Long-Haired Pug: Myth or Truth? – Everything You Need to Know

Long haired Pug wearing a harness
Image credit: bella_the_pugzu / Instagram

The existence of long-haired Pugs may come as a surprise. After all, Pugs have been known for their smooth, short coat, which has been part of their standard characteristics since they started to exist. 

Yet, out emerges a long-haired variant that resembles the same well-loved Pug. This dog has long been a subject of myth and controversy, and there’s a lot to know about it. 

Are long-haired Pugs real? What do they look like? How did they come about? All the questions you have will be answered as you read along. 

Are There Long-Haired Pugs?

Long haired Pug exploring outdoors
Image credit: apugnamedstanley / Instagram

The Pug breed doesn’t have an official long-haired variant. However, there are long-haired dogs that look like purebred Pugs. These dogs are the so-called long-haired Pugs, and they have long coats and bushy tails. Long-haired Pugs have stocky builds, flat faces, and dark eyes like regular Pugs.

Not a lot of differences can be observed when comparing the long-haired Pug with the actual Pug until their coat types are mentioned. 

When it comes to coat colors, the hairy Pug displays the same AKC-recognized colors for the Pug breed, which are black and fawn. Other possibilities include silver-fawn, and apricot, among others. 

This makes it even trickier to conclude that long-haired Pugs aren’t purebred due to their minimal differences. 

See what a long-haired Pug looks like by watching the video below:

Long Hair Hippie Pug

Where Does the Long-Haired Pug Myth Come From?

Where the long-haired Pug myth started is currently unknown. However, it was around the 1800s when this rumor started to spread.

Later on, the root causes of this myth were identified. Below are the three most common reasons why people think long-haired Pugs are real. 

Thickness of the fur

All normal Pugs come in short, double coats, but their coat density makes them different from one another. There are two layers to expect in a Pug’s coat — the top coat and the undercoat. 

The top coat is considered short, but some Pugs may have it longer than others. As a result, the Pug will look hairier, which in turn will make it seem like the so-called long-haired Pug.

Length of the tail hair

Pug tails come in different shapes, but most are bred to display double-curled tails. People mistake Pug-looking dogs for long-haired Pugs if their behinds are bushy. 

This doesn’t happen for purebred Pugs, however. Their tails are short, twisted, and never fluffy. Moreover, their tails do not extend to the back or other areas. 


Crossbreeding is done to retain specific characteristics from two purebred dogs. In this case, the Pug mated with a long-haired dog will most likely deliver long-coated offspring or some of the pups, if not all. 

Despite mating two vastly different dog breeds, the puppy may look like any of its parents or somewhere in between. 

If it looks more like the Pug and only takes on a few features from the other parent, it will most likely be mistaken as a long-haired Pug.

The intensity of either of their genetic influences is unpredictable. Still, this result is possible but only controllable once the appearance of the mix is established. 

How Does Crossbreeding Cause a Pug to Have a Long Coat?

Long haired Pug walking on mud
Image credit: apugnamedstanley / Instagram

Crossbreeding a Pug with another dog breed results in changes in appearance. This can go all the way down to many generations. 

The genes that carry a particular trait may not show in every succeeding generation. If it does, and it has come down to several generations already, the influence may either be noticeable or less noticeable. 

So, if two Pug parents produced a litter and one of the puppies had long hair, people would be quick to conclude that a Pug with long hair has been produced and is 100% purebred. 

However, the most likely explanation for this is that one of the parents carries long-haired genetics. It is possible that the parent has a mixed-breed Pug in its genetic line. 

That said, some long-haired Pugs are initially crossbreds. But, if they’ve been repeatedly bred with normal Pugs, they can be considered close to being purebreds. 

7 Pug Mixed Breeds That Look Like Long-Haired Pugs

The practice of crossbreeding among dogs gives a variety of possible appearances. That said, people would often label a dog a “purebred” long-haired Pug, only to find out that it’s a mixed breed. 

Take a look at seven Pug mixed breeds which are often mistaken for long-haired Pugs:

1. Chug (Long-Haired Chihuahua & Pug Mix)

Chug long haired Chihuahua Pug mix
Image credit: amandasfurbabies / Instagram

The Chug is a cross between the long-haired standard or teacup Chihuahua and the Pug. It can inherit the Chihuahua’s long coat, resulting in a long-haired Pug, and it may come in black, brown, and other colors. 

The most prominent feature would be the feathery ears. However, the short snout, light mask around the muzzle, and bulging eyes often make people think that it is a long-haired Pug. 

2. Pughasa (Lhasa Apso & Pug Mix)

Pughasa Lhasa Apso Pug mix
Image credit: cleveremma / Instagram

The Pughasa is a mix between the Lhasa Apso and the Pug, and it’s also mistaken as a long-haired Pug. Both parent breeds look different, but the offspring can look like a Pug but with the long coat of the Lhasa Apso.

The mask of the Pug is retained but not as potent anymore. Some coat areas may also display the black tips of the Lhasa Apso and are described as shaggy. 

3. Pug-Zu (Shih Tzu & Pug Mix)

Pug Zu Shih Tzu Pug mix
Image credit: bella_the_pugzu / Instagram

The Pug-Zu, or the Shih Tzu Pug mix, is another hybrid dog that’s often thought to be a long-haired Pug. It bears the usual Pug expression and its remarkable black mask and markings in some areas of its forehead. 

Regardless of whether a standard or teacup Shih Tzu parent was used to create the mix, it usually displays a long coat length, especially around the chest, hocks, and tail. 

4. Malti-Pug (Maltese & Pug Mix)

Malti Pug Maltese Pug mix
Image credit: the_luettje_tuffel_pelle / Instagram

The Maltese and Pug mix, otherwise known as the Malti-Pug, is another long-haired Pug-looking designer dog.

If the dog is genetically predisposed to look more like the Pug parent, the only noticeable change would be its coat type. It’s fuzzy, long, and feathered on the tail. 

5. Tibetan Pug (Tibetan Spaniel & Pug Mix)

Tibetan Pug Tibetan Spaniel Pug mix
Image credit: tibbypuglife / Instagram

The Tibetan Pug, a mix between the Tibetan Spaniel and Pug, is another long-haired Pug look-alike. Although its coat in most areas of the body is smooth, the parts, such as the chest and tail, feature longer fur.

It’s no longer as brachycephalic as the Pug parent. Still, it doesn’t lose its Pug parent breed’s remarkable physical traits, such as the mask and dark, downfolded ears. 

6. Pom-A-Pug (Pomeranian & Pug Mix)

Pom A Pug Pomeranian Pug mix
Image credit: buddymunnsx / Instagram

The Pomeranian and Pug mix, or the Pom-a-Pug, is a compact hybrid pooch. It may look like a long-haired Pug, thanks to the hefty coat of the standard, teddy bear, or teacup Pomeranian.

The uncanny resemblance to the long-haired Pug breed shows primarily due to the maintained Pug features, especially regarding facial appearance, stocky build, and, most of all, fuzzy coat around the neck and tail. 

7. Puginese (Pekingese & Pug Mix)

Puginese Pekingese Pug mix
Image credit: bongothepuginese / Instagram

Who would forget about the Pekingese & Pug mix known as the Puginese? Both parent breeds are related, and they’re also similar in looks, except for the coat. When combined, the offspring can look like a long-haired Pug.

There are not a lot of changes in the offspring’s physique and brachycephalic masked snouts, except for its coat colors and length. It has an abundance of fur around the head, chest, hocks, and tail. 

Meet Some Long-Haired Pugs in Real Life

The once rumored long-haired Pugs are no longer myths. Their long, attractive coats have caught the interest of many Pug-loving individuals; hence they’re no longer as rare as it was.

Get to meet some of the real-life long-haired Pugs below:

Percy the Lovable Long-Haired Pug

Percy is a long-haired Pug introduced through a Reddit post. It’s indicated that Percy is a full Pug since its parents and grandparents are Pugs. 

However, the owner noted that while its mother is Kennel Club-registered, the father isn’t, as it’s a white Pug — a variety that’s not accepted. To add, Percy is the only long-haired Pug in the litter. 

Maya the Fantastic White Long-Haired Pug

Maya is a rare, long-haired Pug whose parents come from China. The owner has posted about it on a Reddit post, attaching the long-haired Pug’s photo

Aside from its long coat, what makes Maya even more unique is its color which is primarily white with fawn markings on the muzzle, ears, and tip of the tail. 

It’s to be noted that in the litter were one female and five male Pugs who bear the black mask, curly tails, and short hair of a typical Pug. Maya was an exception.

How Much Does a Long-Haired Pug Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Long haired Pug in the backyard
Image credit: apugnamedstanley / Instagram

Though long-haired Pugs are rare, their average price goes between $600 and $1,500. Some breeders would sell them for over $1,900 to $6,000, depending on the puppy’s quality, lineage superiority, and demand.

The expense doesn’t end there. Aside from this one-time payment, there are also recurring costs you have to consider and expect once you start owning a long-haired Pug. 

See the table below and find out what other essential items to shop for your long-haired Pug:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$30 – $80
Bowls$10 – $30
Toys$20 – $30
Beds$30 – $200
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$30 – $200
Grooming Essentials$50 – $150
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $300
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$20 – $50
Total Initial Cost$495 – $2,470

Be prepared as well for any emergency involving your fluffy Pug. This adorable pooch has several breed-specific health problems, which can either be inherited or developed at any time. 

Hence, it is advisable to enroll in dependable pet insurance, which acts as a safety net, helping you cover a portion of your vet bills. 

Places to Find Long-Haired Pug Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Are you determined that a long-haired Pug is right for you? This dog is less common than the normal Pug, so finding a trusted source can be challenging. 

Yet, spending more time searching for a reputable breeder is worth it. This would mean getting a top-quality long-haired Pug with health clearances proving it is free from genetic diseases.

Below lists some reputable breeders where you can find a healthy Pug with long fur:

  • AKC Marketplace – AKC Marketplace is where you can find trusted Pug breeders with high ethical breeding standards. Make sure to check if they have any long-haired Pugs for you. By going for this option, you have the confidence that the Pug puppies are raised in nurturing environments with a health guarantee. 
  • KK Dogs LTD – KK Dogs LTD offers amazing puppies of different breeds, including teddy bear Pugs or Pugs with long hair. Their long-haired Pugs are always in demand, so send an application as early as possible. This enables you to have a chance of getting a puppy once there’s a litter available. 
  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies is a reliable source of dogs of all breeds and mixes, and they all come with a health guarantee. They advertise puppies from various legitimate and ethical breeders. With hundreds displayed regularly, there’s a chance you’ll come across a fine long-haired Pug. 

Meanwhile, if adopting is your preferred method of acquiring a long-haired Pug, here are some of the best Pug rescues where you can find a long-haired Pug:

  • Pug Rescue of Austin – Pug Rescue of Austin is a sanctuary for all unwanted, abused, and neglected Pugs. The rescues they welcome are rehabilitated, provided with necessary medical services, and equipped with adoption opportunities. As they mainly prioritize saving Pugs in Austin, Texas, there’s a good chance that a long-haired Pug is waiting for you. 
  • Bluegrass Pug Rescue – Bluegrass Pug Rescue is a Kentucky-based animal welfare organization that takes in abandoned Pugs, including long-haired Pugs. Those that come to their rescue are given necessary vet services, such as sterilization surgery, to remedy pet overpopulation. Once they’re set behaviorally and physically, these Pugs are rehomed into loving homes. 
  • Colorado Pug Rescue – Colorado Pug Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of all Pugs, including long-haired Pugs in the area. This is a no-kill shelter that continuously accepts rescues regardless of their condition, needs, and situation. On top of their rescue efforts, they also get Pugs microchipped, spayed or neutered, and vaccinated, depending on their needs, before they’re set for their forever homes. 

For more options, check out your social networking sites and use hashtags to locate the nearest breeders or rescues near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long haired Pug on the balcony
Image credit: apugnamedstanley / Instagram

Do Long-Haired Pugs Shed?

Long-haired Pugs shed all year round, even black Pugs with their single coats. This natural phenomenon can worsen during spring and fall when their bodies adjust to temperature changes. 

Also, since their coats are lengthy, their strands are more visible once they let go of their fur compared to normal Pugs, whose hairs are less likely to be seen by the naked eye. 

How Many Coat Colors Do Pugs Have?

Pugs only have two AKC-recognized coat colors: black and fawn. However, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognizes four colors: silver, apricot, black, and fawn. 

It’s also shown that other possible shades for the Pug include champagne, brindle, red, white, sable, and brown. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, long-haired Pugs were developed primarily involving crossbreeding. Regardless, they can act like normal Pugs unless they inherit some of the behaviors and traits of their other ancestors. 

These are comical dogs with small bodies, intimidating confidence, and intelligence. When properly trained and socialized, they make excellent companions and cuddle-buddies in a furrier package. 

So, are you getting this long-haired pooch? Let us know your take on the controversial long-haired Pugs in the comments below!

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