Male vs. Female Goldendoodle: Which Is Better?

Male and female Goldendoodles walking in the shoreline

When you make the decision to get a Goldendoodle, you may find yourself pondering whether to choose a male or female.

While some may think that gender is not a significant factor when it comes to this particular hybrid, it is, in fact, quite important.

In general, a male Goldendoodle is more affectionate, more laid back, and more eager to please its family than a female. Meanwhile, a female Goldendoodle is also affectionate but only to one person. This makes males fit for larger families and females better for individuals or as service dogs. 

This article will help you decide which Goldendoodle gender is more favorable for your lifestyle and what their gender differences are. Let’s delve into the factors such as their personality traits, training skills, and more.

Physical Differences

Male and female Goldendoodles tongue out while sitting side by side

Male Goldendoodles

Generally, the size of male and female Goldendoodles may vary depending on which Poodle size you breed to a Golden Retriever. The Goldendoodle sizes include miniature, medium, and standard.

Apart from the difference in reproductive organs, male and female Goldendoodles differ in height and weight.

A male dog is commonly larger than a female dog. A standard male Goldendoodle can grow at least 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 65 pounds. Moreover, males naturally have a more muscular and bulkier build.

Female Goldendoodles

The size difference between a female and a male Goldendoodle is quite noticeable. Females are typically smaller. For reference, standard female Goldendoodles are about 19 inches tall and weigh around 55 pounds.

Although smaller than males, females are sometimes more energetic and more agile. As a result, they maintain a slimmer figure due to their higher activity levels.

There are several Goldendoodle colors and patterns that both genders can have. It includes the most popular ones, such as apricot, cream, and red. There are also patterns like sable and parti. Both genders can also sport similar hairstyles.

Temperamental Differences

Male Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are generally active, playful, and affectionate. While both males and females generally have the same temperament, there can still be significant differences that set them apart.

A male Goldendoodle is more affectionate towards its entire family, whereas its female counterpart shows affection to one person only. If you want a pet, you can cuddle with at any time, a male Goldendoodle may be better for you.

The male is also more of a people-pleaser than the female. As a result, males are more likely to follow your commands or be needier of attention.

However, within the pack, male Goldendoodles are more likely to be followers than leaders. This is contrary to the natural tendency of the female Goldendoodle to lead the pack.

Male Goldendoodles are also laid back, especially when they are neutered.

Female Goldendoodles

A female Goldendoodle, unlike its male counterpart, is more independent and aloof. They also prefer showing affection towards one favorite person in the family and only whenever they want to.

Despite their curiosity, they can still have reservations about other people they are unfamiliar with. They can be less friendly than male Goldendoodles and would prefer to amuse themselves over other people.

They will most likely be more dominant, especially when they are surrounded by other male dogs at home. Female Goldendoodles will only do what they want when they want.

If this is present in their temperament, a patient and firm handler should have them trained to curb unwanted behavior.

In terms of aggression, a female Goldendoodle only exhibits this behavior when its mood changes during heat cycles. This also happens after pregnancy when they are extra protective of their newborn puppies.

Behavior and Training

Two Goldendoodles male and female running on the beach

Male Goldendoodles

While they share the same basic temperament, one gender may have slight differences from the other when it comes to behavior and training. A Goldendoodle’s personality may differ in this area.

Male and female Goldendoodles are known as obedient and active dogs. When it comes to intelligence and maturity, though, you may notice a few training differences.

Male Goldendoodles are known to mature slower than females mentally. While this is true, they are more eager to please their owners, meaning they can quickly pick up on commands.

A male Goldendoodle puppy should be trained as early as possible to enhance its mental abilities.

Exercise will benefit you and your male Goldendoodle as they have higher energy levels than their female counterparts. They always have more than enough stamina to keep up on adventures and long hikes.

If you are up for a highly active dog, expect daily vigorous walks and prepare fun activities for them.

Like all other male dogs, Goldendoodles tend to mark their territories due to their testosterone levels. If it becomes an issue at home, dog marking can be controlled in various ways.

Their friendly and playful behavior may not make them suitable as guard dogs at home. Male Goldendoodles are less prone to be aggressive yet can alert you when they sense any danger around.

Female Goldendoodles

Mentally, female Goldendoodles mature faster than their male counterparts. However, an individual may find it hard to train them for their stubbornness, especially a first-time dog owner.

While known for being motivated, agile, and more intelligent, female Goldendoodles can be quite harder to train. It does not mean their willful behavior cannot be curbed, though.

Treats can be given by a firm and patient handler since female Goldendoodles need the motivation to obey commands. It should make training easier because females retain knowledge easier than male Goldendoodles.

Consistent sympathetic training methods should also be incorporated as you train your female Goldendoodle puppy to listen to you.

In terms of being territorial, female Goldendoodles do not constantly mark, but it should be addressed when such things happen.

Female Goldendoodles also do better as service dogs since they tend to focus on caring for one person only and have a calm manner. They can make excellent companions for people in need of assistance.

Health Differences

Male Goldendoodles

Both male and female Goldendoodles are prone to genetic health problems such as reproductive cancer, bacterial infections, and hip dysplasia. However, reproductive health issues vary from one gender to the other.

Most reputable breeders advise their clients to have their Goldendoodle puppies undergo sterilization as they reach sexual maturity. It has behavioral and medical advantages that can benefit your Goldendoodle’s life.

Neutering your male Doodle means surgically removing its testicles to help lessen the potential of having testicular cancer and eliminate the possibility of impregnating female dogs.

Apart from lowering the risk of prostate cancer, neutering male Goldendoodles can reduce the likelihood of benign prostatic hyperplasia, perianal adenoma, and prostatitis.

Female Goldendoodles

Like their male counterparts, female Goldendoodles can be sterilized to avoid unplanned conception and overpopulation. It is highly important to give this a thought if you still plan to breed your female.

The ideal age range to get your female Goldendoodle puppy spayed is around the onset of sexual maturity. However, they can still be fixed despite being past the age range between 6 and 12 months.

Spaying can also lessen their risk of accumulating female-specific issues such as uterine and breast cancer. An additional benefit is eliminating the female Goldendoodle’s heat cycles.

I encountered a situation once in my trusted veterinarian’s clinic just outside our village where a female Goldendoodle was undergoing spaying after 2 months of treating its pyometra through antibiotics.

My veterinarian mentioned that even if the condition has already been managed, pyometra can still recur. Hence the owner of the female Goldendoodle opted for the surgery to keep her pet safe.

Further, you should refrain from getting a Goldendoodle puppy produced from backyard breeding. These pups don’t always get the health screening they need.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Female Goldendoodle sitting side by side with a Bernese Mountain Dog

Male Goldendoodles

Another crucial consideration is socializing them with other animals in your home. A dog’s personality can differ depending on its environment.

Early socialization for your Goldendoodle puppy is essential for harmonious living with other pets in the same household.

Male Doodles get along better with female dogs, whether they’re the same breed or not. Although males tend to be more amiable than their female counterparts, they can be more aggressive around other male dogs.

When around other animals, such as cats, they can be sociable as long as there is supervision and some distance.

Female Goldendoodles

A female Goldendoodle is as welcoming as a male dog but can show a little reservation at first. They will also assert dominance when around a dog of the same gender.

Two female dogs existing under the same roof may be difficult. Both will have a hard time socializing since they will fight for the alpha position of the pack.

If you already have a female at home, it is best not to buy another female puppy.

Females tend to exhibit territorial behavior when they sense the necessity, even when nursing puppies. However, female Doodles will not mind being around other pets as long as they are not disturbed. 

Your dog’s social life will always benefit from early socialization. They can make better friends with any pet if they are engaged more often, so future owners should focus on that.

With Children

Male Goldendoodles

Male Goldendoodles tend to be friendlier and more hyperactive than females. When they get too excited, it may cause trouble. 

Teaching your kid how to interact with a dog and training your pup how to behave around people, especially young children, will lead to a pleasant playtime.

Male Goldendoodles get along better with kids because they are more lively and always up for play. Because of their quirky but fun-loving personality, they can make fantastic buddies.

Male dogs are typically popular with children due to their charming appeal and playful nature. While female Goldendoodles are more reserved, males are known for being non-aggressive around kids.

Female Goldendoodles

Unlike their male counterparts, female Goldendoodles like to maintain a greater distance and may not be overly excited to play. This is why it is less likely for them to cause accidents.

Instead of trying to please everyone, they prefer to stick close to one family member. They prefer to be an observer rather than a participant in activities.

However, a distant dog does not automatically mean that they don’t ever want to be around anyone. It only means that female Goldendoodles wish for more alone time.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female Goldendoodles

Male and female Goldendoodles looking sideways

Male Goldendoodles

Both male and female Goldendoodles have upsides and downsides that can affect anyone’s living situation.

As for male Goldendoodles, their main advantage is that they are affectionate and approachable towards everyone, especially children. They are known to be people-pleasers, and they love to entertain a crowd.

It’s easier to train males because they will do anything to impress their owners. Aside from that, male Goldendoodles will also find vigorous walks more enjoyable since they have a lot of energy to burn.

They appreciate and love their family equally. Each person is their favorite and will not say no to cuddle time. Also, they may be extra friendly to other people, but they can become good guard dogs when trained accordingly.

However, male Goldendoodles have their disadvantages. While they enjoy being around children, their hyperactivity might intimidate young kids or accidentally injure them during playtime.

They may be more obedient than females, but they may take time to grasp knowledge since they are known to develop more gradually. They require more patience and gentle dog owners because of this.

Male Goldendoodles are more dependent and clingier to their family. Since they enjoy being around a crowd, they won’t enjoy being alone for a long time.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of a male Goldendoodle:

Affectionate to the entire familyCan be too dependent
Enjoys being around kids or other dogsMore prone to separation anxiety
Loves to please other peopleMentally matures slower
Highly energeticToo hyperactive which may cause accidents
Can be effective protectors if well-trainedMight not sense danger if too friendly to others

Female Goldendoodles

A female Goldendoodle’s common trait is its independence. They can easily amuse themselves rather than impress other people. While this may seem like a downside, it’s actually very beneficial for those needing a companion dog.

Since they prefer being with one person only, they will do better as service dogs for a person in need. A female Doodle dog can serve, care for, and protect an individual better rather than an entire family.

When it comes to young kids, they are more cautious and gentle around them. Female Goldendoodles are more likely seen from afar, simply observing instead of participating in activities.

They are also said to be more agile than males, making them proficient in physical and mental stimulations.

Female Goldendoodles come with their downsides, including their headstrong attitude.

They may be smart, but they are more challenging to handle since they tend to follow their own rules. They require lots of motivation and praise to listen to your commands.

If their space gets disrupted, they may show aggression towards other people, even children.

In terms of the presence of other dogs and pets, they may show dominant behavior if they are around other female dogs. While this isn’t too alarming, a female dog should know how to live harmoniously with other animals at home.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of a female Goldendoodle:

Gentle and observant around kidsAggressive if space isn’t respected
Mentally matures faster Harder to train
Can tolerate other dogs and petsCan be dominant towards male dogs
Can be independentPrioritizes one favorite person only
More agile and motivatedCan be too stubborn

Should You Get a Male or Female Goldendoodle? 

Thanks to the Poodle dog’s history and genetics, both male and female Goldendoodles can have a hypoallergenic coat, which makes them the perfect puppy for people who have allergies. 

Since a Goldendoodle’s coat sheds lightly and the produced dander is manageable, they are quite low maintenance as well.

Now that we are about to come to an end with our topic, have you made a decision on which Goldendoodle gender you’re getting? Allow me to help you with thorough guides and tips to decide.

Aside from the size difference between a male and female Goldendoodle, there are also behavioral differences known based on existing Goldendoodle owners.

If you want a more affectionate, fun-loving dog for your family, get a male Goldendoodle. They are more interactive and playful and will get along better with anyone and other pets.

A female Goldendoodle will fit your lifestyle better if you are an active individual who prefers a dog that focuses on one person only. 

These females may be quite on the aloof side, but they know how to show appreciation for their favorite human being. 

While this can help you better in deciding which gender goes for your household, it will still depend on your personal preference and lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about Goldendoodles in general, watch this: 


Frequently Asked Questions

Female Goldendoodle walking outdoors

Are Male or Female Goldendoodles Calmer?

Male Doodles are calmer than their female counterparts, especially when you get your Goldendoodle desexed. 

Unneutered males are more laid back compared to the female Goldendoodle personality, which is generally tense and anxious.

While one might assume that female Goldendoodles are more relaxed than males, this isn’t always the case for all canines.

Are Male or Female Goldendoodles More Affectionate?

Both the male and female Goldendoodle are affectionate. The only difference is that the Goldendoodle male loves his entire family, while females focus their attention on one person.

A Male Doodle will enjoy being cuddle buddies with anyone in the household more than a female Doodle.

However, this does not mean that female Goldendoodles are incapable of being loveable. They know how to appreciate their humans in their own ways and time.

Are Male or Female Goldendoodles Easier to Train?

Female Goldendoodles tend to be more intelligent than their male counterparts. However, males are often easier to train since they are easily motivated to please their owners.

They may be slower to grasp commands, but a few slight differences don’t matter when they have the drive to impress their family.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when getting a male or female Goldendoodle. It is crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making the final choice.

Each dog has its own uniqueness, which can be reflected by its personality traits. While I’ve discussed the similarities and differences of each gender, how you raise them will influence how they behave towards you.

There is also a growing number of abused dogs in puppy mills that need to be rescued and adopted by responsible pet parents. You can choose from different Goldendoodle rescues to adopt one.

Whether you choose a male or female dog, you will surely have an amazing and fun-loving companion. Let us know in the comments section your take on the topic of the male and the female Goldendoodle!

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