18 Long Nose Dog Breeds With Lovable Snouts (With Photos)

Dog breeds with long noses

From elegant and regal to quirky and adorable, long nose dog breeds have a distinctive feature that not only adds to their unique appearances but also serves important purposes. 

A long nose not only adds to their charm but also serves various practical purposes, enabling them to excel in specific tasks such as scent tracking, hunting, and even search and rescue operations.

In this exploration of dog breeds with long noses, we will delve into their origins, characteristics, and the roles they have played throughout history. 

Join us as we embark on a delightful journey to discover the beauty and functionality of these remarkable canines. 

18 Long Nose Dog Breeds

These remarkable long-nosed dogs, such as the elegant Borzoi and the intelligent Collie, have captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. 

Beyond their striking appearances, these breeds boast a range of fascinating traits that make them stand out in the canine world. 

Discussed below are some breeds with long noses along with features that unravel the grace, intelligence, and unparalleled charm of these extraordinary canines.

1. Basset Hound

Long nose Basset Hound side profile
Height:Up to 15 inches
Weight:40 – 60 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 13 years
Temperament:Friendly, affectionate, tenacious, loyal

Basset Hounds are a lovable breed known for their endearing long muzzle and droopy ears. With their soulful eyes and low-to-the-ground stature, they have captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide.

Originally bred in France and Belgium for hunting purposes, Basset Hounds are scent hounds with an exceptional sense of smell. 

Their long, pendulous ears help gather scents and direct them toward their powerful noses, while their wrinkled skin and loose jowls give them a distinctly expressive face. 

These physical features, coupled with their elongated body and sturdy build, make Basset Hounds well-suited for tracking and trailing scents on the ground.

One of their endearing qualities is their distinctive bay or howl. Their deep and melodious vocalizations have a unique charm, and they often use their voice to communicate with their owners.

Basset Hounds possess a calm and easygoing temperament, making them wonderful companions and family pets. These long-nosed dogs are known for their friendly and patient nature, particularly with children.

2. Saluki 

Long nose Saluki sitting on the grass
Height:23 – 28 inches
Weight:40 – 65 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 17 years
Temperament:Intelligent, aloof, reserved

Often referred to as the “Royal Dog of Egypt,” the Saluki is an ancient sighthound breed that has captured the admiration of people across different cultures for thousands of years.

Originating in the Middle East, the Saluki was treasured companions and hunting partners of the Bedouin tribes, who greatly valued their exceptional speed, agility, endurance, and, notably, their long muzzle.

One of the defining features of the Saluki is its sleek and slender build. Their long legs, deep chest, and lean body are perfectly designed for speed and efficient movement. 

The long muzzle of the Saluki serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Its elongated shape provides an enhanced sense of smell and aids in the breed’s hunting abilities.

While Salukis are independent thinkers, they possess innate gentleness and devotion to their families.

Their affectionate nature, combined with their noble appearance, makes them beloved pets and companions to those who appreciate their unique qualities.

3. Whippet

Long nose Whippet resting outdoors
Height:18 – 22 inches
Weight:25 – 40 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 15 years
Temperament:Intelligent, friendly, gentle, quiet, athletic

Another sighthound breed renowned for its graceful build, the Whippet is a slender-bodied dog that possesses a distinctively elongated snout that contributes to its exceptional sense of sight and scent.

Often described as “the poor man’s racehorse,” Whippets are a breed that originated in England during the 19th century and were bred to chase and capture small game, such as rabbits, with remarkable speed and agility.

Their keen eyesight, combined with their natural instinct to pursue, makes them adept at lure coursing and other dog sports that showcase their speed and agility.

Beyond their athletic abilities, Whippets are known for their gentle and affectionate nature.

Despite their reputation as racing dogs, they are often described as “couch potatoes” due to their love for lounging and snuggling with their human companions.–

4. Greyhound

Long nose Greyhound puppy running on the field
Height:26 – 30 inches
Weight:60 – 70 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 13 years
Temperament:Athletic, intelligent, even-tempered, quiet

As one of the oldest and most noble of dog breeds, Greyhounds have captured the hearts of people across cultures for thousands of years with their long bodies and muzzles. 

The Greyhound’s most distinguishing feature is its incredible speed. Known as the fastest dog breed in the world and one with a long snout, Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour within seconds. 

Their lean and athletic bodies, coupled with their long, powerful legs, make them built for unparalleled swiftness and agility. They often have a slightly arched skull, giving them a regal and alert appearance.

Greyhounds have a unique body shape, often described as the “inverted S,” which can be observed when they are at rest or in a standing position.

Beneath their sleek exterior lies a gentle and affectionate nature. Greyhounds are known for their calm and laid-back temperament, which gained them the nickname “40-mile-per-hour couch potatoes.”

5. Dachshund

Long nose Dachshund during morning walk
Height:8 – 9 inches (Standard)
5 – 6 inches (Miniature)
Weight:16 – 32 pounds (Standard)
Under 11 pounds (Miniature)
Lifespan:12 – 16 years
Temperament:Independent, playful, courageous, lively

With their one-of-a-kind body structure, spirited nature, and unwavering loyalty, Dachshunds, often referred to as “wiener dogs” or “sausage dogs,” have established themselves as beloved companions in the hearts of many.

Their long, low-slung bodies, combined with their muscular frames and long muzzle, enable them to maneuver through tight spaces and dig into burrows with ease.

They are adorned with expressive, intelligent eyes that exude a lively and curious nature. Their ears, whether long and droopy or upright and alert, add to their endearing charm.

Beyond their distinctive physical appearance, Dachshunds are known for their spirited and charismatic personalities earning them the title of being one of the most popular breeds

They are often described as courageous, confident, and fiercely independent. Despite their small size, they possess a bold and tenacious nature, which stems from their hunting heritage.

6. Borzoi 

Long nose Borzoi walking outdoors
Height:28 – 32 inches
Weight:60 – 105 pounds
Lifespan:9 – 14 years
Temperament:Independent, intelligent, gentle, athletic

With its aristocratic appearance, graceful gait, and rich history, it is no wonder that Borzois were nurtured and bred by the Russian aristocracy for centuries.

Often referred to as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi is a sight to behold as they possess heads that are notably long and narrow, long snouts, and prominent black noses that have a tendency towards a “Roman nose.”

Their elongated snout enhances their sense of smell, allowing them to detect scents with great precision. 

Coupled with its exceptional eyesight, this long-nosed dog, a sighthound, is a masterful hunter, capable of tracking and pursuing its prey over vast distances.

Borzoi dogs are intelligent and independent thinkers. They require patient and consistent training methods that respect their sensitive nature. With the right approach, they can excel in obedience and various dog sports. 

However, it’s important to note that the Borzoi’s independent streak may occasionally shine through, so a firm but gentle hand is needed to guide them.

7. Poodle

Long nose Poodle near the beach
Height:Over 15 inches (Standard)
Under 15 inches (Miniature)
Under 10 inches (Toy)
Weight:45 – 70 pounds (Standard)
10 – 13 pounds (Miniature)
6 – 10 pounds (Toy)
Lifespan:10 – 18 years
Temperament:Alert, instinctual, intelligent, active

Poodles are known for one of their most iconic features, which is their dense and curly coat, which sets them apart from other breeds. In addition to this, their long noses also contribute to their distinctive appearance.

Poodles come in three main size varieties: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Regardless of size, all Poodles share these certain common physical traits, which remain a testament to their lineage and heritage.

Despite its association with France, their origins can be traced to Germany, where it was initially bred as a water retriever. 

The breed’s name, “Pudel,” derives from the German word for “splash” or “puddle,” reflecting its proficiency in water-related tasks.

Intelligence is a hallmark of the Poodle breed. They are widely regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, ranking high in trainability and problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, these long-nosed dogs are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They thrive on human companionship and are generally excellent family dogs.

8. Afghan Hound

Long nose Afghan Hound on an open field
Height:25 – 27 inches
Weight:50 – 60 pounds 
Lifespan:12 – 18 years
Temperament:Independent, aloof, affectionate, loyal

With origins dating back thousands of years, Afghan Hounds were highly valued by the Afghan people for their hunting prowess and their ability to navigate the challenging terrains of the region.

It is undeniable that the Afghan Hound is an elegant breed of dog for both its long, silky coat and elongated snout, contributing to its regal look.

It is a large-sized dog with a distinctive, slender build. Its head is elongated and finely chiseled, with almond-shaped eyes that exude a sense of intelligence and aloofness.

As they are an ancient breed, they have an intriguing myth surrounding them suggesting that a pair of Afghan Hounds were chosen to represent the entire canine species aboard Noah’s Ark

As the ark started leaking, Noah allegedly called upon his faithful hounds, who used their long snouts to plug the holes. 

This whimsical tale offers an imaginative explanation for why dogs continue to have wet noses to this very day.

9. Doberman Pinscher

Long nose Doberman Pinscher side profile
Height:24 – 28 inches
Weight:60 – 100 pounds 
Lifespan:10 – 12 years
Temperament:Intelligent, energetic, loyal, confident, obedience

The Doberman Pinscher is a versatile and intelligent breed that has gained worldwide recognition and admiration for its sleek and powerful appearance. 

They possess a well-muscled body that exudes strength and athleticism.

Their wedge-shaped head and long muzzle play an essential role in their overall facial structure, characterized by a slender and straight profile.

The Doberman’s muzzle is also home to its powerful jaws and teeth. The breed is known for its impressive bite force, which is essential for its historical roles as a guardian, police dog, and working companion.

Originally developed in Germany by a tax collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in the late 19th century, the Doberman was intended to be a versatile working dog. 

Karl Dobermann sought to create a breed that combined strength, intelligence, endurance, and loyalty to assist him in his duties and protect him during his rounds. 

This long-nosed dog breed was selectively bred from various dogs, including the Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Greyhound, and Weimaraner, among others.

10. Pharaoh Hound

Long nose Pharaoh Hound on a grass field
Height:21– 25 inches 
Weight:45 – 55 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 14 years
Temperament:Sociable, active, playful, intelligent, affectionate

Also referred to as the “blushing dog,” the Pharaoh Hound possesses a unique appearance, gentle nature, and impressive hunting and sprinting abilities.

It is a medium-sized dog with well-defined muscles, a lean-built head, and a pointed muzzle. Perhaps the most captivating feature of the Pharaoh Hound is its expressive face. 

Its almond-shaped eyes are amber or gold in color, reflecting intelligence, warmth, and gentle nature. The large, erect ears add to its alert and attentive expression. 

When excited or happy, the Pharaoh Hound’s ears and nose blush, turning a rosy color, a unique trait known as “blushing,” hence its nickname. 

Originating from the Mediterranean region, particularly Malta, this long snout dog has an ancestry that dates back thousands of years. 

Its resemblance to the depictions of ancient Egyptian dogs in tombs and temples has led to the belief that it may be one of the oldest domesticated breeds in existence.

11. Airedale Terrier

Long nose Airedale Terrier side profile
Height:Around 23 inches
Weight:50 – 70 pounds
Lifespan:11 – 14 years
Temperament:Friendly, outgoing, confident, alert

Being the largest out of all the terrier breeds, the Airedale Terrier has earned the nickname “King of Terriers” for its size, strength, and spirited personality. 

The breed’s primary purpose was to create a versatile hunting dog capable of pursuing game on land and in water. 

Over time, the Airedale Terrier’s exceptional qualities and versatility led to its popularity in various roles, including as a police and military dog, a working terrier, and a loyal family companion.

The Airedale Terrier is a medium to large-sized breed with a sturdy and well-balanced build. Its distinctive appearance is characterized by a dense, wiry coat that is typically tan with a black saddle on the back.

Airedales boast an elongated and level face, typically adorned with a sporty beard and mustache. 

In contrast to other breeds with elongated snouts, their muzzles are not narrow but instead have a broad and flattened appearance. At the tip of their long snout, their black noses are prominently displayed.

12. Beagle

Long nose Beagle getting some sun
Height:Below 15 inches
Weight:Below 30 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 15 years
Temperament:Even-tempered, intelligent, gentle, amiable

Originating in England, Beagles have a rich history and were primarily bred for hunting small game, particularly rabbits, known as beagling, thanks to their exceptional tracking abilities. 

According to the AKC breed standards, the head of a Beagle is described as having a “moderately long” length. At the top, the head is slightly domed,

broad between the ears. 

Their muzzle is straight and of moderate length, tapering to a black nose with wide nostrils.

Their sense of smell is highly developed and considered one of the best among all dog breeds. Beagles were often kept in packs and used to hunt in groups, which is why they are known for their sociable and pack-oriented nature.

Despite being bred to hunt, these long-faced dogs are now being kept as pets due to their friendly and outgoing personalities. They are known to be excellent family dogs, as they generally get along well with children and pets.

13. Bull Terrier

Long nose Bull Terrier walking outdoors
Height:21 – 22 inches 
Weight:50 – 70 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 13 years
Temperament:Active, protective, sweet-tempered, stubborn 

The Bull Terrier is a unique and striking breed that captures attention with its muscular build, distinctive head shape, and playful and sometimes stubborn nature. 

One of the most notable physical features of the Bull Terrier is its head. It is unique in appearance, often described as egg-shaped or oval, with a noticeable slope from the top to the tip of the nose. 

The eyes are small, triangular, and set deep, giving them an intense and attentive expression. Their ears can be either naturally erect or cropped, adding to their distinctive look.

Bull Terriers have an energetic and mischievous nature. These long-nosed dogs are known for their clown-like behavior and ability to entertain their owners with their antics.

Despite their robust build, they are known for their agility and can move with surprising speed and grace. They also enjoy participating in various dog sports and activities, such as obedience, agility, and even scent work.

14. German Shepherd Dog

Long nose German Shepherd Dog walking on the snow
Height:22 – 26 inches
Weight:50 – 90 pounds
Lifespan:7 – 10 years
Temperament:Intelligent, curious, loyal, alert, obedient, courageous 

The German Shepherd is a breed of working dog that originated in Germany. Renowned for its intelligence, confidence, and loyalty, the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is one of the most popular breeds in the world.

It is highly prized for its exceptional working abilities, making it a favorite among law enforcement agencies, search and rescue teams, and military organizations.

GSDs are of medium to large size, characterized by a robust and muscular physique. Their skull smoothly tapers into a long, wedge-shaped muzzle that is both lengthy and sturdy, running parallel to the skull’s topline. 

As part of the herding group, these long-faced dogs utilize their long noses to gently guide and direct both people and animals, also with the help of their scenting abilities. 

Additionally, GSDs tend to be mouthy and often similarly use their mouths to how humans use their hands.

15. Ibizan Hound

Long nose Ibizan Hound in the forest
Height:22.5 – 27.5 inches
Weight:45 – 50 pounds
Lifespan:11 – 14 years
Temperament:Intelligent, clownish, stubborn, independent, active 

The Ibizan Hound is a distinctive and elegant ancient breed of dog that originates from the Spanish island of Ibiza and is believed to have descended from the Tesem, an ancient Egyptian hunting dog depicted in ancient art.

Known for its grace, agility, and keen hunting skills, the Ibizan Hound has become increasingly popular as both a hunting companion and a family pet.

The Ibizan Hound is a medium-sized dog with a slender and athletic, deer-like build and was originally bred to chase small game such as rabbits and hares.

The shape of their heads is chiseled, with a long and slender resembling a pointed cone that is slightly flattened at the bottom. 

The muzzle is elongated, displaying a subtle Roman convex. The nose is prominent, extending beyond the lower jaw.

Despite their hunting heritage, Ibizan Hounds are also known for being gentle and affectionate with their families.

16. Bloodhound

Long nose Bloodhound exploring in the forest
Height:23 – 27 inches 
Weight:80 – 110 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 12 years
Temperament:Even-tempered, affectionate, gentle, stubborn

The Bloodhound breed is another breed known for its elongated snout. Often referred to as the “Sleuth Hound,” this breed has a rich history and unique physical characteristics.

Renowned for their unparalleled sense of smell and distinctive, drooping facial features, these dogs have earned a prominent reputation in scent detection.

The Bloodhound’s head exhibits a narrow proportion in relation to its length, and it is long in comparison to the body. When observed from above and in front, their muzzle gives the impression of slight flattening at the sides.

They also possess another sensory advantage in their long, droopy ears. As the Bloodhound moves along a scent trail, its ears act like natural funnels, capturing and directing scent particles toward its nose. 

As pets, Bloodhounds are known for their gentle and friendly disposition. These long-faced dogs are typically good-natured, patient, and affectionate dogs, making them wonderful family pets. 

17. Collie

Long nose Collie sitting in the middle of the road
Height:22 – 26 inches
Weight:50 – 75 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 14 years
Temperament:Swift, athletic, affectionate, friendly

It is nearly impossible to miss the sight of Collie’s beautiful coat and their long snout. Intelligent, social, and versatile, they have earned a reputation as devoted companions, diligent workers, and loving family pets.

Collies have an elegant and well-proportioned build. They have a medium to large size, with a sturdy and athletic physique. 

Their heads are shaped like wedges and have a distinct stop, which is the indentation between the skull and the muzzle. The long, smooth, well-rounded muzzle culminates in a blunt, yet not square, end. 

Collies have a strong herding instinct ingrained in their DNA which can manifest in modern-day Collies as a tendency to nip at the heels of running children or other animals. 

That said, early socialization and proper training are a must to help channel their herding instincts appropriately. Otherwise, they have a loving and affectionate nature with their owners and make great companions. 

18. Scottish Deerhound

Long nose Scottish Deerhound walking on a grass field
Height:28 – 32 inches
Weight:75 – 110 pounds
Lifespan:8 – 11 years
Temperament:Friendly, docile, gentle, dignified

The Scottish Deerhound, a majestic and ancient breed often referred to as the “Royal Dog of Scotland,” possesses a regal demeanor and an inherent air of nobility.

Physically similar to a Greyhound but bigger, this shaggy breed’s head is long and narrow, with a gently tapering muzzle. Their eyes are dark and expressive, and their ears are folded back and set high on the head.

As sighthounds, Scottish Deerhounds have a rich history as formidable hunters and were originally bred for pursuing and bringing down large game, such as deer, in the Scottish Highlands.

Despite their hunting background, modern-day Deerhounds make wonderful family pets and adapt well to a domestic lifestyle.

The long-nosed dogs are known for their gentle and relaxed demeanor, often described as a “quiet dignity.” 

While they can exhibit bursts of energy during play or exercise, these long-nosed dogs are generally laid-back and enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones.

To learn more about long-nosed dog breeds, watch this informative video:

Top 10 Dog Breeds With Long Snouts

Final Thoughts

Dog breeds with long noses encompass a diverse and fascinating group of canines dating back to ancient times. 

From the elegant and regal Afghan Hound to the intelligent and loyal Bloodhound, each breed possesses its unique set of characteristics, talents, and historical significance. 

Their long faces are not merely a physical feature but often serve a practical purpose, such as enhancing their exceptional scenting abilities or aiding in breathing. 

Whether it’s their striking appearance, remarkable scent-tracking skills, or their endearing qualities as loyal companions, these dog breeds with long noses have carved their special place in the world of dogs.

Which among the breeds listed in this guide is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts about long-nosed dog breeds in the comment section below!

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