Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix: Info, Pictures, Traits & Facts

Australian Shepherd Terrier mix sitting on snow
Image credit: nguyen_by_default / Instagram

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix is a hybrid that combines the best traits of the Australian Shepherd and Terrier, making it a natural eye-catcher when it walks in the park.

This breed adds its flair to the qualities of its parents to create a unique, beautiful companion for any family. It is loyal and protective like an Aussie but has all the energy and playfulness of a Terrier.

Continue reading if you want to know everything about the Australian Shepherd Terrier mix, including its physical characteristics, personality traits, and other interesting facts about this hybrid dog!

Breed Overview

Height:18 – 23 inches
Weight:35 – 75 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 15 years
Coat Colors:Black, red, brown, white
Temperament:Energetic, brilliant, bossy, stubborn, loyal, affectionate
Suitable for:Large families with an active lifestyle in small to large homes

What Is an Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix?

Australian Shepherd Terrier mix leaning on a tree
Image credit: nguyen_by_default / Instagram

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix is a hybrid dog produced by breeding an Australian Shepherd with any dog in the Terrier group, such as a Jack Russell Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Welsh Terrier, and Yorkshire Terrier. This famous cross is known for its intelligence, energy, and good looks.

Depending on the Terrier breed they are mixed with, these dogs may have different coat types, sizes, and colors.

Given the significant differences between the parent breeds, it’s only partially possible to predict what characteristics an Australian Shepherd Terrier mix will inherit and exhibit.

However, whatever dominant parent gene they acquire, they are considered incredible companions that can fit in any family.

Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix Origin and History

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix is a relatively recent hybrid that was bred for its temperament and ability to work alongside humans.

Unfortunately, there are few records of its origins or development process presently. But we know these dogs were likely created by crossing both parent breeds sometime during the 20th century.

On the other hand, Australian Shepherds and Terriers have existed for over a hundred years. So to understand this crossbreed more, it is best to look through the parents’ historical backgrounds.

Aussies were initially bred to herd sheep and cattle. It is believed that European settlers in the early 1800s brought their ancestors.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) first recognized Australian Shepherds in 1991 after gaining popularity in the United States for many years.

Meanwhile, the Terrier breed has a long and storied history, dating back to the early days of the Roman Empire. It is believed that the Terrier originated in Rome and was bred to hunt rats in the sewers below the city.

It was in the 17th century that Terriers became popularly used as companions for hunting foxes and badgers. During this time, they were known as “earth dogs.”

Our best shot about the origin of the Aussie Terrier mix is that breeders bred the Australian Shepherd and Terrier dogs to combine their best characteristics and produce a hybrid excellent for companionship and work.

Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix Appearance

Australian Shepherd Terrier mix celebrating its birthday
Image credit: nguyen_by_default / Instagram

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix is excellent for any home due to its size and build. They will not be as big as their Aussie parent, so they do well in tiny homes and apartments.

Their appearance depends on the dominant parent genes, but they usually have long, thin legs, a slim body, and a broad chest.

Its ears are erect, and its tail is long enough to reach the floor when curled down. This mix’s head is square, with a slightly arched neck and a broad muzzle. Moreover, its eyes are almond-shaped and set wide apart.

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix can be any shade of red, brown, or black. The face may have patches of white on it as well. Overall, they have a kind expression that dog lovers will surely love.

Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix Size and Weight

The Australian Shepherd Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog that can grow between 18 and 23 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 75 pounds, making them ideal for any home size.

As with any dog breed, there may be some variation in their sizes, depending on factors like gender and genetics.

Australian Shepherds tend to be bigger than most Terriers; hence, the final size of the Aussie Terrier mix will depend on the dominant parent genes.

But in general, expect your new furry companion to be fully grown at around 12 to 18 months. Males will also be a bit taller and heavier than their female counterparts.

Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix Temperament and Personality

Australian Shepherd Terrier mix indoors

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix has a very loyal personality and loves to please its owner. It is known for being brilliant and outgoing, making them great pets for people looking for a companion to keep close.

They can also make good watchdogs, like their Aussie Shepherd parents, but they can also be a bit clingy.

Moreover, due to their Australian Shepherd and Terrier ancestry, this mix is excellent for families, as they love kids like Aussies. They also do well with other pets, especially if they are trained and socialized early.

However, these hybrids can also be stubborn sometimes, so be prepared for some training struggles if you adopt one of these dogs.

Overall, they are very energetic dogs that need lots of exercise daily, so make sure you have time to walk or run with them daily.

Check out this adorable video of an Aussie Terrier mix playing in the snow:

Australian Shepherd/Jack Russell Terrier Mix playing in fresh snow

Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix Lifespan and Health Issues

The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix has an average life expectancy of about 14 to 15 years. They are known for their longevity, which is why people who want long-time companions love them.

Moreover, this mixed breed is generally healthy, but like all dogs, it does have some health issues that may affect its quality of life.

Here are some health concerns common for Aussie Terrier mixes:

  • Seizure: An Aussie Terrier mix is prone to seizures, which is common for its parent breeds. This is exhibited when an abnormal electrical activity in the brain causes changes in muscle tone, movements, behaviors, or states of awareness.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes is a condition that occurs when your Aussie Terrier mix either cannot produce enough insulin to break down sugar in its body, or the dog’s body is not utilizing the produced insulin as it should. It can lead to obesity and is resolved with diet changes, exercise, and medication.
  • Legg-Perthes disease: Legg-Perthes disease causes the hip bone to become weak and deteriorate due to lack of blood flow to the area around it, causing pain and inflammation. Surgery may be necessary if the symptoms are severe enough for surgical intervention or if other treatments fail to improve your pet’s mobility or quality of life.

Moreover, it’s essential to note that various factors, such as genetics, age, nutrition, and environment, can affect your dog’s lifespan. You should also acquire your pup from a reputable breeder to ensure it is healthy.

Regular vet visits are also advised to guarantee optimal health and quality of life as your dog grows from puppyhood to old age.

How to Take Care of Your Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix

Terrier Australian Shepherd mix side profile
Image credit: nguyen_by_default / Instagram

If you’re considering bringing home a Terrier Australian Shepherd mix, you need to know the basics of taking care of them. The maintenance of this hybrid dog includes proper feeding, training and exercise, and grooming.

Food and Diet

You should always make sure that you’re always providing high-quality food to your Aussie Terrier mix. They require about 2 to 3 cups of dog food daily to sustain the energy they need.

While there are many different types of food out there, the best option for your dog is one that’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

This will keep their energy level and weight down so they can stay healthy and happy.

Like their Terrier and Aussie parents, they have big appetites, so you should monitor their food intake daily.

As adults, you can feed them once or twice daily to avoid excess weight and preserve their health.

Lastly, switching puppy food to adult dog food is highly recommended to be done gradually to avoid stomach discomfort and diarrhea. This should also be done when you change your dog food brand.

Cleaning and Grooming

The Terrier Australian Shepherd mix can be a bit of a handful, but taking care of this mix is not as hard as you think.

This can be a task you want to do yourself, or you may want to hire a professional groomer.

This hybrid needs weekly brushing to remove dead hair, dirt, and debris on its coat and skin. You should also brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week and trim its nails every other week. Regular ear cleaning is advised.

You should bathe your Aussie Terrier mix only when necessary to keep the natural oils in their skin. When giving baths, ensure the water is warm but not hot, especially if it has sensitive skin or thin fur.

Training and Exercise

Training and exercise are two of the most important aspects of dog maintenance. Like their parent breeds, Aussie Terrier mixes may become destructive or aggressive if not trained and exercised regularly.

Shepherd Terrier mixes are happiest when they have a job to do and something to keep their mind active. Training gives them something to focus on, while exercise helps keep them in shape.

Both things make your dog happier, and a happy dog will not likely destroy your house or bite someone.

Training also helps teach your Terrier Australian Shepherd mix how to behave around people and other animals.

It can be done at home, with treats and positive reinforcement, or through puppy classes. It’s essential that any training be consistent so that your dog knows what’s expected of it at all times.

In addition, Terrier Australian Shepherds need plenty of exercise every day since they were bred from working parent dogs.

Ensure your dog gets at least an hour of exercise every day. This will help them stay fit and healthy.

How Much Does a Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

The cost of a Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix will vary, depending on whether you’re buying from a breeder or adopting from a shelter. Other factors also include age, lineage, and location.

If you’re buying from a reputable breeder, expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $2,000. Meanwhile, adopting will likely run you around $150 to $300.

It is essential to note that buying a puppy is just the first step. The next factor we need to consider is the expenses once our puppy arrives home.

Here is a comprehensive guide on the initial expenditures of owning an Aussie Terrier mix puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$30 – $110
Bowls$10 – $30
Toys$20 – $60
Beds$30 – $200
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$30 – $370
Grooming Essentials$50 – $160
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $300
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$20 – $50
Total Initial Cost$495 – $2,470

The table is merely an estimate of how much it costs to own this designer dog. Your actual expenses will significantly depend on the prices in your location.

Places to Find Australian Shepherd Terrier Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Aussie Terrier mix puppy sitting on the couch

Unfortunately, there are still no breeders who specialize in breeding Australian Shepherd Terrier mix puppies. As such, they are not easy to find and may require extra patience in searching for them.

To help you in your search for a healthy Aussie Terrier mix, here are some reputable sources you can visit:

  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies is a pet advertising website that offers a selection of purebred and mixed-breed puppies for sale, including Terrier and Australian Shepherd mixes, from reputable breeders across the country.
  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies is another popular puppy listing site that has been finding homes for puppies. They have a wide selection of breeds, including Terrier Aussie mixes. Visit their website regularly to see their available puppies.
  • Keystone Puppies – This website offers a wide selection of puppies from the best breeders in the country. Aussie Terriers mixes are available, but you’ll have to act quickly as these dogs sell out fast. Breeder information is available on the site, and you can contact them directly.

In addition to the places mentioned above, you can also join online communities or ask your local veterinarian for recommendations. Just be sure to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders!

Alternatively, if you prefer adopting Terrier Aussie mixes, here are some rescues and shelters to consider:

  • Petfinder – Petfinder is an adoption website where users can browse through adorable pet profiles, including Australian Shepherd Terrier mixes. They have a vast network of rescues and shelters across the United States, so there’s a big chance you’ll find an Aussie Terrier in their listings.
  • Western Australian Shepherd Rescue – Western Australian Shepherd Rescue is a small, volunteer-run, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of Australian Shepherds, its mixes, and other herding dog breeds in need, such as Terriers and Terrier mixes.
  • Aussie Rescue SoCal – Aussie Rescue So Cal Inc. is a non-profit charity that promotes the adoption of homeless Aussie and Aussie mixes in the Southern California area. You can contact them to see if they have an Aussie Terrier mix in their care.

Additionally, before you get excited about getting your Aussie Terrier mix from a breeder or shelter online, you can also drive around the neighborhood to check for local rescues.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix

Taking in an Aussie Terrier mix has its fair share of pros and cons. To help you weigh the factors deeper, we will give you an overview of the pros and cons of owning one in this section.

Here are a few pros of owning an Aussie Terrier mix:

  • Unique looks: Aussie Terrier mixes have an excellent combination of the shaggy coat of their Terrier ancestors and the wiry frame of their Aussie parents, resulting in a dog with a beautiful coat that is easy to maintain.
  • Long lifespan: An Australian Shepherd Terrier mix has a long lifespan. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a friend who will stay around for the long haul.
  • Great guard dogs: If you want a dog that will protect your home from intruders and other threats, this is the dog for you. Aussie Terrier mixes are known for their protective instincts and will sound the alarm at the slightest noise or movement in their territory.
  • Affectionate to their owners: The Aussie Terrier mix is affectionate towards its owner and will get along well with other pets. This makes them perfect companions for people who want both protection and love from their dog.

On the other hand, here are a few cons of owning an Australian Shepherd Terrier mix dog:

  • Highly energetic: The Australian Shepherd Terrier is a very active dog. It requires lots of exercise, and if you can’t provide the activity it needs, it may start acting out in destructive ways.
  • Difficult to find: The Australian Shepherd Terrier mix can be challenging to find because not many breeders specialize in breeding this dog. They are still relatively new on the market, and few people have heard of them yet.
  • Requires a firm owner: Because of its high energy level, it needs a firm owner who can train it well and provide it with proper nutrition. A soft owner might end up spoiling this dog, making it difficult to train later on.
  • May display destructive behavior: Aussie Terriers are brilliant dogs that don’t always know when they’re being bad. They sometimes get destructive and tear things up if they’re bored or frustrated.

Knowing the pros and cons is essential before acquiring your next furry companion. You must assess if your lifestyle and your dog’s needs are a perfect match early, so neglect and abandonment can be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aussie Terrier on white background

Are Australian Shepherd Terrier Mixes Good Dogs?

The Aussie Terrier mix is generally a good dog. They are great for people who want to have a companion that is not only energetic but also playful and affectionate.

It’s a loyal, intelligent hybrid that makes a great companion for a family that can provide for its needs.

Do Australian Shepherd Terrier Mixes Shed?

When it comes to shedding, Australian Shepherd Terriers are somewhere in between a low-shedding dog and a moderate-shedding dog, making them easy to maintain.

They may still need regular brushing and vacuuming, but they don’t require daily attention as some dogs do.

Are Australian Shepherd Terrier Mixes Hypoallergenic?

The Aussie Terrier mix is not a hypoallergenic dog. They can still cause allergic reactions, like other dogs. If you are sensitive to dander and fur, it is best to consult your doctor first before adopting this hybrid.

Do Australian Shepherd Terrier Mixes Bark a Lot?

Australian Shepherd Terrier dogs are not known for being vocal hybrids. They will likely bark when they need something or are trying to get your attention, especially when there is an intruder.

However, they won’t constantly be barking like other dog breeds, as they are just moderate barkers.

Final Thoughts

You may have noticed various hybrids, but there is nothing quite excellent as the hybrid of the majestic Australian Shepherd and the adorable Terrier.

With an Australian Shepherd Terrier mix, you’ll get all the energy of a Terrier with the loyalty and playfulness of an Australian Shepherd. Overall, they are smart, loving, and versatile companions that can protect your family.

Although they might be runners like their parents and a bit stubborn to train, they can still be the best fur buddy if you provide them with a perfect balance of affection and discipline.

Does the Australian Shepherd Terrier mix dog perfectly match your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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