10 Best Mastiff Breeders (2024 Updated)

Mastiff breeders top picks

When searching for the best Mastiff breeder in the United States, it’s crucial to explore only trustworthy sources. It’s a critical step to minimize the chances of acquiring an unhealthy pet and avoid puppy scams.

It’s important to note, before starting your search, that finding reliable sources for a Mastiff puppy for sale won’t be a walk in the park. 

As there are a lot of backyard breeders in existence, sifting through the available sources can be challenging.

Fortunately, this guide will help you get a head start. In this article, we’ll dive into the most reputable Mastiff sources in the country. We’ll also provide their contact details for your convenience. Let’s start!

10 Best Places to Buy Mastiff Puppies

Places to buy Mastiff puppies

The Mastiff breeders listed below are seasoned experts who have been in the pet breeding industry for many years. 

On top of breeding and raising Mastiffs, these trustworthy kennels are also strong competitors in dog shows and events. 

Additionally, all the breeders listed here are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). This recognition serves as a testament to their passion for the breed and their ethical breeding practices. 

1. Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs – Missouri

Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs, an esteemed kennel located in the heart of Strafford, Missouri, has been breeding high-quality Mastiffs since 1979. Each pup from Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs isn’t just a pet; it’s a shining example of its breed.

This reputable establishment, run by the passionate Dr. Karin Caddell, focuses on the Mastiff breed’s well-rounded nature. 

Every pet parent that chooses Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs is ensured a healthy, well-bred companion, descended from champions and tested for health clearances. 

The kennel’s careful breeding program accentuates the Mastiff’s striking features, robust physique, and relaxed “couch potato” temperament, along with exceptional health and movement. 

With over 40 years of experience, this kennel’s commitment to quality ensures that each Mastiff is conformationally correct, making them ideal candidates for dog shows.

On occasion, Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs offers adult or young Mastiffs for adoption, adhering strictly to all necessary health checks and sterilization procedures.

Another testament to this kennel’s reputation is its active membership in the Ozark Kennel Club and regular participation in various AKC events. Check out their application form and gallery for more information.

Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

2. Johnson Farms Mastiffs – Maryland

In the scenic town of Leonardtown, Maryland, resides the prominent Johnson Farms Mastiffs, a kennel known for producing high-quality English Mastiffs.

Sharon Johnson, the main caretaker of the kennel, has been overseeing Johnson Farms Mastiffs since 1990. Like others on this list, this kennel prides itself on prioritizing the health and genetics of their dogs. 

In fact, they boast at least six generations of Mastiffs with no trace of hip dysplasia, rigorously tested for genetic and phenotypic characteristics. 

Additionally, the Johnson Farms team commits to their puppies’ health, providing initial parvo-distemper vaccinations, microchipping, and regular deworming at intervals of two, four, and six weeks old. 

If you want to learn more about their health-centered approach to breeding, feel free to view the health certificates of their dogs on their website. 

Needless to say, the team at Johnson Farms regards their Mastiffs not simply as dogs for sale but as family members. Raised in their expansive rural home, Mastiffs from this breeder are given ample space to roam and discover. 

This close-knit relationship fosters a nurturing environment, ensuring the well-rounded development of all of their dogs.

Johnson Farms Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

3. Uno Grande Mastiffs – Vermont

Uno Grande Mastiffs, nestled in Vermont, is a prestigious breeding facility run by Rebecca Edwards Wilson since 2001. 

Rebecca, combining her love for the breed and extensive experience, breeds massive Mastiffs that are healthy, gentle, and often weigh in at a staggering 300 pounds.

While dogs from Uno Grande Mastiffs are known for their impressive size, they are not merely show dogs. 

In fact, these Mastiffs also make perfect family pets and reliable guardians, thanks to the breeder’s emphasis on health and temperament.

At Uno Grande Mastiffs, each puppy receives the best care. From birth, these dogs are placed in a temperature-regulated incubator, fostering their full development. 

Once they reach the right age, puppies are placed in engaging play zones and are crate-trained, potty-trained, and vetted. 

This focus on nurturing results in puppies that are sociable and cheerful, prepared to join their new families by the age of eight weeks.

Additionally, Uno Grande Mastiffs doesn’t stop their support once a dog is adopted; instead, they offer continuous support to adoptive families.

Uno Grande Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Uno Grande Mastiffs
  • Address: Williston, VT 05495
  • Phone: (678) 773-6726
  • Socials: You can also check this Mastiff breeder out on Facebook.
  • Special Note: You can view this breeder’s profile on the AKC Marketplace.

4. Texan Gentle Giants – Texas

In the heart of Texas resides a distinguished Mastiff kennel run by Ken Hicks — Texan Gentle Giants. Known for his unmatched passion for Mastiffs, Ken has been taking care of these majestic creatures since 1995.

His rapport with these gentle giants stems from over two decades of sheer admiration and passion for the breed.

Ken’s devotion goes beyond just breeding. In fact, in Texan Gentle Giants, he has created an environment that ensures the health and well-being of his Mastiff pups. 

As expected, all puppies sold by this breeder come with a health guarantee. Likewise, a comprehensive written bill of sale, specifying buyer and seller responsibilities, is also provided for each pup.

This careful approach underscores Ken’s dedication to the welfare of his pups and the peace of mind of their adoptive families.

Additionally, in the event that an owner can no longer provide care for a Mastiff from Texan Gentle Giants, the breeder urges owners to surrender the dog back to them. 

This agreement is part of their bill of sale and is a standard practice in most reputable Mastiff breeders.

Texan Gentle Giants Breeder Information and Details:

5. Deer Creek Mastiffs – Pennsylvania

Deer Creek Mastiffs, located in Pennsylvania, is a family-run breeder that has been dedicated to raising English Mastiffs and Boston Terriers since 1999. 

Katie Holmes, the main breeder at Deer Creek, shares her home with massive Mastiffs — Dixie, Lil Ann, Claire, and Cletus. For Katie and her family, all their dogs aren’t simply pets; they’re cherished family members.

Katie, who spent her childhood around Boston Terriers, decided to introduce English Mastiffs into their family life alongside her husband, Josh. 

Shortly after, these pets became not only companions but also shared in everyday family activities, from lounging on the sofa to enjoying car rides. 

Moreover, all their dogs have a unique bond with the family’s two-year-old son, Hunter, who takes great pleasure in interacting with them. 

Needless to say, all dogs from Deer Creek Mastiffs benefit from the utmost love and care provided to them. 

Additionally, the health of these dogs is a top priority for this breeder. This is seen from the rigorous health tests carried out on all their pets.

Holmes encourages prospective owners to visit and choose their new pet in person. Every puppy is provided with AKC registration paperwork, a contract, and a one-year genetic health guarantee. 

To get a sense of just how big Mastiffs are, watch this video:

HUGE 200lbs Mastiff turns into a beached whale

Deer Creek Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

6. Cabezon Mastiffs – Arizona

Cabezon Mastiffs is a prominent Mastiff breeder based in Kingman, Arizona. Run by trusted breeder Breanne Hernandez, this kennel has been in operation since 2006. 

Unsurprisingly, Breanne and her dogs have received significant recognition, earning her the renowned AKC Breeder of Merit award for her continuous efforts in bettering her breeds. 

Not only does Breanne put a premium on the health of her dogs, but also regularly presents her dogs in AKC conformation events, where they often rank on top.

When you get a puppy from Cabezon Mastiffs, you’re not just getting a pet but becoming a member of a dedicated Mastiff community. 

On top of all that, all purchased puppies come with a handful of valuable extras. These include vaccinations, a toy carrying the scent of its littermates, a health certificate, and AKC registration.

To guarantee the health of the puppies, a skilled vet handles the first set of shots and deworming, overseen by Breanne.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cabezon Mastiffs, feel free to reach out for more information. You can also view their champion dogs over at their website.

Cabezon Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

7. Riverside Mastiffs – Michigan

Riverside Mastiffs, founded by Geoff Kabasa in 2009, is a highly coveted Mastiff breeder located in Comstock Park, Michigan. 

Like other breeders on this list, Riverside Mastiffs is dedicated to raising and breeding Mastiffs in a nurturing, homelike setting. 

Their mission is to produce loyal, lifelong family companions that are equally suitable for homes and show stages.

Each Mastiff puppy for sale from Riverside Mastiffs is meticulously cared for. Their dogs grow in a family-centered environment, which significantly enhances their socialization skills and overall development. 

To guarantee adopters regarding the health and safety of their Mastiff puppies, they ensure that all their puppies are timely vaccinated and come with basic registration rights. 

However, potential owners should note that all puppies must be collected directly from the kennel, as shipping is not by the breeder.

In recognition of their commitment and responsible breeding methods, the AKC holds Riverside Mastiffs in the highest esteem. 

If you are curious to learn more about their service, read through the testimonials found on their website. Likewise, you can browse through their available puppies as well.

Riverside Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

8. Fox Tribe K9 – North Carolina

The Fox Tribe K9 kennel, based in Macon, North Carolina, has been nurturing puppies since 2011 under the supervision of breeder Marisa Fox. 

Fox Tribe K9 is nestled in a farm setting that offers their dogs ample interactions with other animals, such as goats and chickens. Additionally, they also have German Shepherd Dogs and Newfoundland dogs roaming around. 

This kennel practices the “puppy culture method,” providing a nurturing environment similar to a busy, caring family household. 

This technique exposes their Mastiff puppies for sale to diverse sensory experiences, effectively desensitizing them to common household noise and busyness.

This breeder also regularly participates in dog shows along the east coast, allowing their Mastiffs to socialize with other people and their fellow canines. 

Fox Tribe K9 emphasizes its efforts to ensure that every potential dog owner finds a pet that aligns perfectly with their specific needs. 

Take note, however, that this breeder’s waitlist is always packed. Hence, if you want to reserve a pup from them, fill out their application form as soon as possible.

Fox Tribe K9 Breeder Information and Details:

9. Fire Creek Mastiffs – Texas

Based in Plains, Texas, Fire Creek Mastiffs is a kennel managed and run by Elijah and Sarah Williams since 2017. Their dedication to breeding Mastiffs results in pups that are not only healthy but also well-socialized. 

Through their shared efforts, their Mastiff puppies for sale are regarded as some of the best in the country. In fact, despite being relatively new to the world of Mastiff breeding, they have already sold many dogs to satisfied owners.

Their Mastiffs, Gracie, Annie, Liberty Belle, and Yukon, are seen as cherished family members rather than just pets. This serves as a testament to their genuine affection toward the breed.

Sarah, an alumna of Washington State University with a major in Animal Sciences Production Management, plays a pivotal role in the breeding process. 

Her former role as a Veterinary Technician, combined with her affection for animals, brings a unique edge to their breeding techniques. 

Additionally, Fire Creek Mastiffs take great pride in providing a complete puppy package for every pup they raise and sell. 

From health checks to AKC Registrations, the package ensures that your puppy is updated with vaccinations and has been dewormed.

Fire Creek Mastiffs Breeder Information and Details:

10. Walker Creek Kennels – California

Located in the Northern Sacramento Valley, Walker Creek Kennels is a haven for the magnificent Mastiff breed. 

Established in 2019, this newcomer Mastiff breeder is rapidly gaining traction, thanks to their high-quality Mastiff puppies for sale.

This breeder’s joy comes from creating memories and maintaining the proud legacy of the English Mastiff. They take pride in the fact that their dogs are meticulously selected based on build, elegance, and temperament. 

Managed by Savannah Giesbrecht, Walker Creek Kennels promises a bond with a Mastiff companion that will not just bring love and joy into your life but also a feeling of heritage.

Price-wise, Mastiff puppies for sale from Walker Creek cost $2,500 on average. Should you decide to get your pooch from this breeder, you may reach out to them through their website. 

Every dog from this breeder comes dewormed, fully vetted, and with up-to-date vaccinations.

Walker Creek Kennels Breeder Information and Details:

Other Sources to Find Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Mastiff puppies for sale

If you’re struggling to locate a Mastiff puppy from the breeders and kennels mentioned above, don’t worry, as there are other alternatives. These are other reliable places where you could potentially find these robust puppies.

It’s crucial, however, to conduct thorough research before engaging with any puppy source. Be informed and able to recognize puppy scams and steer clear of puppy mills.

Here are some other places where you can find a Mastiff puppy for sale:

  • American Kennel Club Marketplace – This platform is managed by the AKC itself; hence, you can be confident that all Mastiff puppies for sale here come from reputable breeders. Additionally, the AKC Marketplace only recommends breeders that pass their thorough checks.
  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies is a popular online platform where breeders and private sellers list a wide variety of dogs for sale, including Mastiffs. The platform facilitates direct contact between buyers and sellers, making the process of adopting one of their Mastiff puppies for sale easier.
  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies is another online site dedicated to connecting ethical breeders with potential pet parents. Here, you can find a wide range of Mastiff puppies available for adoption. The site maintains a stringent policy against puppy mills, ensuring that all listed Mastiff puppies for sale come from responsible breeders.

With careful research, patience, and determination, you’re likely to find a Mastiff puppy for sale from a source you can trust.

Above all, always remember to verify the credibility of the source you’re dealing with. Reading testimonials and reviews is a practical way to do your due diligence.

My personal experience echoes the importance of research when adopting a puppy. I was once drawn to an online advertisement for a puppy listed by a seemingly reputable website. 

However, upon further research, I discovered several red flags — overly low pricing, refusal to allow a puppy visit, and lack of medical documentation. 

Fortunately, my keen attention to detail saved me from engaging with a scammer.

How Much Does a Mastiff Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Now that you’ve discovered where to locate a Mastiff puppy for sale, the next step involves understanding the cost associated with bringing one home. Generally, the price of a Mastiff puppy ranges between $1,000 and $3,500.

This estimate might appear as a broad range, but you have to keep in mind that factors such as the breeder’s expertise, alongside the puppies’ registration, quality, gender, and lineage, all affect the price of a Mastiff.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the purchase price is just the beginning. There are additional costs that come with owning a Mastiff puppy.

Refer to the list below to familiarize yourself with the initial costs associated with owning a Mastiff:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$80 – $150
Bowls$15 – $40
Toys$30 – $100
Beds$50 – $300
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$60 – $500
Grooming Essentials$50 – $250
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $300
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$30 – $80
Total Initial Cost$620 – $3,150

Keep in mind that your actual spending may go below or above these estimates. It will all depend on the prices in your area, your chosen brands, and the items you already have.

In the long run, these expenses are a worthwhile investment, especially if the Mastiff is the canine companion you’ve been dreaming of. In fact, the estimates above are standard for most large breeds, such as the Mastiff.

How Do You Find the Best Mastiff Breeders in Your Area?

There are many reasons why you would want to find a Mastiff breeder close to your area. Some of the advantages of this include easier communication, faster and cheaper transport, and a more convenient transaction.

If you’re in search of a Mastiff puppy for sale in your area, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Consult your local veterinarians for suggestions. As an experienced pet owner myself, I’ve found it extremely helpful to seek advice from local veterinarians whenever looking for reputable breeders. It’s highly likely that your local vet maintains a list of reliable Mastiff breeders within your community.
  • Join online forums and groups. The internet is home to groups and forums sharing a similar fondness for the Mastiff breed. Once you’ve joined the appropriate group, you can then find leads on where to find Mastiff puppies for sale in your area.
  • Reach out to shelters and rescues for breeder referrals. Local shelters and rescues often work with reputable breeders and can provide useful leads. In fact, they might know of current Mastiff breeders who have available puppies. 

To sum it up, tracking down Mastiff puppies for sale in your area is not a daunting task. You just have to ask around and utilize internet groups to ease your search. 

As long as you steer away from untrustworthy sources, you’re all set. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fawn colored Mastiff dog

How Do I Find the Best Mastiff Breeder?

To find the best Mastiff breeder, look for those who are registered with reputable kennel clubs or breed-specific organizations. 

Verify their reputation through customer reviews and ensure they prioritize the health and temperament of their dogs, offering transparency about the dogs’ lineage and health history.

How Do You Tell If a Breeder Is a Good Breeder?

A good breeder demonstrates extensive knowledge about the breed, prioritizes health testing, socializes puppies well, and provides a clear contract and health guarantee. 

They also maintain a clean, caring environment for their dogs.

What Questions Should You Ask a Breeder When Buying a Puppy?

Ask the breeder about the puppy’s health history, temperament, and lineage. Inquire about the parents’ health and behavior. 

Ask about the breeder’s experience, the socialization process for puppies, and what kind of after-sale support they provide.

How Do You Know If a Dog Breeder Is Scamming You?

Signs a dog breeder might be scamming you include reluctance to provide proof of health testing or to let you visit their breeding facility.

Likewise, you should watch out for unusually low prices and pressure for quick payment. Always research thoroughly and seek guidance from expert sources.

Final Thoughts

All in all, deciding on a Mastiff breeder is a highly critical choice. It’s one that can deeply influence the health, lifespan, and overall wellness of your future pet.

As discussed, numerous factors need to be considered when searching for the best Mastiff breeder. This challenge is further complicated by the existence of puppy mills and puppy scammers out there.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a headstart on your search. Feel free to bookmark this guide and refer back to it when you are out searching for the Mastiff of your dreams.

Share with us your thoughts about this round-up of the best Mastiff breeders by leaving a comment below!

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