13 Unique Old English Sheepdog Mixes (With Pictures)

Old English Sheepdog mixes

The Old English Sheepdog is already a dashing breed on its own, but pairing it with other breeds results in stunning Old English Sheepdog mixes. 

The pleasant demeanor, dazzling looks, and prominent talents of the Old English Sheepdog make it an excellent candidate for crossbreeding with other dog breeds.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Old English Sheepdog mixes, from appearances, traits, and health, to their upkeep. Read on to determine which mix might be the best for you!

13 Old English Sheepdog Mixes

The Old English Sheepdog is a large, shaggy-coated, agile herding dog originating from England. It is highly affectionate and friendly, making them great house dogs who can get along with anyone. 

Old English Sheepdogs have great characteristics, such as their sweet temperament, intellect, working instinct, and gentle nature. Such traits may be enhanced when crossbred with other dog breeds. 

However, getting to know the qualities of a mixed breed is the first and most important step anyone must know before deciding to own one. It is important to know one’s capabilities when looking to adopt a mixed breed.

Therefore, read the list below to learn about 13 dazzling Old English Sheepdog mixes!

1. Old Border Sheepdog

Old Border Sheepdog Border Collie Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: blue_the_oes / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Border Collie & Old English Sheepdog

This mix is a cross between the Border Collie and the Old English Sheepdog. Combining the excellent herding skills of both parents, it may inherit a strong herding instinct, making it great for farm work. 

These pups may possess features more similar to that of the OES, such as a square snout and long legs and torso. 

As to the shaggy coat of the mix, it may come in plain colors such as black, gray, and white. Although, if the genes of the Border Collie are more dominant, this mix may also possess the merle pattern.

Moreover, the Old Border Sheepdog is highly athletic and energetic, making it well-suited as a working breed. It is important to incorporate games and fun activities in their daily doings to prevent boredom. 

2. Golden Sheepdog

Golden Sheepdog Golden Retriever Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit alfie_the_oesgolden / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever & Old English Sheepdog

This dashing mix is a combination of the Golden Retriever and the Old English Sheepdog. It is a great people-pleaser who easily gets along with kids and adults in the family.

Golden Sheepdogs have luscious long coats, which may have slight hints of gold inherited from the Golden Retriever. 

Moreover, the calm and confident personality of the Golden Sheepdog makes it great for herding. It is gentle when caring for and working with livestock.

As a dog behavior expert, the Golden Sheepdog has always caught my attention, and I suggest that owners must be careful not to undermine the intelligence and physical potential of this breed.

I remember one Golden Sheepdog I handled named Barry, who was very stubborn during training, specifically with repetitive training techniques. What I did was to keep the sessions short and entertaining, and I used a lot of positive reinforcement to keep Barry from getting bored.

Trusting your Golden Sheepdog’s independent thinking process can also be a good way to enrich its skills and cognitive abilities.

3. Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle Standard Poodle Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: _sheepadoodle_stanley_ / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Standard Poodle & Old English Sheepdog

This adorable pup, called the Sheepadoodle, is a crossbreed of the Standard Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog. A smaller version of the hybrid also exists and is named the Mini Sheepadoodle.

Known to be one of the friendliest dog breeds around, there is no doubt that they are loyal and affectionate to people. 

Despite their visibly shaggy and thick coat, Sheepadoodles generally shed less than expected. Therefore, they also trigger allergies less, making them fit for any home. 

Proper training and reinforcement are required as a Sheepadoodle may tend to slightly ‘nip’ at children, which is a common behavior in sheepherding. 

However, owners must be cautious as the Sheepadoodle is an intelligent breed. With constant guidance and positive affirmation, these pups can turn around their unwanted behaviors.

Furthermore, Sheepadoodles love being around other dogs. Subject to proper socialization, including going to the dog parks and talking walks, can also be beneficial in the training process.

4. Old English Labrador

Old English Labrador Labrador Retriever Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: happyk9dogwalking / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever & Old English Sheepdog

Crossing a Labrador Retriever and an Old English Sheepdog produces an Old English Labrador, which is a mix that is as adorable as its parent breeds. This outgoing and friendly pup surely fits as a family dog.

Owners must be attentive towards Sheepadors as they usually do not like being alone. They love attention and show affection often, making them highly irresistible. 

However, their friendly and loving nature does not make them suitable for protecting their family. Sheepadors are a better fit as watchdogs and can alert the family easily with their bark. 

Moreover, possessing a high energy level and requiring frequent exercise, Sheepadors will surely need a home with a yard. Fun and engaging outdoor activities will stimulate and help them stay in shape.

5. Saint Bernard Sheepdog

Saint Bernard Sheepdog Saint Bernard Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: otis0118 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Saint Bernard & Old English Sheepdog

Another giant mixed breed on this list is the Saint Bernard Sheepdog, which is the graceful mix between a Saint Bernard and an Old English Sheepdog. 

Considering its large size and thick coat, this mix may not be ideal for hotter climates, as overheating could be a cause for concern. In closed spaces, air-conditioning must be provided for your pup.

Like its parent breeds, the Saint Bernard Sheepdog is sure to possess strong skills fit for herding and working. Its calm and easygoing nature allows for a smooth relationship with families and household pets.

Moreover, the possible low-energy levels and poor heat tolerance of the Saint Bernard Sheepdog limit it to non-strenuous exercises and activities, except in cold climates. 

Additionally, an hour of interactive playing or walking each day is preferable for this mix. Activities like tug, swimming, nose work, and trick training prove to be enjoyable for this pup.

6. Siberian English Sheepdog

Siberian English Sheepdog Siberian Husky Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: doe_and_the_unadoptables / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky & Old English Sheepdog

This is the stunning mix between the Siberian Husky and the Old English Sheepdog. This spirited mix can be mischievous and playful, with an appetite for free-roaming and regular adventures. 

A striking trait this mix may possess is its bright-colored eyes, which are inherited from the Siberian Husky.

Because of its outgoing nature, owners must be cautious as this mix may tend to escape or leave its home. 

The Siberian English Sheepdog is an active breed that enjoys stimulating physical activities, especially those that involve pulling and running. It can also be well-suited for winter activities like sledding and skijoring.

Moreover, due to its Husky genes, this dog may prove to be difficult to train due to its independent nature. 

Additionally, this mix may also inherit the Husky’s talkative behavior. It will not fail to communicate through its howls and whines.

7. Sheepei

Sheepei Chinese Shar Pei Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: sheepei.puppies / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Chinese Shar-Pei & Old English Sheepdog

The Shar-Pei and Old English Sheepdog mix, also called “Sheepei,” is a unique and charming hybrid breed that combines the characteristics of both parent breeds. 

Sheepeis are recognized for their distinctive appearance, which is a combination of the wrinkled face and short coat of a Shar-Pei and the shaggy coat of an Old English Sheepdog.

Known for their loyalty towards the family and friendly nature, they are gentle and naturally serene companions. However, early training and socialization are important as they appear to be suspicious of strangers.

Moreover, they are intelligent but can be stubborn at times. It is important to have a firm but patient hand when training as they become more willing to follow commands. 

Sheepeis are known to possess high levels of energy, so extremely long walks and hikes are a must. They may enjoy tracking, agility, rally, and other activities. 

8. Old Boxer Sheepdog

Old Boxer Sheepdog Boxer Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: @rubiaenojada / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Boxer & Old English Sheepdog

Cross-breeding the Boxer and the Old Engish Sheepdog results in the Old Boxer Sheepdog.

The Old Boxer Sheepdog can vary in appearance. Typically, it has a muscular, athletic build like the Boxer, with a thick, shaggy coat similar to the OES. Regular grooming is also required to prevent matting.

Moreover, the upbeat, playful, and protective nature of the Old Boxer Sheepdog makes it suitable to be around children. The mix also proves to be a great family guardian. 

They are also eager to please their owners, making them easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, and enjoy learning new things.

Additionally, it is an active mix that requires plenty of exercise and playtime. It has high energy levels and needs to be given opportunities to burn off its excess energy, such as walking, running, or playing fetch.

9. Old Newfoundland Sheepdog

Old Newfoundland Sheepdog Newfoundland Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: hello_barndog / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Newfoundland & Old English Sheepdog

The Old Newfoundland Sheepdog is the cross between a Newfoundland and an Old English Sheepdog. Characterized by its large size, this mix has a matching thick coat that requires regular brushing. 

Although its whopping and powerful physique may intimidate others, the Newfoundland Old English Sheepdog mix is sweet-tempered and can serve as a great nanny dog for children.

This gentle giant is also very trusting and highly intelligent. It can be watchful and protective of the family, especially with its wariness of strangers.

Moreover, its diligent nature allows them to respond well to training that is paired with gentle guidance. Early training and socialization allow it to grow as well-mannered companions.

The Old Newfie Sheepdog may require at least half an hour of exercise every day and may occasionally enjoy activities such as swimming, dock jumping, flyball, and herding.

10. American Staffordshire Old English Sheepdog Mix

American Staffordshire Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: sprockofficial / Instagram

Parent Breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier & Old English Sheepdog

Another mix in the list is the one between an American Staffordshire Terrier and an Old English Sheepdog. Straying from the stocky build of the AmStaff, this mix has a lanky body covered in a thick coat. 

Much like the Old English Sheepdog, this mix is known to be affectionate and friendly, making it good with children and a great family pet.

The breed can also inherit some of the energetic and playful traits of the AmStaff Terrier. It requires a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

Further, consistent and positive reinforcement training methods are recommended, along with plenty of physical and mental exercise to keep this pup happy and healthy.

11. German Shepherd Old English Sheepdog Mix 

German Shepherd Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: sheldon_stormcloud / Instagram

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd Dog & Old English Sheepdog

This big breed is a mix of the German Shepherd and the Old English Sheepdog. This cross-breed combines the intellect, herding abilities, and protective instincts of its parent breeds.

This mix is friendly, affectionate, and gentle with people and children. It is also easy to train, loyal, and highly protective of its owners, making it a great guard dog.

Owners must not underestimate the brainpower of this mix. This smart mix requires vigilant owners who are ready to induce corrective guidance to prevent it from wreaking havoc.

Moreover, the German Shepherd Old English Sheepdog mix is prone to developing separation anxiety when left alone for lengthy periods. This could result in prolonged howling, which could disturb neighbors.

While this budding mix is great for country living, it can also be well-suited for urban living so long as exercise needs are met.

12. Bernese Mountain Dog Old English Sheepdog Mix 

Bernese Mountain Dog Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: minniesadventure2020 / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog & Old English Sheepdog

This adorable and unique-colored pooch is a mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Old English Sheepdog. With a wooly undercoat, it sheds a fair amount, even more so during shedding season, which occurs twice a year.

While this mix gets along well with children, it might be wary of strangers. However, some dog owners appreciate its wariness since it makes it an excellent guard dog.

This mix is well suited to living indoors with its human family. Moreover, it also thrives outdoors in nature, making it a great companion for outdoor activities such as long walks, hikes, camping, and backpacking. 

These strong, able-bodied workers require 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily to keep them healthy and happy. 

They are well-adapted to extreme temperatures and tend to have a longer lifespan compared to purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs, as well as fewer health problems.

13. Irish Wolfhound Old English Sheepdog Mix

Irish Wolfhound Old English Sheepdog mix
Image credit: hondopheobeandhumans / Instagram

Parent Breeds: Irish Wolfhound & Old English Sheepdog

This wolf-looking pup is none other than a mix of the Irish Wolfhound and the Old English Sheepdog. Truly rare, this large breed is characterized by its long snout, limbs, and tall build.

Coming from parent breeds that are both working dogs, one can expect the Irish Wolfhound Old English Sheepdog mix to be people-centric and usually highly active.

Owners can also expect such a mixed breed to remain vigorous and alert, allowing its protective nature to guard the family and the home. 

Likewise, this pup can be calm, brave, and dignified. Its hunting background and athletic nature result in a very outgoing, adventurous, and active mix, requiring regular exercise outdoors. 

Moreover, because of its hunting background, the Irish Wolfhound OES mix may possess independent decision-making, which can result in stubborn streaks during training. 

Final Thoughts

Old English Sheepdog mixes can offer a unique and varied combination of traits from their parent breeds, most of which you may not be able to find in other dogs.

These dogs can be great pets for those who appreciate the affectionate nature of the Old English Sheepdog and the multitude of positive characteristics coming from its partner breeds.

Likewise, it is important to go beyond these traits and determine whether you and your surroundings are compatible with a particular OES mix’s temperament, activity requirements, and lifestyle as a whole.

Additionally, it is always a good option to consult with veterinarians first as they may know first-hand about any reliable breeders. 

Did this article pique your interest in the varied and wonderful world of Old English Sheepdog mixes? Let us know in the comments below!

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