Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier: Info, Pictures, Traits & Facts

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier puppy walking along the beach
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Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers are some of the most adorable pups on the market. Their charming teddy bear-like facial features, combined with their compact bodies, make them a popular choice for pet lovers.

Despite the small and endearing appearance of a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), it can be very protective and highly active. This pup packs a big, bold, and fun personality in a tiny and fluffy body.

Not many people are aware that long-haired Jack Russells exist. Most dog lovers are more familiar with this breed having a short and smooth coat, unlike several other dogs. If this got you curious, stick around to learn more!

What Is a Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier? 

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier crossing a wooden bridge
Image credit: phoebelonghairedjackrussell / Instagram

A long-haired Jack Russell Terrier is a dog that sports a medium- to long-length coat. The coat on this pooch can be either straight or wavy. Long-haired Jack Russells also go by the names rough coat Jack Russell or rough-coated Jack Russell. This is due to their spiky and dense-looking coats.

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers share a lot in common with the typical Jack Russell we know and love — the smooth-coated Jack Russell. In general, these two share similar temperaments, size, lifespan, and even nutritional needs. 

One area they differ in is grooming. As expected, rough-coat Jack Russells will require a different grooming routine than a smooth-coat Jack Russell. 

Nonetheless, despite sharing many similarities with the more common variant, long-coated Jack Russells have a lot of other things going on for themselves.

Are Long-Haired Jack Russell Terriers Rare?

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers are more difficult to come across compared to the smooth-coat Jack Russell Terriers. They are considered quite rare due to people’s general preference for short-haired Terriers.

The rarity of a long-haired Jack Russell is one of the factors that may contribute to its high purchasing price. Other influencing factors may include location, pedigree, health issues, and the selected breeder.

Another reason why long-haired JRTs are quite uncommon is the fact that they are genetically less likely to occur than smooth-coat Jack Russell Terriers.

Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier Appearance

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier standing on the sand
Image credit: phoebelonghairedjackrussell / Instagram

A long-haired Jack Russell has a medium to long coat that has a dense texture. However, regardless if its coat is medium-length or very long, it immediately falls under the long-haired Jack Russell Terrier category. 

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers typically sport a combination of four distinct colors. These include white, cream, tan, and black. These colors are typical of the Jack Russell breed.

Also called a rough coat Jack Russell, its hair grows in different directions giving it a wavy or spiky look. Although they often have a dense-looking coat, others may be soft to the touch, depending on coat care. 

Since Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred as hunting and herding dogs, their rough and dense coats served as their primary protection against various harsh weather conditions.

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers often have dark brown eyes and paw pads, short floppy ears, and a long spiky tail. Given their high activity levels, they typically have lean bodies and legs. 

Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier Size and Weight

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers can grow up to around 10 to 15 inches tall and can weigh around 14 to 18 pounds. Their size and weight may also vary depending on factors such as genetics, health issues, and lifestyle.

Generally, all Jack Russell Terriers, regardless of coat type, are slightly longer than they are tall. Their size and body build, except their legs, are somewhat similar to the Dachshund, also known as the sausage dog. 

Rough, smooth, and broken-coated Jack Russell Terriers typically have the same size and weight. This may only vary based on their genetics and the kind of lifestyle each dog has. 

Watch this video to see how big a long-haired Jack Russell gets:

Rough Coated Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Information

Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier Genetics

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier with bandana tongue out
Image credit: littlemissdottyb_jrt / Instagram

There are three kinds of Jack Russell Terrier coats. These include the well-known smooth coat, long-haired coat, and broken coat. Although each has a very distinct appearance, the difference is mainly their lengths.

In terms of genetics, there are three main hair genes that influence a Jack Russell Terriers coat. These are the length, curl, and furnishing genes that are inherited from one or each parent dog.

Given the texture and length of a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, their dominant genes are the L (length) and W (wired) genes. These are what result in the long, dense, and spiky hair of a long-haired Jack Russell.

Long-haired Terriers inherit a genetic mutation where the nucleotide responsible for stopping continuous hair growth is substituted with the nucleotide that promotes hair growth. This results in their long coats. 

Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier Temperament and Personality

Jack Russell Terriers are known for being very high-spirited, energetic, and loyal. They enjoy being around their owners and family and adore receiving lots of love and attention. 

Considering their extreme levels of energy, long-haired Jack Russell Terriers are most suitable for owners and families who have an active lifestyle. This pup does not enjoy being idle for long periods, especially indoors.

Aside from their vigor, long-haired Jack Russells are also very intelligent. They pick up tricks and commands quickly and are often eager to please their owners. This makes obedience training a fun and simple task.

Since these pups are also very bold and loyal, they make excellent watchdogs. Their quick and protective instincts come in handy, especially in situations involving strangers. 

Despite their small and compact size, long-haired Jack Russell Terriers tend to be slightly aggressive toward other animals. This is usually due to their hunting background, where they often view small animals as prey. 

In order to avoid the development of aggressive and competitive behavior in a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, early socialization and training are highly encouraged.

Long-Haired Jack Russell Terrier Lifespan and Health Issues

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier playing by the beach
Image credit: phoebelonghairedjackrussell / Instagram

Generally, long-haired Jack Russells have an average lifespan of around 12 to 14 years. By providing a healthy lifestyle with proper meal plans and regular exercises, long-haired Jack Russells may even live up to 16 years.

Like many other breeds, rough coat Jack Russell Terriers may have a few health issues. The frequency and severity of such may vary for each dog depending on its genetics and lifestyle.

Listed below are some of the common health issues in long-haired Jack Russell Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers in general:

  • Patellar Luxation: Patellar luxation, also known as slipped stifles, is the condition where the calf bone, thigh bone, and knee cap of a long-haired Jack Russell are not properly aligned. This usually results in the inflammation of the joints and the inability to walk. 
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease: Legg-Calve-Perthes disease is a health issue typically found in small breeds such as the long-haired Jack Russell. This is a condition where the head of the femur spontaneously begins to degenerate. This may lead to the collapse of the hip and arthritis. 
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM): DCM is a condition involving the weakening of the heart muscles due to a thickened or enlarged heart. Symptoms typically involve difficulty in breathing and walking with reduced tolerance to exercise or daily activities. 

If your long-haired Jack Russell Terrier exhibits any unusual symptoms or behavior, consult a licensed veterinarian immediately. Taking your pup on regular check-ups is also highly encouraged to closely monitor its health.

Aside from check-ups, taking preventative measures is also an excellent way to prolong your dog’s life. These include ensuring your pup gets proper exercise, maintains a healthy weight, and eats nutritious meals daily. 

How Much Does a Long-Haired Jack Russell Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Generally, purchasing a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier from a reputable breeder would cost around $800 to $2,500. If you decide to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization, adoption fees cost around $300 to $800.

Aside from the initial purchase or adoption expenses, owning a long-haired Jack Russell entails several more expenses during the span of its lifetime. These would include food and other basic necessities. 

Below is a table summarizing the initial expenses of caring for a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$30 – $80
Bowls$10 – $30
Toys$20 – $30
Beds$30 – $200
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$30 – $200
Grooming Essentials$50 – $150
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $300
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$20 – $50
Total Initial Cost$495 – $2,470

Although the list of expenses may seem quite long, don’t be dismayed. The majority are only one-time purchases. These may include food and water bowls, leashes and collars, grooming essentials, and a microchip.

When purchasing items for your long-haired Jack Russell, it is best to only invest in high-quality items that are durable and can last for a long time. Avoid purchasing low-quality products that can break easily.

Places to Find Long-Haired Jack Russell Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier tongue out
Image credit: phoebelonghairedjackrussell / Instagram

One of the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier is finding the right breeder. Interested buyers must only purchase from trusted, ethical, and responsible breeders.

If you need some help finding a good breeder, below is a list of a few credible websites where you may find long-hair Jack Russell Terriers for sale:

  • AKC Marketplace –The American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace currently has around 60 Jack Russell Terrier puppy listings that feature the dog’s age, location, and other important details. AKC is one of the most trusted and credible online sources for purchasing purebred dogs.
  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies is a trusted advertising site that features a user-friendly interface that can easily be navigated based on your desired puppy’s age, location, and price range. They have a large number of active classified puppy listings for different kinds of Jack Russell Terrier puppies.
  • PuppySpot – PuppySpot is an online community of dog lovers who are dedicated to connecting ethical and trusted Jack Russell Terrier breeders with caring and responsible families or individuals. Their user-friendly interface can easily be navigated based on the dog’s gender, age, color, and location.

If you prefer to save money while contributing to a good cause, check out the sources below where you may find long-haired Jack Russell Terriers for adoption:

  • Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue, Inc (MAJR) – MAJR is a foster-based rescue that aims to place unwanted or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers and JRT mixes into permanent loving homes. They sometimes have long-haired variants of the breed, so make sure to check in from time to time.
  • Rescue Me! – Rescue Me! is a network of people from across the country who are dedicated to helping all breeds of dogs find the most suitable permanent, loving, and nurturing homes. Their user-friendly interface features each Jack Russell rescue listing with its photo, description, location, and background.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – Adopt-a-Pet is an online platform where rescues and shelters get to post their adoptable dogs. This platform is backed by thousands of rescues and shelters all over the country. Check out their listings regularly to see if they have long-haired Jack Russell Terriers available for adoption.

Adopting from your local shelter or rescue organization is always an excellent option when deciding to get a dog. Not only will you be able to save money, but you will also be contributing to a good cause.

When purchasing a long-hair Jack Russell, be sure to conduct thorough research on your selected breeder or rescue organization beforehand. 

If your selected source is based in another location, try to meet them personally to learn more about their background and facility. Try not to conduct all transactions online to avoid being scammed or misled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long haired Jack Rusell Terrier hair swept by the wind
Image credit: littlemissdottyb_jrt / Instagram

Are Long-Haired Jack Russell Terriers Good Pets?

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers make wonderful pets, companions, and best friends. Their loyalty and protective instincts make them reliable pups, while their fun and bold personalities make them such a joy to be around.

Do Long-Haired Jack Russell Terriers Shed a Lot?

Like many other dog breeds, long-haired Jack Russell Terriers tend to shed moderately throughout the year. Contrary to popular belief, long-haired Jack Russells shed less than the short and smooth-coat ones.

Daily brushing is highly recommended to remove any loose hairs and prevent tangling and matting. It is also encouraged to bathe your rough coat Jack Russell at least once a week to keep its coat clean and healthy.

Are Long-Haired Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Generally, no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic. Some dogs are simply easier to manage and have around with regard to certain allergens. Unfortunately, long-haired Jack Russell Terriers are not hypoallergenic since they shed.

Final Thoughts

Long-haired Jack Russell Terriers are some of the most adorable, charming, and fun dogs to have. Their bold personality and loving nature make this pup an absolute joy to be around.

Owning a dog is a full-time responsibility. Before deciding to purchase or adopt a long-haired Jack Russell, interested buyers must first assess if they are emotionally, physically, and financially capable of caring for this pup. 

Moreover, be sure to only purchase a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier from a reputable, ethical, and responsible breeder. These kinds of breeders prioritize the overall health, safety, and well-being of all their dogs.

If you own a rough coat Jack Russell, we’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below. All questions regarding long-haired Jack Russell Terriers are also welcome!

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