Doberman Growth & Weight Chart (Complete Guide)

Three Doberman Pinschers in different sizes

Getting a new Dobie pup can be really exciting, but it’s also a good idea to look at a Doberman puppy growth chart first to get a clear picture of what to expect as your adorable little pup grows.

The Doberman is a large dog breed. It is not just big in terms of its frame but also strong, athletic, and muscular. This makes size considerations even more important than usual.

Thus, before getting a dog of this size, it’s necessary to make sure that your environment and lifestyle are suitable. With that in mind, let’s look at how big a Doberman can grow as well as the implications of owning this big dog.

Doberman Pinscher Growth and Weight Chart by Age

Two Doberman Pinschers sitting side by side

While it is well known that Doberman Pinschers are large dogs, many people are interested in knowing, “How much do Dobermans weigh?”

In addition, there is also an extra large Doberman, called the Warlock Doberman, which makes some dog owners confused about the purebred Doberman size.

For your guidance, here is the Doberman weight chart by age:

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
2 months old15–25 lbs
(7–11.5 kg)
10–20 lbs
(4.5–9 kg)
3 months old25–35 lbs
(11.5–16 kg)
20–30 lbs
(9–13.5 kg)
4 months old40–50 lbs
(18–22.5 kg)
35–45 lbs
(16–20.5 kg)
5 months old45–55 lbs
(20.5–25 kg)
40–50 lbs
(18–22.5 kg)
6 months old50–65 lbs
(22.5–29.5 kg)
45–55 lbs
(20.5–25 kg)
7 months old55–70 lbs
(25–31.5 kg)
50–60 lbs
(22.5–27 kg)
8 months old60–70 lbs
(27–31.5 kg)
55–65 lbs
(25–29.5 kg)
9 months old65–80 lbs
(29.5–36 kg)
60–70 lbs
(27–31.5 kg)
10 months old70–85 lbs
(31.5–38.5 kg)
60–75 lbs
(27–34 kg)
11 months old70–90 lbs
(31.5–41 kg)
60–80 lbs
(27–36 kg)
12 months old75–95 lbs
(34–43 kg)
60–85 lbs
(27–38.5 kg)
Fully grown75–100 lbs
(34–45.5 kg)
60–90 lbs
(27–41 kg)

The values shown on the Doberman growth charts are approximations of what a growing Doberman Pinscher puppy might weigh.

Remember, a Doberman growth chart or a puppy weight calculator can’t always accurately predict or properly assess your dog’s body weight.

Every puppy is different and may develop at its own rate, so you shouldn’t worry whether your Doberman weighs more or less.

Further, there are Doberman types that were bred to be larger than the standard, like the king Doberman. So you can expect that they would normally go beyond these average numbers.

Consult your veterinarian if you are worried about your puppy’s growth to ensure that it is developing normally.

At What Age Are Dobermans Fully Grown?

Doberman Pinschers will be fully mature at the age of two. These large dogs require more time to grow compared to any other dog breed.

Although Doberman Pinschers are regarded as adults and have reached their maximum height at the age of one year, their muscles may still continuously develop and fill up until they reach two years of age.

Due to the development of additional muscle mass throughout the first year until roughly two years of age, adult Dobermans still increase in weight.

During this phase, you’ll notice the formation of thicker legs, a wide, muscular chest, and a bigger, more defined neck.

These changes are more noticeable in European Doberman Pinscher. While an American Doberman Pinscher might also go through this muscle growth and additional weight gain, it will be less noticeable.

How Big Do Full-Grown Dobermans Get? 

Full grown Doberman Pinscher smiling while tongue is out

Due to the individuality of every puppy, it will be impossible to predict a Doberman’s precise size when it is fully grown. The American Kennel Club (AKC), however, established a standard range for all Dobermans.

According to general information provided by the AKC, the male Doberman Pinscher stands tall, between 26 and 28 inches, and weighs between 75 and 100 pounds.

A female Doberman Pinscher, in contrast, is generally smaller and lighter than a male Doberman. It stands between 24 and 26 inches tall and weighs between 60 and 90 pounds.

While a male and female Doberman’s weight and height differ significantly, their overall length may fall in one range. They can measure anywhere between 40 and 46 inches long from their hind legs to their muzzle.

Keep in mind that these data are from observations made about this breed. These are provided to give prospective Doberman owners a general idea of what to anticipate from their dogs.

How Do I Know How Big My Doberman Will Get?

Similar to many other larger dogs, the average Doberman Pinscher size differs significantly between male and female dogs. It has consistently been found that female Dobermans are lighter and smaller than male Dobermans.

Additionally, there are two Doberman subtypes, the American Doberman Pinscher and the European Doberman Pinscher, which divide the dog breed into larger and smaller variations.

Here are other methods for determining how big your Doberman Pinscher will get:

  • Paw Size: The size of your dog’s paws may be a reliable sign that its development spurt is over. If its feet appear out of proportion to the rest of its body, then your Doberman puppy still has more development spurts left. However, if they look the right size for their body, your pup has probably already reached its fully developed form.
  • Parents: Your dog’s parents can be a useful predictor of your dog’s final size. Get in touch with your puppy’s reputable breeder to better understand how big your puppy will get. They will provide you with information on the size of your Doberman Pinscher’s parents and the size of previous litters.
  • Diet: Your dog’s intake throughout the first year of growth can determine whether or not they become larger or smaller than normal. A dog with stunted growth and poor nutrition may get smaller and is typically a candidate to be an underweight dog. In contrast, a dog with a balanced diet can grow larger and be used more frequently as a show dog.
  • DNA Tests: This tool will not 100% predict your Doberman puppy’s adult size. However, when compared to external factors, it is the most reliable method of estimating adult dog size and growth curve. The dog’s genetics can be examined to help researchers forecast the size of a puppy’s adult body more precisely.

If you’d like to predict your Doberman Pinscher’s full-grown size instantly, you can also use an online puppy weight calculator. You will only need to input your puppy’s current age in weeks and weight in pounds.

Doberman Growth and Development by Age (With Pictures)

A newborn Doberman puppy usually weighs between 0.5 and 1.5 pounds. This dog should continuously consume small amounts of milk, usually every one to two hours, to promote its growth and metabolism.

A veterinarian docks the tails and removes the dewclaws of a Doberman puppy at around three to five days. These processes are typically performed on young pups because their bones have not fully developed yet.

A Doberman grows rapidly, and you’ll be surprised by the evident changes that happen at every stage of its life:

2-Month-Old Doberman 

2 month old Doberman puppy

At this age, the average puppy weight of a Doberman breed is at least ten pounds. This dog is completely weaned and should consume 5 to 6 small meals of puppy food daily to support its fast-growing body.

In addition, the Doberman’s ears are usually cropped at this time. I have had a chance to discuss this with a breeder colleague specializing in breeding both American and European lines of Dobermans.

I was able to ask him about the practice of ear cropping in Doberman and if there is more to just the aesthetic value of ear cropping in the breed. He mentioned that due to its nature of having floppy ears, this dog is prone to ear infections.

Hence, he himself, like any other owners of the breed, practices ear cropping to prevent dirt from getting stuck in the ear canal.

Check out this video to witness the development of Doberman Pinscher puppies from their first week to their eighth week:

Doberman pinscher puppies growing to 8 weeks

3-Month-Old Doberman

3 month old Doberman puppy

Most puppies begin their teething process at about three months of age. During this process, the baby teeth fall out, and new permanent teeth grow. As a result, the Doberman puppies’ new teeth will be stronger.

With this change, you can gradually transition your Dobie from puppy to dog food. Dobies at this age can also switch to eating only three times each day instead of four because they will require fewer calories daily.

The ideal puppy weight of a Doberman at this point is 20 to 35 pounds. Your Doberman Pinscher puppy also needs to be fully socialized during this month because this is the stage where it starts to learn how to be fearful.

Because of that, dog owners must teach their pups potty training, bite training, and puppy socialization. Additionally, they need to start preparing their Dobies for their first immunizations.

4-Month-Old Doberman

4 month old Doberman puppy

At about four months old, your puppy begins to lose its typical puppy appearance and starts to resemble a similar mini version of its adult self. The usual Doberman weight at this age is between 35 and 50 pounds.

Moreover, Doberman puppies tend to venture off on their own at this age as they become more independent of their dog owners.

When this time comes, keep your Doberman Pinscher puppy on a leash until it figures out how to come running back to you or doesn’t show any signs of wanting to run away.

6-Month-Old Doberman

6 month old Doberman puppy

A six-month-old Doberman Pinscher puppy is roughly half to three-quarters of its eventual height. While it is challenging to provide precise numbers, it appears to be slightly smaller than an adult.

The Doberman Pinscher shouldn’t be overweight or too skinny. When you press in on the sides, you ought to “feel” his ribs. The weight of an average 6-month-old Doberman should be in the range of 45 to 65 pounds.

A Doberman at this age would most likely have two meals of high-quality dog food daily, with perhaps a snack of a few crackers in between. You must keep an eye on the dog’s weight and overall health because it is prone to obesity.

Additionally, this is the ideal time to spay or neuter the puppy, depending on gender. On the recommendation of your veterinarian, this procedure may be performed sooner.

10-Month-Old Doberman

10 month old Doberman puppy

Throughout this time, Dobie puppies are still growing and maturing. The females are typically almost finished increasing in height, but they will continue to gain weight and mature over the next year.

Male Doberman Pinschers will also continue to develop throughout the following year. Some may even add a little bit of height until they reach their adult maximum.

However, you should know that overfeeding your pup won’t increase Doberman Pinscher size. In fact, this will only lead to health issues and a lower quality of life.

The only way to ensure that your dog grows to the full potential of his genetic makeup is to feed him the proper amount of dog food at the right time.

Male Doberman Pinschers should be at least 27.5 inches tall, while females should be 25.5 inches tall. Over the following years, both male and female weights will increase, with males’ weights rising more rapidly.

12-Month-Old Doberman 

12 month old Doberman

Generally, Dobermans stop growing when they reach the age of one. However, this is not true in all cases.

Though an adult Doberman may have reached its mature height, males and females may still continue gaining weight and more muscle mass.

At this age, an adult Doberman has most likely already developed a link with its owner. This means your dog will adore spending time with you and is fiercely devoted to you.

A male Doberman Pinscher is deemed to be in its full-grown weight at around the age of three. In contrast, the adult weight of a female Doberman Pinscher may come earlier at around the age of two to three.

24-Month-Old Doberman (Fully Grown)

24 month old Doberman

The Doberman is at its best and most developed during this stage of maturity. This large dog is quite active and participates in most family activities as well as competitions for obedience and agility.

A female Doberman Pinscher has an adult weight of anywhere between 60 and 90 pounds at full maturity. This dog measures between 24 and 26 inches tall.

In contrast, a male Doberman Pinscher is between 26 and 28 inches tall and weighs between 75 and 100 pounds.

If you are wondering why some full-grown Dobermans weigh more than 100 pounds, that is because it may be a European variant. Surprisingly, the adult weight of a European Doberman may even rise to 105 pounds.

Familiarizing yourself with how to get your dog’s body mass index will enable you to assess how much fat it carries. Additionally, it might assist you in matching its adult weights with the breed standard weights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fully grown Doberman Pinscher side profile

How Big Should a 6-Month-Old Doberman Be?

Ideally, a male six-month-old Doberman Pinscher should stand around 26 to 28 inches and weigh between 50 and 65 pounds.

On the other hand, a six-month-old female Doberman Pinscher should stand at around 24 to 26 inches and weigh between 45 and 55 pounds.

How Does Neutering/Spaying Affect My Doberman’s Growth?

Early spaying or neutering will prevent your Doberman Pinscher puppy from growing normally. In fact, the joints of large breed dogs might be affected.

Studies show that sterilizing a dog before its maturity may prevent some of its growth plates from closing on time, causing the dog to grow taller than it should have. However, this can lead to various joint issues in the long run.

What Weight Is Overweight for a Doberman?

A Doberman is considered overweight if its weight exceeds the average for its age. A better way to determine if your Dobie is underweight dogs or overweight is by evaluating its appearance.

If your dog falls under the over-ideal body condition score, introduce them to a healthier way of life to achieve a healthy weight.

Invest in a dog scale so you can keep an eye on your Doberman’s weight when you start reducing its weight gain.

What Size Crate Does a Doberman Need?

The size of the dog crate will depend on how large your Doberman Pinscher will be. This should always be the basis to ensure that it will be comfortable once it gets in the crate.

But, if your dog is already a full-grown Doberman Pinscher, it will require the biggest crates, which range in size from 48 by 24 to 72 by 36 inches.

Final Thoughts

Doberman Pinschers are among the largest and most powerful dog breeds. But before you see its fully grown form, you have to wait for at least a year or two. These canines need more time to mature due to their size.

Having a Doberman growth chart can help you track if your pooch is at the ideal weight and height. Remember that every puppy is unique and has a different growth rate.

Also, it is crucial to understand that your dog doesn’t need to grow and put on weight right away. Attempting to accelerate its growth often results in health issues that can develop into life-threatening diseases.

Does your dog’s growth rate match its age? Comment below and let us know how you keep track of your Doberman weight and size.

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