How Much Does a Samoyed Cost? (2024 Updated)

Samoyed price how much does a Samoyed cost

A high-maintenance dog like the Samoyed costs more than your average dog breed — but once you get a Samoyed, you will soon learn that it is well worth the price.

Like any other dog, taking care of a Samoyed requires effort, time, and resources. For that reason, those interested in getting a Samoyed in the future should first do diligent research and prepare for the costs of owning one of these gorgeous dogs. 

If you are one of the many hopeful Samoyed owners, you have come to the right place. Read until the end to find out more about Samoyed costs, including its initial price, annual expenses, money-saving tips, and so much more! 

How Much Does a Samoyed Puppy Cost?

How much does a Samoyed puppy cost

Samoyed puppies generally cost anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000 from a reputable breeder. However, some breeders may charge a premium price of up to $6,000 for particularly high-quality Samoyeds. 

As with other dog breeds, the cost of getting a Samoyed puppy varies depending on the reputability of the breeder, the location and demand for the breed, and the puppy’s lineage. 

When buying from a good breeder, these costs typically include puppy expenses like initial vaccinations, veterinary care, microchipping, and a variety of health tests to ensure that the Samoyed puppy is of good health and conformation. 

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Samoyed From a Shelter? 

When adopting a Samoyed puppy from a rescue or shelter, the cost is typically lower than purchasing from a breeder. The cost of adopting a Samoyed ranges from $200 to $500, although some may reach up to $1,000. 

Similar to the cost of buying a Samoyed puppy from a breeder, these adoption fees can vary depending on the organization, location, and the specific circumstances of the dog. 

For instance, some organizations may have additional requirements or fees for home visits or training classes.

Having volunteered for different rescue groups, their adoption fees help cover expenses for vaccinations, spaying/neutering services, and microchipping. In fact, many of these organizations count on these fees for the rehabilitation of the dogs they rescue.

First-Time Expenses of Samoyed Ownership

First time expenses of Samoyed ownership

Aside from the puppy price, first-time owners should also take note of the first-time expenses to consider when owning a Samoyed puppy. 

Typically, most necessities should be bought before taking a Samoyed puppy home. This is to ensure that the dog has the right items and accessories needed to transition into its new home properly.

To help you get started, here is a detailed list of the usual first-time expenses of owning a Samoyed: 

  • Food and Treats: Due to their size, Samoyeds require a nutritious, filling diet to fuel their high activity levels. The cost of high-quality dog food and treats can range from $70 to $110, depending on the brand, size of the dog, and any dietary needs they may have.
  • Bowls: To save money in the future, it is best to buy durable food and water bowls for your Samoyed. For appropriately sized bowls that can withstand years of usage, you can expect to pay $10 to $30. 
  • Toys: Samoyeds are active and intelligent dogs that require mental and physical stimulation. Budget for toys, chews, and replacement supplies as needed, which can cost around $30 to $60.
  • Beds: As mentioned earlier, Samoyeds are medium-sized dogs. Thus, dog beds should be sized accordingly. A comfortable and high-quality dog bed can set you back anywhere between $40 and $200. 
  • Collars and Leashes: Dog collars are a must when buying any dog, but a heavy-duty leash or harness is best for the high-energy Samoyed. For this, expect to pay around $15 to $50. 
  • Crates and Carriers: Dog crates and carriers are required if you wish to travel with your Samoyed in the future. Furthermore, crate training can provide your Samoyed with a calm and comfortable environment when it needs it. A good quality crate or carrier costs anywhere between $50 and $370.
  • Grooming Essentials: Samoyeds have a thick double coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain their coat’s health. Professional grooming services can set you back at least $50 to $160 for a dog of this size. 
  • Initial Vet Visits: After getting a Samoyed, an initial health check-up is recommended to ensure that the puppy does not have any existing or developing health issues. This initial visit may cost around $100 to $500. 
  • Initial Vaccine Shots: If the breeder does not provide the first round of vaccinations for your Samoyed puppy, you may have to pay for it out of pocket. Set aside $50 to $200 to cover the costs of these necessary vaccine shots. 
  • Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications: Deworming, flea, and tick medications are preventative measures to ensure the health and wellness of your Samoyed in the long run. For these medications, expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $300. 
  • Neutering or Spaying: Depending on the gender of your Samoyed, it will need either neutering or spaying. This surgery prevents unexpected pregnancies and reduces the risk of reproductive health issues. As this is a medical procedure, it may cost at least $50 to $500. 
  • Microchipping: Microchips are tiny implants that are typically provided by most reputable breeders. If not, microchipping your Samoyed for identification purposes typically costs around $40 to $60.
  • Dog License: Some states require dog licenses, which help local authorities to identify your dog in case it gets lost or stolen. This will only set you back around $10 to $20. 
  • Other Essentials: There are several miscellaneous items that you may need when owning a Samoyed. These items can include poop bags, poop scoopers, and pet sanitizers, to name a few. Set aside $20 to $50 for these essentials. 

Here is a brief summary of the initial expenses your Samoyed will need and their estimated costs: 

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$70 – $110
Bowls$10 – $30
Toys$30 – $60
Beds$40 – $200
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$50 – $370
Grooming Essentials$50 – $160
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $200
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$20 – $50
Total Initial Cost$505 – $2,610

Keep in mind that these are approximate costs and can vary depending on your location and specific choices. However, it is best to buy premium, high-quality, and durable items that do not need to be replaced frequently. 

Having an idea of the costs of owning a Samoyed will help you budget and prepare for its ongoing expenses throughout its lifetime.

Annual Cost of Owning a Samoyed 

Annual cost of owning a Samoyed

Getting a Samoyed is not a one-time purchase. The average lifespan of a Samoyed is 12 to 14 years, which means the expenses of owning one will go on and on throughout its lifetime. 

Thus, hopeful Samoyed owners should be aware not only of the initial expenses but also of the annual costs to consider when owning a Samoyed. 

Here is a summary of the yearly estimated costs once you have a Samoyed: 

Type of ExpenseYearly Estimate
Food and Treats$500 – $1,000
Routine Veterinary Care$200 – $600
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$150 – $400
Vaccinations$100 – $250
Grooming Essentials$150 – $450
Leashes and Collars$25 – $70
Beds and Crates$150 – $500
Toys$50 – $200
Pet Insurance$500 – $900
Other Essentials$50 – $80
Yearly Total$1,875 – $4,450
Average Monthly Cost$156 – $370

These estimates are general and can vary based on your location, the specific needs of your Samoyed, and your personal preferences. However, it is important to regularly assess your dog’s needs to ensure they receive the utmost care.

Aside from the items listed above, consider setting aside funds for emergency veterinary expenses. Unexpected illnesses or accidents can put a dent in your pocket if you are not adequately prepared. 

Alternatively, pet insurance can help cover some major medical costs, as it will offset any unexpected veterinary expenses. The cost of insurance premiums can vary but may range from $200 to $600 annually.

Although this is an additional expense, pet insurance provides assurance and peace of mind that your Samoyed can get medical help when needed. Research different pet insurance providers and choose a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Other Potential Expenses to Consider

In addition to the annual costs mentioned earlier, there are a few other potential expenses to consider when owning a Samoyed. 

Depending on your location, lifestyle, and circumstances, certain items or services may arise unexpectedly.

Here are a few potential expenses that may come up once you have a Samoyed:

  • Kennel Club Registration: Some municipalities require dog owners to license and register their pets. The fees for licensing and registration can vary depending on your location, ranging from $10 to $50 annually.
  • Boarding or Pet Sitting: If you need to travel or be away from home, you might need to arrange for boarding or pet-sitting services for your Samoyed. The cost of boarding or pet sitting can vary depending on the duration of the stay and the facility or service provider.
  • Travel Expenses: If you plan to travel with your Samoyed, you may incur additional costs for transportation, such as airline fees for pet travel or gas expenses for road trips. The costs will depend on the mode of transportation and the specific requirements of the travel.
  • Home Repairs and Replacements: Samoyeds are active dogs that may engage in rough play and can potentially damage or destroy items in your home. Be prepared for potential costs related to repairing or replacing furniture, household items, or toys that may get damaged.
  • Training and Socialization: Ongoing training and socialization are important for Samoyeds. This can include obedience classes, training aids, and enrichment activities. The cost of training and socialization can range from $100 to $300.

Although these are optional, it is still important to consider these potential expenses and budget accordingly so that you can ensure the best care for your Samoyed.

Best Places to Find Samoyed Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Places to find Samoyed puppies for sale

If you are financially prepared for the responsibility of owning and taking care of a Samoyed, then the next step is to find one from a reputable breeder or an ethical shelter. 

Samoyeds have been ranked among the top 50 most popular dogs in the United States, so it does not come as a surprise that there are plenty of Samoyed breeders and Samoyed-specific rescue organizations around the country. 

If you are looking to buy a Samoyed, here are a few recommended platforms and breeders that offer Samoyed puppies for sale:

  • AKC Marketplace – Run by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the AKC Marketplace is an online platform where users can find credible, AKC-approved breeders selling Samoyed puppies. Each listing includes detailed descriptions of the Samoyed, such as age, gender, background, and pedigree. 
  • WyteRose Samoyeds – WyteRose Samoyeds began as an advocacy against puppy mills and unethical breeders. Since 2010, they have offered Samoyed puppies with quality health, conformation, and temperament in mind. With each puppy purchase, they offer a package that includes complete documentation, training tools, puppy equipment, dog food, and supplements. 
  • White Spirit Samoyeds – Based in California and Ohio, White Spirit Samoyeds has been the home of many AKC Champion Samoyeds since 2001. Most of their puppies come from champion bloodlines, so you can be assured of the quality of these Samoyed puppies both as pet companions and show dogs. 

For more recognized Samoyed breeders, you can also refer to the breeder directory found on the Samoyed Club of America (SCA) website. Their directory lists breeders by location and provides details and contact information of the breeder.

On the other hand, if you are leaning towards adoption, there are several Samoyed-specific shelters and rescue organizations where you can find a Samoyed to adopt:

  • Buckeye Samoyed Rescue (BSR) – The Buckeye Samoyed Rescue is a non-profit organization that has rehomed over 150 Samoyeds since it was founded in 2015. Above all, they value finding the right forever homes for their Samoyeds and conduct regular check-ups with all adopters to ensure that their pups are well-loved and cared for. 
  • Denver Samoyed Rescue (DSR) – Founded in 1993, the Denver Samoyed Rescue is a rescue referral organization that works with local shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals to place neglected and abandoned Samoyeds with quality forever homes. They are also advocates of educating the public about the Samoyed breed, providing free education on their website. 
  • Samoyed Rescue of Southern California (SRSC) – Having rehomed over 439 Samoyeds since 1989, the Samoyed Rescue of Southern California has been a staple in the Samoyed rescue community. Thanks to the dedication of their volunteers, their Samoyed rescues are provided with medical care, sustenance, and shelter before being placed into permanent homes. 

You can also check out other Samoyed rescue organizations listed on the Samoyed Club of America (SCA) website. 

Money-Saving Tips for Samoyed Owners

There are ways to save money without compromising the health and welfare of your Samoyed pup. Although these methods may require additional efforts and resources, they can significantly help you reduce costs in the long run. 

Here are some money-saving tips for Samoyed owners:

  • Learn how to groom your Samoyed yourself. Samoyeds require regular maintenance to keep their appearance and health in top shape. Learning to groom your Samoyed at home can save money on professional grooming services. For this, it is best to invest in quality grooming tools and learn basic grooming techniques through online resources or books. 
  • Do not skip out on preventative care. Taking a proactive approach to your Samoyed’s health can help prevent costly veterinary bills down the road. Keep up with regular vaccinations, deworming, and flea and tick prevention to avoid potential health issues. Additionally, maintain a healthy diet, provide regular exercise, and keep up with dental care to promote overall wellness.
  • Buy in bulk and seek discounts. Buying pet supplies in bulk or taking advantage of sales and discounts can save money in the long run. Stock up on essentials such as food, treats, and grooming supplies, especially when there are promotions or discounts available. Try searching for vouchers and discounts at online pet supply stores. 
  • Consider DIY training. Instead of enrolling your Samoyed in expensive training classes or purchasing pricey toys, consider DIY training and enrichment activities. There are plenty of online resources and tutorials available that can help you train and entertain your Samoyed while keeping them mentally and physically stimulated at home. 
  • Exercise regularly. Samoyeds are active dogs that require regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Make sure to provide daily exercise through walks, hikes, or playtime in a safe and secure area. This helps prevent destructive behavior that may lead to costly damage to your home or belongings.

By implementing these money-saving tips and being mindful of your Samoyed’s needs, you can still provide them with a happy and healthy life while keeping costs under control.

Final Thoughts

Samoyeds are bright bundles of fur that can bring joy to anyone’s life. However, owning a Samoyed is not just a privilege — it is also a responsibility. 

Thus, every Samoyed owner should be able to provide for their Samoyed, especially when it comes to pet expenses. 

Providing premium, high-quality pet supplies and accessories is the first step in ensuring your Samoyed’s health and happiness.

Learning about these costs is a great way to budget and plan accordingly before getting a Samoyed. Being financially prepared gives you the peace of mind that you can take care of your Samoyed and give it the life it deserves. 

After reading this article, do you agree that the overall Samoyed cost is worth it for this gorgeous breed? Tell us your thoughts and insights in the comment section below! 

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