Male vs. Female French Bulldog: Which Is Better?

Male and female French Bulldog standing on an open field

Choosing between male and female French Bulldogs can be quite challenging because both are wonderful pets.

These small, charming dogs are known for their long ears and flat face, but did you know that gender affects their looks and temperament?

Male French Bulldogs are typically more independent, confident, and relaxed and are slightly larger than females. In contrast, female French Bulldogs are often perceived as more obedient and gentle. They also tend to show more love and affection towards their owners.

So, to help you make an informed decision about which one to choose, we have put together an informative guide that covers the similarities and differences between male and female French Bulldogs.

Physical Differences

Male and female French Bulldog standing side by side

Male French Bulldogs

In terms of physical appearance, male Frenchies are slightly larger than their female counterparts. Aside from having broader chests and heads, they also have more pronounced wrinkles on their faces than female Frenchies.

Moreover, these pooches have husky and stocky bodies. While their heads are not much longer than their muzzles, their shoulders are noticeably big compared to their hindquarters.

Male French Bulldogs are usually larger in size and weight compared to female ones. An adult male Frenchie can weigh between 25 and 30 pounds

These pooches are usually taller than females, with males reaching up to 14 to 18 inches at the shoulder. They also have longer legs than female pups. 

Additionally, male Frenchies usually have darker colors like brindle and merle. However, light colors like fawn are also possible.

Males tend to mature earlier than female pups do. This means that they’ll start showing signs of puberty at a younger age than their female counterparts.

Female French Bulldogs

A female French Bulldog is smaller and has more delicate features than males. They are shorter and stockier as well, but both types have short legs, bat ears, and an egg-shaped head that comes to a point at the nose. 

An adult female Frenchie will weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. Their height, however, ranges from 10 to 15 inches, with males being slightly taller. 

When it comes to their coats, French Bulldog females have shorter coats than male ones and tend to shed less. 

Their coats are short and smooth with a glossy appearance, and they come in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown/tan, red/dark brown, and blue or blue fawn

Take note that the coat type is determined by genetics — so while some females have softer coats than some males do, they can be just as coarse as a male’s coat if they come from bloodlines that carry this trait.

Temperamental Differences

Male French Bulldogs

Male and female Frenchies have some temperamental differences that you should take into account when choosing the right pet for you. 

Male Frenchies, in particular, tend to be more energetic than females because they were originally bred as strong-willed guard dogs. They are also prone to aggression when they become mature. 

Another thing that distinguishes males from females is that male dogs can be very defensive of their territory and will fight against anything they deem as a threat. This includes outsiders venturing into their homes or property.

Aside from that, male French Bulldogs are also more likely to be standoffish with strangers, so it’s important to socialize them early on to ensure they are comfortable around new people later on in life.

Female French Bulldogs

Females are known for their even temperament and easygoing nature. They tend to have more patience with children than their male counterparts because they were originally bred as companion animals for families with children. 

Moreover, female Frenchies can be slightly more reserved than males and may require less attention from their owners. They are also less likely to get into trouble because they aren’t as active or mischievous as males.

They are also generally easier for first-time pet owners because they are less aggressive and incredibly affectionate.

As both a breeder and a pet owner of female French Bulldogs, they are personally one of my favorite breeds due to their sweet and loving personalities. They will be the first ones at the doorstep whenever I get home, and they are always ready to smother me with kisses.

They also love to cuddle and spend time with me and other family members. They do not mind whether we lounge on the sofa or go outside for their daily walk. So long as they spend time with us, they become happy and appreciative.

Although they are more likely to be submissive to their owners, a Female Frenchie may show a stubborn streak when it comes to obedience training.

To get a better sense of how male or female Frenchie differs from one another, watch this video:

French Bulldog & Frenchton: Male VS Female [Which should you get?]

Behavior and Training 

Male French Bulldog during training

Male French Bulldogs

When it comes to this dog’s behavior, male French Bulldogs tend to be more aggressive than female pups. This can be attributed to the dog’s personality of being territorial or the desire for dominance over other males in their pack. 

They are also inclined to show destructive behavior in the form of chewing on furniture or other household items. 

This often happens when they are left alone for long periods of time without enough exercise or mental stimulation during the day.

Either way, if you have an aggressive male French Bulldog, it’s important that your pet gets plenty of physical activities so that its energy can be released regularly.

Aside from that, these male pooches also tend to require more proper training than females because they tend to be more stubborn in learning new tricks or commands. 

However, once trained well enough — and provided with plenty of treats — male French Bulldogs can be very obedient dogs.

Male French Bulldogs are also known for marking their territory with urine. This behavior can be seen in both male and female Frenchies but is more common in male dogs than it is in females. 

However, there are also some cases where they will lift a leg and mark their territory, but they do not urinate or defecate. They just leave behind a scent that marks the area as theirs.

Female French Bulldogs

Female French Bulldogs are generally more affectionate, calmer, and patient than their male counterparts. They are also less likely to bite while playing because they’re not as aggressive as males.

Female pups are known for being intelligent and can respond very well to positive reinforcement training

If you want to train your female French Bulldog, it is best to start when they are young, so it will be easier for them to learn commands like sit and stay. 

In addition to training, socialization is important for all dogs, especially for Frenchies, since their personalities tend to make them less tolerant of other pets and people. 

The best way to do socialization for your new puppy is by taking them out in public as frequently as possible from an early age so it can get used to meeting new people and animals on a regular basis. 

This will help prevent any future problems with aggression or fearfulness later on down the road when she’s older.

They also tend to mark their territory with urine or feces, depending on the situation. This can mean that dog owners should be prepared for some accidents in the house, especially during the early stages of training. 

However, once this unwanted behavior has been corrected, it tends to go away quickly.

Health Differences

Male French Bulldogs

Commonly, health conditions such as hip dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, heart disease, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are more likely to affect male French Bulldogs than females. 

This is likely due to the fact that males are generally larger and have more bone and joint problems.

Males also have a higher risk of heart problems because of the extra layer of fat on their bodies, which can cause high blood pressure or other cardiovascular issues if not managed properly through diet and exercise.

They are likely to develop certain types of cancers, such as testicular cancer. Prostate-related conditions like prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and paraprostatic cysts are also common in male French Bulldogs.

But these health problems can be prevented through neutering. When you neuter your male French Bulldog puppy, you significantly decrease its chances of developing testicular cancer and prostate problems. 

Aside from that, neutering can also help to prevent unwanted litters of puppies. This is especially important if you do not plan on breeding French Bulldogs. 

Female French Bulldogs

For one, female French Bulldogs are more likely to experience problems with their reproductive system, such as false pregnancies and issues with their heat cycles. 

They are also more prone to developing urinary tract infections than their male counterparts. This is due to their anatomy, specifically the way their urethra is positioned.

Pyometra, vaginal prolapse, and follicular cysts are also some of the reproductive diseases they can be vulnerable to. Getting your dog spayed can help reduce the risk of these health issues.

With Other Dogs and Pets

Male French Bulldog playing with another breed

Male French Bulldogs

The male French Bulldog is a little more aggressive than a female pup. The reason for this is unknown, but it may be because male Frenchie has more dominant tendencies than female ones. 

Males may also be more aggressive towards the same breed because they have a higher energy level than female pups.

They play with other puppies, but they also need to be taught to be gentle. If you have an older dog or cat, they may not get along well with the aggressive nature of this breed. 

Thus, it’s important that both you and other family members take the time to train your male puppy to get along with other dogs and other animals. 

Female French Bulldogs

Female dogs have a reputation for being more affectionate than male Frenchies, so they’ll be great with other breeds or even cats, especially if they’re raised together. 

They are less likely to fight with other dogs or bite them, so it’s a good idea to consider having a female if you have other animals at home.

However, a female dog can be just as territorial as a male dog when they feel threatened or anxious, but they tend to be less aggressive overall. 

They are also less likely to fight with other dogs or cats than male Frenchie, although there are always exceptions.

With Children

Male French Bulldogs

Male French Bulldogs are generally more energetic than females. They love to be around people, including children. They enjoy playing with them since they can match their energy very well.

However, without training, male Frenchies can be too enthusiastic and engage in rough play. It’s still important to keep them supervised while playing indoors and outdoors.

Known for being more affectionate and tolerant of children than female dogs, males are also generally more protective of them. Some male dogs can even be trained to guard kids while on the playground or at the park. 

Female French Bulldogs

Female dogs are more independent and less likely to get into trouble around your children, so getting a female French Bulldog is more suitable if you have small kids. 

Female French Bulldogs tend to have a calmer personality than males, making them less likely to get into trouble or cause any accidental harm during playtime.

Female French pooches make an excellent choice for families with young children. They have an innate maternal instinct which means they will want to protect your child at all costs. 

Moreover, your child will learn how to care for another living thing at a young age through their interaction with your female dog and vice versa.

Pros and Cons of Male and Female French Bulldogs

Male and female Frenchie standing side by side in the woods

Male French Bulldogs 

There are a lot of reasons to love having a male French Bulldog as your pet. These dogs are notoriously sweet, loyal, and affectionate. 

They’re also small enough to fit in most apartments or houses, so they’re great for city dwellers or people who live in smaller spaces.

They are known for being extremely loyal and protective of their owners, so they will ensure you feel safe no matter where you are.

But there are also some downsides to owning a Male French Bulldog. The biggest con is their health issues. They can develop eye problems, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and many others.

Male Frenchies tend to be very stubborn and difficult to train as well. They also shed quite heavily year-round, so if you don’t enjoy vacuuming every day, then this isn’t the right breed for you.

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of male French Bulldogs:

Good temperamentDifficult to train
Protective and very affectionateLots of shedding
Safe around kids Prone to health issues
Good for people with small spaceStubborn

Female French Bulldogs 

Female French Bulldogs are wonderful companions. They’re also pretty quiet, which is great if you have roommates or neighbors who might be bothered by barking or other loud noises.

They are even smaller dogs than males, so they don’t require a ton of space at your home. 

Female French pooches are less aggressive, especially with other animals, so they’re not likely to cause any problems if you have other pets at home.

They are great family pets because they love to cuddle up with their owners, especially children who will grow to love their affectionate personality.

They’re good dogs in general, but like males, they have their drawbacks, too. Female Puppies can develop separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. 

Aside from that, they are also prone to getting overweight quickly if not properly exercised and monitored by French Bulldog owners, especially if they’re fed table scraps regularly. 

This can lead to diabetes, heart disease, joint injuries, and other health issues. So, it’s important to know how much to feed your French Bulldog.

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of female French Bulldogs:

Less StubbornProne to overweight
Love to cuddleLots of shedding
Less aggressiveHard to train
Don’t require tons of spaceProne to health issues

Should You Get a Male or Female French Bulldog?

While gender certainly doesn’t dictate the temperament of an individual dog, there are many factors to consider when choosing between these two genders.

If you have trouble deciding between a male and female Frenchie, you might want to look into your lifestyle and preference as an aspiring owner.

If you want a dog who will bond with you and be your partner in crime on adventures around town, then get yourself a male pup.

But if you’re looking for a cuddly companion who will sit quietly by your side while reading the paper every morning, then maybe go for a female puppy instead.

But generally, many pet owners want to make sure that they’re getting one from a reputable breeder

You also want to ensure the parents have been checked out by the American Kennel Club and deemed healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Male and female French Bulldog playing frisbee

Are Male or Female French Bulldogs Calmer?

Although the two sexes are notorious for having mood swings, female Frenchies tend to have calmer temperaments than males since the latter is more inclined to have more aggressive behavior.

However, each individual dog will have its own unique personality. Hence, expect your dog’s behavior to be full of surprises regardless of its gender.

Are Male or Female French Bulldogs More Affectionate?

While you can expect both male and female French Bulldogs to shower you with love and affection, females are generally more loving companions. 

Meanwhile, male dogs tend to be more energetic than females, which makes them ideal for families with children who want playmates.

Both genders can be equally loving and loyal, provided that they are given proper training.

Are Male or Female French Bulldogs Easier to Train?

Female French Bulldogs are known for being much calmer than males, so they can be easier to train. Males are more rowdy and unfocused, so training could be a challenge for many dog owners.

Final Thoughts

There’s no easy answer when it comes to deciding whether a male or female French Bulldog is the better option. Both have unique personality traits that you’ll need to weigh before making your final decision. 

If you’re after a low-key dog that’s content to lounge around the house, then a female French Bulldog may be the best bet. 

But, if you’re after a livelier dog that loves a good game of fetch, then a male French Bulldog could be a perfect choice.

Ultimately, the decision of which gender is better suited to your lifestyle and personality is entirely up to you.

Have you decided between getting male and female Frenchies? Let us know in the comments your take on the topic of male and female French Bulldogs!

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