How Much to Feed a Cockapoo (Feeding Chart & Guide)

Cockapoo puppy sitting on grass

Feeding a Cockapoo requires thoughtful planning to cater to this breed’s unique needs, especially given their size variations. While it seems straightforward, determining the correct food portions can be challenging.

For Cockapoo puppies, the daily food intake should be around ½ to 1 ½ cups of puppy food. Adult Cockapoos typically require ¼ to 1 ¾ cups of adult dog food each day. When it comes to senior Cockapoos, they usually need about ¼ to 1 ½ cups of adult dog food daily.

For Cockapoo owners, understanding the nuances of their pet’s diet is important. This feeding guide provides insights into Cockapoo feeding, including the appropriate feeding amount and other essential dietary considerations.

What Factors Impact How Much to Feed a Cockapoo? 

Dog food for Cockapoo

When it comes to feeding a Cockapoo, several key factors should be considered to ensure their diet is tailored to their specific needs:

  • Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for a Cockapoo’s overall health and can help prevent various medical conditions, including joint issues. If your Cockapoo is underweight or overweight, creating a customized weight management plan is necessary to achieve a healthy body composition.
  • Age: The age of your Cockapoo plays a significant role in their dietary needs. Puppies generally require a more calorie-dense diet to support their rapid growth and development. In contrast, adult and senior Cockapoos may need different food volumes based on the nutritional content of their diet.
  • Size: Remember that there are different sizes of Cockapoos, depending on the size of the Poodle used for the mix. They can either be teacup, toy, miniature, or standard — each one following their own feeding charts.
  • Activity level: Active Cockapoos require more calories to fuel their lifestyle and maintain their ideal body weight. For Cockapoos that are less active, it’s important to adjust their caloric intake to prevent them from gaining excess weight. 

Consulting a veterinarian or a pet nutritionist is a valuable step in determining the appropriate amount of food for your Cockapoo.

This ensures that their diet is customized to their health requirements and lifestyle, providing optimal nourishment for your pet.

How Much to Feed Your Cockapoo

Measuring dry food using a cup for Cockapoo

The upcoming sections will delve into recommended food quantities for Cockapoos, segmented by their age and size, to assist you in creating an effective feeding plan.

However, it’s important to remember that this guide serves as a general reference. It’s most applicable to Cockapoos who do not have unique dietary needs or health issues that require special diets.

Always consider any specific advice from your veterinarian, especially if your Cockapoo has individual health considerations.

Cockapoo Puppy Feeding Chart (2 months to 12 months)

Cockapoo puppies initially depend on their mother’s milk for nourishment. It’s best not to separate them from their mother until they are at least eight weeks old for their well-being and proper growth.

When Cockapoo puppies begin weaning around 3 to 4 weeks of age, start introducing them to puppy food with about 90% milk and 10% new food.

This transition becomes especially important as their teeth start to develop. Pay attention to how you change their diet to avoid stomach upset.

Here’s a guide to how much food Cockapoo puppies need daily:

Teacup Cockapoo Puppies

AgeDaily Feeding Amount (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
2 – 3 months½178 – 230
4 – 5 months½177 – 219
6 – 9 months½239 – 274
10 – 12 months¾282 – 297
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Toy Cockapoo Puppies

AgeDaily Feeding Amount (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
2 – 3 months½ – ¾196 – 358
4 – 5 months½ – ¾239 – 297
6 – 9 months¾297 – 333
10 – 12 months¾333 – 368
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Miniature Cockapoo Puppies

AgeDaily Feeding Amount (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
2 – 3 months¾ – 1388 – 473
4 – 5 months¾ – 1368 – 419
6 – 9 months1 – 1 ¼468 – 524
10 – 12 months1 ¼537 – 561
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Standard Cockapoo Puppies

AgeDaily Feeding Amount (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
2 – 3 months1 – 1 ¼500 – 604
4 – 5 months1 – 1 ¼468 – 530
6 – 9 months1 ¼ – 1 ½576 – 677
10 – 12 months1 ½691 – 705
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Along with providing the recommended amount of food, keeping your Cockapoo puppy hydrated helps with their bodily functions and digestion.

Adult Cockapoo Feeding Chart (1 to 7 years)

By the time a Cockapoo is 9 months old, it typically reaches its adult size, but it continues to grow until around one year of age. As a full-grown adult, the Cockapoo should transition from puppy food to a diet suitable for its adult life stage.

Owners may choose between various feeding options, such as home-cooked meals, wet food, or commercial dog foods.

For those considering raw feeding, consulting with a pet nutritionist is recommended to create a balanced raw diet plan.

Below are the feeding charts for adult Cockapoos, categorized by size:

Adult Teacup Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
1 – 7 years¼ – ½104 – 238
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Adult Toy Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
1 – 7 years½ – 1238 – 400
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Adult Miniature Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
1 – 7 years1 – 1 ¾424 – 693
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Adult Standard Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
1 – 7 years1 ½ – 1 ¾564 – 714
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

It’s important to note that adult Cockapoos generally require less food than they did as puppies since they have reached their full size and don’t need as many calories for growth.

The diet of an adult Cockapoo should be rich in fats and proteins to maintain a healthy weight. These portions are ideally split into two meals a day.

Senior Cockapoo Feeding Chart (8 years and above)

As Cockapoos enter their senior years, typically around the age of eight, their activity levels tend to decrease. This change in lifestyle necessitates a shift in their caloric needs to prevent them from becoming overweight.

The following feeding charts provide guidance on the daily food requirements for senior Cockapoos of different sizes:

Senior Teacup Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
8 years and above¼ – ½83 – 190
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Senior Toy Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
8 years and above½ – ¾190 – 320
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Senior Miniature Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
8 years and above¾ – 1 ½339 – 555
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Senior Standard Cockapoos

AgeDaily Food Quantity (Cups)Caloric Intake (Per day)
8 years and above1 ¼ – 1 ½451 – 571
*Use a standard 8-oz measuring cup

Note that while senior Cockapoos may require fewer calories, their diet should be high in protein to prevent muscle loss.

This can be achieved through a protein-rich diet or by transitioning to a BARF diet, depending on your pet’s specific needs and health conditions.

How Often Should You Feed Your Cockapoo?

Establishing regular feeding times helps maintain a consistent weight and energy level for your Cockapoo.

While some owners might opt for free feeding, especially with puppies, it’s important to monitor this closely as it can lead to obesity and related health issues.

Here’s a quick reference for Cockapoo feeding frequencies based on age:

AgeFeeding Frequency
0 – 16 weeksThree to four times a day
4 – 12 monthsThree times a day
1 – 7 yearsTwice a day
8 years and aboveOnce a day

If your dog has specific needs, it’s best to consult a licensed vet to determine what feeding frequency works best for your Cockapoo. 

Additionally, be prepared to adjust the feeding frequency based on your dog’s lifestyle, health, and activity level.

I experienced this adjustment when I had to take care of a colleague’s adult female Cockapoo, Lottie, once. This was when my colleague was out for a few months on a business trip. Lottie stayed with me, and I found her very challenging to feed.

This was definitely due to the stress of being far from her owner and also most probably due to Lottie’s inherited clingy trait from her mother Poodle. Hence, to encourage her appetite, I needed to be very creative with her diet.

Aside from trying out different types of kibbles and adding wet food and home-cooked meals to her diet, I also adjusted to small, frequent meals for Lottie. This made feeding Lottie an easier task for me.

How to Transition Your Cockapoo to a New Food

Transition Cockapoo to a new food

When it’s time for your Cockapoo to switch foods, whether due to age progression from puppyhood to adulthood or a change in taste preferences, it’s important to make this transition gradually.

This gradual shift allows your dog’s body to adjust to the new ingredients and formulation of the new diet.

Here’s a week-long plan to help transition your Cockapoo to new food:

DayOld FoodNew Food
1 – 275%25%
3 – 450%50%
5 – 625%75%

If your Cockapoo has a sensitive digestive system, be prepared to extend this transition period. In case of any discomfort, such as diarrhea, it’s advisable to stop the diet change and consult with your veterinarian.

For first-time owners of Cockapoos, it is a great practice to check with your puppy’s breeder what its initial diet is. This knowledge will help you transition your Cockapoo to your brand of choice without headaches.

Tips on Feeding an Overweight Cockapoo 

Like their Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents, Cockapoos are prone to gaining excess weight. Here are some tips for feeding an overweight Cockapoo:

  • Limit dog treats: Treats should only constitute up to ten percent of your Cockapoo’s daily calorie intake. Overindulgence in snacks can lead to obesity. Consider substituting high-calorie treats with healthier alternatives.
  • Measure food portions accurately: Rather than estimating with a mug or similar container, use a standard measuring cup or an automated feeder. This ensures you’re providing the correct portion sizes at each meal.
  • Remove leftover food: If your Cockapoo doesn’t finish its meal, clear away the leftovers. This prevents them from eating out of boredom later on.
  • Incorporate high-fiber, low-calorie foods: To satisfy hunger without exceeding calorie limits, add high-fiber, low-calorie foods to your Cockapoo’s diet. These can help them feel full while keeping the overall calorie count in check.
  • Maintain a consistent diet plan: Even after your Cockapoo reaches its target weight, it’s important to stick to a healthy diet to prevent future weight gain.

Regularly check your overweight dog’s physique to monitor progress – a more defined body shape, visible ribs, and waist indicate the effectiveness of the diet.

However, it’s equally important to observe their energy levels and general well-being. Gradual weight reduction is preferable to ensure overall health.

If you notice any concerning changes, consult your veterinarian for advice on adjusting their diet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog kibble in a food bowl

How Do I Know If I’m Feeding My Cockapoo Enough?

One way to determine if you are feeding your Cockapoo enough is if it’s in its ideal weight based on age. To determine fat coverage, your veterinarian can confirm this by feeling your pet’s spine, ribs, abdomen, and legs. 

You can also use the body conditioning score, a method to evaluate if your dog is at its healthy weight. 

Why Is My Cockapoo Not Eating?

Environmental stress, illness, dental problems, and issues with the dog’s digestive system can cause your Cockapoo to stop eating. 

In case it’s not a health issue, it’s most likely that your Cockapoo is experiencing social and emotional issues. The death of an owner, moving into a new home, or getting rehomed can cause a dog to stop eating.

Also, it could be that your Cockapoo’s dog food has recently changed. If your usual commercial dog food is advertised as “new and improved,” your dog might not approve of it. 

In order to combat this issue, dog owners are advised not to always feed pets with the same food. 

Can I Feed My Cockapoo With Human Food?

Your Cockapoo can be fed with human food. However, this should come with great caution, considering some can be toxic for dog breeds. 

Some human foods considered safe for dogs are eggs, fish, honey, potatoes, and peanut butter. Further, even if these are deemed okay for dog consumption, keep everything in moderation. 

Do Cockapoos Eat a Lot?

Like their Cocker Spaniel parent, Cockapoos have ravenous appetites and a deep liking for the best food and treats. With their active lifestyle, it’s reasonable why they need to consume a lot of dog food. 

Still, owners should know how many cups of dog food should be served daily and establish appropriate feeding schedules to prevent weight gain.

This must always be matched with many daily activities to compensate for your dog’s appetite. 

Can Cockapoos Eat Bones?

You can feed your Cockapoo raw bones if they’re not small enough to be swallowed. When raw feeding, don’t give cooked bones, especially those that are easily cracked or have sharp edges that can injure the mouth.

Adding bones, especially to its raw food diet, is beneficial, mainly in oral health. Contrary to popular belief, bones won’t cause bad breath so long as they’re administered properly.

Hopefully, this feeding guide has helped you with your Cockapoo’s diet. Let us know if you have further questions in the comments below.

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