle is the most complex. This hairdo is created by combining two techniques: braiding and twisting.

Note, though, that the process of making the fluffy spirals can generally take up to two years, so patience on your part is certainly needed.

15. Clean Havanese Hair Trim

Clean Havanese hair trim
Image credit: jimmy_julie_daisy / Instagram

Since Havanese dogs are regarded for their perfect hair, you can never go wrong with a clean Havanese trim. This cut involves snipping the hair to an even length all around the body, giving your adorable dog a sleek look.

16. Breezy Havanese Haircut

Breezy Havanese haircut

Perhaps you are looking for a hairstyle that will allow your Havanese pup’s fur to flow in the wind. If so, then this breezy haircut is right up your alley.

This particular cut is designed to let your Havanese dog’s coat move freely while still looking chic. Its coat will be left longer on its face and ears, while the rest of its body hair will be trimmed short.

17. Curly Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

Curly Havanese teddy bear cut
Image credit: louiethehavapoo / Instagram

For those who own Havanese mixes, especially Havapoos, the curly version of the teddy bear cut is a great option to try on your furry companions.

As with the traditional teddy bear cut, this one also gives your canine a silky, adorable, and cuddly appearance, but with added curls!

18. Messy Havanese Puppy Cut

Messy Havanese puppy cut
Image credit: sadie_the_havanese_ / Instagram

Given its name, you can expect the messy Havanese puppy cut to be a bit more playful and adventurous than other grooming styles.

In contrast with the regular Havanese puppy cut, this messy variation allows your fur baby’s natural coat to grow out a little longer and more unkempt.

19. Fluffy Short Haircut

Havanese fluffy short haircut

If you want to keep your Havanese dog looking fluffy but tangle-free and neat, you can try giving it a fluffy short haircut.

The way to do this is to snip off the coat at just 1 or 2 inches long. You can also add a layer of fringe around the edges of your pooch’s face for extra flair.

While regular grooming is a must for this hairstyle, it is not as time-consuming as other Havanese haircuts.

20. Santa-Inspired Havanese Coat Trim

Santa inspired Havanese coat trim
Image credit: doggiesmilesalonandspa / Instagram

Looking like it just came back from the North Pole, this beautiful Havanese coat trim has the perfect amount of fluff and fur. It’s clipped neatly to accentuate the canine’s adorable features.

However, keep in mind that this Santa-inspired cut also requires a little bit more grooming. Nevertheless, it’s worth it for its dazzling results.

21. Havanese Short Beard Cut

Havanese short beard cut
Image credit: la_havanina / Instagram

With a short beard cut, your chosen experienced groomer will trim the hair around your Havanese dog’s mouth to a length less than 2 to 3 inches long.

Its body hair, however, can be cut short or left long according to your preferences.

22. Havanese Bob Cut

Havanese bob cut

The Havanese bob cut is one of the most prevalent hairdos for this breed. It’s a short haircut that gives the pup a pristine and trendy look.

To be specific, the hair around its head is cut at an angle to create an even line from ear to chin.

23. Homebody Hairdo

Havanese homebody haircut

The homebody haircut, without a doubt, makes a Havanese dog look as though it just woke up from a long slumber.

This cut is characterized by its fuzzy, disheveled look, making it appropriate for Havanese owners who want their pets to appear like they have been sleeping all day long.

24. Trimmed Face

Havanese trimmed face

This Havanese hairstyle consists of cutting around the canine’s ears and face to give it a sharp, graceful appearance while keeping the rest of its body coat long and untouched.

25. Dyed Havanese Hairstyle

Dyed Havanese hairstyle
Image credit: tncummings2 / Pinterest

Another fun way to style a Havanese dog’s fur is to dye it! You can choose from a variety of different shades of color, including green, pink, blue, purple, and more.

It is worth noting, however, that a non-toxic, pet-friendly dye should be used to ensure that your dog does not suffer any adverse effects.

Unfortunately, using dyes made for human hair is not recommended. Such products may contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin infections, allergies, scabbing, and even skin cancer.

26. Stylish Ponytail Cut

Havanese stylish ponytail cut
Image credit: furtasticspaw / Instagram

If you want to save money on hair pins, clips, pony holders, and other hair accessories, you should consider cutting your Havanese dog’s fur into a stylish ponytail.

With this Havanese hairstyle, the coat on your furry companion’s ears is clipped to create a ponytail-like shape.

Overall, it makes for an adorable look that will make your Havanese pup feel like a little fashionista!

27. Overgrown Havanese Hairdo

Overgrown Havanese hairdo

Full of volume, luxurious, and flowy, these are just a few words to describe the overgrown Havanese haircut. It can be achieved by allowing your pup’s fur to grow out, and then trimming it all around to create a full bush.

A friend who owns a five-year-old female Havanese has preferred this type of long coat for her pet for a few years now. She mentioned that one of the things you always have to watch out for when maintaining this coat type is the tangles.

However, the right grooming routine and investing in good brushes will definitely do the trick!

28. Medium Cut

Havanese medium cut

If a medium-length cut is what you are after, look no further than this Havanese haircut idea.

Not only does it have an excellent shape and style, but it also boasts many different layers that add movement and volume to your Havanese puppy’s hair.

29. Rugged Tot Trim

Havanese rugged tot trim

Next on our list of Havanese haircuts is the rugged tot trim. Surprisingly, this is a very popular cut among Havanese owners.

With this haircut, you can expect your Havanese dog to look like it’s ready for a day at the beach. The coat surrounding its neck and chest will remain lengthy, and the rest of its fur will be cut short.

Additionally, the topknot will be left untouched so it can stand proudly on its own. But remember that this type of hairdo is prone to tangles and matting.

30. Fuzzy Havanese Hair Trim

Fuzzy Havanese hair trim
Image credit: teddythehavanese2020 / Instagram

If you want to keep your Havanese dog’s hair short but still in a style that’s easy to maintain, try the fuzzy Havanese trim. It’s fashionable, modern, and fun.

This cut can be accomplished by snipping the fur into a shaggy style that gives your four-legged friend an endearing, puppy-like appearance.

The final look should be soft and smooth with a lot of volume on top and around their face.

31. Pixie Short Cut

Havanese pixie short cut
Image credit: thekushiebear / Instagram

Lastly, here comes a Havanese dog sporting a pixie short cut.

For this look, the pooch’s silky coat was trimmed short on the sides and back, while the front was left long enough to frame its face.

Its body fur, on the other hand, can be shaved, shortened, or even left unkempt to give it an edgy vibe — whichever you prefer!

Different Coat Lengths for the Havanese

Aside from picking a haircut style, the coat length of your Havanese is something you’ll have to consider. This will allow you to determine if your chosen haircut will be appropriate for your canine’s fur.

For your reference, the Havanese dog breed comes in any of the following coat lengths:

Shaved Coat Length

Havanese shaved coat length
Image credit: teddythehavanese2020 / Instagram

Although many organizations do not recognize the shaved cut as a legitimate option for the breed, some Havanese owners choose to shave off their dogs’ fur.

The shaving process involves removing all of your pet’s hair, leaving only a thin layer of fuzz on its body.

However, if you decide to go with this look, be prepared for some maintenance. Your veterinarian may advise you to invest in creams to protect your pup’s skin from sun exposure and dehydration.

Short Coat Length

Havanese short coat length

The short coat length is ideal for a haircut style designed for Havanese dogs living in warm climates. In fact, this length works well with the teddy bear, kennel, summer, and puppy cut.

So if these Havanese haircuts are what you’re looking for, all you have to do is find a good stylist, ask which one would be best suited to your dog’s personality, and go for it!

Medium Coat Length

Havanese medium length coat

With a medium-length coat, many different Havanese haircut ideas are possible. You can give your pup a pixie trim or leave it long and wavy. Either way, you will get a doggy that’s ready for any hairdo.

Long Coat Length

Havanese long coat length

Havanese pups that will be shown in conformation competitions should possess long coats.

As a general rule, the long coat length makes their overall features more prominent, giving them a more striking appearance compared to other breeds.

Very Long Coat Length

Havanese very long coat length
Image credit: naoko.hachi109 / Instagram

For fur parents who wish to achieve the corded hairstyle, it is worth noting that the floor-length coat is a must. This way, you will have ample fur to work with when you are trying to execute this look on your Havanese.

However, the longer your canine friend’s hair is, the more you will have to groom it on a daily basis. Hence, if you are looking for a low-maintenance alternative, opt for a short or medium-length style instead.

With these different Havanese coat lengths in mind, choosing a style definitely becomes a lot easier. But be sure to consult your local groomer or vet before making final decisions about your pet’s hairstyle.

Havanese Haircut Before and After Pictures

While the process of cutting a Havanese dog’s hair can be exciting, it is also a little nerve-wracking. Luckily, there are many before-and-after photos of Havanese dogs that show how they go from one hairdo to another.

The following before and after photos should give you an idea of what to expect when you bring your Havanese in for a haircut:

Buzz Cut

Havanese buzz cut before and after
Image credit: petstylist_jackie / Instagram

Based on the first photo, the Havanese dog’s eyes and ears are nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, the hair is long enough to cover these adorable features.

After having the Havanese buzz cut, you can now see how much more of their face is exposed and how neat and dapper they look overall!

Asian-Inspired Hairdo

Havanese Asian inspired hairdo before and after
Image credit: lux.pies / Instagram

While the before photo shows an incredibly fluffy Havanese, the after picture reveals a much more manageable and chic-looking pooch.

The Asian-inspired hairdo clearly illustrates how dramatically the Havanese dog’s appearance changes with just one haircut.

Clean Havanese Haircut

Clean Havanese haircut before and after
Image credit: vi_and_ro / Instagram

In the first photo, the Havanese dog was looking a little rough around the edges. Its fur was starting to get slightly lengthy, and it needed a bit of a touch-up.

The second photo shows what happened once its hair had been trimmed with a clean Havanese haircut — the canine looks much more polished and put-together than before!

Medium Trim

Havanese medium trim before and after
Image credit: la_havanina / Instagram

From looking scruffy to looking like a fashionista, your Havanese will be a showstopper after having the medium trim!

As with the Havanese dog in the pictures above, its long coat will be trimmed down to a sleek, fashionable length.

Hopefully, the photos presented in this section will help you feel more prepared for your Havanese pup’s haircut. After all, nothing beats getting a visual example of what you can anticipate from a dog-grooming session.

If you want to know more about the process of giving a Havanese a haircut, watch this video:

Havanese Teddy Bear Style

Helpful Haircut Tips for Your Havanese

Generally speaking, Havanese dogs are known for their lengthy, silky, and double-layered coats. So one can imagine that maintaining their pet’s healthy hair is of utmost importance for any owner.

However, if you’ve got a Havanese dog of your own and you are not sure how to keep it looking good, worry not! The following are a few helpful haircut tips for your Havanese:

  • A quality diet is crucial for your dog’s coat health. Before you even consider giving your Havanese dog a haircut, ensure that they are eating a balanced diet of high-quality food. Doing so will keep their coat shiny and healthy, making it easier for you to maintain their appearance throughout their lifespan.
  • Do some research first. To ensure you are getting the right cut style for your Havanese, take a look at some pictures on social media, ask your vet for recommendations, and consult an experienced groomer.
  • Give your groomer a leg up by providing references. Whether you are aiming for a traditional look or something more modern, be sure to provide your stylist with pictures of the type of Havanese haircut you want. This helps them understand what exactly you have in mind for your pup’s new hairdo.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions regarding after-care. Since Havanese pups exhibit long hair, they need extra care and attention to prevent tangles. Thus, you should ask the groomer about any products or instructions that will help keep your canine’s coat smooth and tangle-free.

By following these Havanese haircut tips, fur parents can guarantee that their furry companions will always look sharp and well-groomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Havanese after getting a haircut

What Is the Most Popular Haircut for a Havanese Dog?

Among the top Havanese hairstyles today, the Havanese puppy cut seems to be the most popular. This hairdo is a good choice if you want to maintain a neat, short-haired look for your pup.

It is basically a regular trim for your Havanese dog’s body and facial hair, combined with some longer fur on its tail, chest, and ears.

The result is a blunt, fluffy hairstyle for your fur baby that complements its features while still allowing its coat to be loose and comfortable.

How Often Does a Havanese Dog Need a Hair Cut?

A Havanese dog has a silky coat that grows to an average length of around one-half to one inch per month; hence, trimming should be done once every 6 to 8 weeks.

The good news is that keeping their thick hair short is relatively easy and can be performed in the comfort of your home.

That said, looking for a professional groomer is always an option to ensure you get the best results possible.

What Happens If You Don’t Cut Havanese Dog’s Hair?

If you don’t cut your Havanese dog’s hair, it can get tangled, matted, and dirty. Such hair is a magnet for germs, scabbing, dust, fleas, and ticks, which can lead to skin infections and other health problems.

All that thick fur also makes it difficult for Havanese dogs to stay cool in the summer heat. Moreover, playing outside can become uncomfortable for these dogs if they are not properly groomed.

What Length Should I Cut My Havanese Dog’s Hair?

When snipping your Havanese dog’s coat, the length you go for is a matter of personal preference. You can also ask your groomer for their recommendations, but ultimately, it will be up to you.

However, if you are unsure, the Havanese haircut ideas above are great starting points. Just keep in mind that it is best to pick a length that will be easy for you to manage on your own.

As an example, the teddy bear cut and kennel trim may be more manageable than the show dog trim, messy puppy cut, and Havanese dreadlocks.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Havanese haircut styles and ideas, there are so many options. From something simple and classic to elaborate and creative — the possibilities are endless.

In fact, you can even mix and match two or more of these Havanese haircuts to create your own unique style. It is all about what looks good on your dog.

However, owners should keep in mind that choosing a comfy haircut style is just as important as picking a trendy one. Your dog’s comfort should always be considered first.

Looking for a professional groomer is also strongly suggested to make sure that your Havanese gets a hairdo that will make them look and feel great.

Which of the discussed Havanese hairstyles do you think is the cutest? We would love to hear your favorites among our list of the 31 best Havanese haircut styles in the comments!

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