45 Unique Akita Mixes: An Ultimate Guide (With Pictures)

Akita mixed breeds

The Akita mixes are noble, intimidating, yet irresistibly charming. They may not be the most popular in the world of designer dog breeds, but these hybrids certainly aren’t lacking in the looks department. 

Akita mix breeds carry a unique combination of traits from their purebred parents. You may have to trace back their rich heritages to know each Akita mix better. 

You’ll learn all that in this article, along with what each Akita cross looks like, how it behaves, and what its needs are. Meet them all in one go and understand why they’re starting to hog the limelight these days!

45 Akita Mixes

Akita mixes retain the confident appearance and impressive build of their Akita parent. The influence of their other purebred parents has also improved every aspect of their being in a special way. Hence, breeders have continued to develop and improve in producing them.

They come in varying sizes, colors, and shapes. On top of that, they bring unique experiences to dog lovers who want two dog breeds in one package. Ready to know all 45 Akita mixed breeds? Belt up, and let’s start off the list! 

1. Aki-Poo

Aki Poo Poodle Akita mix
Image credit: s.uwu.ki / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Poodle & Akita

Mixing the Poodle with the Akita produces a friendly yet willful Poodle Akita mix or Aki-Poo. Aki-Poos are usually developed using Standard Poodles.

Still, there’s no way to predict how big the Aki-Poo is going to be considering the difference in its parent breeds’ proportions. 

However, you can expect it to weigh between 40 and 130 pounds and reach a height ranging from 15 to 28 inches. As a mixed-breed dog, an Aki-Poo will inherit a combination of features from its parents. 

It may occasionally look like a Poodle, an Akita, or somewhere in between. An Aki-Poo may also exhibit colors available from the Poodle and the Akita.

It isn’t just its looks that make the Poodle Akita mix appealing. People are drawn to this Akita mix due to its outgoing nature. It shows affection toward people and other dogs when properly trained and socialized.

2. Akita Chow

Akita Chow Chow Chow Akita mix
Image credit: leoinvt / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chow Chow & Akita

The Akita Chow is a hybrid dog created after crossing the Chow Chow and the famous Japanese breed, the Akita. This Akita mix sports a feathery, fluffy coat that makes it appear much bigger than it actually is. 

Regardless, this is a large dog weighing between 80 and 132 pounds. It can look intimidating as it combines the best features of its parent breeds. 

Generally, an Akita Chow displays a thick, medium-length coat, perky ears, a round face, and almond-shaped eyes. If the Akita used was bred after the American standards, the Akita Chow may have a black mask. 

Such a majestic appearance can daunt anyone, but its personality shows otherwise. The Akita Chow is an extremely loyal and overly affectionate dog. It values its family and may even act possessive of its loved ones. 

It’s also known to be independent and would prefer having a home with a yard. 

3. Akita Collie

Akita Collie Border Collie Akita mix
Image credit: wildlifewithkeito / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Akita

Crossing the Border Collie and the Akita results in a highly energetic Akita Collie. This Akita mix best suits owners with active lifestyles and large spaces for dog activities. 

The Border Collie Akita mix will bear the Akita’s colors and markings, but the facial features follow that of the Border Collie parent. 

The ears can be large and upright, and the eyes are light brown. From the side view, the broad skull structure shows an abrupt stop followed by a medium-length, pointy snout. 

Moreover, both the Akita and the Border Collie are renowned for their high intelligence. Expectedly, the Akita Border Collie mix will be an intelligent dog like its parent breeds. 

However, this dog can be stubborn, too, so you must train it early.

You can start with verbal commands. Over time, you can teach the Akita Collie advanced lessons or train it to become a dependable guard dog. 

4. Akita Mastiff

Akita Mastiff English Mastiff Akita mix
Image credit: nola.lag / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Mastiff & Akita

If you want a huge dog, the Akita Mastiff might tick all the boxes. It can weigh between 70 and 230 pounds, depending on whether it’s genetically influenced by the English Mastiff or the Akita. 

As a dog inheriting the best of both worlds, the Akita Mastiff reveals the intimidating build of the Mastiff. Its head is large, the chest is broad, and the legs are muscular. 

However, the face and coat colors often follow after the Akita. The pattern on its fur can show a pigmented back and head, which can reach a portion of its neck and chest. 

The Akita Mastiff is expected to act independently and quietly. One of my dog trainer friends has had the chance of training an Akita Mastiff and has mentioned his experience as just the same as handling a purebred Akita or Mastiff.

Given his expertise, he still found the Akita Mastiff quite independent and stubborn and might need a strong leader that it would respect and obey. This being said, this type of Akita mix is better suited for experienced fur parents.

On the other hand, it’s also gentle toward its family. Still, monitoring its interaction with your kids remains crucial since this is a large dog.

5. Akita Newfoundland

Akita Newfoundland Newfoundland Dog Akita mix
Image credit: Loki_of_newfoundland / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Newfoundland Dog & Akita

The Akita Newfoundland, as the name suggests, is a cross between the Newfoundland and the Akita. Both parent breeds are large dogs, so ensure your home has enough space to accommodate their offspring. 

In identifying this Akita mix, you should take note of a few certain features. The Akita Newfoundland usually has a black head, and the color may extend to the back, leaving the underparts white. 

The ears can either be floppy and folded forward or stiff and erect. Meanwhile, the tail can be curled over the back and appear heavily feathered. 

Due to how hefty the Akita Newfoundland’s coat is, owners should be ready to groom this dog several times weekly. Frequent grooming can take some time for this large dog, but consider this a part of your bonding moment.

This canine loves attention and usually cooperates when you try to maintain its coat. 

6. Akita Pit

Akita Pit Pitbull Akita mix
Image credit: donna.akitapit / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pitbull & Akita

When you combine Pit Bulls with the remarkably fierce canine of Japan, you’ll have the Akita Pit. This is the offspring of the Pit Bull and the Akita. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) won’t be able to recognize this as an official dog breed. This is because the Akita Pit Bull doesn’t have a standard appearance as a hybrid dog. 

Nonetheless, it can be identified by looking at some of its predominant physical traits. It has a broad, square-shaped skull, almond-shaped eyes, a fleshy nose, and a wide, powerful jaw.

The Akita Pit Bull is certainly a great candidate to become a guard dog. However, rigorous drills and socialization are essential so it knows when to react. 

On a different note, this huge canine is prone to hip dysplasia. When you conduct training and exercise, ensure this dog doesn’t do very strenuous movements to prevent this common skeletal condition. 

7. Akitabern

Akitabern Bernese Mountain Dog Akita mix
Image credit: hektor.ii / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog & Akita 

If you love the looks of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Akita, why not have their hybrid offspring? The Akitabern is an active dog possessing the best features inherited from its parent breeds.

The Akitabern is characterized by its gentle expression. Its ears are either upright or floppy. Meanwhile, the coat can bear the colors and markings of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Akita. 

Since it weighs around 70 to 130 pounds, owners should allocate adequate time to train it. The Bernese Mountain Dog Akita mix is an athletic and powerful dog with lots of energy to burn. 

Giving it activities or tasks to complete in a day keeps this canine from getting bored, which helps prevent the development of destructive behaviors. 

Further, despite being independent, the Bernese Mountain Dog Akita mix always prefers having company. Avoid leaving it alone for hours to avoid the onset of separation anxiety. 

8. Aussiekita

Aussiekita Australian Shepherd Akita mix
Image credit: oliver_and_otis_adventures / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Akita

The Australian Shepherd and the Akita are similar in herding backgrounds. It makes sense why breeders decided to cross them together. Out of this breeding program comes the Aussiekita. 

Aussiekitas are medium-to-large mixed-breed dogs weighing around 40 to 130 pounds

These dogs are described as having brown, blue, or heterochromatic eyes, floppy or erect ears, and short to medium-length coats. 

Although an Akita Australian Shepherd mix is attractive, it’s certainly not for everyone. The Aussiekita is specifically for those with the room and energy to accommodate it. 

Ideally, an Australian Shepherd Akita mix best suits rural or suburban homes with a yard or field where it can stretch its legs. 

As a companion dog, the Australian Shepherd Akita mix is affectionate and protective. It’s remarkably devoted toward its owners, although an Akita Shepherd may forge a deeper bond with one family member. 

9. Boxita

Boxita Boxer Akita mix
Image credit: memphis_the_boxita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boxer & Akita

Combining two fierce breeds, such as the Boxer and the Akita, will result in the Boxita. It looks like either of its parent breeds, but most Boxitas look like the Boxer dog. 

This is because they generally have broad, boxy foreheads, floppy ears, and Boxer markings. Meanwhile, the Akita’s influence mainly shows through the muzzle, which is not as short as that of the Boxer dog breed. 

The Akita also contributes to the Boxita’s size, allowing this mixed-breed canine to reach 65 to 130 pounds. It’s also worth noting that the Boxer Akita mix possesses the best personality traits from its parents. 

The Boxer’s easy-going nature has helped balance the Akita’s confrontational tendency. Other traits known for the Boxita include loyalty, devotion, and playfulness. 

As a sporty puppy, you must provide it with at least two hours of exercise. Divide this into two smaller sessions to avoid over-exhausting your Boxita. 

10. Bullkita

Bullkita American Bulldog Akita mix
Image credit: rexdbullkita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Bulldog & Akita

The Bullkita is an energetic mix of the fantastic American Bulldog and the loyal Akita. Despite not being consistent with its looks, the Bullkita usually looks like a small, short-haired Akita. 

A few tell-tale signs will indicate it’s an American Bulldog Akita mix. The muzzle is usually wide, large, and slightly short. 

It may also become more sizable and taller than the Bulldog with a stance similar to the Akita’s. 

It isn’t just the physical characteristics of the parent breeds that the Bullkita perfectly combines. 

Expectedly, this hybrid will showcase the Bulldog’s friendliness, courage, and sweetness. Along with these traits are the Akita’s watchfulness, grace, and independence. 

It’s also known to exhibit stubbornness. That implies that owners should be firm when establishing household rules. Doing so will keep the dog from thinking they can have authority over you. 

11. Corgita

Corgita Corgi Akita mix
Image credit: zack_the_corgita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Corgi & Akita

Those torn between the adorable Corgi and the bold Akita Inu should consider getting the Corgita instead. This Akita mix breed mostly takes after its Corgi parent’s physique with a subtle influence from the purebred Akita. 

Diving deeper into how it looks, the Akita Corgi mix is longer than tall with short legs. This has resulted from a genetic mutation called chondrodysplasia, affecting Corgis and other short-legged dogs. 

Meanwhile, its face resembles the Akita, displaying alert eyes and a serious expression. The Corgita may sport a long or non-existent tail depending on what Corgi was used. 

Regarding temperament, Corgitas can get along just fine with other breeds and pets. 

As for the training aspect, Corgitas are extremely obedient. This makes them one of the few Akita mixes that are great for any new or experienced dog owner. 

12. Dalmakita

Dalmakita Dalmatian Akita mix
Image credit: shilohkills / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian & Akita

Weighing between 45 and 130 pounds is a Dalmatian Akita mix known as the Dalmakita. Such a striking mix can exhibit the spotted markings of the Dalmatian while showcasing the strong features of the Akita Inu. 

The build is described as strong and muscular; the tail can either be straight and rounded on the tip or feathery and carried over the back. The coat may also be short or medium, depending on genetics.

The same thing is true when it comes to this dog’s behavior. If it acts more like a Dalmatian, then the Dalmakita will strongly like plays and games. 

It can also be sensitive, so never employ punishment while training this canine. 

On the other hand, a Dalmakita with the Akita’s personality will often act aloof toward strangers. It also possesses an independent streak. Although it loves having company, this dog may need some time alone. 

13. Golden Akita

Golden Akita Golden Retriever Akita mix
Image credit: fuji.thegoldenakita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Akita

It’s hard to resist the charms of the Golden Akita. This is another mixed-breed dog developed by breeding Golden Retrievers and Akitas. 

Both dogs are somewhat opposite in their nature, but the combination of their looks brought about a handsome Golden Akita.

The Golden Retriever Akita mix has delicate features. It has friendly and expressive eyes, floppy ears that rest gracefully to the sides, and a muzzle similar to Golden Retrievers.

At times, though, the Golden Akita appears formidable and fearsome like the Akita. 

It’s unknown why breeders came up with this Akita Golden Retriever mix. It’s odd knowing how friendly the Golden Retriever is, which is opposite to the aloof attitude of the Akita. 

Nonetheless, the Golden Retriever Akita mix proves itself worthy of attention and love. 

If you’re contemplating getting a Golden Akita, ensure you can provide it with at least two hours of exercise daily. 

14. Huskita

Huskita Siberian Husky Akita mix
Image credit: katie_the_huskita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky & Akita

The perfect Akita mix that’s always up for outdoor activities would be no other than the Huskita. This mixes the Siberian Husky and the Akita, two dog breeds that are similar in build and coat density. 

In describing the Husky Akita mix appearance, many would first notice its striking blue eyes. They contrast its coat well, which comes in colors natural to its parent breeds. 

Further, the ears are alert; the muzzle can be long and pointy or medium in length and angled. This dog may also weigh between 35 and 130 pounds, depending on which parent it takes after. 

The look of the Siberian Husky Akita mix is menacing for some. Yet to the surprise of many, this dog mix is friendly and easy-going. 

However, owners should remember that the Akita Husky mix is known for its high prey drive. That said, this dog shouldn’t be around unfamiliar animals.

15. Inukita

Inukita Shiba Inu Akita mix
Image credit: amber.inlow / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shiba Inu & Akita

The Shiba Inu and the Akita Inu are two Japanese breeds that have also been merged by breeders. Their offspring are called Inukitas. 

Their parent breeds are remarkably similar in appearance and structure. People sometimes think they’re the same breed if they sport a red coat. 

With this, the Shiba Inu Akita will bear the same wolf-looking profile as its parents. The eyes are typically round, the ears are thick and alert, and the snout is pointed. 

Although its appearance looks inviting, the Inukita is actually less friendly than other Akita mixes and dog breeds. It will usually choose to ignore unfamiliar people and other pets. 

Moreover, this Shiba Inu Akita mix doesn’t do well in multi-pet households due to its bossy attitude. However, it may forge a strong friendship with your cat if it doesn’t mind its dominant behavior.

16. Labrakita

Labrakita Labrador Retriever Akita mix
Image credit: my_best_friend_bobbie / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Akita

The Labrakita balances the looks and personality of the Labrador Retriever and the Akita. It’s spunky, friendly, and devoted to its owners. And most people are drawn to its distinct appearance. 

Generally, Labrakitas have floppy ears, mellow expressions, and dense, double coats. 

They enjoy a range of coat colors, such as yellow, chocolate, black, red, and brindle, among others. If its coat type follows after the Lab, it’s expectedly waterproof. 

Before acquiring this Akita mixed-breed dog, you should properly invest in a quality grooming kit to keep up with its shedding. This canine blows off its coat all year round, especially during spring and fall. 

However, due to its fondness for swimming, you may not have to bathe it as often as other Akita mix breed dogs. 

Still, brushing remains a vital part of its grooming routine on top of brushing its teeth, trimming its nails, and cleaning its ears. 

17. Saintkita

Saintkita Saint Bernard Akita mix
Image credit: plushpupspetspa / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Saint Bernard & Akita

Want your Akita mix in a much larger size? The Saintkita would be a great pick. It’s a mix between the Saint Bernard and the Akita. With two massive parents, this hybrid dog can weigh between 70 to 180 pounds.

But it isn’t just its impressive proportions that draw people’s interest. The Akita Saint Bernard mix also shows unique patterns and colorations on its coat. The round eyes are just as striking, too. 

Its muzzle is either long and angled or short and curved smoothly down to its neck. Moreover, some have stiff ears carried high, while others have floppy ears that are set low. 

Although the Akita Bernard is intimidating regarding its size alone, this dog is actually placid. It can even be overly friendly, which helps offset any stranger’s initial fear of this dog. 

Saintkitas are also loyal dogs, plus they’re easy to train. 

18. Samkita

Samkita Samoyed Akita mix
Image credit: samkita_sensei / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Samoyed & Akita

The Samkita is the cheerful puppy of the purebred Samoyed and purebred Akita. Most of the time, this will look more like a Samoyed, an Akita, or bear a combination of the best qualities of both breeds. 

Mixing these two purebreds together created a more vast genetic pool for the Samkita. That means it will come in a wide range of colors with markings and patterns unique to this crossbreed. 

Its other notable features include having a broad head, perky wolf-like ears, long legs, and an admirable physique. 

Regarding the Samkita’s behavior, owners may either witness the Akita’s strong personality or the Samoyed’s mischievous nature.

Regardless of which parent influences this Akita mix, the Samkita’s upbringing and amount of training received mostly affect its behavior. 

That said, you must diligently teach the Samkita the household rules and always be consistent. This can mellow down its overly protective tendencies.

19. Sharpita

Sharpita Chinese Shar Pei Akita mix
Image credit: mrswooferton / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chinese Shar-Pei & Akita

The Sharpita perfectly mixes the characteristics of the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Akita. People could instantly recognize the dog breeds used to develop this stunning hybrid dog. 

For starters, the Shar Pei Akita mix exhibits a box-shaped head and body. There will be loose folds of skin evident on the face, but the intensity of these wrinkles isn’t as similar as that of the Shar-Pei. 

Meanwhile, the ears are medium-sized, pointed, thick, and alert. This 45-to-130-pound dog can also sport black, red, fawn, and cream colors. 

Though the Sharpita looks like it’s constantly frowning due to the creases on its face, it actually has a cheerful disposition. This is so if owners provide it with lots of playtime and exercise. 

Like its Akita and Shar-Pei parent, the Shar Pei Akita mix is also one of the best guard dogs due to its loyalty. 

20. Shepkita

Shepkita German Shepherd Akita mix
Image credit: gerberian_shepkita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd & Akita

The German Shepherd and the Akita are two dog breeds known for their extreme faithfulness toward their owners. Crossing these canines together, you’ll get the German Shepherd Akita mix or Shepkita. 

The German Shepherd Akita mix possesses the best traits known from its parent breeds. For the most part, it may have the fearsome looks of the wolf-like German Shepherd or the stern expression of the Akita. 

The Shepkita’s dense, double coat also enjoys several colors, and the common ones are red, cream, and black. 

This devoted and brave canine mostly appeals to people who love German Shepherd and Akita hybrids. It can become a guard dog who takes its role seriously. 

This suggests that owners should properly train their Akita German Shepherd mix to minimize its overly protective tendencies. 

You can start with the basics, such as verbal commands and obedience training, and gradually increase the difficulty over time. 

21. Akita Rottie

Akita Rottie Rottweiler Akita mix
Image credit: pablo_the_cornish_bear / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rottweiler & Akita

The Akita Rottie is another Akita mix that’s sure to turn heads. However, it’s certainly not for first-time owners considering how headstrong this Rottweiler Akita mix is. 

To identify an Akita Rottie, you should closely examine some of its significant features. If it looks more like a Rottie, then this mix may exhibit black and tan coat colors. 

However, if it follows the Akita parent more, its ears may be upright, and the muzzle will be considerably longer. The coat color may also come in red, black, and fawn, to name a few. 

Akita Rotties are assertive breeds, and people will find owning them challenging. This is why they need experienced owners that can be the pack leader. 

It’s also equally important to recognize what this Akita mix needs and why early socialization is vital in its upbringing. When raised properly, it will behave like a gentle giant around kids. 

22. Pomkita

Pomkita Pomeranian Akita mix
Image credit: shiro_the_pomkita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Pomeranian & Akita

One of the odd Akita mixes developed recently is the Pomkita. As its name suggests, this is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Akita. 

What makes this uncommon is the difficulty of breeding designer dogs whose parent breeds have a big size difference. Nonetheless, the Pomkita proved it’s as beautiful as other mixed breeds.

This particular dog bears the semblance of a Pomeranian, although the build is improved a lot by its Akita heritage. Sometimes, it may also appear like an Akita with a Pomeranian mane. 

Regardless of which parent breed it takes after, you have to be prepared to satisfy its frequent grooming requirements before it fills your house with fur. 

As for its other needs, the Pomkita may do well with indoor exercises. If the Akita’s genes influence its proportions, regularly taking it outside for a walk is necessary.

23. French Akita

French Akita French Bulldog Akita mix
Image credit: gerda.bullkita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: French Bulldog & Akita

The French Bulldog and Akita mix, or the French Akita, is a loyal and low-maintenance breed. With its large, bat-like ears, it’s fairly easy to identify this mixed-breed dog. 

The French Akita can weigh anywhere between 28 and 70 pounds. It has long, sturdy legs, a compact physique, an Akita-like muzzle, and a few wrinkles on the foreheads. 

It may sometimes look more like a Frenchie with Akita coat colors or vice versa. Further, this dog could display a tail curled to the back or have none at all. 

With the French Bulldog’s genetic contribution, the Akita’s serious and protective demeanor is slightly mellowed. The French Akita exhibits wonderful traits, such as being overly affectionate and cuddly. 

If its size leans more toward its Frenchie’s proportions, the French Akita is only best suited to become a watchdog. Owners can rely on this irresistible canine due to its unmatched alertness.

24. Akita Malinois

Akita Malinois Belgian Malinois Akita mix
Image credit: junotheakitamalinois / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Belgian Malinois & Akita

The Akita Malinois is the offspring of two purebred dogs, the Belgian Malinois and the Akita. Dog lovers who prefer canines that respond well to positive reinforcement will fall in love with this designer dog breed. 

Generally, the Akita Malinois will look a lot like a Malinois, but puppies in the same litter may look more like an Akita or have a perfect combination of their parent breeds’ features. 

As expected, it will have upright ears, a wolf-like facial profile, and a feathery tail carried straight or over the back.

In owning this magnificent Akita mix, you must note its extreme vigor. The Akita Malinois needs at least two hours of exercise daily. If it’s a puppy, lessen the length of its activities to avoid hip dysplasia. 

Ensure you give it quality foods to complement its active lifestyle. Its meals must contain essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

25. Akita Basset

Akita Basset Basset Hound Akita mix
Image credit: atlasthecharmer / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Basset Hound & Akita

The Akita Basset is a medium-to-large canine whose parent breeds are no other than the Basset Hound and the Akita. Due to how different these purebred dogs look, this Akita mix will display a lot of unique features. 

You’d often spot this dog sporting large, droopy ears, gentle eyes with loose lower eye rims, a long, round-tipped tail, and short, stubby legs.

Other times, it will have more height than the Basset Hound with upright ears, a medium-length, pointed snout, and dark brown eyes like the Akita. 

As a companion animal, the Akita Basset will exhibit its friendly nature. Though it loves being around its owner, it also prefers having alone time. 

This dog breed is second to the Bloodhound regarding which dog has the strongest sense of smell. With its amazing ability to pick up scents, it may wander off if it’s in an open space.

26. Doberman Akita Mix

Doberman Akita mix
Image credit: dougthedoberkita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Doberman & Akita

The Doberman Akita mix is a people-oriented designer breed. It has an intimidating physical appearance and a physique that shows athleticism and competence in various tasks and jobs. 

Many people find the Doberman Akita mix a great guard dog. It stands tall at about 24 to 28 inches and weighs between 60 and 130 pounds.

The ears can be floppy or erect, and their curious eyes come in dark brown. The body is also muscular, and the legs are all robust. Further, the Doberman Akita mix may have a short or medium-length double coat.

Owning this particular dog requires a great deal of commitment and patience. Some Doberman Akitas can be very stubborn, but they’re smart enough to grasp any dog lessons you teach them.

Others may be easier to train so long as you use positive reinforcement. Moreover, owners should always satisfy this Akita mix’s need to move daily. 

27. Alaskan Malamute Akita Mix 

Alaskan Malamute Akita mix
Image credit: the_daily_diaries_of_dexter / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Alaskan Malamute & Akita

The Alaskan Malamute is a splendid dog breed known throughout the United States. With its stately appearance, breeders have decided to cross it with the Akita. 

This dog weighs between 70 and 130 pounds. It may look heavier than it looks due to its fluffy double coat.

When it comes to its facial profile, it may either have the teddy bear-ish head shape of the Akita or the wolf-like head structure of the Malamute. It’s one hefty dog that exhibits confidence in its posture. 

The Alaskan Malamute Akita mix is a great sight, but it’s not for everyone. It’s known to have an independent mindset, which makes training a challenge even for experienced owners. 

That said, it’s not the best Akita mix to get if this is going to be your first dog. The Malamute Akita mix can exhibit undesirable behaviors toward other people and animals, so training is crucial.

28. Cane Corso Akita Mix

Cane Corso Akita mix
Image credit: J.bizzle024 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Cane Corso & Akita

Crossing two protective purebred dogs will result in a highly dependable canine that will always protect your family. The Cane Corso and Akita mix is one of the dogs you may have to consider if this is what you’re after. 

There’s no way to accurately predict how big this Akita mix gets when it reaches its adult size. However, there’s a good chance it can weigh around 70 to 100 pounds

Such a massive dog is known for its striking brown eyes, bristling ears, and powerful jaw. Its short-to-medium-length double coat may come in black, fawn, red, or brindle.

Considering its size, the Cane Corso Akita mix requires a spacious home with a fenced yard. 

Due to its heightened instinct to protect, ensure you train this dog early. Exercise is also essential, but be careful not to over-exhaust your puppy. This is because large dogs are prone to hip dysplasia.

29. English Cocker Spaniel Akita Mix

English Cocker Spaniel Akita Inu mix
Image credit: rocky_the_kitaspaniel / Instagram

Parent Breeds: English Cocker Spaniel & Akita

The English Cocker Spaniel is an outgoing, lively dog companion, which has also been crossed with the Akita. Out comes the English Cocker Spaniel Akita mix. It’s a relatively new development, so expect this dog to be rare. 

Most of the time, its looks follow after its Cocker Spaniel parent. It has a friendly, charming face with folded, sideward-rested ears, big round eyes, and a medium-long double coat.

It may also have a teddy bear-like face, small dark eyes, and an angled muzzle. Generally, the English Cocker Spaniel Akita mix is larger than the Cocker Spaniel but smaller than the Akita. 

Owning this wonderful Akita mix sets you into experiencing some of the greatest moments of your life. It’s a cheerful canine who’s up and ready to follow your commands. 

This dog is safe around children and other pets thanks to its gentle and loving disposition.

30. Dachshund Akita Mix

Dachshund Akita mix
Image credit: oh.bailey.boo / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Dachshund & Akita

Another Akita mix that’ll surely drain your energy is the Dachshund Akita designer breed. People are often enchanted by its mischievous nature and unique looks. 

The Dachshund Akita mix may have a longer body and short legs with a tail that tapers at the tip. It may look like the Dachshund breed, especially if it has a long narrow muzzle and large ears. 

Sometimes, it may also stand tall like an Akita with a Dachshund face. Overall, the appearance of the puppies in a litter depends on genetics. The coat may also be short, long, or wavy.

Though many will be drawn towards this dog, the Dachshund is best suited for owners who know the needs and requirements of owning this Akita mix. 

If it inherits the Dachshund’s physique, it is prone to intervertebral disc disease, so ensure a safe environment and a healthy lifestyle for this canine. 

31. Great Pyrenees Akita Mix

Great Pyrenees Akita mix
Image credit: lanypalm18 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Great Pyrenees & Akita

If you like having a hairy dog, get yourself a Great Pyrenees Akita mix. This dog has loads of fur, making itself look bigger than it really is. 

The Great Pyrenees Akita often looks like an Akita with a Pyrenees coat type. Other times, it will look the opposite or have the balanced appearance of its parent breeds. 

The Great Pyrenees only comes in white, but if mixed with the Akita, it will contribute various markings, which may come in badger, tan, and red. It may also retain its white color, especially if combined with a white Akita

The Great Pyrenees Akita mix will have the so-called hybrid vigor because it’s a mixed-breed dog. It means it’s less likely to inherit genetic conditions. Still, this isn’t 100 percent immune to health issues. 

Getting this dog requires a commitment to keep it well-maintained. You should focus not only on its health but as well as its grooming. 

32. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Akita Mix

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Akita mix
Image credit: staffyakita_bella / Instagram / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Akita

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a common sight in the country. It’s one of the popular Akita mixes, which is why it hasn’t been spared from getting bred with the Akita.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Akita mix stands confidently like the Akita. The Staffie’s influence shows more on how the puppy looks. 

This Akita mix is characterized by its large, boxy head, wide jaw, and almond-shaped eyes. The coat can either be smooth and short or fluffy and medium-length. 

If it takes after the Staffie’s looks more, people might quickly label it as a dangerous dog. In reality, this canine is even-tempered, sweet, and very affectionate toward its family and other people. 

It’s not particularly looking for any trouble and would simply prefer to go out and have fun. However, it’s not the most agreeable compared to other breeds. Early socialization will help curb this behavior.

33. Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita Mix

Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita mix
Image credit: robbiethepup / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Catahoula Leopard Dog & Akita

The Catahoula Leopard Dog mixed with an Akita grants their puppy the most gorgeous coat color possibilities. Its fur would come in various shades, and the eyes may also come in light brown and blue. 

Identifying this designer dog is tricky, especially since hundreds of other mixed breeds are out there. The best way to determine this Catahoula Akita mix is through genetic testing. 

It’s even harder to spot since it doesn’t have a standard appearance, unlike the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Nonetheless, most dogs of this type have alert ears, light-colored eyes, and angled muzzles. 

Despite looking irresistibly pleasant, the Catahoula Leopard Akita mix isn’t for everyone. It is extremely protective, independent, and territorial. That said, its owner should be experienced and knowledgeable of this mix. 

Early socialization is important, too, so it learns to put its guard down when surrounded by non-threatening people and animals. 

34. Beagle Akita Mix

Beagle Akita mix
Image credit: srslyrenee / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Beagle & Akita

Owners who love a clingy pet can bring a Beagle and Akita mix home. Both parent breeds have very different looks but produce some of the cutest puppies.

Beagle Akita mixes can exhibit a tri-colored coat inherited from the Beagle breed or the solid or bi-colored fur of the Akita, along with its markings. 

The ears can be enormously large and floppy, and the legs can be hefty and muscular. Meanwhile, the coat depends on which parent it follows; the same thing is true about its tail. 

If you want this Akita Beagle mix for your family, make sure that you always track its whereabouts. 

The Beagle Akita mix’s sense of smell is so strong that it can sense an illness accurately. Its Beagle parent has the ability to detect lung cancer with at least 97 percent accuracy.

35. Bullmastiff Akita Mix

Bullmastiff Akita mix
Image credit: petadoptionsnetwork / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bullmastiff & Akita

The Bullmastiff is a large canine that takes on its guarding role seriously. Combined with the Akita, you will have a dog that anyone can’t mess with. 

It’s muscular, athletic, and large in build. The head is strong and broad, and the jaws are notably powerful. With its 70-to-100-pound weight, the Bullmastiff Akita can easily pin down an intruder. 

To further describe its appearance, most dogs of this mix sport a short coat, commonly red, fawn, and brindle, especially if mixed with a brindle Akita. A black mask may appear, too, and the same shade can cover its entire ears. 

If you own this striking canine, give it lots of physical and mental stimulation. Since its parents were bred to guard, it’s important that you also expose it to different faces and scents. 

When raised right, this Bullmastiff Akita will know how to behave right around people and animals. 

36. Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita mix
Image credit: skye_rhodesian_akita / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback & Akita

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is quite similar to the Akita regarding personality. Those who love these two breeds will be happy to know that a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Akita mix exists. 

This will look much like the Rhodesian dog, although subtle hints of Akita features may show through its build, ears, and coat colors. 

Meanwhile, the influence of the Rhodesian Ridgeback goes noticed through its long muzzle, tapering tail, and flat forehead. 

Getting this Akita mix comes with many responsibilities, and owners should be committed to caring for this dog. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita mixed-breed canine is an assertive breed and would require firm handling. 

It also needs at least two hours of exercise daily to meet its physical requirements, but be careful not to overdo it in order to avoid joint issues. That said, laid-back owners aren’t the best match for this designer dog. 

37. Great Dane Akita Mix

Great Dane Akita mix
Image credit: withlove_lucky / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Great Dane & Akita

Want your Akita in a much heavier and taller package? The Great Dane’s genes will surely give a few improvements in the litter. With a Great Dane Akita mix, you should ensure your home is wide and spacious. 

It can grow and weigh between 70 and 130 pounds with a height that can reach 24 to 32 inches. Most dogs of this mix have short coats, but inheriting the Akita’s medium-long fur is also possible. 

You may also expect this Akita mix sporting different patterns, which makes it even more unique.

When it comes to maintenance, you may have to brush its coat a few times or as often as needed weekly. 

You should also allow it to play outside to keep it from becoming obese. If properly socialized, this Great Dane Akita mix can behave well around other dogs in the park. 

38. Blue Heeler Akita Mix

Blue Heeler Akita mix
Image credit: maritime_mutts / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Blue Heeler & Akita

Whether you want a guard dog or a farmhand, the Blue Heeler Akita mix would tick all the boxes in your preference list.

As a combination of two different dog breeds, the Blue Heeler Akita may have the short height of the Heeler. Its coat may also be speckled or mottled, with tan, red, or black and tan markings. 

It may also look like an Akita, especially if it’s tall, has a broad forehead, and has longer legs. 

Note that this is one of the most intelligent Akita mixes developed. The Akita Blue Heeler mix is also alert, watchful, and bold.

On another note, owners should monitor its interaction with kids since Blue Heeler Akitas tend to nip kids and other animals. 

Meanwhile, watch the video below if you want to see a Blue Heeler Akita mix in action:

Akita Australian Cattle Dog Mix Getting the Zoomies in Snow

39. Sheltie Akita Mix

Sheltie Akita mix
Image credit: isla_with_the_y / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Shetland Sheepdog & Akita

The Shetland Sheepdog Akita mix may seem like a bizarre pairing, but their offspring have shown a perfectly appealing look. 

Shetland Sheepdog Akita mixes are generally characterized by their long fur, which may be dense or wooly. It comes in colors that are virtually found in its parent breeds. 

Further, they sport long, narrow muzzles, upright, pointed, or rounded ears, and feathery tails. The difference in its parent breeds’ size also doesn’t make this Akita mix the largest on the list. It’s usually in the medium category. 

While they fall short when it comes to height, Shetland Sheepdog Akita mixes aren’t average when it comes to their personality. 

They’re very affectionate toward their family and can easily get in tune with their owner’s emotions. With these traits, it’s hard not to fall in love with this hairy canine.

40. Jindo Akita Mix

Jindo Akita mix
Image credit: chonkybruce / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Jindo & Akita

The Jindo Akita mix is a designer dog breed created by crossing a Jindo with an Akita. Out comes a well-proportioned puppy that can take on the roles of being a watchdog, guard dog, and hunting dog.

This is one of the Akita mixes that vividly expresses athleticism, agility, and strength. Its ears are upright, and the sickle-shaped tail adds more character to this magnificent crossbreed. 

Further, the Jindo Akita mix should have a dense coat that comes in many colors, including white, fawn, black, and tan.

As a canine with a strong instinct to hunt, owners should ensure that the Jindo Akita mix and the other smaller household pets are introduced early and properly to each other. 

If you have other dogs, it’s best if they’re of the opposite sex of the Jindo Akita mix. This prevents same-sex aggression among your canines. 

41. Swedish Elkhound Akita Mix

Swedish Elkhound Akita mix
Image credit: eino_akita_mix / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Swedish Elkhound & Akita

The Swedish Elkhound has also been a subject of crossbreeding programs. One of those is with the Akita, thus producing the Swedish Elkhound Akita mix. It’s new in the dog world, so expect this canine to be difficult to source. 

What mainly characterizes the Swedish Elkhound Akita mix is its tail that hangs loosely over the back. It has erect ears, a long, narrow muzzle, and a double coat sporting all possible colors of its parent breeds.

In addition to that, it stands with confidence while showing its imposing body shape. 

Regarding its temperament, the Swedish Elkhound Akita mix is described to be an all-around dog. It is calm, patient, and not easily ruffled, making it a great steady partner at home or outdoors.

However, owners should take note of its dominant personality. With two strong-minded parent breeds, this Akita mix may display a superiority complex among other breeds.

42. Boerboel Akita Mix

Boerboel Akita mix
Image credit: uktamilfarmer / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boerboel & Akita

The Boerboel dog breed, native to South Africa, has also been used to improve the proportions of the Akita. Its genetic influence predisposes the offspring to around 70 to 200 pounds

This stunning canine may exhibit Akita colors or shades common to the Boerboel, such as the fawn color with its signature black mask. The eyes are described to be small yet alert, and the ears are folded halfway. 

Moreover, the Boerboel Akita mix is spotted easily through its broad, blocky head, powerful jaw, and muscular chest. 

With its splendid physique, this Akita mix can certainly be a guard and watchdog. Its protective and territorial instinct also makes anyone have second thoughts before messing up with this canine. 

Ideally, owners should be able to train this dog early to prevent unwanted behaviors from developing. The Boerboel Akita mix can become an asset or a liability with its strength and prowess. 

43. Bull Terrier Akita Mix

Bull Terrier Akita mix
Image credit: balulunadogs / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bull Terrier & Akita

The Bull Terrier is a distinct-looking dog, identified mostly through its egg-shaped head. With it combined with the loyal Akita, you’ll have the Bull Terrier Akita mix. 

It weighs around 50 to 130 pounds, depending on how its parents’ genes influence its proportions. Nonetheless, it’s one hefty canine showcasing features worthy of admiration. 

It may have the long, egg-shaped head of the Bull Terrier or the medium-length, narrow, and pointed snout of the Akita. Expect it to come in a lot of coat colors, too. The fur may either be short or medium-length. 

If you own this Akita mix, the key to happiness is early socialization and firm yet loving training. It also loves it when it spends most of its time around its humans while getting ample exercise daily. 

44. Anatolian Shepherd Dog Akita Mix

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Akita mix
Image credit: healthytails / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Anatolian Shepherd Dog & Akita

Nothing is more breathtaking than seeing an Anatolian Shepherd Dog mixed with Japan’s breed, the Akita. Combining these two ferocious canines sets you up with great responsibility, along with fun and unique experiences. 

Akita Shepherds are designer dogs weighing between 70 and 150 pounds. Their bodies are naturally muscular, and they are physically strong. They stand tall, too, at about 24 to 29 inches

Dogs of this kind usually have the Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s face with the Akita’s markings covering certain parts of the face and the body. Other puppies in the litter may appear differently. 

Owning this Akita mix is worth boasting about as this is characterized by its smart, adaptive, and responsible traits. If given a task or a job, it can instantly make decisions.

Those contemplating getting this dog should be able to provide it with an active lifestyle. 

45. Giant Schnauzer Akita Mix

Giant Schnauzer Akita mix
Image credit: thegiantloki / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Giant Schnauzer & Akita

The Giant Schnauzer is a valiant dog breed known for its astounding features and qualities. When crossed with the loyal Akita, you’ll get an even more remarkable canine, which people call the Giant Schnauzer Akita mix. 

It has a substantial body and can sport short and medium-long coats. Its fur is also dense and thick, considering the Akita’s genetic contribution. 

Giant Schnauzer Akita mixed breeds will also have a bearded look to them. The ears indicate alertness, while the eyes show vigilance when owners aren’t at home. 

When talking about its personality, the Giant Schnauzer Akita mix balances the Akita’s strong-willed nature and the Schnauzer’s high trainability. It also combines its parents’ other traits, such as being watchful, bold, and playful. 

At times, it may not act too friendly. Strangers will experience its aloof behavior, so those who want to establish a relationship with this dog must first earn its trust. 

Final Thoughts

After going through the list, one or two Akita mixes could perfectly match your lifestyle and preferences. 

They might differ significantly regarding looks and personality, but they’re all equally stunning.

Their qualities are more appreciated if they are in their best-suited families, so carefully decide which pet companion to introduce to your kids. 

Take into account the dog’s grooming needs, physical requirements, and ideal lifestyle and environment. Satisfying all these areas is key to making it happy, content, and healthy. 

Now, which of these Akita mixed breeds has intrigued you the most? Comment down which Akita mix it is, and share if you brought one home to your loved ones!

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