Boston Terrier Mixes: 50 Cutest Crossbreeds (With Pictures)

Boston Terrier mixes

Boston Terrier mixes present a fusion of the characteristics of the Boston Terrier with those of other breeds, resulting in a wide variety of fascinating and endearing canine companions.

These mixes have an irresistible magnetic appeal, from their lovable squishy faces to their energetic personalities. The Boston Terrier’s unique features ensure that the resulting puppies will be truly one of a kind.

This article will explore the unique characteristics of each combination, from their physical looks and personalities to the boundless affection they have for their human companions.

50 Boston Terrier Mixes

The possibilities for physical characteristics and personality in Boston Terrier mixes are endless. So, if you’re looking for a Boston Terrier with some of the best features of another breed you prefer, this is your best bet.

Considering this, you might be unsure if their distinctive traits are going to blend nicely with other purebred canines. Hence, it is recommended you reach out only to reputable breeders of the mix or even of Boston Terriers who can point you to where to get excellent quality Boston mix pups.

Check out these 50 stunning Boston Terrier hybrids to see what you like:

1. Brat

Brat Rat Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: king.kirb / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rat Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Brat is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Rat Terrier, both Terrier dogs. Typically found in black and white or brown and white, these small dogs resemble Boston Terriers in appearance.

Despite their small stature, these dogs are brave and powerful workers. These canines will be full of energy and passion in any work they do.

Whether they’re guarding the house against intruders, clearing the neighborhood of rats, or just keeping their owners entertained, these pets can serve many purposes around the house.

The Brat, despite its moniker, is a pleasant hybrid that rarely barks. Compared to its Rat Terrier parent, it’s far less aggressive and prefers to curl up on your lap.

Because of their small size, Brats require moderate exercise. They can thrive both indoors and outdoors and can adapt to any environment.

2. Bugg

Bugg Pug Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: pintoandbeluga / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pug & Boston Terrier

The Bugg, sometimes known as the Pugin, is a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and the Pug. It inherits characteristics from both its parents, including its flat face, loving nature, and bug-like eyes.

They’re not hypoallergenic, but their short coats that rarely shed make them suitable for people with mild allergies.

Although it’s a small dog that weighs no more than 25 pounds, the amount of love it has for its human companions is enormous. Hence, it’s an excellent choice as a house pet and lap dog.

These dogs don’t need a lot of maintenance, making them ideal for new pet owners, but they do demand lots of attention.

My brother used to own a Bugg, whom he called Bug. Bug loves playing and is more energetic than our purebred Pug. One of the things that we make sure is that we clean Bug’s facial folds daily and that he gets to drink lots of water, especially during the summer season.

Taking care of Bug is like taking care of a purebred Boston Terrier or a Pug due to his brachycephalic features. You may also expect a bit of snorting and snoring due to this.

Furthermore, the Bugg can sometimes exhibit the same territorial behavior typical of Boston Terriers toward their owners and surroundings.

Thus, it’s important to start training and socializing it as soon as possible so it can grow up without a territorial streak.

3. Bostie

Bostie West Highland White Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: k_homicki / Instagram

Parent Breeds: West Highland White Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Bostie, also called the Boston Westie or Bostie Terrier, is a tenacious hybrid dog descended from the Boston Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier.

Compact in stature, this dog features a short muzzle and a small frame. They are primarily black and white, although they can also resemble other hues that Boston Terriers frequently exhibit, such as brindle and brown.

Bosties are affectionate, sociable pets that form strong bonds with their human families. They’re friendly and great with kids, but they can be reserved when meeting strangers.

Moreover, Bosties take after both of their parents in being fiercely independent. Thus, they can be challenging to train and rather demanding. Bosties will also resort to barking and digging when bored.

Early and persistent exposure to rigorous training can help Bosties overcome these natural tendencies. Moderate physical activity is recommended for this hybrid as well.

4. Bossie

Bossie Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: kaia_kato / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Boston Terrier

Bossies are energetic and loyal hybrids of Boston Terriers and Australian Shepherds. They have medium-sized, powerful bodies and will typically resemble Australian Shepherds in appearance.

Bossies do best in homes with plenty of people who can give them lots of love and attention, as they may act out if neglected.

These dogs are gentle, but they are best suited for families with older children. Because of their Australian Shepherd ancestry, some Bossies may try to herd other animals or children.

These dogs are intelligent and can pick things up quickly, but they also tend to be stubborn and forget what they’ve been taught just as quickly. Hence, they might require constant reconditioning.

Bossies have high energy levels. They should have at least an hour or two of exercise daily. Like its Australian Shepherd parent, it thrives on a busy routine and gets antsy if not given enough physical activity.

5. Boshih

Boshih Shih Tzu Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: woof_woof_rylee / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shih Tzu & Boston Terrier

The Boshih is an adorable hybrid of the Shih Tzu and the Boston Terrier. It’s a little dog, typically under 20 pounds. Their coats come in a wide range of lengths and colors but are typically silky and smooth.

The Boshih is perceptive and curious. They tend to be lively and playful pets. They make wonderful companion animals for almost anyone. They are quite adaptable and do well in most environments.

These dogs love people who spoil and adore them. They’ll need a family that will be around frequently because they’re prone to separation anxiety.

That said, it’s important to start early with training and socializing. With Boshihs, it’s best to be consistent and use positive reinforcement.

Boshihs don’t need a lot of physical activity. Nevertheless, owners should still make sure their Boshihs get regular exercise. Daily walks will prevent them from misbehaving out of boredom while promoting a healthy weight.

6. Shibos

Shibos Shiba Inu Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: tuckertpupper / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shiba Inu & Boston Terrier

The Shiba Inu and the Boston Terrier make an unlikely pair, resulting in the hybrid dog known as the Shibos.

While the two breeds are roughly the same size, their personality traits, and appearances are so varied.

That being said, the Shibos’ personality is determined by which of its parents the hybrid resembles most.

They will be devoted and protective of their owners, but their level of affection for them will vary depending on whether they take after the Shiba Inu or the Boston Terrier.

It will likely find a middle ground between the two parents. Hence, the resulting Shibos will be friendlier than the standard Shiba Inu but more reserved than a Boston Terrier.

Moreover, the Shibos have moderate activity needs. It will do well in any setting, provided it receives the daily physical exercise and mental stimulation that it needs.

7. Sharbo

Sharbo Chinese Shar Pei Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: agibso44 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chinese Shar-Pei & Boston Terrier

The Sharbo is a fascinating mix that combines the Boston Terrier and the Chinese Shar-Pei, both of which were initially bred for dog fighting and each contributes unique characteristics to this mixed breed.

This medium-sized dog has a sturdy build, a square muzzle, huge brown eyes, and pointed floppy ears. Brown, brindle, white, black, and gold are the most typical colors of its coat.

Sharbos are playful and enthusiastic dogs that enjoy being around their human companions. They are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. 

Because of the hunting bloodlines in both of its parent breeds, it is extremely protective of its owners and has a high prey drive. Keep this in mind whenever it’s around other animals or strangers.

In light of this, make sure to keep it on a leash whenever it’s outside of your home, in the yard, or at a dog park.

8. Miniboz

Miniboz Miniature Schnauzer Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: beeolivares / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Miniature Schnauzer & Boston Terrier

The Miniboz is a small hybrid dog that results from crossing the Boston Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer.

This crossbreed is likely to take on the Schnauzer’s distinctive beard-like whiskers. Its coat comes in a variety of colors, including grey, brindle, and brown.

The Miniboz is a cheerful and clever breed that can keep you amused for hours thanks to its goofy nature.

It may inherit the amiable temperament of its Boston Terrier ancestors, which helps it get along well with both kids and other pets.

The Miniboz is an extremely adaptable dog and is easy to train. First-time dog owners can greatly benefit from adopting one of these crossbreeds due to their eagerness to please.

Minibozes require minimal physical activity to maintain good health and well-being. These dogs probably don’t need much exercise beyond a few walks per week and some time spent playing indoors.

9. Basston

Basston Basset Hound Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: paddyboyandfriends / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Basset Hound & Boston Terrier

The Basston combines the best traits of the Boston Terrier and Basset Hound in a small package. This medium-sized dog is characterized by a short muzzle, folded ears, and a short, fine-textured coat.

The Basston is known for being a friendly, calm, and affectionate dog. This breed blends the Boston Terrier’s enthusiasm and lively personality with the Basset Hound’s sweet and loving demeanor.

Although the Basston is incredibly bright, it does have a stubborn tendency that it inherits from its Basset Hound side, which means that training won’t always come naturally to it.

Nevertheless, success in training them can be achieved with a great deal of persistence, rewards, and time. Just give this puppy a little more time, and it will figure out what you want it to do and how to make you pleased.

10. Boskimo

Boskimo American Eskimo Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: jack_theripperz / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Eskimo & Boston Terrier

A beloved cross between the Boston Terrier and the American Eskimo, the Boskimo is a cheerful and lively dog.

The Boskimo can be expected to be a joyful, goofy, intelligent, and high-energy dog. However, it can also be a very cuddly pet, always eager to curl up in its owner’s lap.

Due to its high energy level and attention requirements, as well as its tendency for separation anxiety, this mixed breed dog may overwhelm new dog owners.

Boskimos can be trained easily and are very attentive pets. However, they’re smarter than the average dog and can act independently at times. Thus, having patience is essential when training these pups.

Moreover, Boskimos are perfectly content whether they’re kept indoors or outside. The trick is to keep them entertained with toys or games.

They also enjoy short walks and games of fetch, so getting in their daily exercise will be a breeze.

11. Bo-Jack

Bo Jack Jack Russell Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: pike_the_bojack / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Bo-Jack is a high-energy dog descended from the Boston Terrier and the Jack Russell. Typically, their coats will be a blend of their parents’ hues, such as gold and white, white and black, and tan and brown.

The Bo-Jack is a dynamic combination of tenderness and cheerfulness, equally at home playing with its family or curling up next to them.

They’re friendly and playful canines, so as long as they get enough exercise, they can make great pets for just about anyone.

Moreover, Bo-Jacks are renowned for being highly obedient dogs because of their devotion and dedication to their owners. They’re incredibly intelligent and eager to please.

Because of this, they are excellent choices for new dog owners who have little to no prior dog-training experience. I used to take care of my cousin’s Bo-Jack named Jackson whenever she went out on trips, and I can say that he was very easy to handle.

Jackson enjoys being active, so we would always take him out on a walk around the neighborhood. This is to prevent him from resorting to destructive behavior or excessive barking if he doesn’t get enough exercise.

Do you wish to see the Bo-Jack’s abilities on display? Check out this clip:

Jack Russell-Boston Terrier Mix Jumps for the Ball | The Daily Puppy

12. Bosapso

Bosapso Lhasa Apso Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: jyn.n.yoda / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Lhasa Apso & Boston Terrier

The Bosapso is a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Boston Terrier, two highly intelligent dog breeds. This dog is renowned for being able to comprehend difficult commands and carry them out effectively.

It’s a gentle and loving pet. This dog has a soft spot for its human family and gets along nicely with children.

They are also quite protective. The Bosapso is a small dog with a big-dog mentality. It’s incredibly courageous and will alert you if it senses any unwanted visitors.

The Bosapso is loyal and eager to please its owner but also has a stubborn streak. The key to successfully housebreaking this dog is to be consistent right from the start.

Furthermore, the energetic nature of its parent breeds is reflected in the Bosapso. They require regular exercise and mental stimulation in the form of walks and games.

13. Bostillon

Bostillon Papillon Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: frankeedee_the_bostontee / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Papillon & Boston Terrier

The Bostillon is an adorable and feisty hybrid dog descended from the Boston Terrier and the Papillon.

It’s a small dog with the Boston Terrier’s longer legs and compact physique. It also features the Papillon’s characteristic upright ears, long nose, and huge, round eyes.

Bostillons may look small but don’t underestimate their tremendous character. You won’t find a more joyful, energetic dog than this one.

It’s a fantastic pet that thrives on spending time with its human family and takes pleasure in being the center of attention.

Moreover, Bostillons tend to be yappy dogs. This characteristic is largely inherited from the Papillon parent. However, training can help reduce their barking to a more reasonable level.

These puppies are quite noisy and active, yet they don’t need much exercise. They can get by with less than an hour of exercise per day.

14. Dobieton

Dobieton Doberman Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: willowthedobieton / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Doberman Pinscher & Boston Terrier

The Dobieton is a rare cross between the imposing Doberman and the energetic Boston Terrier. This mix comes from two breeds that are known for being independent, loyal, intelligent, and great companions.

This results in a hybrid that has a strong and athletic appearance that is balanced by a kind and playful personality.

They can be found in a wide variety of fur colors. Some Dobietons are red, blue, white, or even albinos if one of their parents is of that color.

The Dobieton, with its pointed ears and sharp eyes, might be intimidating at first sight. But upon a closer look, it’s impossible to miss the charming features that make this dog so adorable.

When well-socialized and trained, this dog is extremely devoted to its human companions. In addition, this dog’s intelligence and alertness make it an excellent choice as a household security dog.

15. Pomston

Pomston Pomeranian Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: ume_pii_kula_808 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pomeranian & Boston Terrier

The Pomeranian and the Boston Terrier were crossed to create a small hybrid dog known as the Pomston. They can grow as tall as 12 inches and weigh as much as 15 pounds.

They can inherit the short coat length of the Boston Terrier or the longer coat length of the Pomeranian. Pomstons usually appear brindle, although they can also be solid black, orange, brown, or white.

The Pomston is a high-energy, outgoing dog who enjoys being around family. They won’t enjoy being left alone, so a household where someone is always home will suit them.

They are very patient with kids and can be trusted completely as a member of the family. They’re very trainable, making them ideal for new dog owners.

Furthermore, it’s an energetic and lively breed that enjoys daily walks, whether to the dog park, the beach, or simply around the block.

16. Bo-Dach

Bo Dach Dachshund Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: hankthebodach / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dachshund & Boston Terrier

Bo-Dachs, or hybrids of Boston Terriers and Dachshunds, are beloved pets for many people due to their endearing appearance and mild demeanor.

It’s a little dog with short fur that can be any color, big floppy ears, a short muzzle, and a long, lean body. They inherit the Dachshund’s goofy appearance, with its short legs and disproportionately big feet.

However, the appearance of a Bo-Dach will depend on its inherited genes. I remember my friend’s Bo-Dach, which looks exactly like a Dachshund but has a Boston Terrier’s facial features. It also has slightly longer legs than a purebred Dachshund but has the gait and wiggle of one.

These canines are well-known for having eccentric personalities and making excellent companions. They have a natural affinity for kids and like spending time with their owners.

They’re warm and accepting of anyone, including strangers, as long as they are not a threat to those they love. They’re likely to treat all members of your family with affection and playfulness.

The Bo-Dach is a clever breed, but their headstrong nature could make training them challenging. Plan shorter and more interesting training sessions to keep them from getting bored and make training easier.

17. Brusston

Brusston Brussels Griffon Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: indie_the_brusston / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Brussels Griffon & Boston Terrier

The Brusston is a fairly new breed that’s produced by crossing the Boston Terrier and the Brussels Griffon.

Their longer, wiry hair is reminiscent of a Brussels Griffon, and they usually have markings and colors reminiscent of a Boston Terrier.

On the other hand, not all Brusstons will inherit their parents’ flat muzzles and hairy beards.

No matter whose parent they inherit their exquisite looks from, this breed’s personality will shine.

The Brusston is a loyal dog with traits reminiscent of both the Brussels Griffon’s cheerfulness and mischievousness and the Boston Terrier’s playful personality.

Moreover, the Brusston is an intelligent breed that responds well to training and is eager to bond with its human companions. 

It will require around an hour of moderate exercise per day. Keeping it active and engaged with training, walks, and yard games twice a day is an excellent method to ensure its good behavior and happiness.

18. Bostalian

Bostalian Italian Greyhound Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: percythebostalian / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Italian Greyhound & Boston Terrier

The Bostalian is a designer dog that combines the characteristics of the Italian Greyhound with those of the Boston Terrier. The resulting hybrid is typically welcoming and bubbly.

They’re friendly to everyone and can live with other dogs, but because of their Greyhound roots, they may not be good with smaller pets.

This hybrid may have a sterling reputation for fine manners, but it also makes a terrific watchdog. It’s devoted to its loved ones and fiercely guards its territory. Even though it’s a small dog, its bark is quite powerful.

Moreover, they’re eager to please their owners but will only follow your instructions if they see you as the pack leader. However, training should be a breeze once you establish authority over them.

When it comes to exercise, the Bostalians are fairly energetic. Hence, it’s best suited to families with active lifestyles who have time to play with them.

19. Bostchon

Bostchon Bichon Frise Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: kobie_bostonterrierxbichon / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bichon Frise & Boston Terrier

The Bostchon is a small dog that combines the best qualities of the Boston Terrier and the Bichon Frise, both of which are known for their friendliness and calm demeanor.

The Bostchon makes a lively and good-natured companion and is very attuned to its owner’s emotional state. It responds positively to love and affection and thrives on the attention it receives.

Because of how dependent it is on its owner for companionship, it suffers from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

It is very trainable, as it learns new tricks quickly and takes great pleasure in entertaining its human companions. Children particularly enjoy its high levels of energy and carefree spirit.

Moreover, the Bostchon does not require strenuous physical activity. As long as it gets to go for walks and play outside, it doesn’t mind being cooped up in a confined space.

20. Cairoston

Cairoston Cairn Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: ruth_the_cairnterrier / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cairn Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Cairoston is a small to medium-sized crossbreed of two purebred Terriers: the Boston Terrier and the Cairn Terrier.

It is short-legged and has a long tail, but its body is compact and muscular. Additionally, similar to its Cairn Terrier parent, it has a curly, rough, and silky coat.

In terms of temperament, the Cairoston can have the demeanor of either or both breeds.

The Boston Terrier parent adds warmth, friendliness, gentleness, vitality, and playfulness to the mix, which complements the aggressiveness, intelligence, and tenacity of both parent breeds.

They are friendly but not overly affectionate around children and other animals and are typically wary of strangers.

With early socialization, this characteristic can be honed into a healthy wariness rather than shyness, avoidance, or unwarranted aggression.

Moreover, the Cairoston doesn’t need much activity; an hour of outside play or a long daily stroll should be plenty.

21. Bostinese

Bostinese Pekingese Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: lifeofthepawty3 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pekingese & Boston Terrier

A cute little dog with a big personality, the Bostinese is a lovely cross between the spirited Boston Terrier and the elegant Pekingese.

Bostinese come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, some looking like small, stocky Boston Terriers and others resembling the longer Pekingese.

They often feature a black-and-white or brown-and-white pattern. However, some exhibit markings and hues that are typical of the Pekingese, including red, brindle, and sable.

Bostinese dogs are known for their friendliness and enthusiasm for people. They tend to develop a deep attachment to their owners. Also, they are house dogs who take pleasure in relaxing with their family members.

Furthermore, they get along nicely with kids and other dogs. However, it’s important to introduce them to new people carefully because they can be aggressive at times.

Like their Pekingese ancestors, Bostinese dogs are reserved and will sometimes bark at strangers.

22. Bossi-Poo

Bossi Poo Poodle Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: finnegan_fluff_nugget / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Boston Terrier

The Bossi-Poo is a fantastic designer dog produced when a Boston Terrier and a Poodle are bred together.

They have short, curly, and stiff coats that come in a wide variety of colors, including white, black, chocolate, golden, light brown, and dark brown.

Depending on which kind of coat the dog inherits, they can be rather low-maintenance pets.

Although not certain, these dogs can potentially be hypoallergenic if their fur is more similar to that of a Poodle than a Boston Terrier.

Bossi-Poos are friendly, loving, intelligent, and affectionate, yet they can also be naughty. On the other hand, nothing would make them happier than a day spent entertaining their companions.

The Bossi Poo is a very clever dog that can be easily trained and learns new commands with ease.

This mixed breed responds exceptionally well to training based on positive reinforcement because of its eagerness to please.

23. Frenchton

Frenchton French Bulldog Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: titotheburrito524 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

The Frenchton is the offspring of a French bulldog and a Boston terrier. Other names for Frenchtons include Frostons, French Bosses, Boston Frenchies, and Faux French Bosses.

The Frenchton was developed to be a kind, loving household pet. They’re small enough to serve as lapdogs yet energetic enough to enjoy short spurts of activity outside.

They are very loyal and affectionate pups, and they like cuddling as much as anything. Frenchtons can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long and may resort to unwanted behaviors like excessive barking.

Despite their cuddly appearance, these dogs may be rather stubborn. They are more likely to mature into friendly, well-behaved dogs if socialized and trained as puppies. Such is the case with the adopted female Frenchton of a friend named Marlea.

Marlea started out really stubborn and her energy was boundless. Since she was abandoned, she required a lot of discipline and attention. However, after subjecting her to socialization and obedience training, she became even-tempered but retained her high energy level.

Given their small size, Frenchtons make excellent apartment dwellers. They will behave nicely as long as they get enough physical activity and mental stimulation.

24. Boston Pit

Boston Pit Pitbull Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: southern_helle / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pitbull & Boston Terrier

Having the best qualities of both its parent breeds, the Boston Terrier and the Pitbull, the Boston Pit is a remarkable hybrid with plenty of personality and heart.

This crossbreed canine looks like a bigger Boston Terrier. This breed’s tails are frequently docked, while some owners like to leave them long and straight.

This compact and powerful hybrid has a strong and athletic presence that is balanced by a lively and friendly personality. Boston Pits are energetic dogs who love to hang out with their owners.

These dogs have a stellar reputation for their patience and kindness with children. When properly socialized, they can get along fine with other canine companions.

Depending on their genes and energy levels, Boston Pit mixes have different exercise requirements. Its activity levels will likely be closer to those of a Pit Bull unless it is smaller and calmer.

25. Toy Foxton

Toy Foxton Toy Fox Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: lewis_that_lewis / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Toy Fox Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Toy Foxton is a cross between a Boston Terrier and a Toy Fox Terrier. It’s a small canine with silky, short fur. Its coat is typically multicolored and comes in a range of shades, including black, cream, brindle, and brown.

The Toy Foxton is not hypoallergenic and sheds moderately, so keep that in mind if anyone in your home has allergies. Nevertheless, because of its short, smooth hair, it is easy to maintain.

This mixed breed is renowned for its pleasant, outgoing, and playful nature. Its protective instinct also makes it an excellent guard dog. Moreover, this crossbreed is exceptionally bright and should pick up on your cues quickly.

The Toy Foxton ancestry of these dogs makes it possible that they will be inclined to go after smaller animals if not socialized at a young age. Thus, training is crucial if you plan on having one of these dogs.

26. Boston Lab

Boston Lab Labrador Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: lucy_thebostonlabmix / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Boston Terrier

A cross between a Boston Terrier and a Labrador Retriever, the Boston Lab is quite a unique breed. To safely produce this breed, it must be done between a male Boston Terrier and a female Labrador.

They are around the size of a medium dog, larger than a Boston Terrier but smaller than a Labrador Retriever. They can have floppy ears like Labradors or short, upright ears with a floppy tip like Boston Terriers.

The Boston Lab is a happy and outgoing dog that is also very loyal and enjoys lots of snuggle time, thanks to the positive attributes it inherits from both its parent breeds.

The friendly, outgoing nature of Boston Labs makes it their goal in life to bring joy to their owners. They crave praise and approval and will do everything to get it.

Although they tend to be more subdued than Labradors, they still require plenty of exercise and stimulation to avoid becoming bored and lonely.

27. Scobo Terrier

Scobo Terrier Scottish Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: pickles_minifarm / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Scottish Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Scobo Terrier is a rare hybrid between the faithful Scottish Terrier and the lively Boston Terrier. It’s a dog with a personality that’s just as daring as its looks.

The Scobo Terrier has a robust, compact frame that radiates strength and agility. Its shaggy coat comes in a wide range of colors, from black to brindle to white.

Its coat is thick and wiry, with a slightly rough texture that further contributes to the animal’s rugged good looks.

Scobo Terriers are lovable, gentle dogs. They are quite bright and occasionally mischievous. Their antics are guaranteed to keep you amused at all times.

To top it all off, this crossbreed has a keen mind and can be taught new tricks with ease.

The Scobo Terrier’s intelligence and unbounded energy shine through in every activity it does, from learning obedience commands to participating in playful activities.

28. Boston Boxer

Boston Boxer Boxer Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: huey_theboxermix / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boxer & Boston Terrier

The Boston Boxer is a hybrid dog that is produced by breeding a Boston Terrier with a Boxer. The resulting breed is a little dog with a classic Boxer appearance. In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as a Miniature Boxer.

The Boston Boxer is a wonderful pet for any home. They have lots of energy and enjoy playing around.

They have impressive athletic abilities, including the ability to run quickly and jump high. They can keep up a quick pace for long periods of time before slowing down.

Moreover, Boston Boxers develop deep ties with their owners and are protective of them. However, they are anxious about strangers and could act aggressively toward them.

The Boston Boxer is a sensitive breed that thrives on routine and predictability but can be resistant to change. They are smart and easy to train, but only if they believe they are in control.

29. Boston Yorkie

Boston Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: rzathemutt / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Boston Yorkie is a wonderful cross between the independent and devoted Boston Terrier and the endearing and daring Yorkshire Terrier.

The Boston Yorkie will take after both of its parents in terms of temperament and character. When it comes to meeting new people, Boston Terriers seem to be more outgoing than Yorkies.

Boston Yorkies will therefore fall somewhere in the middle of both in terms of how they interact with people.

Additionally, this breed’s Yorkie heritage may have given it a touch of sass, making it more likely to pick fights with larger dogs. Hence, it’s best to get them used to being around other dogs and people as soon as possible.

Taking it to a dog park is a great way to give it some exercise. It can gain confidence by mingling with other dogs of varying sizes and temperaments. Moreover, it will teach it how to behave.

30. Patton Terrier

Patton Terrier Patterdale Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: philabarkingauthority / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Patterdale Terrier & Boston Terrier

The Patton Terrier is a combination of the Boston Terrier and the Patterdale Terrier, also known as the Black Fell Terrier.

Patton Terriers can have a wide variety of dominant personalities depending on which parent they take after most. In general, they are a caring, loyal, and courageous mixed breed. 

These dogs are full of life and enthusiasm. They require a lot of attention from their loved ones and will gladly spend the day by your side if that’s what it takes to get it.

On the other hand, Patton Terriers can also be fiercely independent at times. They might demonstrate this by being obstinate, stubborn, or distant.

In training sessions, take advantage of their desire to please by showering them with praise and rewards. This will let them know that their efforts are appreciated and that you are happy about them.

31. Boglen Terrier

Boglen Terrier Beagle Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: bashtheboglen / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Boston Terrier

The Boglen Terrier is a beautiful designer dog breed with a wonderful temperament that is produced when mating a Boston terrier with a Beagle.

Boglen Terriers have a reputation for being friendly, outgoing, and full of life.

These dogs blend the lively and eccentric qualities of the Boston terrier with the Beagle’s robust build and inquisitive attitude. 

They exhibit the same Beagle personality characteristics of being sensitive and laid-back. However, they also share the Boston Terrier’s characteristic independent nature and stubbornness.

Given their small size, these dogs can expend most of their boundless energy just by running about the house. Nonetheless, they should still be taken out for a daily stroll of at least half an hour.

If you’re considering getting a Boglen Terrier, just remember that they are naturally curious and may stray off, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on them at all times.

32. German Terrier

German Terrier German Shepherd Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: scarlet_and_oteil / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier’s pleasant nature and the German Shepherd’s protective instinct are brought together in the German Terrier mix.

This designer dog is perfect for active families and outgoing individuals because of its friendly temperament inherited from both parents. These canines are always up for a new adventure with their human companions.

Thanks to their high intelligence and eagerness to please, these dogs should be extremely simple to train. However, they can be reserved around strangers, so early socialization is essential for their development.

Moreover, the German Shepherd and the Boston Terrier are two of the most popular dog breeds in the country because they are both energetic, athletic, and playful.

Thus, it stands to reason that the German Terrier mix will take delight in the opportunities for exercise, play, and stimulation provided by canine agility and sports.

33. Boston Spaniel

Boston Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: carsonandclover / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Boston Terrier

The Cocker Spaniel and the Boston Terrier were crossed to create the lovely and devoted Boston Spaniel. Depending on which parent breed they most closely resemble, these dogs might seem quite different from one another. 

However, they are typically medium-sized puppies with floppy ears, a medium-length coat, and a sturdy muzzle that generally looks similar to that of the Boston Terrier.

Additionally, since their Cocker Spaniel parent was developed for hunting, most Boston Spaniels will inherit the instinct to chase anything small and furry.

In light of this, you should never walk your Boston Spaniel off-leash since even the most well-trained pets can give in to their instinctive desire to chase.

Furthermore, the Boston Spaniel is very sensitive to extremes in temperature, both hot and cold. You should only think about getting this breed if you live somewhere with a relatively mild climate.

34. Boston Cavalier

Boston Cavalier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: alliethebostoncav / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Boston Terrier

The Boston Cavalier is a completely devoted dog that is produced when the cuddly Cavalier and the similarly adoring Boston terrier are crossed.

You can’t go wrong with a Boston Cavalier as a companion dog. Their gregarious nature and warm demeanor make them a fantastic fit for households.

They have a strong sense of familial loyalty and are quite devoted to them. They get along nicely with other animals as well, making them a fantastic choice for multi-pet households. 

The Boston Cavalier is a very intelligent breed that responds well to training and can participate in any activity with your family. As long as it’s with the people it loves, this lovable dog will have a good time anywhere.

Moreover, this hybrid dog is also a good choice for people who live in small homes or apartments because of its small stature.

35. Siberian Boston

Siberian Boston Siberian Husky Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: appa_loppa / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky & Boston Terrier

The combination of the Siberian Husky and the Boston Terrier produces a stunning hybrid dog called the Siberian Boston. The majority of its body is likely black, with white patterns on its chest and stomach.

There may or may not be a lot of maintenance needed for the Siberian Boston. What type of coat it inherits from its parents will determine this. 

If it takes after the Boston Terrier in having a short coat, you won’t have to do much to keep it looking nice. 

On the other hand, you’ll need to be ready for its coat blow if it carries the double coat of the Husky parent. This will happen twice a year, in the spring and the fall.

Furthermore, be ready to deal with its mild stubbornness throughout training if you’re planning to get a Siberian Boston. Nevertheless, you can tame your Siberian Boston with patience and persistence.

36. Boston Malterrier

Boston Malterrier Maltese Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: michaelaenari / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Maltese & Boston Terrier

The Boston Malterrier is a hybrid dog that combines the Boston Terrier with the Maltese for an energetic and affectionate companion. It will make an intelligent, fun, and affectionate pet.

The Boston Malterrier has dark, expressive eyes that are set wide apart but don’t protrude like those of the Boston Terrier. Its muzzle can be quite small, and it has a stubby, black nose.

The Boston Malterrier’s temperament and characteristics will be a mix of its two parents. Whereas the Boston Terrier is mild-mannered and friendly, the Maltese can be territorial and aggressive.

As with any dog, it is best to start these pups off with some basic obedience and socialization training as early as possible.

The Boston Malterrier is susceptible to separation anxiety. It would do best in a house in the city or the country, but it does well in an apartment as long as it’s not left alone.

37. Boston Cattle Dog

Boston Cattle Dog Australian Cattle Dog Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: memories7509 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog & Boston Terrier

The stunning Boston Cattle Dog is a striking hybrid of the hardy Australian Cattle Dog and the dashing Boston Terrier. An energetic symphony of brilliance and devotion, this hybrid dog is a canine wonder.

The Boston Cattle Dog’s sturdy, muscular build is a reflection of its working dog ancestry.

Its sleek and lustrous coat displays an attractive blend of colors, typically including black, white, and patches of brindle or blue speckles.

These canines are full of life and love to play and cuddle. They take after their parent breeds in terms of intellect and trainability. To get the best out of a Boston Cattle Dog, you need to be a strong, steady, and fair leader.

Daily exercise is necessary for dogs like the Boston Cattle Dog. They get a kick out of challenging games of hide-and-seek and fetch and love to go for runs or walks.

38. English Boston Bulldog

English Boston Bulldog English Bulldog Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: mini.miss.millie / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Bulldog & Boston Terrier

The English Bulldog and Boston Terrier were crossed to create the hybrid breed known as the English Boston Bulldog. They are medium-sized dogs with huge spirits. 

English Boston Bulldogs are larger and stockier than Boston Terriers but smaller and leaner than purebred English Bulldogs.

They have characteristics that fall somewhere in the middle of their parent breeds when it comes to size, temperament, and health. Despite their speed and agility, they are bulkier than other dogs of comparable height.

English Boston Bulldogs are delicate dogs despite having large muscles. Patience should be used when dealing with these tender-hearted dogs because they are sensitive to the emotions around them.

These canines are highly intelligent and empathic companions. They catch up on social signs quickly and want to make sure everyone is safe.

Moreover, they are pack animals that suffer from separation anxiety when abandoned for too long.

39. Vizsla Boston Terrier Mix

Vizsla Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: piratedog.finley17 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Vizsla & Boston Terrier

The Vizsla Boston Terrier mix is an exquisite combination of grace and energy, displaying the best features of both parent types.

Elegant and charming, this hybrid is the product of breeding the regal Vizsla with the energetic Boston Terrier.

The Vizsla Boston Terrier mix is a tall dog with an athletic and proportionate build, and it carries itself with an air of effortless class.

It’s guaranteed to attract attention everywhere it goes, thanks to its stunning appearance and lovely, lustrous coat.

Its coat is covered with stunning patterns or patches that add a bit of personality to its already eye-catching combination of colors, which typically includes deep tones of russet, chestnut, or golden brown.

This hybrid dog is full of life and energy, and its cheerful and outgoing demeanor is contagious.

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to spend time with this charming companion can attest to the fact that it spreads happiness wherever it goes.

40. Basenji Boston Terrier Mix

Basenji Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: bellathebostonprincess / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Basenji & Boston Terrier

The Basenji Boston Terrier mix is the perfect pet if you want a quiet, obedient companion. This hybrid dog comes from a combination of two distinct breeds.

The Basenji, often known as the barkless dog, is a high-energy purebred canine that is commonly used for hunting small animals in Africa.

Meanwhile, the Boston Terrier is a friendly and sociable canine that gets along well with both humans and other dogs.

These two combine to produce an incredible blend of brains and brawn. They are naturally inquisitive about everything around them, and they can maintain pinpoint attention when playing or training.

Its playful nature and willingness to engage in new experiences or games will keep anyone lucky enough to have them entertained for hours on end.

Moreover, it has a heart that is full of love and loyalty. This hybrid exhibits fierce devotion to the people with whom it builds strong connections.

41. Whippet Boston Terrier Mix

Whippet Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: jules_niemi / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Whippet & Boston Terrier

When the gentle behavior and refined appearance of Whippets are combined with the outgoing nature and friendly disposition of Boston Terriers, you get a breed known as the Whippet Boston Terrier mix.

You can almost always expect a cross between a Whippet and a Boston terrier to have some combination of the two breeds’ amiable, loving, even-tempered, lively, and spirited personalities.

However, they may take after their terrier ancestors and be stubborn and independent. Therefore, it will be essential to train your pup early on, exercise firm leadership, and socialize it early on to get it in line.

Moreover, Whippet Boston Terrier mixes tend to be high-spirited and active pets. To maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, they need a lot of physical activity and mental challenges.

Nevertheless, Whippet Boston Terrier mixes enjoy playing fetch both outside and indoors, so they are adaptable pets for any environment.

42. Chihuahua Boston Terrier Mix

Chihuahua Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: crea0929hmn / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua & Boston Terrier

The Chihuahua Boston Terrier mix, sometimes referred to as the Boston Huahua, is a tiny crossbreed dog renowned for its handy size and amiable personality.

Their heads, muzzles, and jawlines are all square, and they frequently have a bulldog underbite. Their faces are full of character, with big, wide eyes and prominent ears that resemble bats more than Chihuahuas.

The Chihuahua and the Boston Terrier are both well-liked pets by people of all ages since they are such devoted companions, and the resulting hybrid dog shares these traits as well.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a family companion and your children are used to being around dogs, this hybrid can be a good choice.

Still, if you have children and plan to purchase one of these dogs, you should monitor their interactions.

Given their small size and propensity to be prodded, pushed, tugged, and poked, Boston Huahuas can be especially vulnerable.

43. Bull Terrier Boston Terrier Mix

Bull Terrier Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: buttnutt.and.buttlight / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bull Terrier & Boston Terrier

If you cross a Boston Terrier with a Bull Terrier, you get a Bull Terrier Boston Terrier mix.

This medium-sized dog takes after both of these breeds in looks and personality, with a predisposition toward intelligence and stubbornness.

Historically, both the Boston Terrier and the Bull Terrier were used to fight bulls and bears. However, the reality is that they aren’t born with natural fighting instincts.

In fact, the Bull Terrier Boston Terrier mix can be a fantastic option for you if you’re searching for a devoted, energetic, and sociable dog that gets along well with children. They also make great guard dogs, which is always a plus.

Moreover, these dogs need a somewhat active lifestyle. Although they are not extremely active, these dogs still require daily exercise in the form of long walks or hikes and some time spent playing.

Bull Terrier Boston Terrier mixes love to run about and play fetch with their owners.

44. Welsh Corgi Boston Terrier Mix

Welsh Corgi Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: georgie_the_half_corgi / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Welsh Corgi & Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier and the Corgi are two of the most popular dog breeds in the world. People adore these pups because of their sweet personalities and cute appearances.

Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you cross these two breeds, you end up with adorable little pups.

Welsh Corgi Boston Terrier mixes are short-legged and have thick, fluffy coats that might be brown, red, fawn, sable, or black and white.

A Welsh Corgi Boston Terrier mix that takes after the Corgi parent will have a longer body and shorter legs. On the other hand, it will have longer legs and a more proportionate build if it takes after its Boston Terrier parent.

Furthermore, you’ll quickly grow fond of this hybrid’s outgoing, sociable, and cuddly personality.

This hybrid will surely add charm and fun to every corner of your life with its distinctive appearance and endearing nature.

45. Border Collie Boston Terrier Mix

Border Collie Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: duke_0f_prunes / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Boston Terrier

The Border Collie Boston Terrier mix is the offspring of the industrious Border Collie and the cunning Boston Terrier. 

Like with all hybrids, the best indicator to predict how they will likely act is to look at their parents.

The Border Collie is regarded as one of the friendliest canines you’ll meet, while the Boston Terrier has a reputation for being fierce for such a small dog.

This should result in a dog that is extremely sociable and family-oriented.

Moreover, inheriting the Boston Terrier’s dominant personality traits may require an equally dominant and authoritative owner. As small as they are, these dogs aren’t always gentle.

Even so, given the right exposure and socialization, they ought to get along well with other pets as well.

Lastly, this hybrid dog is a bundle of energy. Because of its energetic nature, it would be wonderful for those with a spacious backyard at home.

46. American Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix

American Bulldog Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: scouttherescuedog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Bulldog & Boston Terrier

The American Bulldog Boston Terrier mix is an endearing combination of power and charisma that brings together the best traits of the American Bulldog and the Boston Terrier.

Its powerful physique is a reflection of its Bulldog ancestry and is sure to catch some looks. In spite of their fearsome appearance, American Bulldog Boston Terrier mixes are actually quite friendly and affectionate pets.

Their wrinkled faces and stocky builds are typically passed down from their American Bulldog parents. Meanwhile, the Boston Terrier in them comes out as playfulness.

This breed’s steadfast loyalty and love make it a reliable guardian and comforting companion at all times. They also strive to please those they love and will go to tremendous lengths to do so.

Despite its bad rap for aggression, this hybrid is gentle and harmless unless provoked.

47. Miniature Pinscher Boston Terrier Mix

Miniature Pinscher Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: smudgethebospin / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Miniature Pinscher & Boston Terrier

The Miniature Pinscher and the Boston Terrier have been bred together to create a new hybrid dog known as the Bospin, or Miniature Pinscher Boston Terrier mix.

The Miniature Pinscher serves as a foundation for the Bospin’s essential traits. This will typically include their compact physique, which is supported by slim, long legs. This will enable them to develop into highly agile and swift animals.

Personality-wise, the Bospin will be somewhere between that of a Boston Terrier and a Miniature Pinscher. These lively pups are the perfect companions because of how much they enjoy interacting with people.

They have a balanced temperament, ranging from hyperactivity to laziness. These dogs are eager to please their owners and should be easy to housebreak and socialize with.

Furthermore, they don’t bark much and probably wouldn’t make ideal watchdogs, but they’re well-known for their athleticism and prowess in a number of canine sports.

48. Catahoula Leopard Dog Boston Terrier Mix

Catahoula Leopard Dog Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: tracielovesdogs / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Catahoula Leopard Dog & Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier Catahoula Leopard Dog mix is one of the mixed breeds that has recently seen an uptick in popularity.

The magnificent patterns of the Catahoula Leopard Dog are combined with the charming personality of the Boston Terrier to create this stunning and daring mix.

It features an eye-catching coat in a rainbow of hues and patterns. The coat of this hybrid is a living canvas, displaying the unique traits of both parent breeds.

The Catahoula Leopard contributes its leopard-like spots, while the Boston Terrier contributes its classic brindle or black-and-white patterns.

You can’t go wrong with bringing a Catahoula Leopard Dog Boston Terrier mix into your home. These pups adore everyone they meet, including kids, other animals, and complete strangers.

Furthermore, if you have enough patience and dedication, these hybrids can be trained to do what you want.

49. English Springer Spaniel Boston Terrier Mix

English Springer Spaniel Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: woof_and_a_half / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Springer Spaniel & Boston Terrier

The gorgeous English Springer Spaniel Boston Terrier mix is a rare cross that combines the elegance of the English Springer Spaniel with the joyful charisma of the Boston Terrier.

This dog features an elegant and proportionate body, typical of the English Springer Spaniel breed.

The combination of the breeds’ different qualities is beautifully displayed in the smooth coat, typically decorated with a complex tapestry of colors and patterns, highlighting the animal’s luxurious appearance.

This adorable pup takes after its parents in how it enjoys being the center of attention and will do anything to remain by your side.

They make wonderful playmates for young children, but close monitoring is required to prevent any mishaps. Furthermore, these canines take equal pleasure in a game of fetch and a snuggle session with their owners.

50. Dalmatian Boston Terrier Mix

Dalmatian Boston Terrier mix
Image credit: thatspottysd / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian & Boston Terrier

The Dalmatian Boston Terrier mix is another option for those in search of a spotted Boston Terrier or a shorter, more compact Dalmatian.

This crossbreed has a reputation for being reserved around strangers. You should socialize it, but never push it into interacting with people it doesn’t like. This dog’s soft nature makes it easily frightened.

Despite its gentle disposition, this hybrid makes a good watchdog thanks to the Dalmatian’s vigilant nature.

There are moments when it can also be incredibly playful and naughty. When boredom strikes, it won’t think twice about using your furniture as a makeshift obstacle course.

Hence, potential owners must equip them with enough games and toys that can keep them engaged and happy.

Final Thoughts

A Boston Terrier mix is a wonderful addition to any family because of the unique set of qualities it can bring to your home.

You can be certain that these designer dogs will have an endearing mix of charisma, warmth, and devotion, thanks to the Boston Terrier’s temperament.

Moreover, because of their genetic diversity, they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, personalities, and skill sets. Hence, there’s a Boston Terrier hybrid for every sort of dog owner, from the active and playful to the quiet and mellow.

So, have you chosen which of these hybrids is best for you? Leave a comment below and tell us which of these Boston Terrier mixes is your favorite.

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