10 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders (2024 Updated)

Cocker Spaniel breeders top picks

With their endearing personalities and irresistible charm, Cocker Spaniels have won the hearts of countless dog lovers, especially in the United States. This has resulted in the active recognition of Cocker Spaniel breeders.

Renowned for their distinctive silky, flowing coats and joyful demeanor, these medium-sized dogs have become cherished companions in countless households.

Whether you’re seeking a Cocker Spaniel for companionship, showmanship, or any other purpose, this article aims to assist you in your quest for a reputable and responsible breeder. So, read on!

10 Best Places to Buy Cocker Spaniel Puppies 

Places to buy Cocker Spaniel puppies

Originating in England as hunting dogs, Cocker Spaniels have evolved into beloved family pets, excelling in various roles such as therapy dogs, agility competitors, and loyal companions. 

Finding a reputable breeder can be a challenge at times. It is important to find a breeder who not only produces healthy and well-adjusted puppies but also demonstrates a genuine passion and commitment to the breed.

Below is a curated compilation of the top ten breeders where you can find Cocker Spaniel puppies available for purchase.

1. Max Cockers – New Jersey

For more than 25 years, Max Cockers has been passionately breeding champion brown and black Cocker Spaniels from Bergen County, excelling as both a dedicated show breeder and hobbyist.

Max Cockers earned the prestigious Bronze AKC Breeder of Merit distinction and was a co-breeder of the renowned number-one Cocker Spaniel in the United States in 2019.

In addition, the owner holds the esteemed position of president within the Cocker Spaniel Club of New Jersey and maintains membership in the American Spaniel Club (ASC)

All their dogs are AKC champions (CH), with some achieving the prestigious status of grand champions (GCH). Most importantly, they are also cherished as beloved companions.

Max Cockers breeds to the standard of both the AKC and the ACS and focuses their breeding practices on producing Cocker Spaniel puppies primarily for the purpose of showing. 

However, recognizing that they cannot personally retain all of them, they occasionally offer their puppies for sale. All their pups are AKC registered and sold with limited AKC registration. 

With an average of only 2 to 3 litters per year involving a thorough evaluation of pedigrees, the breeder ensures that each puppy is healthy, outgoing, and well-socialized with exceptional temperament. 

Max Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

2. Encore Cockers – Florida

With over 46 years of experience, kennel owners Judy Holtz Posner and Larry Posner are well-known for their commitment to breeding healthy, well-tempered, and beautiful Cocker Spaniels. 

They are recipients of the Silver AKC Breeder of Merit and take pride in their extensive knowledge and experience in breeding Cocker Spaniels. 

Having dedicated years of studying the breed’s standards, genetics, and health considerations, this breeder ensures that their breeding program consistently produces top-notch puppies.

All their Spaniels are fully health certified with written guarantees against eye issues and cleared against progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and are OFA certified against hip/patellar dysplasia.

Before leaving to join their new homes, the puppies leave with at least their first vaccination shots, are fully wormed with a Florida state veterinarian health certificate, and are microchipped.

Encore Cockers does not sip or sell to third parties and/or brokers/agents. Instead, they offer to personally fly out with your puppy and hand-delivered to their owners to ensure safety.

Encore Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

3. Sunhaven Cockers – Washington

Astrid and Steve Lawrence, the proprietors of Sunhaven Cockers, have been actively engaged in exhibiting their Cocker Spaniels in show competitions since the 1980s.

Having over 34 years of breeding experience, they have proudly achieved the esteemed titles of Champion (CH) and Grand Champion (GCH) with their Cocker Spaniels.

At present, the couple holds memberships in both the American Spaniel Club (ASC) and the Washington State Cocker Spaniel Club.

Sunhaven Cockers Breeders strives to produce puppies that embody the true essence of the Cocker Spaniel breed and has established a strong reputation for staying true to their word.

In addition to their breeding endeavors, the breeders also manage dogs of exceptional quality, preparing them for show competitions. 

Furthermore, they offer services such as boarding, transportation, care, and grooming for their valued client dogs.

Sunhaven Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

4. ToyBox Cockers – Florida

Founded in 1972 in Jacksonville, Florida, ToyBox Cockers emerged when Laura, the owner, was gifted a Cocker Spaniel upon graduation. 

Later, after her marriage, they welcomed a black and tan female puppy into their home, igniting their passion for participating in dog shows as a beloved hobby.

Since then, Toybox Cockers has proudly bred 100 champions and has been awarded the AKC Breeder of Merit, and is a life member of the American Spaniel Club (ASC).

While their main objective centers around breeding Cockers that align with the show and breeding standards, their paramount focus remains on ensuring the health and temperament of their pups.

Producing only 2 to 3 litters per year, they ensure that all their dogs are screened for all inheritable negative traits, undergo OFA testing, and have Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) examined twice a year.

All their dogs have health guarantees. They also offer pet boarding and grooming to pups purchased from them. Toxbox also encourages visitors so clients can personally see what they have to offer. 

ToyBox Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

5. Pinecliff Cockers – New Jersey

Located in northern New Jersey, Pinecliff Cockers is a breeder of American Cocker Spaniel champions.

Pinecliff Cockers is committed to breeding Cockers that possess not only good health and stunning beauty but also exhibit affectionate and gentle temperaments.

Having owned and bred for over 35 years, the owner, Lisa, adheres to the standards set by the AKC and ASC for Cocker Spaniels. 

Her goal lies in producing joyful and well-socialized puppies that excel not only in the show ring but also make delightful and affectionate companions for loving homes.

Additionally, this breeder holds the esteemed title of AKC Breeder of Merit, maintains membership with the American Spaniel Club, and serves as a board member of the Cocker Spaniel Club of New Jersey.

Every single one of their puppies is brought into this world and nurtured within their home, ensuring they receive ample love and care. 

They are thoughtfully socialized, becoming familiar with other dogs and cats, as well as adults and children, resulting in well-rounded and sociable companions.

Pinecliff Cockers Spaniels are AKC registered with Champion bloodlines. Their puppies come with health guarantees, ensuring that each one is free from genetic health issues. 

Pinecliff Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

6. Acadia’s Cockers – Louisiana

For more than two decades, Acadia’s Cockers owners, Renee and Chris Guidry, have been actively involved in breeding Cocker Spaniels in Louisiana and have had a lifelong affinity for Cocker Spaniels.

They are a proud AKC Breeder of Merit holder with over 50 AKC Champions (CH), Grand Champions (GCH), and bronze-level AKC Champions. They are also an active member of the ASC with impressive wins throughout the years.

As a seasoned breeder, Acadia’s Cockers’ foremost obligation is to produce and nurture puppies that are healthy, content, and well-adjusted. 

They aim to find loving homes for their pups as cherished companion pets show contenders, agility or obedience prospects, and even potential therapy dogs.

All their puppies undergo important health screening to limit chances for hereditary conditions. 

Occasionally, they offer homes to retired adult champions who have already been spayed/neutered. 

Acadia’s Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

7. Shadool’s Cocker Spaniels – Texas

Located in Texas, Shadool’s Cocker Spaniels is a small show breeder owned by Dick and Sharon Dooley. Their journey into breeding and showing started when their children were at a certain age to understand what they do.

As recipients of the AKC Breeder of Merit and members of the American Spaniel Club (ASC), they adhere to the club’s code of ethics.

Shadool’s Cockers takes great pride in their breeding program, aiming to produce not only show-quality Cocker Spaniels but also beloved companions for families. 

Puppies are released at eight weeks old after receiving their first round of vaccine shots, undergo a thorough veterinary examination, and have their dew claws removed and tails appropriately cropped.

All their puppies are sold with AKC limited registration and a spay/neuter contract. Show puppies are sold with AKC full registration and a show contract. 

If you are interested in acquiring a pup, a puppy questionnaire should be filled out, along with a signed contract. A non-refundable deposit is also required. 

They also offer shipping, crates, and vet certificates at the expense of the buyers. Their puppies leave with up-to-date vaccinations, vet records, food samples, toys, and instructions on how to raise a Cocker Spaniel.

Shadool’s Cocker Spaniels Breeder Information and Details:

8. Am-Erica’s Cocker Spaniels – New York

Located in Western New York, Am-Erica’s Cocker Spaniels is a highly regarded name in the world of Cocker Spaniel breeding.

Ericka, the owner, got her first Cocker back in 1990, but it wasn’t until 1999 that she started breeding them.

As a hobbyist and breed preservationist, Am-Erica’s adhere to responsible breeding practices, aiming to produce puppies that excel in both health and conformation.

They take pride in producing numerous American Champions and multiple sable and white Canadian Champions.

They conduct several genetic health screenings on their pups such as GenSol, Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER), and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), with certifications to prove the soundness of their well-being. 

All their puppies are raised in a purpose-built dog house that is thoughtfully designed with insulation to ensure optimal comfort. Their dogs are also personally groomed in their own grooming station.

The dog house is equipped with full electric heating and air conditioning, ensuring a suitable environment for the puppies regardless of the temperature. 

Am-Erica’s Cocker Spaniels only produces a modest number of litters, typically limited to one or two per year.

Am-Erica’s Cocker Spaniels Breeder Information and Details:

9. Stargazer Kennels – Montana

Stargazer Kennels is a small kennel with 36 years of experience breeding high-quality Cocker Spaniels. They take pride in the fact that they have produced their distinctive line of Champions. 

Their dedication and accomplishments have bestowed them the distinction of being recognized as an advanced Breeder of Merit by the AKC, breeder of the year at their local kennel club, and in the top 10 breeders of the ASC.

They ensure that every puppy they breed is in optimal health by testing both parent breeds for inheritable diseases. This prioritizes the well-being of both the puppies and their future owners. 

Stargazer puppies are born and raised in their own home, allowing each one to be properly taken care of. At a young age, they are introduced to sounds and sights around the house.

The pups are also introduced outside in their yard, allowing them to socialize with other dogs and given toys to encourage them to follow and learn their retrieval instincts. 

Whether you are looking for a companion, a show dog, or a working partner, Stargazer Kennels strives to provide puppies that exceed expectations. 

They firmly believe in the value of breeders and clients being well-informed about owning Cocker Spaniels.

Stargazer Kennels Breeder Information and Details:

10. Tsunami Cockers – Pennsylvania

Situated in eastern Pennsylvania, Tsunami Cockers is also a small hobby kennel with the objective to consistently provide high-quality and sound Cocker Spaniels on a limited yet highly selective breeding program.

Their meticulous approach has awarded them with more than fifty AKC Champions and the AKC Breeder of Merit award. They are also recognized as a ‘Good Breeder’ by Good Dog and are a proud member of the ASC. 

All Tsunami Spaniels undergo annual health tests for OFA (hips and patella) and CERF examinations for the eyes. Their puppies are also vet-checked, have their dew claws removed, and receive appropriate worming and vaccinations.

Additionally, they are accustomed to a grooming routine. As part of the package, each puppy has a written health guarantee, a comprehensive health record, and AKC-limited registration papers (issued upon confirmation of neuter/spay).

Occasionally, Tsunami Cockers has the opportunity to offer their retired show dogs, those aged between 3 to 6 years, for adoption into loving companion homes. These pups are also OFA health tested.

If you are interested in owning a puppy from Tsunami Cockers, a non-refundable $1,000 holding fee is required.

Tsunami Cockers Breeder Information and Details:

These breeders have been carefully selected based on their reputation, commitment to responsible breeding practices, and dedication to producing healthy and well-socialized Cocker Spaniels.

Other Sources to Find Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale

Two Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale

Although there are several quality breeders to purchase a Cocker Spaniel puppy from, unexpected complications may arise. One should consider that puppies are not always available from breeders.

The following sources may serve as alternative options on where to purchase a Cocker Spaniel puppy:

  • AKC Marketplace – The AKC Marketplace lists various Cocker Spaniel puppies available for sale from responsible breeders. AKC assures would-be owners that each puppy meets high standards, including health and temperament guarantees.
  • Pawrade – Pawrade is an online platform that connects individuals with compassionate and attentive breeders, including Cocker Spaniel breeders. It works against puppy mills and scammers by pre-screening breeders and assessing how they treat their puppies.
  • Keystone Puppies – Keystone Puppies is a website offering several Cocker Spaniels from accredited breeders, whom they regularly inspect to ensure ethical and fair puppy breeding. They also see that their puppies end up in loving and conditioned homes.

Despite the number of trusted and guaranteed sources available online for Cocker Spaniel breeders, it is always important to be responsible. Take the time to research before deciding on purchasing a puppy. 

How Much Does a Cocker Spaniel Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses 

On average, the cost of a Cocker Spaniel puppy from a reputable breeder ranges from $1,000 to $2,000

However, it is crucial to note that prices can exceed this range for show-quality or champion bloodline puppies and may reach up to $3,000.

The price of a Cocker Spaniel can vary depending on several factors, including the breeder, location, pedigree, and the dog’s quality or purpose (pet, show, or breeding).

In addition to the actual price of the Cocker Spaniel puppy, it is important to consider the initial expenses associated with owning one. Below is a summary of the initial expenses for a Cocker Spaniel puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost 
Food and Treats$70 – $110
Bowls$10 – $30
Toys$30 – $60
Beds$40 – $200
Collars and Leashes$15 – $50
Crates and Carriers$50 – $370
Grooming Essentials$50 – $160
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $500
Initial Vaccine Shots$50 – $300
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$40 – $300
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Microchipping$40 – $60
Dog License$10 – $20
Other Essentials$20 – $50
Total Initial Cost$505 – $2,710

While the initial cost of acquiring a Cocker Spaniel may seem significant, it is essential to remember that owning a dog is a long-term commitment that requires financial resources for their well-being throughout their lives. 

Properly caring for your Cocker Spaniel ensures its health, happiness, and longevity as a beloved member of your family.

Before deciding on getting a Cocker Spaniel, here is a video discussing a few pros and cons of owning one:

How Do You Find the Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Your Area?

Despite the availability of an extensive number of breeders, it is still essential for aspiring dog owners to be cautious. Finding a reputable breeder is crucial to ensure that you bring home a healthy and well-bred Cocker Spaniel.

It is essential to conduct thorough research when finding a trustworthy Cocker Spaniel breeder. One must consider certain factors that indicate the credibility and commitment of a breeder to the breed.

The following tips may aid your search for dependable Cocker Spaniel breeders in your area:

  • Visit dog shows and events. Local dog shows may showcase Cocker Spaniels. Such events allow you to meet breeders in person, observe the dogs they offer, and discuss their breeding prices and the terms they offer.
  • Seek recommendations. Reaching out to local Cocker Spaniel clubs, veterinarians, and other dog owners in your area may help you earn referrals in finding a suitable Cocker Spaniel. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations based on their personal experiences.
  • Join online forums and social media groups. Engaging in online communities or groups dedicated to Cocker Spaniels may help you gain advice from experienced owners. Ask around to check for Cocker Spaniel owners who may know reputable breeders in your vicinity. 

One must have patience, knowledge, and understanding to find a responsible Cocker Spaniel breeder. It is essential to take the time to visit the breeder and ask all the necessary questions to make the right decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Three Cocker Spaniel puppies sitting together

How Do I Find the Best Cocker Spaniel Breeder?

Initially, one must be familiar with the proper knowledge regarding breed standards and common health issues associated with Cocker Spaniels. This knowledge allows a potential owner to assess the credibility of the breeder. 

Moreover, an aspiring Cocker Spaniel owner should utilize online directories that specialize in connecting potential buyers with reputable breeders. Checking with the national or local breed club can help find nearby breeders. 

Additionally, visiting a breeding facility in person allows one to assess the dogs’ living conditions, cleanliness, and overall well-being. This will also help you determine the passion and professionalism of the breeder. 

How Do You Tell If a Breeder Is a Good Breeder?

A responsible breeder conducts regular health testing on their breeding puppies to determine common genetic diseases in Cocker Spaniels. One should inquire about health tests performed and request documentation of results. 

Additionally, a good breeder should prioritize early socialization among puppies by exposing them to various stimuli. The breeder should ensure that the puppies are behaviorally well-adjusted for their new homes.

Moreover, the breeder should offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the lifetime of the Cocker Spaniel. Breeders must be committed to the dog’s well-being and ensure a good life.

What Questions Should You Ask a Breeder When Buying a Puppy?

An interested owner must question the breeder about the kind of care the puppy has been receiving, such as vaccinations and deworming. Moreover, one should also inquire about health tests to confirm the puppy’s wellness.

Moreover, one must also learn about the breed line’s overall history and the puppy’s typical temperament. Before purchasing a Cocker Spaniel, awareness of any behavioral issues or concerns is essential. 

How Do You Know If a Dog Breeder Is Scamming You?

An aspiring owner must be cautious of the different signs of potential scams when dealing with a dog breeder.

It could be suspicious if the breeder provides vague information and limits inquiries about their puppies. Moreover, if the breeder hesitates or makes excuses to prevent one from visiting the puppies, it might indicate a scam.

Additionally, if the breeder avoids providing health information or fails to provide documentation, it is a red flag. Also, a scammer often uses tactics like urgency or limited availability to pressure buyers into making quick decisions. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a reputable breeder for your desired dog breed can undoubtedly be a laborious task. It requires thorough research, consideration, and sometimes a considerable investment of time and effort.

The assurance of a healthy, well-bred puppy with a desirable temperament, ongoing support, and the opportunity to establish a lasting relationship with a dedicated breeder is invaluable.

By investing the time and effort to find a reputable breeder, you set the foundation for a rewarding and fulfilling experience with your new four-legged family member.

If you have found this list of Cocker Spaniel breeders beneficial, we encourage you to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below!

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