How Much Does a Dogo Argentino Cost? (2024 Updated)

Dogo Argentino price how much does a Dogo Argentino cost

The Dogo Argentino has been a popular breed for quite some time — which means more and more people have been asking the same question: “How much does a Dogo Argentino cost?”

Also known as the Argentine Dogo or the Argentinian Mastiff, this large, athletic breed is in great demand for its excellence as a hunting dog. Unsurprisingly, this means that this Argentinian breed comes at a great price. 

The costs of an Argentino Dogo can get quite tricky. Luckily, this article has everything you need to know about the expenses behind owning this breed — from initial costs and annual expenses to money-saving tips and more. 

How Much Does a Dogo Argentino Puppy Cost?

How much does a Dogo Argentino puppy cost

Usually, the prices of Dogo Argentino puppies from reputable breeders range anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000. This price is typically inclusive of registration certificates, health papers, and pedigree documents. Some breeders may also give away initial supplies like food, toys, and treats. 

Although this price range can already be considered quite steep, some reputable breeders may charge even more for puppies from champion bloodlines or exceptional lineage.

Some Dogo Argentino puppies from superior bloodlines can cost up to $7,500. In other words, the Dogo Argentino price is on the more expensive end of the spectrum compared to other dog breeds. 

This high price tag can be accounted for by the Dogo Argentino’s size as well as their reputation for being skilled, versatile dogs — traits that make the breed very popular and in demand. 

Additionally, these costs can vary widely depending on several other factors, such as the breeder’s reputation, breed certifications or kennel club papers, location, age, gender, and whether the dog has been trained or not.

For instance, some breeders may charge more for a male Dogo Argentino due to higher demands. 

When shopping for Dogo puppies, It’s important to do your research and find a reputable breeder who health-tests their dogs and has a good reputation in the dog breeding community.

As much as possible, avoid purchasing from non-credible pet stores, as these dogs may come from puppy mills or backyard breeders. 

For more information about Dogo Argentino price, refer to the video below: 


How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Dogo Argentino From a Shelter? 

The adoption fee for a Dogo Argentino from a rescue or shelter may range from $200 to $500. These costs can vary depending on the specific organization and location. 

For example, some organizations may charge more or less depending on a dog’s needs, age, and medical history. Fortunately, most adoption fees often include basic medical care and spay/neuter services.

Adopting an adult Dogo Argentino dog from a rescue or shelter can be a great way to give these pups a second chance while also saving money compared to purchasing a Dogo Argentino puppy from a breeder. 

Additionally, many rescue organizations will provide some training and support to help you and your new dog adjust to life together.

First-Time Expenses of Dogo Argentino Ownership

First time expenses of Dogo Argentino ownership

Aside from the initial Dogo Argentino price itself, several other expenses come with owning Dogo Argentino pups. Just like other dogs, they require basic necessities like food, beds, health care, and so on. 

Here is a list of first-time expenses that may arise when owning a Dogo Argentino: 

  • Food and Treats: Dogo Argentinos are large dogs that require a lot of quality food and dog treats to fuel them and their energy levels. Foods that are rich in protein and healthy fats work best for this breed. Usually, a Dogo Argentino dog’s food expenses can range anywhere between $80 and $150. 
  • Bowls: Investing in food and water bowls can help you save money in the long run, so it is best to purchase premium items rather than settling for cheaper versions. High-quality food and water bowls will set you back $15 to $40. 
  • Toys: Providing your Dogo Argentino with a wide range of toys can help keep them mentally stimulated and entertained. Chew toys are especially recommended for the bite force of the mighty Dogo Argentino. Expect to spend between $30 and $100 for high-quality dog toys.
  • Beds: As a large dog breed, an appropriately-sized bed to rest in after expending its energy throughout the day is essential. Bigger beds tend to be more expensive, so set aside at least $50 to $300 for a comfortable bed for your Dogo pup. 
  • Collars and Leashes: Bull Terrier blood runs within this breed, so expect these dogs to be muscular and strong. To keep your dog in check, purchase heavy-duty collars, leashes, and harnesses for it. Set aside around $15 to $50 for a durable yet comfortable Dogo Argentino harness, collar, and leash. 
  • Crates and Carriers: These items can be used in potty training and preventing separation anxiety in dogs. As with beds, size-appropriate crates and carriers are needed by these pups. These may cost you anywhere between $60 and $500. 
  • Grooming Essentials: Depending on your Dogo Argentino’s coat type, you may need to groom them regularly to prevent matting and keep their coat healthy. You may need to invest in grooming tools or take your dog to a professional groomer, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $250 per session.
  • Initial Vet Visits: Once you bring your Dogo puppy home, you will need to take them to the vet for a wellness check-up. These dogs are prone to pigment-related deafness, so an initial vet visit is recommended to address any health problems at an early age. These expenses can vary widely, so set aside at least $100 to $500.
  • Initial Vaccine Shots: Typically, most breeders or shelters will administer initial vaccine shots to Dogo Argentino puppies as part of their health care routine. However, if your Dogo Argentino has not been vaccinated, expect to spend anywhere between $50 and $300 for initial vaccine shots. 
  • Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications: Aside from the usual vaccinations and health tests Dogo Argentinos need, these procedures are crucial in maintaining the wellness of your pup as well as preventing further complications. If the breeder or seller has not administered these medications yet, it can cost you about $40 to $300. 
  • Neutering or Spaying: Neutering or spaying helps prevent the development of reproductive health problems and unexpected dog pregnancies. Depending on the age and weight of your Dogo Argentiono, this surgery can cost anywhere from $50 to $500.
  • Microchipping: Microchips are implantable computer chips that help pet owners keep track of their dog’s location at all times, which is crucial if it ever gets lost or stolen. Some quality breeders may already provide microchipping services to their Dogo puppies. If not, this can set you back around $40 to $60. 
  • Dog License: Similar to microchipping, acquiring a dog license provides authorities, animal control, and shelters the necessary information to identify your dog in the event that it gets lost or stolen. This document may cost anywhere between $10 and $20. 
  • Other Essentials: Other essentials such as pet insurance, professional grooming fees, pet trackers, and more may run you $30 to $80 initially. 

Here is a summary of the initial expenses associated with owning a Dogo Argentino: 

Type of ExpenseCost 
Food and Treats$80 – $150
Bowls$15 – $40
Toys$30 – $100
Beds$50 – $300
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$60 – $500
Grooming Essentials$50 – $250
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $300
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$30 – $80
Total Initial Cost$620 – $3,150

The pricey range is largely due to the size and needs of these large, energetic dogs. However, these expenses are just estimates and may vary depending on your location and individual circumstances. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that owning a Dogo Argentino is a long-term commitment. On top of these initial expenses, you also have to consider the recurring expenses associated with owning this large dog.

Further, taking care of dogs for most of my life, I highly suggest not to skimp on the quality of materials for your puppies. Buying items for your dogs

Annual Cost of Owning a Dogo Argentino 

Annual cost of owning a Dogo Argentino

Just like any other dog breed, the first year of owning a Dogo Argentino will be the most expensive because puppies require more veterinary care and one-time purchases.

After this period, however, the price of owning this dog breed decreases. Recurring expenses such as food, routine health checks, or grooming essentials are the biggest expenses in the succeeding years. 

Refer to the table below for a summary of the estimated annual costs of owning a Dogo Argentino:

Type of ExpenseYearly Estimate
Food and Treats$900 – $1,500
Routine Veterinary Care$200 – $600
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$150 – $500
Vaccinations$100 – $250
Grooming Essentials$200 – $600
Leashes and Collars$50 – $100
Beds and Crates$300 – $800
Toys$100 – $300
Pet Insurance$800 – $1,500
Other Essentials$50 – $100
Yearly Total$2,850 – $6,250
Average Monthly Cost$237 – $520

As seen in the table above, food and treats cost the most out of the annual costs of owning this breed. This is because Dogo Argentinos tend to eat larger portions of food to maintain and fuel their large size. 

Aside from this, pet insurance is also a major financial responsibility. Although this is an optional expense, pet insurance is important in minimizing vet expenses in case a Dogo Argentino falls sick or injured.

This is especially helpful in the event that a Dogo Argentino develops disorders common to the breed, such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV).

The average monthly costs may seem quite steep, but these expenditures greatly contribute to the overall happiness, health, and well-being of your Dogo Argentino.

Other Potential Expenses to Consider

Most of the items and expenditures listed so far are considered necessities that come with owning Dogo Argentino dogs. As the pup grows and develops, however, additional expenses can appear from time to time. 

Here are some potential expenses to consider when owning a Dogo Argentino:

  • Obedience Training: Although this breed is not particularly known for being aggressive dogs, they still require proper training and socialization to become well-behaved and well-adjusted pets, especially in households with children and small animals. Obedience classes and one-on-one sessions can cost about $50 to $200 per session.
  • Pet Daycare or Sitters: Dogo Argentino owners who travel frequently or leave their dogs for extended periods should consider the costs of boarding their pets at pet daycares or pet sitters. These can range from $20 to $30 a day. 
  • Emergency Medical Costs: In case of unexpected injuries or illnesses, having emergency medical funds set aside can be a great help, especially if your Dogo pup does not have pet insurance. 
  • Dog Shows: The Dogo Argentino is a descendant of the Cordoba Fighting Dog, crossed with skilled breeds like the Boxer and Great Dane, to name a few. In other words, these dogs have great potential to compete and excel in dog shows. Entry fees may cost anywhere between $35 and $50. 
  • Home Modifications: As mentioned earlier, Dogo Argentinos are large dogs that require a lot of space, both indoors and outdoors. In case your current home cannot accommodate your dog’s needs, you may need to make modifications, such as installing a dog door or building a secure fence.

I recall my friend who has a pair of Dogo Argentinos and has been asked to report back to the office after the pandemic. To ensure the health of his dogs despite having a busy schedule, he hired a dog walker to take his dogs for their usual afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

This unexpected cost held him back by about $40 to $45 for a 30-minute walk and around $50 if they were to be taken to the dog park. He mentioned that he did not mind this expense so long as his dogs were physically and mentally healthy, which is a mark of responsible dog ownership.

Remember that most of these expenses are optional, but they can significantly improve a Dogo pup’s standard of living. However, owners on a tight budget can do away with most of these expenses as long as they still cater to their dog’s needs. 

Best Places to Find Dogo Argentino Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Places to find Dogo Argentino puppies for sale

In this day and age, finding a Dogo Argentino for sale or adoption is an easy task. This dog breed has been slowly rising in popularity through the years, which means there is no shortage of places to find this excellent breed.

A credible, experienced breeder is the best place to find Dogo puppies for sale. Thus, it is important to look for reputable breeders with ethical practices that adhere to the breed standards.

Patronizing puppy mills and backyard breeders are generally discouraged, as these sources typically do not offer the same standard of health and care in breeding and raising puppies. 

Here are some of the best places to find a Dogo Argentino puppy for sale: 

  • AKC Marketplace – The AKC Marketplace is an online platform that connects potential dog buyers with reputable breeders. The marketplace offers a wide variety of purebred dogs like the Dogo Argentino. The AKC Marketplace aims to promote ethical breeding practices and help dogs find loving and responsible homes.
  • Circle S Kennels – Located in Heber Springs, Arkansas, these high-quality breeders boast an impressive resume consisting of champion-line, authentic Dogo Argentinos born in Córdoba, Argentina. They strive to breed, raise, and train high-quality Dogo Argentinos, especially in developing the dogs’ skills in hunting, police work, and protection. 
  • Schaffer Ridge Dogo Kennel – This kennel offers Dogo Argentino puppies from a pure bloodline with breed certification from the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Federación Cinológica Argentina (FCA). Each Dogo puppy from this kennel comes micro-chipped and with a complete health certificate and vaccinations. 

Adoption is also a great option for potential Dogo Argentino owners. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but it is also a chance to rescue an animal in need to give it a happy and healthy life.

Most shelters or rescues may only have adult dogs available, but rest assured that most of these organizations typically take measures to rehabilitate their rescues to prepare them for their future forever homes. 

Here are some places where you can find a Dogo Argentino for adoption: 

  • Petfinder – Since its launch in 1996, Petfinder has become a leading resource for pet adoption in North America. This online database can connect users to adoptable Dogo Argentinos and other pets from rescues and animal shelters by allowing users to search based on their location, species, breed, age, size, and other characteristics. 
  • DC Dogos, Inc. – Based in Tampa, Florida, DC Dogos, Inc. is a non-profit, nationwide rescue organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes neglected or abandoned Dogo Argentinos. Each rescue receives complete veterinary care and is kept in a kennel-in-home environment to ensure a healthy transition from foster homes to forever homes.
  • The No Kill Network – The No Kill Network is an online directory of ethical, no-kill shelters in the United States. Their mission is to promote organizations and rescue groups that help animals get the forever homes they deserve. That said, this platform shows listings of breeds like the Dogo Argentino that will redirect users to their respective shelters. 

Whether you are buying or adopting, always assess the credibility of the breeder or rescue organization you are dealing with. Don’t forget to ask and learn about their programs and practices, especially when it concerns the dog’s health.

This will ensure that you are getting your Dogo pup from a reputable and ethical source, unlike those that come from puppy mills or experimental breeders. 

Money-Saving Tips for Dogo Argentino Owners

As you have learned in this article, owning a Dogo Argentino can be expensive, especially if owners do not have a financial plan in mind for taking care of this large dog breed. 

Fortunately, there are some money-saving methods that dog owners can follow to help keep costs down while still providing their dogs with a happy and healthy life. 

Here are some money-saving tips that will help you cut down on your Dogo Argentino expenses: 

  • Buy in bulk: When purchasing dog food, treats, and other supplies, buying in bulk can save you money in the long run. Consider purchasing larger bags of dog food or larger quantities of other supplies, which can often come at a lower cost per unit.
  • Keep up with preventative care: Regular preventative care, such as annual veterinary check-ups, vaccines, and flea/tick prevention, can help catch any health problems early on, potentially saving you money on more expensive treatments down the road.
  • Groom your Dogo Argentino at home: Rather than taking your Dogo Argentino to a professional groomer, learn how to groom your dog at home. This can save you money on grooming fees and also help you bond with your dog. Fortunately, the Dogo Argentino appearance consists of a smooth white coat that is low-maintenance and easy to groom. 
  • Use DIY toys and treats: A Dogo Argentino requires ample amounts of physical and mental stimulation, so toys and treats are a must. To keep your Dogo Argentino entertained and engaged in a more cost-effective way, try toy and treat recipes that you can make at home using common household ingredients.
  • Consider pet insurance: While pet insurance comes with a monthly premium, it can potentially save you a lot of money in the event of an unexpected injury or illness. Be sure to shop around for a policy that fits your needs and budget.

Remember, providing your Dogo Argentino with proper care and attention is essential to their health and happiness. While there are ways to save money, it must not come at the cost of your dog not having its basic needs met. 

Final Thoughts

For most pet lovers, spending money on a beloved animal is not an issue. However, being financially unprepared to take on the responsibility of a pet can negatively affect its health and well-being.

The Dogo Argentino price is a complex topic that can vary greatly depending on various factors. Regardless, owning this breed can surely put a dent in your pocket if you do not have a solid financial plan set.

Thus, having a clear idea of the estimated costs and expenses of owning this breed is a significant factor in preparing for Dogo Argentino ownership. 

For those with experiences and insights on Dogo Argentino costs, feel free to share your financial tips and tricks in the comment section below! 

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