French Bulldog Growth Chart (Size & Weight Chart)

Two fully grown French Bulldogs standing side by side

Understanding the French Bulldog’s weight and growth chart is essential if you are an owner of this adorable breed. By doing so, you will be more capable of providing for the needs of this pooch.

French Bulldogs go through several stages of puppy growth and development. However, each dog is unique, and its growth will vary depending on its health, activities, and genes.

In this article, you will find the French Bulldog growth chart and everything you need to know about the different stages of a French Bulldog’s growth, whether a male or a female. You will learn it all here!

French Bulldog Weight Chart by Age

Fully grown Frenchie among the flowers

French Bulldogs may look adorable when they gain weight and look chunky. However, having an insatiable appetite and giving your pooch too much food may not be healthy.

As a responsible pet owner, keeping French Bulldogs at a healthy weight is necessary to prevent any health problems. The French Bulldog weight chart below will guide you with your dog’s weight:

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
2 months old8 – 12 lbs
(3.63 – 5.44 kg)
6 – 10 lbs
(2.72 – 4.54 kg)
3 months old10 – 14 lbs
(4.54 – 6.35 kg)
8 – 12 lbs
(3.63 – 5.44 kg)
4 months old12 – 16 lbs
(5.44 – 7.26 kg)
10 – 15 lbs
(4.54 – 6.80 kg)
5 months old15 – 20 lbs
(6.80 – 9.07 kg)
11 – 17 lbs
(4.99 – 7.71 kg)
6 months old15 – 22 lbs
(6.80 – 9.98 kg)
12 – 20 lbs
(5.44 – 9.07 kg)
7 months old17 – 25 lbs
(7.71 – 11.34 kg)
14 – 21 lbs
(6.35 – 9.53 kg)
8 months old19 – 25 lbs
(8.62 – 11.34 kg
15 – 22 lbs
(6.80 – 9.98 kg)
9 months old20 – 28 lbs
(9.07 – 12.70 kg)
16 – 22 lbs
(7.26 – 9.98 kg)
10 months old20 – 28 lbs
(9.07 – 12.70 kg)
17 – 24 lbs
(7.71 – 10.89 kg)
11 months old20 – 28 lbs
(9.07 – 12.70 kg)
17 – 24 lbs
(7.71 – 10.89 kg)
12 months old20 – 28 lbs
(9.07 – 12.70 kg)
17 – 26 lbs
(7.71 – 11.79 kg)
Fully grown20 – 28 lbs
(9.07 – 12.70 kg)
18 – 26 lbs
(8.16 – 11.79 kg)

Male and female dogs vary in size. Usually, male French Bulldogs are bigger than female French Bulldogs. However, the weight of French Bulldogs may differ slightly from the numbers shown in the table.

But as long as your French Bulldog is within the breed standards, your dog is at a healthy weight. You may also seek veterinary advice if you think that your dog’s growth is not at par with the Bulldog growth chart.

A dog’s health is also greatly affected by the kind of dog food it receives. A protein-rich diet increases muscle mass which leads to weight gain.

Always make sure that your French Bulldog’s diet contains the proper nutrition needed to prevent any health issues. Coupled with regular exercise, the physical health of your French Bulldog should be exceptional.

French Bulldog Size Chart by Age

The French Bulldog size is almost the same for both male and female Frenchies. Although male French Bulldogs tend to be heavier, a female French Bulldog could be as tall as its male counterpart.

The French Bulldog growth chart below shows the estimated height of these small dogs at a certain age. However, keep in mind that French Bulldog growth is unique for each pooch.

3 months old4 – 6 in
(10.2 – 15.2 cm)
6 months old7 – 9 in
(17.8 – 22.9 cm)
9 months old10 – 11 in
(25.4 – 27.9 cm)
1 year old11 – 13 in
(27.9 – 33.0 cm)

Aside from understanding the growth chart of these dogs, genetic factors must also be considered because these can affect growth. So don’t be frustrated if your Frenchie puppy grows slower than other dogs. 

At What Age Are French Bulldogs Fully Grown?

Portrait of a fully grown French Bulldog

Like other small breeds, French Bulldogs are expected to reach half their adult size by six months. During this stage, French Bulldogs grow rapidly and slow down as they reach one year.

Most French Bulldogs stop growing when they reach one year of age. During this time, this dog breed should have reached the maximum height and weight of an adult dog.

However, like other large breed dogs, there are some French Bulldogs that will continue to grow and gain weight as they develop more muscle mass. This will depend on your dog’s genes, daily activities, and health status.

Additionally, as an experienced French Bulldog owner, it is a best practice of mine to never slow down on providing my pups the best type of nutritious food and supplements that aid the Frenchie’s growth and development even after they reach 12 months.

I only switch to adult maintenance once they fully stop growing. This is to ensure that they reach their fullest growth potential.

How Big Do Full-Grown French Bulldogs Get?

The average weight of a full-grown French Bulldog is between 20 and 28 pounds, while the average height is between 11 and 13 inches. Meanwhile, the average back length of an adult Frenchie is 10 to 11 inches.

Like with other dog breeds, the height of French Bulldogs is measured from the dog’s paws to its withers. The withers is the space between the shoulder blades of your dog.

On the other hand, the back length is measured from the withers of your dog to the tip of the tail stub. Keep in mind that each French Bulldog is unique, and its size may slightly differ from this Bulldog growth chart.

The French Bulldog growth chart is just a guide for pet parents to monitor the development of their beloved pets. You may visit a professional who can provide veterinary advice if your dog is too small for its age.

How Do I Know How Big My French Bulldog Will Get?

French Bulldog sitting outdoors

Keep in mind that the growth of puppies will vary depending on their breed. Small breeds like the French Bulldog usually gain about 5 – 10% of body weight from birth to eleven weeks.

To estimate the potential adult weight of your pooch, simply get the weight of your puppy at six weeks and multiply it by two, and then multiply it again by two.

For example, suppose your 6-week-old French Bulldog puppy weighs seven pounds. Multiply this by two, then multiply the answer again by two. So approximately, the adult weight of your dog will be 28 pounds.

Another way to estimate the adult weight and height of your French Bulldog is to simply multiply the weight and height of your dog at three months and multiply it by two.

You can also estimate how much your dog can grow by using an online puppy weight and size calculator. If you have the budget, you can also ask for a DNA test for your pooch.

Check out this video to learn more about how much a French Bulldog can get:

How big will my french bulldog get? - How big a french bulldog puppy is

French Bulldog Growth and Development by Age (With Pictures)

Understanding your puppy’s development will help you prepare physically, emotionally, and financially. Keep in mind that you must be aware of the different French Bulldog expenses before getting one.

Aside from the expenses, always ensure you are only getting a puppy from a legitimate and responsible breeder. They may be costlier but are sure to give value for your money.

The information below will provide you with an overview of a French Bulldog puppy’s growth by age, along with some pictures. Keep reading so you’ll never miss a milestone in your puppy’s life.

8-Week-Old French Bulldog

8 week old French Bulldog puppy

During the first few weeks, French Bulldog puppies cannot see and hear but can sense and taste. Puppies will rely on their mother’s milk at this stage for nutrition.

At eight weeks, French Bulldog puppies will still rely on the mother dog, but their personality will start to develop at this stage. Unwanted behaviors like nipping must be corrected early.

You may now also slowly introduce your dog to solid food. A healthy diet affects the puppy’s weight. That’s why carefully choosing the right dog food that can support puppy growth is important.

During this stage, it is important for your dog to receive a balanced diet that will not only provide the energy to fulfill daily activities of your dog. But it will also aid in achieving the ideal adult size.

Make sure that your dogs are fully vaccinated during this stage. This is because dogs become susceptible to viruses as they start to socialize and play with other dogs.

12-Week-Old French Bulldog

12 week old French Bulldog puppy

At 12 weeks, puppies will start eating several small meals in a day. Due to this, you will notice that they are growing faster. Male Frenchies will weigh 10 to 14 pounds, while females can weigh from 8 to 12 pounds.

Your French Bulldog puppy will be curious and love to explore at this time. So, this stage will be the best time to start with canine education like obedience training, potty training, and socialization.

Experts recommend positive reinforcement when teaching these active dogs. Remember that house training is new to your dog. Be patient and avoid overreacting, as this may cause long-lasting trauma to your pooch.

At this age, your French Bulldog puppy is like a human toddler and may start to show stubbornness. Through encouragement and teaching boundaries, your dog is sure to become well-mannered.

16-Week-Old French Bulldog

16 week old French Bulldog puppy

At 16 weeks, male Frenchies can weigh around 12 to 16 pounds, while female Frenchies can weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Your dog will require more food as they begin to develop more muscles and longer bones.

French Bulldog puppies will begin developing adult teeth and losing their baby teeth during this stage. This can also cause them to exhibit teething behaviors like biting and mouthing.

This does not mean that your pooch is aggressive. As mentioned, teething can be painful for Frenchies, especially since they have short muzzles. Giving chew toys and cold treats can help alleviate teething discomforts.

Your puppy will also start to explore and be more playful. Teaching it games like fetch, tug of war, and hide and seek will further help your pooch learn discipline and build relationships with you and other dogs.

6-Month-Old French Bulldog

6 month old French Bulldog puppy

During this stage, your French Bulldog puppy is now like a teenager. Your dog’s growth will slow down, but weight gain will remain consistent. Puppy food is no longer suitable for your pooch at this stage.

Although your dog is now almost an adult, spaying or neutering is still not recommended. This is because your French Bulldog’s body, personality, and immune system are still developing.

Interrupting your dog’s development during puberty can have a negative impact. Make sure to consult a veterinarian if you are planning to have your dog fixed.

9-Month-Old French Bulldog

At nine months, your French Bulldog is almost halfway to being an adult. Male Frenchies can weigh 20 to 28 pounds, while females can weigh 16 to 22 pounds at this point.

During this stage, your pooch is still developing and learning behaviors. However, your dog may show unwanted habits and behavior like aggression and dominance towards other dogs.

It is advised to continue or even extend obedience training in order to correct these attitudes early. Keep in mind that your dog’s hormones are still developing at this stage and may affect its behavior.

Now that your dog is more active, your French Bulldog needs to be walked at least once a day or given quality playtime to release its pent-up energy.

A bored French Bulldog may develop destructive behaviors like chewing on the couch or shoes. Letting it play and exercise will stop unruly behavior and keep your pooch calm when indoors.

12-Month-Old French Bulldog (Fully Grown)

12 month old French Bulldog

A French Bulldog is considered fully grown at one year of age. However, your dog will still be gaining muscle mass over time, which could last up to two years.

During this time, your adult French Bulldog must receive the right amount of calories and fats. Failing to do so could lead to obesity and other health issues in the future.

Don’t forget to practice positive reinforcement even if your Frenchie is already an adult. Your dog may be physically grown up, but it may still need behavioral training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fully grown Frenchie during morning walk

How Big Should a 6-Month-Old French Bulldog Be?

At six months old, female French Bulldogs should weigh between 12 and 20 pounds, while male French Bulldogs are between 15 and 22 pounds. Both should be 7 to 9 inches in height.

If you find your French Bulldog’s weight exceeds these values, check your dog’s diet and daily activities. Make time to take your dog on regular walks because this will help your French Bulldog lose weight.

How Does Neutering/Spaying Affect My French Bulldog’s Growth?

Neutering and spaying will not affect your French Bulldog’s growth. However, for large breed dogs, spaying and neutering early can make them grow more than they should because their bones are not yet matured.

Meanwhile, having your Frenchie fixed can help address some behavioral issues like marking territories and roaming. This will also prevent unwanted pregnancies for your female Frenchie as well.

What Weight Is Overweight for a French Bulldog?

If your French Bulldog weighs more than 15% of the ideal adult weight, which is 16 to 28 pounds, then your dog is considered overweight. Proper nutrition and regular exercise can address this problem.

It is also best to consult with your veterinarian if you think that your dog is obese. Your vet can help you manage your dog’s weight correctly.

What Size Crate Does a French Bulldog Need?

The ideal crate size for a French Bulldog is 30 inches in length. This should have enough space to allow your dog to rest and stand whenever it wants. But this is not slated in stone.

Your dog’s crate size will still depend on your French Bulldog’s age, height, and weight. If your French Bulldog is the teacup or mini variety, you will need a smaller crate.

Final Thoughts

The French Bulldog growth chart is a great tool that can help pet parents identify the ideal adult weight of their dog. It gives the owner an idea if a Frenchie needs to lose or gain more weight.

However, keep in mind that dogs are individually unique, and some may grow faster or slower than others. It is always best to consult a veterinarian and have your dog checked if there are underlying health issues.

Meanwhile, each stage of growth and development of a dog has its own milestone. It is important for pet parents to understand these changes so the needs of the dog can be met.

Are you familiar with the growth chart and ideal weight of a French Bulldog? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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